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on March 17, 2011
These things boil water very quickly, with very little fuel. You can bring a liter of water to a boil in about 5 minutes with a fist full of leaves and twigs. Not only is this a great tool for boiling water, but it is also an excellent fire starting tool in general. The stove has the perfect dimensions and ventilation to ignite dry fuel quickly, and to dry and ignite small amounts of wet fuel as well. The open top design allows you to load and dump fuel quickly when it is not being used to boil water.

One thing I do not like about the stove is that the bottle has no holder or handle, and cannot be manipulated outside of the stove until the contents cools or is used up. I find myself using the cork as a handle, pressing it in tightly, and then picking the bottle up with it, but I know this is not the safest way to do things. However, as previously stated, you CAN manipulate the bottle while it is inside the stove with a little cognizances of the potentially hot fuel in the bottom of the stove.

The cup, also being aluminum, must be handled with as much care as the bottle, but does have a handle, so it can be held with hot contents. All of this said, the aluminum construction also means the stove can be packed back up pretty quickly because once the fuel and the water are removed, it only takes a few seconds for everything to become cool enough to handle and pack back up. The thickness of the walls of all pieces, and the corrugation of the stove itself make this item especially resilient, considering its mostly aluminum construction.

Once you are aware of the caveats, and discover that this thing has many other potential uses than boiling water and cooking food, it is hard not to make room in your pack for it. I recommend this product to anyone who needs a reliable camp/survival stove.
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on July 13, 2011
Just let me say that first off I was impressed with the design of this stove. This stove is meant to be used to boil some water for coffee, hot cocoa or dehydrated meals. You could also use the attached cup/mug to cook some instant soup or some pork n beans or anything else that may come in a can that you could pour into the cup to heat. This stove is meant to be used with natural tinder such as leaves and branches to make a fire to heat whatever you are cooking. I have read reviews about individuals burning a hole in the side of this stove from using twigs and sticks and leaves, rendering this stove useless since it is made of aluminum and not steel. However, I have used natural tinder with this stove myself without any problems at all. That being said, I have found that a Trangia alcohol stove (Can be found on Amazon)fits nicely in the bottom of this little stove and this can be used as your heat source instead of natural tinder if you prefer. The Swiss Volcano Stove and a Trangia Alcohol stove complement each other perfectly. The alcohol stove fits nicely inside of the Volcano stove and provides more than enough heat for all of your backwoods camping, fishing and or hunting cooking needs.

Overall, this is an excellent product. It is light weight and is great for backpacking or extended hunting trips. I have used this backpacking and it works like a charm on the trail when you need to boil water for dehydrated meals or just to heat up some water for a nice cup of Joe at the end of the day on the trail. Now this thing will not boil water as fast as say a Jetboil Stove will as it takes about 5-8 minuets to get a good rolling boil going, but then again you are camping or hiking or hunting. Whats you hurry. Take this time to relax and enjoy the nature around you while this stoves does its thing. Also, good for hunters as it is whisper quite. So, no spooking game. Works well for the same reasons in a tree stand for hunting, on a boat or in a ground blind. Basically, if your an outdoors person and want something lightweight and durable that will boil water quickly for you to use with dehydrated meals, or soup, or coffee or to make a can of pork n beans or ravioli this is the stove for you.

P.S. Make sure to not cork the bottle tightly when boiling water in this or it will build up to much pressure and blow the cork off and you will be forced to then go chasing this thing down in the woods.
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on July 24, 2011
The design is very sleek, compact & well thought out... without the steep price of a traditional Kelly kettle(round$100). I don't know which came 1st, but this, in my opinion, is more practical to use in the field & not have to fret about -after all, it was developed for military use!! Aluminum is the best light-weight heat conductor, has a high melting point( like 1500*), and brings water to a boil rather quickly, so it is prrfect for the trip! Just slip some fuel (twigs, trioxane or pyropac gel) into the base, and boil away... best to brace it against a rock, or make a support to stabilize it... prone to tippage, as most terrain is not level 100%. Add to this a surplus British thermos pouch, and you've got a really cool carry system that's practical & attaches to most gear rigs, w/out the fear of snagging packs, clothes, etc. Et voila!!
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on July 16, 2012
I ordered this stove as a possible replacement to my Esbit Stove. When it arrived I just had to give it a bit of a workout. (Always try your gear before relying on it.) My tests at home made it seem to be worth the money I paid. Then I went camping with the wife.

First off the hike into the camping area went from a comfortable five mile hike to a ten and a half mile slog through incredible conditions. (97°F Temperature and 85% humidity. This means a Heat Index of around 137°F.) Our six Liters of water had run out at the ten mile mark. That last Liter in the stove was a life saver.

At the camp site there was water but it was non potable. It had to be boiled. I set up the stove and got it going as soon as we arrived. I filled the bottle and set that on to boil as we set up camp. It took about ten minutes to boil the first Liter and about ten seconds to drain that down our throats. (Even though it was hot.) Now came the marathon of boiling. We had several one Liter metal water bottles that fit inside the stove and we started rotating them through the stove. As soon as the first was boiling we changed it for the next.

Yes we were constantly fueling the stove but there were two of us so this wasn't a problem. Besides once we had a nice bed of coals in the bottom it took less fuel than you would expect.

I'm not sure exactly how much water we boiled that night but we filled our six Liters of water bottles and re hydrated. (I know I drank at least four Liters and my wife drank about the same.) The next morning we boiled an additional four Liters of water for breakfast and drinking before we broke camp. All of this without damaging the stove.

Packing the stove up after all of this was easy. Dump out the ashes and make sure they are out. By this time the stove has cooled. Put the filled water bottle in, place the cup on the top and move the wire keeper into place. It fit into one of the pockets of my Alice Pack with room to spare.

I have since added a 3 Liter Water Bladder to my pack and I'm now experimenting with using a Trangia Alcohol Burner in this stove. So far it is working great. Just another way to use a fantastic piece of kit.
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on May 1, 2012
I ordered two of these Volcano Stoves! They arrived quickly and new as offered! I wanted something small to boil water for coffee, tea or soup if the power was to go out! The stove is a little bigger than I pictured but thats not a problem cause its so light weight! I'm super happy to know I can have a cup of coffee or instant oatmeal or whatever in an emergency without too much of a production! I found "How to Videos" for tips on how to use Volcano Stoves online. The Swiss Army Volcano Stove is just a really neat little item to have on hand and Im sure kids would enjoy making Hot Chocolate after sledding or hiking for fun! (With adult supervision of course:) You can't go wrong! I'd recommend the stoves from this seller! Nice transaction!
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on May 13, 2012
I purchased the volcano stove for a light weight camp stove. The set worked great. Using a soda can alcohol stove, I was able to boil the large bottle of water very quickly (~5 minutes) for soup and then again for coffee. The cup also fits the top of the stove chamber where I had the alcohol stove inserted at the bottom. You can use the set with coals from your camp fire too. Lightweight and a good value.
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on March 9, 2012
I had my doubts about this stove, even after seeing various reviews on youtube. When it arrived the entire kit was a bit larger than I expected, although most of the space is of course the 1 liter bottle itself. The weight is very minimal.

As for the cork; it doesn't fall out. I filled the bottle up to various levels, turned it upside down, and shook it as hard as I could, and also softly. There must be some kind of air-pressure physics at work, because that cork did not budge or leak a single drop. Also, it isn't the soft and crumbly type you would expect, it's quite solid.
Originally I had planned to replace the bottle with one of similar size with a screw top, but I feel that won't be neccesary.

The stove itself is simply fantastic. All you need is a small piece of tinder, some twigs/kindling, and a single good, dry stick. I got the fire going with some tinder and a handful of leaves, then added a stick about 8" long and 1/4" thick, broke it up into 5 or 6 pieces... man did that thing get going! It boiled a cup of water in maybe 4 minutes... the entire process couldn't have taken over 7 or 8 minutes. The only downside to this stove is the smoke and ash produced. On the other hand, the fact that it can be used as a low-fuel source of heat makes it worthwhile.

For the price, weight, and ease of use I can't think of much else that would beat this stove. I actually plan on replacing an MSR pocket rocket I've used for years with this for backpacking.

I would recommend picking up Condor H2O Pouch, Tan to go with it.
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on March 13, 2013
This is an ingenious setup for emergencies. They are getting hard to find since the prepper movement started. They are well worth having on hand if you can find a good price. The unreliable cork stopper can be replaced with a food grade silicone stopper from The #8 size works great. You won't have to worry about it leaking water in your gear.
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on June 19, 2014
At one time these were ubiquitous but now they are getting harder and harder to find. One can find many videos on youtube singing the praises of these Volcano stoves and demonstrating the value of owning one of these useful products.
I love mine and have used it for many, many outings and just for fun around the house to keep in practice making matchless fires.
If you can't find one of these and are looking for a superior alternative try the Silverfire backpacking stove sold through They make the BEST biofuel stove I have had the pleasure of using.
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on December 6, 2013
Lot of YouTube demos show that this is a good emergency backup or a good small camping setup. Smaller setups are available for your BOB or campsite, but this works OK for the Swiss Army. Use the aluminum water bottle with cork -- or replace it with a similar-sized stainless steel bottle with different stopper. Most of the time, you just want to boil water....

However, severe winter storms are here for the winter 2013. What do you have to cook with when power goes out for a day or two -- or more? If you have stashed away some small firewood, this stove will work. If you have charcoal and a Weber, that will work, as will various Weber Q, etc. propane stoves. Think about it. This stove has its place in camping situations -- but maybe you will need to think about something more at home.
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