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on September 28, 2011
Gavin DeGraw is one of the most underrated artists! He is such an amazing singer, songwriter, and performer! I hope that this album gives him the recognition he soo deserves! I love every album he's done, especially songs on his Chariot album and FREE album, I love the raw stuff. I think this Sweeter album truly has a combination of it all! I was worried it was gonna be all pop crap, trying to be like all this other crap on the radio, but I'm really impressed! Some of the songs are "popish", but I would say more "vibey" would be the way to describe them, like "Sweeter" and "Radiation" are really fun songs. I think the new single should be "Run Every Time", that would be a great catchy radio song. By far though my favorite is "Spell It Out", WOW is that song special!!! Vocally just amazing, his true strength. BUY THIS ALBUM, YOU WILL NOT BE LET DOWN!!!
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on September 20, 2011
If you're a Gavin DeGraw fan already, you shouldn't be disappointed here. Just finished listening through it once and I love it! The album is particularly themed to getting over someone with the exception of Run Every Time (unless you're the one who broke it off). If you are in that situation, you NEED this album for Not Over You and the whole 2nd half of the album. Apart from that, the music and lyrics here are superb across the album, amazing job Gavin!
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on September 29, 2011
I will never understand all these Gavin haters...the guy has an amazing voice, writes beautiful lyrics and melodies and plays piano like a god!

This album is almost as good as "chariot" - and that is after having listened to it only twice. Anything that grabs you that immediately is nothing but great music!
Can't say a bad thing about the album, if you love any of his songs - buy it!

If you're not sure listen to any of the first four tracks and you'll love it...
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VINE VOICEon November 2, 2011
Gavin DeGraw makes it to his fourth album. pretty much covering the same turf as his first three. He's still milking the same blue-eyed soul turf that has made stars out of Jason Mraz currently and Daryl Hall decades before. What differentiates "Sweeter" from his other CD's is that he decided to allow co-writers on-board for the first time. On of them, Ryan Tedder, has been all but certified as the current Midas Touch-man, ala Mick Ronson. Tedder is also the producer of those two songs, emphasizing the piano and making the title song sound tougher than it really is. Andrew Frampton also produces/cowrites a pair, "Run Every Time" and the closer, "Spell It Out."

What strikes me as most interesting is that, on his own, DeGraw comes off as a piano-man worshiping at the alter of Billy Joel and Elton John (especially on "You Know Where I'm At"). Not a bad well to draw from, and when it turns up songs like "Radiation" or "Soldier," worth the effort. On the more annoying and overworked "Candy," not so much. What I'd love to hear more of, though, is the solo DeDraw that sits behind his piano and lets loose with "Spell It Out," which does away with overproduction and just lets the man sing and play. My guess is DeGraw is too slick a salesman to want to be that exposed too often, but it's the highlight of an otherwise light pop album.
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on September 20, 2011
Amazing follow-up to "Free"!!! Really enjoying this album and the theme running through these songs. We've all been in the place Gavin sings about at one time or another in our own lives. Love his soul and his piano playing! I really can't name a favorite since all of the songs on this album have that Gavin flare remembered from Chariot. First time co-writing with others but Gavin's superb lyrics are still here. Let's see, the more rock types songs are "Sweeter" and "Radiation". I'd call, "Not Over You", "Candy" and "Run Every Time" more in the Pop category. "Stealing" almost has a Jazz-type feel. "You know where I'm at", "Where you are" and "Spell It Out" are those soulful piano ballads that Gavin delivers so effortlessly. You MUST see Gavin live. I have seen him over 30 times as I've been a long-time fan (2003), but NOTHING is like seeing him live. He's an amazing entertainer and you'll just fall in love with his music even more!
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on October 21, 2011
I had heard Gavin's singles in the past, and liked them, but to be honest, hadn't really paid any attention, since I tend to gravitate to other types of music. Once I heard this album though, the light went on--where have I been?! This guy is amazing. I've purchased all 4 of his albums now, and have not found a single song to skip when I'm listening. His lyrics are consistently insightful and relevant, while his performances are soulful and heartfelt...and at times rocking and sexy! Sweeter is, in my opinion, the best of his albums so far, demonstrating increasing maturity and musical diversity. I previously thought of Gavin's music as "young" and intended for the college crowd, but now I realize I was just seriously uninformed. This album is proof Gavin has the chops to appeal to everyone--any age, any background, any musical preference. As someone else said in their review, his music--particularly Sweeter--is actually addictive; once you play the album a time or two, you'll keep it on heavy rotation...if you stop playing it at all. I'll admit I've played it almost daily for the past month! Have a listen and I think you'll agree this is a great album. Check out Sweeter and Radiation...Soldier and Spell It Out...Every song is a winner. And once you find out how much you love Sweeter, take the plunge and get Chariot (Stripped), Free and his self-titled album too. You won't be sorry! Can't wait for the next album!
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on May 4, 2012
I've never really taken much of an interest in Gavin Degraw until recently. Mainly just heard the singles that have trickled onto the radio over the last 10 years, but I guess I never heard his name enough to draw my attention to it. Heard a song from Chariot that didn't make it to the radio by accident a couple of months ago and I was hooked. Let's face it, he doesn't have a "singing" voice in the traditional sense of the word, but if you have real talent as a singer, you can make that work for you by developing the voice you were dealt. We all know who the teeny-boppers are who think they can sing, but are really just no-talent hacks who get by for a while on looks and sex appeal. I've really despised this about the music business over the last decade or so and it's always hugely refreshing when someone with real talent is well received.
First thing I look for in any music artist is which talents they actually have. If you aren't a real singer, you'd better be writing some really good songs and if you don't write your own stuff, you'd better have a great voice. If you can't manage at least one of those, what are you bringing to the table? Again, Gavin Degraw doesn't have a "singing" voice, but there's no getting around it. He can really sing! Throw in the fact that he writes all of his own songs and you've got a really well-rounded artist. You can tell he writes with a purpose and many of his lyrics are truly profound and poetic. There's also another plus that Gavin and a few more artists are coming out with now a days that is highly in their favor; they can't be thrown into any one genre. Whether it's because they recognize the universal value this gives them or because they have genuine talent in many categories obviously depends on the artist, but this is a huge advantage. Throughout all 4 albums that I have acquired, Gavin Degraw offers everything from cheeky pop to really raw blues and soul. Another thing I really like about him is that he has several different voices. The only other artist I've ever found this to be really pronounced in was Billy Joel. There was his Piano Man voice, his Uptown Girl voice, his We Didn't Start the Fire voice, etc, and they were all very distinctive. Gavin Degraw also has this quality and uses it quite deftly. This album has a great range and some very catchy tunes. Stealing, Where You Are, and Spell It Out are probably my favorites.
Long story short, I find him to be very genuinely talented and delightful to listen to. I know this album has received much more notice than his previous work, so hopefully that will put him where he deserves to be as he wades the fickle waters of the music business. Gavin's got my vote!
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on September 20, 2011

Gavin is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. He's not so hooky and empty that it's senseless but he's also not completely serious all the time either. He finds middle ground. His talent on the piano is also pretty nice. Lastly, I'm a fan because he's a songwriter and lyricist. People that write their own lyrics astound me. If they arrange it then that's just icing on the cake!

My favorite tracks off of his previous albums were definitely the thoughtful "Belief" (Chariot Stripped (Bonus CD)), the emotive ballad "We Belong Together" (Gavin DeGraw), the heartbreaking "Glass" (Free). On 2011's Sweeter, it's probably the "handclap-happy" "Soldier".

This album is more akin to the first disc of Chariot Stripped (Bonus CD) and especially Gavin DeGraw where there are more hooks, upbeat times to be had and some overproduction compared to the more serious, stripped down singer-songwriter's album Free. People looking for something more like those albums will probably be impressed and others who just want something like Gavin's 2010 album will like some of the ballads but probably won't dig this completely.

Quick track to track:

1. Sweeter: 4/5 Intense feeling. Loud, in-your-face production. Decent opener.
2. Not Over You: 5/5 The lead single. Catchiness sneaks up on you after a while of hearing it and watching the video.
3. Run Every Time: 4.5/5 The lyrics are kinda sad because Gavin admits to running from a girl when he should probably just stay put. But that's just a part of his personality...
4. Soldier: 5/5 Didn't catch my attention at first, but has grown to be a real keeper. Single-worthy, has a gospel choir and is my new favorite!
5. Candy: 4.5/5 "I know you've learned to use your fairy tales to get you through the hurt." Nice line. Love the ending piano.
6. You Know Where I'm At: 4/5 Finally, a genuine ballad. Not the best one here but it's a start.
7. Stealing: 4.5/5 Is this one about a relationship or a fling? I'm unsure but this song is pretty cool. Nice lyrics.
8. Radiation: 5/5 Upbeat as hell and fun. Heavy, Ryan Tedder-like drum work inside. A treat.
9. Where You Are: 5/5 This ballad is more in the typical vein of Gavin's normal ones. I love it and especially the chorus although some may find it too ho hum.
10. Spell It Out: 4.5/5 Another ballad. This time with the piano at the forefront. It's maybe one of two songs where Gavin oversings like he's famous for doing on some songs. Sounds alright, but he kinda goes off key here. A former favorite.

4.6 stars.

"Not Over You"
"Where You Are"
"Radiation" &
"Run Every Time"


I'll probably be revising this review a bit the next couple of days since I just got the album today. Only two things disappoint me on first listen here. There are only 10 tracks (Come on, Gavin!) and even more so, there is less and less piano work present. That's one of the reasons I fell in love with Chariot Stripped (Bonus CD).:( But rest assured, this is a great album. Just maybe a bit rushed seeing as he had one that was out early last year that nobody heard of and radio never recognized. If I was to rank this, I'd put it up there with the first disc of Chariot Stripped (Bonus CD) but not as good as the stripped second disc itself. I just wish it wasn't so short. Either way, welcome home, Gavin!
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on June 15, 2012
Gavin wasn't really on my radar until I saw him on Dancing With the Stars. I knew who he was, and had heard him perform on various T.V. shows, but a combination of his personality and singing performance on DWTS moved me to purchase this album. It did not disappoint. I am a fan of the singer/songwriter genre, and Gavin could be the poster boy for it. I can honestly say I like every song on it. I know that today people tend to just download a few songs from a CD, but in this case you'd be missing out to do so.
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on October 24, 2012
If you liked Gavin DeGraw's previous albums, you will like this one. It's difficult these days to be sure of an artist, and if each new CD will be as good as the last. You don't have to worry about it with this one.

I am so in love with this CD and have been listening to it over and over again in the car for two weeks now, since I got it. I want to walk down the aisle to "Where You Are"--it is just beautiful. Other favorites are "Sweeter," "Not Over You," and "Run Every Time." "Soldier," "Candy," and "Radiation" are also really catchy. The album is just really well done--Gavin and his music are so easy to like.
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