Customer Reviews: The Surgeon's Surprise Twins
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on October 1, 2011
The Surgeon's Surprise Twins --
Harlequin American Romance # 1375 --
October 2011 --
Jacqueline Diamond --

The 6th book of the "Safe Harbor Medical" series. --

Dr. Owen Tartikoff was the new head of Safe Harbor fertility clinic. His older half-brother Boone and his wife Phyllis wanted to have a baby. But Boone wasn't able to get his wife pregnant. So Boone asked Owen to help them by using Owen's sperm. He just arrived at, Boone's house to see his sister-in-law, Phyllis, who would be three months pregnant with Owen's child. Phyllis opened the door; Owen could see that Phyllis wasn't pregnant. He learned that his sperm had gone to a surrogate mother. --

Nurse Bailey Wayne was Phyllis's younger sister. Phyllis had taken care of Bailey who was twelve years younger than her. When Phyllis had asked Bailey to carry her baby Bailey just had to do it. Bailey worked at Safe Harbor as the office nurse for Dr. Nora Franco. When the gruff Dr. Owen Tartikoff came by Dr. Nora's office he meets the pregnant Bailey. Phyllis had told Owen that Bailey was her sister. Owen was surprised to learn that Bailey was living in the house that Owen was planning to move into. --

Jacqueline Diamond brings to life the trials and tribulations of doing favors for a family member. Owen and Bailey find that their siblings hadn't told them everything able this pregnancy. Then there is also the fact that the "one" baby becomes two. Will the lies and betrayals be overlooked and forgiven? This is another good story about the people that makes their lives come alive in the "Safe Harbor Medical" center.
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on October 4, 2011
In Safe Harbor, California, Dr. Owen Tartikoff donated his sperm so his half-brother Boone and his sister-in-law Phyllis can have a baby. When he visits Boone he sees Phyllis is too thin to be carrying for three months so he assumes she lost the baby. Instead he learns that her younger sister nurse Bailey Wayne is the surrogate mom.

The new head of the Safe Harbor fertility Clinic, Owen is further shocked to learn his sibling leased half of his house to Bailey as a means to defray her costs since Boone failed to cover her medical bills. Unable to resist the tough doctor offers his help to the pregnant nurse, but conceals from her that she is carrying his twins. With their siblings in trouble with the law, he owes her the truth especially as he falls in love with the mother of his unborn children.

The latest Safe Harbor Medical romance (see Falling for the Nanny) is an engaging family drama though resolution of issues is made too easy by the behavior of Boone. Owen feels betrayed and knows when he tells the truth to his roommate she will too as she assumes she carries his brother's baby. Series readers will enjoy the "matchmaking" of the unborn twins as they hook up their biological dad with their biological mom.

Harriet Klausner
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on January 2, 2013
The story is very well written and you get attached to the characters. I found myself hoping that Phyllis would not get the babies, the sperm donor side was funny since there are currently case pending regarding rights. I would have liked an epilogue though for like a year later to kinda close the story. Plus I love stories bout multiples.
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on October 10, 2014
At best, I give The Surgeon's Surprise Twins three stars. Overall, I found this book disappointing. The synopsis sounded intriguing and the reviews were good. If this is a romance, I just didn't "feel the love". It's a complicated story that has been well covered in other reviews. Nurse Bailey Wayne is a sweetheart. Dr. Owen Tartikoff, the "hero", is arrogant and pompous. He has some internal dialog about caring for the twins, but doesn't do a lot to show his caring. For example, he looks in on Bailey who is asleep on her futon in the spare bedroom. Now she is four or five months pregnant at that time with twins, and he knows he is the father, and he leaves her there instead of moving her to a comfortable bed. Where's the love? There is the grand gesture at the end of the book, but Bailey returns to her friend's house for the night! Where's the love? I just prefer more love and romance in my romance novels.
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on October 5, 2011
Playing Doctor and Nurse was never as intriguing as when it's done for real. Thing is, they never intended to play, it was all a mix-up but as things get revealed, the sensual tension heats up until a certain revelation blows it all up like Mt. Vesuvius. The Surgeon's Surprise Twins is a romance story focused on two people who were never meant to meet. But when they did, their relationship was more like a roller coaster, full of surprise dips, rapid highs and screaming drops into the unknown.

Ms. Diamond has written a cleverly convoluted and intricate love story about two people who didn't know each other existed. Yet, they have something in common that is powerful and undeniable.

Bailey is a sweetheart. She is capable of selfless giving, loyalty, optimism and she wears rose colored glasses when it comes to the only family she has left - her sister. She'd do anything for her and that's the crux of her dilemma. She even went so far as to be the surrogate mother to her sister's baby. Too bad there were a few things no one told her about because Bailey's inner strength, her fortitude and her belief in her family was sorely tested because of it. In fact, facing the fall out had the heroine contemplating some heart wrenching and tearful options that hooks a reader's emotions. At one point, she felt so alone and the author did a good job of making me feel that same panic as Bailey felt. What must it be like to have to even think about things like that? It was an intense internal journey and it was painful to read.

The heroine doesn't have to go it alone completely. For awhile, she doesn't know the full extent of the emotional crime. But Owen, the hero, does. In fact he has an inside understanding of the many layers of deceit that have almost crippled Bailey financially. At first, he comes across as cocky and arrogant and has little patience for people who make mistakes. Of course Owen can justify his actions at work or at home. He's labored hard to get where he is and to a certain extent, he can be excused for his overbearing and short tempered personality. However, somewhere, he lost the ability to reconnect with the gentler side of himself - the part that forgives, understands and makes allowances for human failure without drama and steam coming out the ears. He was turning into an unreasonable robot whose only focus was success and completing his agenda. Bailey was the best thing that happened to him and I enjoyed watching Owen slowly find his way back to being a better and more sympathetic human being who sees people for who they are, not for what they're not.

I like the way Owen stood by Bailey even when she didn't want him to. I liked the heroine's cheeky responses to the hero. I also liked how they balanced their professional life with their private life and even when it got sticky, they still managed to not destroy the beautiful thing they had. Oh, it get's bruised and side lined for a bit but one thing about Owen, he's tenacious.

The best thing and the most beautiful element of The Surgeon's Surprise Twins were Ms. Diamond's descriptions of Owen's responses to the pregnancy. I think it was seeing this stern and driven man turn into goo whenever he stopped to imagine those little babies that made me smile and enjoy the story all the more. It shone a light onto his true personality and it's remarkable.

The worst thing that came as a surprise was Bailey's sister. I was taken aback at the turn of events and I felt so sad for the heroine. I never saw that coming and I was so glad Bailey found a way to deal with it. Once again her sunny and loving traits came through but they were tempered with awareness of what her sister's personality harbored.

Fate threw Owen and Bailey together but it was through tough work, communication and hard won trust that built the foundation for the love that eventually blossomed. The part that tipped them into the next level was the bathroom incident because it was potent, steamy and passionate. It delighted and enthralled me. That was so fun!

The Surgeon's Surprise Twins has many personable moments with secondary characters that helped flesh out just who Bailey and Owen were as people. I enjoyed their interactions, dialogue and how they helped keep the plot moving. Every person that Ms. Diamond included contributed to the story at key points without detracting from the ongoing march to the main event. When Owen finally proposed it was as grand a gesture as anyone would find in those old Hollywood movies. I just sighed in happiness because it was the epitome of romantic fantasy. If not for the machinations of the secondary characters, that moment could not have come to pass in such perfect fashion. I bet readers are going to love that part as much as I did.

The only parts I seemed to skim over were the detailed components explaining the varieties of conception options and the scenes concerning the other doctor. Initially it seemed the author was thinking about using that difference of beliefs between Owen and Dr. Franco as a conflict but it never came to pass. In light of that, I didn't think it was necessary to give it so much detail; the story would have been fine without it.

The Surgeon's Surprise Twins follows the fine tradition of a well told romance with characters I enjoyed getting to know and care for. It thoroughly entertained me and I had a wonderful time watching Owen and Bailey fall in love. I credit Ms. Diamond for writing a book with many emotional levels that spoke to the heart. I was pleased that all the loose ends were addressed and that the happily ever after between the hero and heroine was as sweet and complete as I could wish. I would recommend this story to fans of character driven romance because this book is really all about two strangers finding love in the most bizarre fashion. It's unique and heartfelt.

Originally posted at the Long and Short of It Romance Reviews
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on November 26, 2012
This was a pretty good book. I would recommend for people to read it. It made me want to buy the rest of the series (and I have :)) Nice plot and I don't think you would be disappointed
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on April 4, 2013
I loved this book. It is another title in the Safe Harbor Series by Jacqueline Diamond. I would highly recommend this book.
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on March 20, 2012
I enjoyed all the twist and turns of this story. It was
amusing at times. The characters were nice and interesting.
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on May 7, 2014
It is a nice relaxing read but to many things falls in place in the last pages therefore only 4 stars and not 5 stars.
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on December 25, 2012
I enjoyed this book. I was somewhat disappointed that you never saw the sister punished really but over all a good read.
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