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  • Swipe
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on September 10, 2012
You know why I loved this book? It was classic dystopian. It didn't have love diseases like delirium or fights to the death like (well, you know which book I'm talking about) or even evil monsters like Enclave or Ashes. It was plain old normal people realizing that their world, however high-tech and comfortable, is without the freedoms and choices the old world had, that there was something wrong with the current system and risking everything to change it. It's good old action and suspense and a tad bit of fluff romance.

The suspense builds slowly but surely to a point where I just wasn't sure what was real anymore. Up until the last 50 pages, I had the Dust (think Divergent's factionless) pegged as the bad guys... and a whirlwind of kidnapping, running, and conversation later, the roles are reversed. I didn't even know what to think! So many questions are brought up, so many people to suddenly see in a new light. Betrayal as well as Logan doing some unimaginable things. Just... wow. You don't know how glad I was I had Book 2 at hand or I would have done something violent LOL.

P.S. Although it's pubbed by Thomas Nelson, it doesn't refer to God as their savior or anything. So breathe a sigh of relief or frustration, whatever the case may be.

I do love Logan as a character and Erin as a character (she plays a pivotal role) and Hailey and others as characters but I can't necessarily believe that they're 13. Thirteen! At this point in our lives, most of us are getting our first crushes and griping at our homework and popping pimples (good times). We are NOT understanding the evil consequences of the leaders' actions, fighting to learn more about our presumed-dead sisters or finding true love. Name one normal teenager who might successfully go through this as well as evade specialized federal agents for days. BUT I'm trying to overlook that one flaw in favor of all the other pros this series has to offer.

I'm currently on Sneak (Book 2) and Erin gets progressively worse (read: sides with the government) and I just want to scream considering she was the perfect love interest in the beginning (of Swipe) and I can understand her intentions and she just doesn't get it. Erin! Open your eyes!!!

Basically.... GET THIS BOOK!

**I was provided a gratis review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**
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on July 30, 2012
Swipe was a great action read that I think is fantastic for younger readers, but that some adults will also enjoy (I did!).

Some of the things in Swipe were very plausible, which made for a more realistic/believable story. While the beginning of the book was good, I enjoyed the second half much more that the first.

There are a few things in this book that, while I didn't have a problem with them, others might, so I thought I'd mention them: some name calling (but the names were really silly, like tightwad, miser, and piker to name a few) and a few kids punched each other, fought, etc. As I said, none of that bothered me.

There were a couple things in Swipe I didn't see coming, but they were nice surprises and made the book more interesting to read.

All in all, a good book that I recommend more for younger readers, but if you enjoy middle grade/young adult books, you'll probably like this one as well. The ending was great and leaves me wanting to read Evan's next book, Sneak, which releases this fall.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for my review. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*
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on May 21, 2016
I discovered this series while searching on Amazon for a Christian alternative to The Hunger Games, which I felt were excessively violent and bloody. I found the series based on suggestions given by those Amazon reviewers critiquing other dystopian literature on the market.

I got the book for my kids to enjoy for the Literature component of our homeschool learning environment.

My 14-year old son, who really loved the series, told me that if it were a movie based exactly on the books, it would be rated G or PG-13 because the only violence is where a guard gets knocked out. Another part that was somewhat macabre or disturbing was where someone's severed hand was traded on the black market on account of the mark it bore.

In contrast, there is actual killing and plenty of detailed bloodshed in Hunger Games that I felt was unnecessarily inappropriate for my kids at this age to process and absorb emotionally and spiritually.

Plus, my kids really dug these books and even begged me to read them, too, and to get more that followed in the series. I think that's the best testimony for a book that a parent can ask for.
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on September 11, 2012
I was a bit unsure about starting this book as it is a middle-grade novel and the main characters are 12/13 years old, but once I started reading I was stuck! It was a fantastic read and I was glued to the book right until the last page! I want to dive into the second book, Sneak, straight away, but I wanted to share my thoughts about Swipe first.

Evan Angler has created a fabulous world set in the future where life as we know it no longer exists. If you want to do anything in this new world you must swipe your tattoo, which you don't get until your 13th birthday.

But the whole operation behind the tattoo and the organisation may not be as foolproof as it's made out to be. Logan is very nervous about the whole process and is starting to question all that he has been taught. Especially since the new girl, Erin moved to town and she believes all his theories. Together they set out on an adventure to discover the truth while keeping an eye on their backs as they feel as though they are being watched.

We meet a number of characters in Swipe. Logan is a shy character and doesn't have many friends. He is quite withdrawn and very suspicious of everything. His best friend Dane is the more outgoing type and he tries to put more confidence into Logan and encourages him to approach Erin. Erin is the new girl and she is a confident person. She has had to grow up a lot earlier than most teenage girls as her parents are very focused on their work.

There are other characters too, but I don't want to share too much as it may spoil the plot too much. To watch all these characters come together and see how the story unfolds is just amazing! I love what Evan Angler has done with this novel and the characters. It was a captivating read and I'm keen to jump into Sneak!!
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on July 1, 2012
Logan Langley's thirteenth birthday is approaching. He should be excited. Getting The Mark is the transition to adulthood. The Mark is a tattoo required by law in the American Union, the only way to access food, services, life and livelihood.

Five years ago, when his sister went to make her pledge and receive The Mark, she didn't come home, and Logan is noticing it happens to others as well. So, Logan is beginning to think The Mark may not be best for everyone.

Logan feels like he is being watched. Things in his room are moved or missing. When he is out and about he notices shadows and hears movements that indicated he is under scrutiny.

Then, Erin moves into small-town Spokie from Beacon City, half a continent away. Her father works for the Department of Marked Emergencies and is in Spokie to find and eliminate Dust - the unmarked.

The twists and turns begin. What is DOME really doing? Where is the Dust? Can Logan and Erin find answers before Logan takes his pledge?

Older elementary, tweens, teens and adults alike will enjoy this near future dystopian American Union seeking global unity where here is no conflict, no religion, no war - or, is there? Rick Riordan meets Suzanne Collins in Evan Angler'swell-crafted first novel. Non-stop suspense kept me reading when I needed to be doing other things.

Watch for Sneak, the sequel, to be released on September 4, 2012.
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on May 23, 2013
Book one was great. It was well-written, interesting, and left me wanting to read the next one immediately. The second book is aptly titled Sneak, because that's when the real agendas start sneaking in. I wasn't pleased, but I continued reading because I wanted to know how the story ended. Book three gets into discussing the Rapture, is heavily Christian, and I am extremely frustrated because the first book and its description were not at all forthcoming about this. Had I known where it was headed, I would not have started the series. I'm not against Christian books, or any other books with religious leanings; however, I would like to know about it because I really don't care to have religious agendas shoved down my throat when I'm just interested in reading for enjoyment.

Hopefully my review will help others either avoid wasting their time and money on the series, or help people looking for Christian-based stories find a series that they can relate to and enjoy. Either way, the first book is admittedly well-written and very interesting. The other two books deteriorate in terms of quality writing and tend to drag on a bit.
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on June 12, 2012
Review by Jill Williamson

Logan Langly is starting school and is only a few months away from his thirteenth birthday. That's the day when he can get the Mark, which will give him the full benefits of citizenship. He'll be able to get a job, to buy things, to take the trains. But Logan isn't sure he wants the Mark. Because when his sister went in to get it, she never came back.

What if Logan goes in and never comes back?

Plus, people are following him and he doesn't know why. When a new girl starts school and Logan befriends her, they start investigating, and what they discover is the beginning of something huge. Something that will change everything. Forever.

This book is so much fun! I couldn't put the thing down. It's a fun and clever dystopian story. It will get you thinking about how people tend to conform without asking questions. And it will leave you wanting to read the next book. I liked the unfolding mystery of what was going on, and the storyworld was so much fun. A lot of thought went into creating this dystopian future of what our country might have done to gain peace after a global war. I highly recommend this one for readers aged eight and up.
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on May 6, 2012
I don't know about you but I was immediately drawn in from the summary. Weird technology? Bizarre future? Conspiracies? You know I'm in and I wasn't disappointed.

The book does share similar characteristics with other science fiction books. I've been trying to pick my brain to figure out what book it reminds me of but I still can't figure it out. Oh well. It's a good blend of science fiction. It takes the ideas of technology that we've seen in other books but makes it its own.

Eh, Logan was okay. He's a pretty typical protagonist in a MG book. I guess I can't relate to middle school boys too well. Erin was awesome! She's very take charge and able to take care of herself. She's even a computer hacker at 13! That's pretty cool. Gotta love when authors give a girl some backbone.

The story absolutely drew me in. I have a tendency to be a bit paranoid so I was totally on board with Logan being paranoid. I even started doing double takes around my room when he started finding stuff! The story moves pretty quickly so you're glued to the book. Very interesting twist at the end but I'm a bit grumpy that it ended that way.

The bottom line? It's a fun sci-fi book for all ages. It would be a great stepping stone for younger readers who aren't quite mature enough for the older YA science fiction books out there.
*Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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on August 20, 2015
My son would give this 5 stars, but for me it was 4. A strong first book in a series that we hope will eventually be finished so we can find out what happens in the end. This copy was bought as a gift for a nephew as we saw it first at the library. We have read all the books out so far (all five letter titles) and are still waiting for the next one...
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on January 25, 2016
As an avid reader, it pains me to come across a book other readers hold in high esteem and feel that it falls short. Dystopians are usually my favorite reads, and thus it usually takes me the least amount of time to read them. It has been years, and I cannot bring myself to finish it.

Simply put, Swipe did not live up to the expectations I had for it. It is written for middle-grade readers, so I expected a simpler writing style and plot line. What I did not expect was the extreme boredom I would feel as the protagonist was thrust from one impossible scenario to the next with little time to breathe between overcoming obstacles. It isn’t that I disapprove of the action–I love a good thrill as much as the next reader. What was frustrating for me was that so much happened without much description or detail that it was difficult for me to connect with the characters and insert myself into the story.

I know the overall idea behind the story has great potential, and perhaps I went into the book with the wrong expectations. If a middle-grade reader picked up this book, perhaps they wouldn’t notice the flaws I found with my own reading experience. However, I don’t think the book would attract the attention of a struggling reader, or of an individual who does not passionately enjoy reading young (young!) adult sci-fi.

Needless to say, I will not be seeking out the next book in the series.

**I received this book through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.
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