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on August 1, 2010
After reading all the reviews, I splurged and bought one of these newer units with the "Always ON" feature for an old 1800 sq/ft house. It worked great removing the horrible stench of a dead squirrel in one of the walls that lingered for weeks even after removing the carcass. Bleach and deodorizers had very little affect especially with the high humidity.

For the first week, it worked great. I decided to use the "Always ON" feature while I stayed at a friend's place for the weekend. When I came back a day later, I noticed it was not outputting any ozone. The plate inside the unit was not lighting up usual purple so I contacted Sylvan, and they advised me to clean off the Ozone Plate. So I opened it up, and noticed a fruit fly on the plate. I wiped it off with some rubbing alcohol and it revived the dead unit, but it was flickering on and off and parts of the plate were not lighting up. After contacting Sylvan, they agreed to send me replacement ozone plate which I told them I would replace myself.

I gave this product 3 stars, because when it works, it does a great job, but I believe the issues I had with this unit is due to lack of features. It needs a filter for the intake port to keep debris and insects from entering the intake port and shorting out the ozone plate. I believe it has a 400cfm fan, which will pull in a lot of air and particles through the unit.

If I can figure out it was in fact the fly that shorted the plate out and not the quality of the parts used inside, I may end up keeping it and customize it to suit me better like adding a filter and installing a different timer.

Also, Sylvan's customer service is First Class!

**UPDATE 8/1/10***

The unit is completely dead besides the fan. I opened up the unit, opened the case for the power supply and I noticed a 22uF 400V capacitor had a nice hole in it. This is the reason why the Ozone Plate is not working and the reason why it was flickering before. The manufacturer of the capacitors are JakeC, which is a known low quality brand from China.

I will try to replace the bad capacitor and see how it goes.

**UPDATE 8/14/10**

After replacing the bad 22uF 400V capacitor and the other one (for safe measure), it was still dead. Since most of the PCB and components were covered in epoxy, the only thing I could test were the two 13005 transistors mounted on the heat sink (metal lower panel). Both transistors were shorted so I replaced them with high quality parts (part# ST13005) and now it's back up and running. I ran it for a 24 hour cycle in our shed, and it's been running fine without issues.

Also, the front grill is starting to oxidize from the ozone after (3) 24-hour cycles, and (10) 1-hour cycles). I assumed it was stainless steel but now it doesn't appear so.

**UPDATE 8/17/10**

It has been running great and has been doing a good job even after running it for 48 hours straight. I contacted Sylvan about the repair I made, and they offered to compensate me for my time, which shows that they do care about their customers, but I gladly declined.

**UPDATE 10/30/10**

My unit is still working well. I haven't had the need to use it as much, since it did a very good job initially by eliminating the odors that wouldn't go away. I use it maybe once a month to freshen the house and it still outputs huge amounts of ozone. For anyone not very familiar with Ozone Generators, especially ones that output this much ozone, they can be hazardous to your health so I would recommend only using it when there are no people/pets in the house (use with caution). When I walk into the house while the Ozone generator is running, I have a very difficult time breathing. Let the room air out for an hour or two and/or open windows after it has shut off.

I also want to add that long term use of this machine is not wise. Our 3 month old leather furniture ($2,500) is beginning to crack in some areas (non-seating areas) from the initial "bombing". I also ran this in my car for an hour and when I went to grab the steering wheel (has a rubbery/plastic cover), it felt very sticky. I realized the ozone was starting to break down the steering wheel cover which shows how damaging this much ozone can be things.

**UPDATE 12/21/12**

I've used this maybe a total of 10 times since my original review and it's still working well. Apparently, the repairs I made are still holding up. I recently quit smoking and used this in my car to get rid of the lingering smoke smell. Ran it for 30 minutes and now I cannot tell I ever smoked in there.

I read a couple of reviews on here and it appears that other people are having the same issues. If the manufacturer used better parts inside the power supply, I'm sure this product would have 5 star reviews across the board because this ozone generator is very effective when it works.
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on January 22, 2010
This is my very first review ever on anything, but the product warranted my input. Asthetically, it is not much to look at. However, it does what it says it does. I live in a row Townhouse condo complex and live next door to smokers. Unfortunately, they smoke in the basement, and the smell travels through the spaces left open by the common pipes that run through each unit, making my laundry room and rec room literally stink as if there were 10 people sitting in the laundry room smoking. After much confrontation, they have ceased smoking, however, the residue of the nicotine stuck on all my possessions in the storage area of my laundry room. I had tried vinegar, bleach, air purifier... anything I could think of to remove/reduce the smell. Our restoration company told us about the industrial ozone generators they use to eradicate smoke smell after a fire. After reviewing many models on-line, I finally broke down and purchased this generator. Got it yesterday and ran it for 1/2 hour (it is two 8x10 rooms) in the evening. It did exactly what it said it would do. The "oxygen" smell is akin to a downpour of rain during a hot summer day... pungent, yet clean. I went down this morning, and the whole laundry room and the rec room smell clean and fresh and no nasty tobacco smell. It was amazing, and a relief to have that nasty smell out of my home. Next, I will try it in my vehicles, and also the bathroom to help control any bacteria. I am very pleased with this item - well worth the money - highly recommend it.
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on September 24, 2009
I suppose if Russian military would set out to design an ionizer it would look like this - an unassuming looking black metal box with a couple of switches and virtually no labeling, very basic looking. Performance, however is truly mind-blowing - a 1000 sq. ft. area with 9 ft ceilings was completely clear of mold in two one hour treatments. Read and follow the enclosed instructions - this is not an ionizer you'd run continuously, it's way too powerful for that. I would recommend this product to anyone, it's not cheap but you get what you pay for.
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on November 23, 2012
This product is absolutely awesome! When I first opened it up I thought, on no, it's not going to work, because it looks like a cheap imitation with copier copied instructions, and what looks to be computer made labels affixed to the box. BUT.... when I used it, it worked incredibly well! I couldn't believe it! I didn't even have to use it as long as it said to use it. I could smell the ozone as soon as I turned it on. The ozone is VERY strong, so please be careful! This is not to be used as an air purifier. This is for actual damage issues (mold, smoke, etc.) Please close off the area being treated, use the timer provided, and leave the house will it's running. I used this after our new home flooded (including the crawl space). The smell was HORRIBLE. I was terrified it would never go away. I did some research on what was the best way to get rid of mold, mildew, and the smells that go along with flood damage, and I found an ozone generator is the best way to go. I cannot say enough great things about this product! It worked perfectly! Thank you SO much for offering this. I honestly don't know what I would have done without it. I have used this several times, as well as lending it out to friends and it is still working like the day I first used. it. Perfect!

PS: Just a reminder: Please be very careful when using this. It is extremely powerful! Do not use it when people, animals, or any other living thing is in the area. Again, close of the area being treated and leave the house if possible while the generator is running. After the generator is turned off, stay out of the treated area for 2 hours until the oxygen level is restored. Even after slightly airing out my house after using this for 1/4 of the time recommended, I could still smell the ozone a day later. This machine works wonderfully, but it is NOT for day to day use. It is strictly for flood, smoke, mold, damage only. Again, please be VERY careful when using this, it can make you sick if you do not follow the instructions provided.
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on July 29, 2011
Don't let the plain wrapper fool you - this is a professional-quality ozone generator. I've been a hotel manager for nearly 20 years and I learned about ozone machines from a head housekeeper I worked with a long time ago. Nothing works better to remove smells, mold and mildew. When someone smokes in a non-smoking room (grr!), washing the linens and wiping down the walls often isn't enough. Set this machine in the room, let it run for an hour, take it out and leave the room closed up overnight so the ozone can soak in, and the room smells great the next morning!

Compared to other machines I've used, this one's probably the most powerful I've come across. I'm glad it's timer is limited to an hour - you wouldn't want much more than that or you'll start oxidizing stuff in the room. Oh, and don't let anyone spend much time in the room with this thing (or any ozone machine) while it's running - they'll have a sore throat in seconds, and a cough in a few minutes. Once it's dissipated into the room's air and bound that extra oxygen molecule to the stinky stuff in the room, the inherently-unstable Ozone (O3) converts to plain ol' oxygen (O2), and becomes perfectly safe.

We haven't experienced any of the problems with this machine that some other buyers have reported, maybe they've worked the bugs out. In any case, I highly recommend this Ozone Generator!
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on October 30, 2009
This unit does exactly what it says it should. After use I think it could be improved by adding more time selections (only variable time to one hour or always on) and variable output....but for the price it seems like a good deal
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on August 28, 2012
I purchased this product about a month ago. I used it twice and it did a wonderful job both times. When I went to use it the third time it would not work. For two days I called the phone number provided with the unit for support. All I got was a FAX machine buzzing at me. I called the company's main sales number from their website a number of times during regular business hours and only got a recording saying they couldn't take calls at that time.

It's clear this company has little interest in supporting their customers. Reading other reviews it appears my unit isn't the first one to fail. There appears to be a quality problem with this product and little or no support. My recommendation would be to avoid this product/company and purchase a different brand. There are several others to pick from.

Fortunately for me, my unit failed within the 30-day return window offered by Amazon. I promptly and gladly returned the unit counting myself lucky it didn't wait another week to die.
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on October 7, 2012
I bought two of the ozone air 3500. After a few months they both stopped working. I took off the cover and found all of the wire connectors on the switch on both units corroded. DO NOT EXPECT SERVICE FROM THIS UNIT LONGER THAN 6 MONTHS
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on August 10, 2010
Purchased the machine a little over a year ago and it worked great initially. After about 50 hours of use, the output decreased considerably. While the fan runs fine, it no longer generates ozone. Sent an email to the company about 3 weeks ago and have not heard back.
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on August 12, 2014
We bought a used car from a heavy smoker and couldn't ride in it without choking on the cigarette smell. This machine helped so much that we couldn't believe it! We are still going to shampoo the carpets but it's such a HUGE difference that we aren't rushing to shampoo until we have the time to do it.
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