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on May 26, 2010
I got this watch yesterday and really like it. Looks almost like an aviation instrument clock! I like that look in any watch. Very comfortable to wear with the curved case and the band is very large for us guys with big wrists. Also very easy to read for us folks who are legally blind. Easy to see at night with the glow feature. Big and has a macho heft to it. On the wrist I don't even notice the heavy feel. I'd like one in orange with black dial and white numbers/markers with the glow feature. Would also make a great gift for anyone into big watches.
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on May 12, 2010
I am a collector of watches, I have more sitting in my collection then most people will buy in their entire life. I say this not to brag, but to share with you how my love of watches led me to this particular watch and how I wasn't even sure if I should have bought this watch even though I did buy it.

I enjoy large watches, there is something about the heft of a large chunk of metal on my arm that makes me feel comfortable. And this is a fairly large chunk of metal (53mm), and it fits very comfortably. Before I decided to buy this watch I had read the previous re-view and I was still a bit unsure, but the previous reviewer had such conviction about what he had to say about the watch, I guessed I couldn't go wrong, especially for the price. And as of this moment, I am happy with the choice!

When I say I am a collector, let me share with you what that means, to some it means that they only buy one brand of watch, or one type of watch, ie...divers or pilots watch. I fall into the second class, I love Divers watches and Pilots watches. The price range of my watches goes from about$50.00 to a bit over $6,000 for an individual watch. I buy what I like, not what is the most expensive, to me if I like it, then that is all that matters and bargains like this watch are very hard to find. I buy more for my pleasure then to impress others. In all honesty, I wear the less expensive watches more often then the expensive ones. This watch falls into the first class, it was very fairly priced, and I really thought it was going to be a piece of junk? Now I have had this watch in my possession for about 20 minutes and I can tell that I will be wearing it quite a bit. It has a great over all feel to it, often when you buy a large watch, it seems that the company will make a large watch just to stay with the trend, but they will sacrifice other aspects of the watch for this size. Too often it is the balance, the mechanics or something about the function ability. So far as this watch sits on my wrist I can say the balance is almost perfect, it doesn't feel like it is as big as it is, it feels very comfortable. (As the guy above said, the curved back helps the watch in this way, among others.)

The face of the watch is just what I like function over form, I like things to be simple, clear and easy to work with. (One of the reasons that Panerai & IWC Watches are two of my favorite brands. See both are diving or pilot type watches.) The rubber strap on this watch isn't the cheap rubber that grabs the hair on your arms, you can tell when you put it on that it is made of high quality rubber and it will last a very long time. Speaking of lasting a very long time, I just noticed that the watch has a five year warranty? A FIVE year warranty?
Of all of the watches I own, none of then come with a five year Warranty? That is almost unheard of as far as I know? Unless, everyone started slipping that in over the last few years as I haven't bought too many high end watches in the last year and a half?

I Rate this watch 5 Stars, for more then a few reasons, starting with the clean easy to read look, the comfort of the rubber strap, the quality of the Black metal case, and from I have read about these online, everything seems to be a fair degree of quality, especially for this price range. I believe that if you were looking for a good watch for a gift for a Grad or Dad or anyone who appreciates nice Big watches, you would not go wrong with this one. As the Gentleman above stated, I may also go back and grab another one in a different color? This is an above average watch, that catches others eyes, but is also not so as a pretentious watch that others will chastise you for buying or owning a higher end watch. For the price, you will not beat this watch.

Now to pick out which of the other ones I am going to buy?
Good Luck!
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on August 7, 2010
This is my first purchase of a Swiss Legend watch and I'm very pleased! And it comes packaged in a very nice red box.

In spite of being a VERY LARGE and THICK WATCH, it's EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE on the wrist because of details like the soft rubber that embraces the round case, the crown positioned at 4 o'clock, completed by a very soft silicone rubber strap!

In overall, this is one of the most comfortable watches that I have ever worn !! Perfect for a daily use.

Give it a try, you can't go wrong!
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on January 6, 2013
I'd been looking at getting a new wristwatch for a while when, lo and behold, this Amazon deal pops up. A four hundred dollar Swiss Legend watch for seventy bones? You're kidding? *Click* add to cart. :-)

Now, being as I'm located in the Great Frozen North it took a while to arrive, but that's to be expected as I cheaped-out on the shipping. But I finally got a call from the UPS store telling me it was in, no worries, and I opened the box with great excitement. Well, let me make this perfectly clear, I am about as far from disappointed as it's possible to be. This is a bloody brilliant watch! First impressions were excellent size and weight; really solid. Looking a bit closer I'd say that the quality of the workmanship is very good. I'm not under any misapprehension here—any watch-nerd knows that Swiss Legend is neither Swiss nor legendary—but it really is a well-built bit of gear. It has excellent 'heft' and presence. I'm particularly pleased that the strap is well-anchored to the watch body as I lost my last decent watch while swimming in the lake because of its poor strap attachment. My brother in law actually took the Neptune and gave it a real good tug (much to my horror, the cheeky b**t**d) but the strap held up perfectly and he even offered a rare positive affirmation of "seems solid enough, buddy".

Any review needs to be balanced and so I'll say that the time can be a little difficult to read. Only the ends of the hands bear the white / luminous material and the hands themselves are black on a black watch face, so this is taking me a little bit of getting used to. But let's not forget that this model is available in all kinds of colors and finishes; I just like black. The other slight downer is with the aforementioned luminous paint. It doesn't glow worth a damn, but in fairness I haven't actually worn the Neptune in sunlight yet so the additional 'charging' under those conditions will probably make a difference. Nevertheless, these are two tiny flaws in what is otherwise a superb wristwatch that I'm loving.

To sum up then, if you want a really solid, chunky, badass-looking wristwatch, the Swiss Legend Neptune is an EXCELLENT choice and the price is great if there's a deal going. Highly recommended, a well-deserved five stars!
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on May 2, 2013
After 6 months of normal and careful use, the watch began to stop spontaneously. The cost of sending it in for repair under its warranty was $26 (including shipping, insurance and $10 fee).

Swiss legend e-mailed me that its repair will take 8 weeks.

To recap, the repair costs increase the price I paid by 40%, and rather than replace a clearly defective watch Swiss Legend has chosen to repair it, and make me wait 8 weeks to boot.

Both Timex and Invicta make better watches with better warranties, in my opinion.

I cannot recommend this watch.

Update on June 11: I received the watch back from Swiss Legend, told it had been repaired, but nothing had in fact been repaired, the problem remained. I have asked them for a replacement and am told that it will be decided by "upper management." To their credit: they have sent me a free UPS return shipping label.
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on May 21, 2010
So extraordinary, that it seemed damn near impossible!
That pretty much sums it up, for me... I have been totally caught off guard by the overall comfort of this as well as any of the Swiss Legend, Neptune line-up. I've taken advantage of the current pricing and purchased 3 different models. Each one is very light, yet quite subtantial on the wrist. It's rugged, and to be honest... At times I've totally forgotten it was on my wrist.
Don't know, how else to say it....
I own a few S1 Racer w/Polyurethane Strap, and I absolutely love them. However, if I had to make a choice between the Neptune or the S1... No disrespect Invicta, but I'd have to go with the Neptune!
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on December 18, 2012
One Look And You Will Want This Watch On Your Arm. Having served in the military, I can tell you that every soldier needs and wants a watch that will perform. Soldiers know that a lot of operations depend on you crossing the LD ( Line of Departure ) at a precise time. Attack times are coordinated to happen at a precise time. Having a watch like this will let you perform all your missions on the battlefield or back here at home like a professional. I depend on this watch to perform and that's why I purchased it.
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on October 31, 2012
This watch has gone with me over 150,000 miles in the last 2 years from Asia, to Russia, Greece and Europe. I have owned it maybe 5 years total and wear it hundreds of days per year and months at a time. I have genuine Longines, Mont Blanc, and Breitling watches as well as many replicas and other brands, Accutron, Seiko, etc.. The Neptune is my favorite. Nearly indestructible, massive and demanding attention, rubber is soft and makes it feel like nothing on your hand. Great lume for the price. Sure you can't get your sleeve over it but people wonder why you have this massive instrument on your wrist. ;) This watch just wormed its way into my heart and constantly onto my wrist. Overall I really like Swiss Legend products and certainly better than many experiences with replicas, Invicta, Alpha, even Seiko scratches easier than the Neptune. The crystal on this watch has chipped along the edge but no scratches and they are hardly noticeable. Keep in mind this watch has been through Motorcycle accidents, moving 2 times, wrenching on Harleys, banging around all over the place. Any other watch would show more damage. Though I can say my Mont Blanc Sport Chrono has done its share of battle over the last 10 years. Keep in mind only certain Neptunes (some of the white and black faced varieties)have lume which for me is a huge plus with this watch.
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on December 31, 2012
Great product. It is a very large/bulky watch, stainless steel encased with rubber that has a very heavy solid feel...I love it! While the numbers and dot on the one way bezel are luminous, the hour and minute hands are not, which precludes viewing the time during hours of darkness. Other than that, it is a great watch and I recommend it to anyone looking for a rugged durable, manly timepiece.
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on September 6, 2010
I really like the look of this watch but I couldn't keep it. It's not that the watch face is too large, but rather the watch is just way too tall. It's sticks way, way out off your wrist. There is little chance of getting any sort of sleeve cuff over it. If that's your style, go for it. It wasn't quite right for me. I also didn't immediately get the impression that the watch construction was particularly sound. There's a lot of rubber on the watch which is probably a good thing, but it reduces the substantial feeling of the watch a bit, even though it is quite heavy.
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