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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on July 21, 2001
Okay, I'm not too fond of Destiny's Child, especially having heard "Say My Name" one million times on the radio but that was a couple of years ago. The songs I've heard off "Survivor" proved to be irresistable and addictive. "Bootylicious" is what convinced me to acquire the group's 3rd album. The killer Stevie Nicks sample did me in. The lyrics are corny, if not ridiculous but overall the song is fun especially during the summer right now. "Survivor" and "Independent Women Part 1" are two other excellent summer tunes. I particularly loved "Nasty Girl". The lyrics are a real hoot and I love that bit from the group took from Baltimora's "Tarzan Boy". As far as the slower songs goes, I loved "Emotion" and "Brown Eyes" but "The Story of Beauty" was a real stinker as were the last two tracks of the cd. I do think DC's strengths lies in their more upbeat songs which really showcases the group's individual voices. Overall I love "Survivor" despite my earlier resistence to their music.
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on May 17, 2001
Upon buying and playing DC's last album over and over AND OVER, of course I was anticipating their latest album, "Survivor." I don't buy many albums, in fact the last album I purchased was around 8 months ago, but I like DC and so of course I knew I would buy the group's next album when it came out. It should be already said that, simply, "Survivor" is no "Writing's on the Wall." That's a good thing and a bad thing. The album really has no stand out, catchy "everyone sing cause you know you know the words" unless you want to count Independent Women and Survivor which, still,can't be compared to "Bills, Bills, Bills" or "Say My Name." But I still can't put this album down, because they are still quite catchy songs. This is the type of album that you have to listen to about 3 times before you go "hey, this isn't bad" on some of these songs--at least that was my experience. But I'll give a quick rundown of some of the songs on this album:
"Independent Women (part 1)" and "Survivor": You've heard these songs a zillion times and have your own opinions on them, so I don't need to say more. "Bootylicious": I still think the title is rather "Huh? What?"-ish, but the song is a good dance song even if it isn't my favorite dance song on the album. "Nasty Girl": Love this song--the beat is tight and I find the words playing over and over in my head throughout the day. It's very catchy and a very good dissin' song. "Fancy": Very nice beat also, especially the latter part of the chorus. I'm sure everyone can totally relate to the words. "Apple Pie A La Mode": A song with a very sexy, seductive tone. Cute, but not my absolute favorite. But I can tolerate it, still. "Sweet Daddy": THE BOMB!! This is my favorite song on the whole album. I've played this one song more than any other on the album. The beat is awesome--you can't help but to move. "Independent Women (part 2)": I might find the little cartoon-ish music that goes with this song rather irritating on another song, but for some reason it seems to work here. Maybe because I love the message of the song. "Happy Face": Okay, this song gets kinda corny for me, but it's still a cute "happy, wake up and shine" song "Emotion": Very pretty song and I absolutely LOVE near the end of the song when Michelle comes in to sing her one or two lines. I wish she could've gotten the chance to sing the whole song because her voice is so beautiful on this song. In fact I fast forward to the end of the song and start at the point immediately before she sings. Sweet slow song, but... "Desperately in Love" is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE slow song on the album. It has so much emotion and power, even if Beyonce's voice once again overpowers the song and everyone else. It's a beautiful song. "Brown Eyes" is another pretty slow song. It's probably my second favorite slow song. "The Story of Beauty" is nice, but I don't listen to it much when I play the album because of the sad topic it discusses. So true, but still so sad. Overall, although Beyonce once again is in the leads, at least you do get to hear the other two girls occasionally and they come through nicely. The album is still good and a good follow-up even if it doesn't surpass or exactly meet the quality of their last album. I don't feel as if I wasted my money.
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on September 24, 2001
Kelly,Beyonce,and Michelle aka DC3, survived all the hype, ..., and other nonsense, and came out on top again to be the hottest girl group in the country. It was all a joke, "With so many members quitting DC, it's like the show 'Survivor'". But then they came back, rough and ready, with lyrics like, .."you thought I'd be stressed without you, but I'm chillin'...thought I wouldn't sell without you..sold my millions.." "Independent Woman" celebrates womanhood and no-nonsense from any man. "Bootylicious" is feeling and looking good. "Nasty Girl" is a song about a slut. "Emotions" a BeeGees cover, is a personal favorite. "Dangerously In Love" evokes intense passion.
This whole album is banging, and you'd be insane not to get this.
- ONE -
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on December 5, 2003
This was a great cd. It was their first after 2 lineup changes. It opens with the anthem "Independent Woman Pt. 1", then goes into the unrelenting "Survivor." The sexy "Bootylicious" and the virtuous (albeit hyprocritically)"Nasty Girl." These are 4 of the best cuts on the album. By track #6, it gets a little less stellar, but by #10, "Emotion" (the best collective vocal performance on the cd) brings the heat. As a nod to their spirituality, the do a gospel medley ending with a lackluster rendition of Richard Smallwood's "Total Praise." I enjoyed this cd, but if you want the definitive Destiny's Child, pick up the writing's on the wall. Also check out their solo albums, because they're worth a listen, especially Beyonce's.
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13 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on August 9, 2002
It is a mystery to me how Destiny's Child have gotten so far on so little creativity and ingenuity. Survivor, DC, million-plus selling third cd is the musical equivalent of musical tofu (except it's not good for you). The cd and Beyonce do have strengths, although they are limited. First of all, Beyonce has a gift for writing simple catchy melodies for her choruses. And on occasion, there is even a rump-shaking bass line for you to dance to--Bootylicious. However, DC's weaknesses far outweigh their strengths. Case in point, the music on this cd is boring pop-inspired drivel that would sound at home on a Britney Spears cd, not an alleged R 'n' B cd. Secondly, Beyonce has an okay two octave range voice that never soars anywhere; and her verses lack little or no melody because she rap-sings them in the formulae used in "No, No, No" (DC first cd). Thirdly, the double choruses are redundant and make me hit the fast forward button faster than it takes to the Concorde to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The vocal arrangements are so busy and blantantly feature Beyonce's limited vocabulary of vocal runs so much so that Kelly and Michelle's voices can barely be heard above the din. And the music sounds like it was cut and pasted together by person who just got Protools and wanted to try out all the weird sounds and see how they could be turned into songs.
Where are the bass lines for heaven's sake?
And Beyonce really is far too inexperienced to produce cds without the help of skilled collaborators. DC seems to lack the ability to find talented collaborators to help write decent songs. I urge them to do so immediately!
Another problem is the weak lyrics which are either spiteful ("Nasty Girl" and "Fancy.") to banal ("Brown Eyes") and limited subject matter. Beyonce seems only to have a few themes in her bag of tricks: trifling men, finding true love, being an independent woman who drives a jaguar, and wears diamonds. Clearly, she lacks the life experience to write about anything else.
I really have problem with her song "Survivor." What exactly has this pampered young woman survived? Surviving is being homeless and getting off the streets; recovering from drug or alcohol addiction; or surviving soul-destroying poverty in crime-infested neighbourhoods. That's surviving!
In closing, "Surivivor is a mediocre cd you would expect a "pop group" to release. Because make no mistake about it Destiny's Child are a "pop group." If you want excellent rhythm and blues, you're better off listening to D'Angelo, Aretha Franklin's greatest hits, James Brown's greatest hits. And leave this piece of pop tofu at the store where you found it.
It's not worth a listen! And not worth the time!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on May 2, 2001
This is the third album of DC overall, and their first as a trio. I adore this album. Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle take every track and make it theirs. Every song has the terrific 3-part harmionies and catchy choruses. Songs 10, 11, and 12 are ballads, and track 14 is a gospel medley, but the other 11 songs are very dancable and upbeat. Favorites include the title track, "Nasty Girl", "Bootylicious", and "Happy Face". The only songs I didn't really like were the "Independent Woman" ones. Haven't we heard enough of "IW Part I" on the radio?? And "IW Part II" sounded like: "Well, we made this song a part one. Hurry, let's make a part two so we can FINALLY close the door on this song!!". Another track I didn't really like was track 15 (The "Outro"). One member of the group addresses the other two, calling them "true friends" and "angels". Save it for the liner notes next time, ladies!! On the whole, this sounds better than DC's first 2 albums. They deserve high praise for this great effort.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on February 4, 2005
This CD is great. My top 10 favorite songs from this album is:

10. Independent Women 2

9. Independent Women 1

8. Happy Face

7. Dangerously In Love

6. Nasty Girl

5. The Story of Beauty

4. Bootylicious

3. Survivor

2. Brown eyes

1. Fancy

With #1 being the best. The songs that I simply hated in this CD were Apple Pie La Mode, Sexy Daddy, Gospel Medley, and Outro. I really disliked Apple Pie La Mode and Sexy Daddy because it was really boring. No one can dance to that music.. It really sucked. Gospel Medley was a very weird song to me. I love god and everything but this song simply sucked. Outro was straight up horrible. How can anyone like this song? I mean.. What's the point of this song? Overall, this album is really cool, I just loved it.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on May 29, 2001
This album is okay. There are only 3 really good songs: "Independent Woman Pt.1"(Pt.2 is just awful), "Survivor", and "Bootylicious". The rest is poorly written and full of really bad production. It just doesn't sound good. If you want a DC album get "The Writings On The Wall" that is good from start to finish. This is 3 singles and filler. Don't waste your time.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2003
Destiny's child album Survivor is one of the most motivating, realistic, optimistic, affecting, influential albums that has ever been put on the shelves of record stores. This album brings out emotions about true life situations that may be happening in someone's life. There is a track that inspires young girls that are going through scary situations in their lives to overcome fears and not be afraid to stand up for themselves. There is also a track on the album that talks about the deepest love that can be dangerous to a person and their lover. The main influence of this album is to get people to survive through the cruelest life experience any one can think of. The conclusion of this album is to have faith and to depend on no one, but yourself.
The thirteenth track on this album "A Story of Beauty" touches on a real life situation of sexual abuse. "He touched her places that he shouldn't have touched/ He did some things to her that he shouldn't have done." "These lyrics open up the listener's ears if they weren't paying attention. The young girl's step-father would abuse her sexually and continue to do it because he knew that he could get away with it. "She told her mother, her family, and friends/No one believed her before this happened/She was filled with hate and angry towards her step fathe cuz he told her mother from her when they married." The lyrics can make someone feel sorry for this young girl; her own family doesn't believe her. The song begs young girls out there to hold their heads up hign and understand that it is not their faults. No one deserves to abused mentally, sexually, or physically.
The eleventh track experiences the dangers of being too deep in love with someone."Dangerously in Love" digs deep into the emotions of those who need to feel the love from people to the point that they can conquer the world, or if they are not getting enough love, they will self-destruct. The romantic, sensual, and slow opening of the song when Beyonce says "Love You/I Love You/I Love You." She's pouring her heart out to the one that she loves. The song is affectionate and dramatic to the point that someone may be afraid to fall too deep in love. "Every time I see your face my heart smiles/Every time it feels so good it hurts sometimes/Created in this world to love/To hold/To feel/To feel/To breath/To live you/Dangerously in love." The harp charms the listener's, and the piano key are slightly touched while the wind blows across Beyonce's face as she pours her soul into the deepest feeling of love until she feels that she can not live without him.
The second track relects the experiences, trials, and tribulations that people go through trying to find ways to overcome their struggles. The violin, drums, and the backgroung singers create the unique sound that gets you excited to hear what t he artists are going ro say when they begin to sing. The strength in the voices of Destiny's Child expresses the words of the song. The beating of the drums is powerful when they say, "I'm a Survivor" "Thought I couldn't breath without ya'/ I'm inhalin'/ You thought that I would die without ya' but I'm livin'." Some people just think that they can put other people down to make themselves feel good, but people have to look inside themselves and realize that they are in control of thier lives. "Thought that I would self-destruct, but I'm still here/ Even in my years to come, I'm still gonna be here/I'm a Survivor." This song hits deep into a person's heart because there is always going to be someone out there that doesn't believe in her, but she has to believe in herself.
This album is great for people of all ages. This is a positive reinforcement that helps people deal with constant worry, love, heartbreak, and tragic situations, like to lose a family or friend, or it can help people learn how to love and believe in themselves. On the last track of the album is a song called "Gospel Melody". This song gets people to realize that they should be appreciative for the blessings from God. It lets people know that if they feel like no one loves them, that Jesus loves them. Faith and desire are the key words to help you through everything. "Survivor" is the album that everyone
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on April 10, 2004
"Survivor" is Destiny's Child's third album released in 2001. This places them in new musical territory besides a new line-up. This album is more mature than their previous releases. The lyrics explore a more variety of issues and slightly more intimate themes. Before "Survivor", only Beyonce and Kelly Roland sang lead vocals. Now, all three members do, though most of the spotlight still shines on Beyonce. There is definite musical growth between their previous album "The Writing's On the Wall" and here. "Survivor" also places Destiny's Child as true R&B divas in their own right. This album proves that they truly deserve their fame.
Every song is written beautifully by Beyonce with the help of various brilliant musicians. Every song has its own powerful message: independence, class, strength, love, and inner beauty. These songs take listeners on a wonderful musical journey starting with "Independent Women Part I", previously written for the movie "Charlie's Angels" and ending with "Outro (DC-3): Thank You", which every member thanks whoever helped them through their success. Whether they perform upbeat or ballad, Destiny's Child stays on top. Their Grammy-winning title track capitalizes their tremendous quality.
"Survivor" is a great album that's destined to be a classic. This is sure to please many listeners for a long time. Those looking for more should also buy Beyonce's solo album "Dangerously In Love". Such musical combination makes a great listening experience.
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