Customer Reviews: Esco-Lite 395 nM 51 UV Ultraviolet LED flashlight Blacklight 3 AA Battery
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on January 23, 2014
I loaded this up with batteries as soon as I got it and in daylight (inside of course) took it out to where I know that one of the 3 cats in the house had wet before. I had no idea what the horror that I was about to discover.

As I swept the bluish-purple beam across the carpet and along the baseboards, what was reflected back to me in brilliant white was a story of struggle, of frustration, a fight for dominance and standing, a battlefield of stains and sprayings. The 3 little kitties act nice and purr and softly meow with one another when we're around, but buried deep within each of their dark, furry little hearts must lurk a dark force that compels them to out spray each other. Either that or they are all colluding against me; peeing on the walls and carpet when I'm not looking, even though they go out 5x a day and have 2 litterboxes in the house.

The good news is that this flashlight is a secret weapon for humans to fight back. I've started stalking the halls and their favorite marking spots with my water gun which I use to generously douse any cat who so much as hesitates in his or her passage through the hallway. I bought some enzymatic cleaner that breaks down the urine stains and erases all trace of their work.

My sudden advantage of knowing exactly where everything was happening, coupled with the super soaker, it has completely thrown the cats into a state of confusion. They don't know HOW I know, but they know that I know, and they no longer pee anywhere that I can find. I'm in charge now!

This flashlight truly tips the odds in your favor!
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on August 14, 2013
We have a lot of scorpions here and they are tough. Barrier sprays do almost nothing against them, and I've tried them all. Even hitting them square-on with powerful products often doesn't kill them, at least not for a while. In fact, these poisons usually just kill the spiders and gekkos, and the scorpions come back stronger with no natural predators around. Whenever possible I like to let living things live, but nothing has stopped these creatures from coming into my home to seek refuge from the Texas heat. I'm tired of my kids getting stung trying to get dressed, my dogs getting stung trying to protect us, and guests being scared half out of their wits on a regular basis. A few weeks ago my son's young friend had a scorpion fall on his back in the middle of the night. A week before that my dog was stung and went into respiratory distress. Evidently he's become allergic. Now, after 8 years, this is really war. And this flashlight is my high-tech weaponry.

This flashlight makes scorpions light up bright green in the night. In combo with some ultra-fashionable orange uv/blue-blocking glasses, they'll light up in the daytime as well, though not as brightly. Armed with the killing tool of my choice, I fire this baby up and sweep the indoors; looking in closets, under sofas, behind everything. I've found a good number in the house this way. But the real "fun" is outdoors. The first night this light helped me find and kill at least 50! The flashlight has strong uv output, and very little visible light so it works very well for this purpose. I can sweep an area quickly, and the scorpions light up very well. I can be quite thorough without spending the whole night. Using this light and the information gained over multiple nights, I have been able to identify where the beasts tend to be concentrated, and, with patience, where they hide. Whenever possible I kill the scorpions manually, my favorite tool being a BBQ spatula, or if they are high up or in a tight spot I use a petroleum-based spray to kill them (eventually). With the spray I also target their hiding spots, like weep holes, the expansion joints of the driveway, the crack in the back step, etc.. I don't spray everything because I don't want to kill the geckos that hunt them. In this manner I have made a huge impact on their population, and I'm finding fewer and fewer each night. Before the war began I was seeing an average of four a day indoors. It's been a few days now since I've seen one in the house. Eventually I foresee reducing the hunts to once every two weeks during their season, and experiencing significant relief from this plague we've been enduring for so long. I'm really happy with my purchase, and the results I've already seen.

The flashlight is well made, it feels heavy and solid, and puts out a lot of uv. The battery compartment is a little different. Be very careful to install the batteries correctly, they go in in odd directions, so mind the polarity markings. As far as battery life is concerned, I'm pleased there too. We haven't had to change them yet, and this thing has seen many hours of use since it arrived. Especially once I figured out I could use it to find previously unknown doggie indiscretions and teach my son about the importance of good aim. I'm really happy I bought this, and happy too that I found a good one, because the reviews of some other brands weren't that encouraging. Hope this helps.
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on October 23, 2013
The body/handle of the light feels solid, and the threads feel smooth when taking the battery out. It does have some weight to it, which I like. The problem was that the light did not work when new batteries were inserted. I figured out by accident that if you press on the face of the light (there is a plastic lens that sits in front of all of the LED lights) then it works. I then figured out that there was a 2mm gap in between the clear plastic lens, and the top metal screw on piece that secures the lens and the light fixture to the body. The LED fixture needs to touch the metal body of the light to complete the electrical cicruit for the light to light up, but this gap was not allowing the light to press against the body and make contact. Pressing on it manually, took up the space and allowed the light to work. I ended up getting some shoe goo to create a "gasket" that would allow the clear lens to sit closer to the LEDs, which now makes it touch the metal body. It works great now, but if you are not up for fixing things, this may not be for you. Always a chance I got a defective one, but it just looked like a design problem to me. My brain just doesn't allow me to return things that I think I could fix, otherwise, this would have gone right back.
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on February 25, 2014
Should have done more research before I bought this light to find cat pee. I shine it, in total darkness, at spots that reek of cat pee, and nothing glows. I shine it, in total darkness, on visible (in daylight) streaks on my door where my dumb cat sprays, and nothing glows. After trying it out (too late), I researched the best wavelength for making urine glow, and found that anything longer than 390 nm is mostly in the visible range (but pretty! and purple!), and won't do anything to help you find accidents. 370 - 375 nm is what you should be looking for. It's a little disingenuous to market this as an aid to finding exactly where you have cat pee in your house.
Great for making black-light posters, tee-shirts, and the adhesive that the linoleum guy got on the flooring when he installed it glow, and sheetrock pebbles, too.
PS. the distance unit for the wavelength is nm : nanometers; nM stands for nano mega, which doesn't mean anything. Should have known, just from that, I guess.
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on October 2, 2013
I live in the Phoenix, AZ area and I have had numerous scorpions come into the house. Barrier sprays don't help, and these critters are pretty tough. I ordered one of these lights hoping I could reduce the population outdoors, as well as be able to see them better on the carpets indoors.

In a word, this light works GREAT for that purpose. As soon as I got the flashlight, I loaded up 3 AA batteries and went hunting. Killed four scorpions within 10 minutes of searching. They glow very brightly when the light is on them, and you can easily spot one 5-10 feet away. Having never done this before, I wasn't sure what to expect or what to look for, however as soon as I saw one glowing at the base of a block fence, there was no doubt whatsoever.

You have to be quick when you spot one though, because they very quickly disappear into landscaping gravel. They can slither through 1/16" cracks, and can move very quickly underneath the rocks. I had to dig around for a couple of them when they tried to escape, but the light was an enourmous help. I never would have spotted them without it.

The flashlight itself seems to be fairly typical for an LED flashlight. It appears to be all metal construction, and has a wrist strap at the bottom end. The on/off switch is a plastic dome covered push button that is under your thumb when you hold the light. The bottom end unscrews to reveal the battery holder, which is about the size of a "C" battery. The three AA cells snap into this holder and it slides right into the body of the light.

I am already really happy with this purchase, and hopefully I will reduce the local scorpion population even more in the near future.
review image review image
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on July 23, 2013
I bought this flashlight for scorpion hunting and it works great. They fluoresce brightly, a lot brighter than I expected to be honest.

See for yourself:
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on January 2, 2013
It seems really heavy duty but it's still quite compact. My husband wanted this because he sleeps at hotels a lot as he travels for work and wanted to make sure he wasn't sleeping with anything gross. We've played with it around the house a lot. It's functionally great and it's fun for my kids!
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on May 24, 2014
I was surprised that out of over 200 reviews, just two even mentioned using this light with minerals/rocks, and neither of those really gave much useful information with respect to that application. So, here's one that does.

The short version: for a light that produces any UV at all, with 51 LEDs, and which is constructed as reasonably well as this one is, it's a pretty good value. There are lots of things that will fluoresce under the long-wave, near-visible wavelength that this light produces. As others have noted, certain kinds of stains show up much better with this light, it may be good for seeing scorpions or other invertebrates with fluorescing bodies, and it makes a variety of neon colors glow brightly. It even makes phosphorescent objects (e.g. watch dials, glow-in-the-dark plastics and printing, etc.) glow brightly, which is lots of fun.

But it has limited value for rock hounds, as minerals which fluoresce generally do so much more strongly under shorter wavelengths than this light produces.

A bit longer:

"Ultraviolet" refers to a wide spectrum of light. UV starts at around the 400 nM mark, and light waves down to the 200 nM mark are still considered UV. There's even "extreme UV" below that. Compare to the whole visible spectrum of light, which ranges from around 780 nM down to the 400 nM where UV starts, so the UV spectrum is more than half as broad as the visible spectrum.

This light's specifications indicate that it produces light in the very top of this range, very close to the visible spectrum. While a very few minerals do fluoresce when exposed to this wavelength, producing very similar results at various UV wavelengths, you will generally get much better results from a light that produces "short-wave" UV, around 250 nM, plus or minus.

Of course, these kind kinds of lights are more expensive, due to the different types of light sources needed and the filtering required. They are also somewhat more hazardous. The long-wave UV is fairly safe, but as you get to shorter and shorter wavelengths, the UV is more and more harmful. The mid-range (UVB, around 300 nM +/-) is what you can get sunburns from and isn't great for your eyes either, and shorter wavelengths ("UVC") can cause burns and eye damage with only short exposures.

At the 395 NM wavelength, this light will cause only a small percentage of fluorescent minerals to fluoresce. According to, only about 15% of all minerals are fluorescent in the first place, and of those only about 15% will fluoresce when exposed to long-wave UV like that produced by this light.

Testing this light with our own rock collection, I found this to be about right. None of our rocks glowed significantly, and only a small fraction of them showed any fluorescence, even among those we know to be fluorescent.

So, if you're looking for a light to have more fun with your rocks, think about whether this is really the one you want. It's inexpensive and still works well for a wide variety of purposes. But only a few rocks will respond similarly to this light as to shorter wavelengths; many minerals that are considered fluorescent won't respond at all to this wavelength.

For more details, do check out the web sites at and I found them very useful for educating myself about the above, and there are lots of great pictures and much more detailed information about the topic on those sites.
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on February 20, 2013
I bought this because I recently adopted a cat who's never lived inside. I have a pretty good nose, but I want to be sure everything that's supposed to be in the sandbox is going in the sandbox.
In a darkened room it works great. So far I haven't found any messes from the cat, but but it's fun to see just how much stuff in our world fluoresces. Like body fluids...
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on June 23, 2015
Esco-Lite 395 nM 51 UV LED Flashlight Blacklight vs. LEDwholesalers 395 nM 51 UV LED Flashlight Blacklight

I am a normal everyday Amazon consumer who does NOT get paid for reviews. I live in Arizona and hunt scorpions every night. I needed a couple of cheap blacklights and found two that had the most positive Amazon reviews for the price point. I could not decide between these two, so I bought both. They arrived today in the same shipping package with no damage. After it was good & dark the comparison hunt began. Here is my opinion of the lights.

Price I paid with Free Prime Shipping
LEDwholesalers $14.99
Esco-Lite $12.35

Ratings at the time I Purchased
LEDwholesalers 4-1/2 Stars out of Five (1,460 reviews)
Esco-Lite 4-1/2 Stars out of Five (488 reviews)

Both take three AA Batteries (I installed new Energizer Ultimate Lithium in both)

Both have aluminum bodies, the LEDwholesalers has a slightly larger body; the Esco-Lite is lighter and comes with a handle lanyard.
The power buttons are in the same location. Both worked well; but the Esco-Lite button is slightly larger.
Both battery carriers were good; the Esco-Lite battery carrier was better made as it had a permanent directional arrow on the carrier. The LEDwholesalers carrier has a sticker directional arrow.

Side by side; the Esco-Lite LED lights are darker in color and the light beam is more focused. Although both lights illuminated the scorpions; the deeper focused light beam of the Esco-Lite made it easier to see the scorpions on the side of the house at a greater distance. The LEDwholesalers beam is lighter in color and projects a wider view of light.

The Bottom Line:
For scorpion hunting; the Esco-Lite is the better buy:
1.) Darker LED Lights
2.) A good concentrated light beam
3.) Better battery carrier
4.) Price is $2.64 cheaper.
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