Customer Reviews: Sylvania 78952 20-watt A21 Ultra LED
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on November 19, 2012
I've been waiting and watching for a 100 watt equivalent LED for a long time.
I already have several Philips LED 75 watt equivalent bulbs.

Unfortunately the Sylvania A21 buzzes loudly and it dims poorly.

On the plus side, the Sylvania bulb is brighter than the Philips A21.
The buzzing noise is much less noticeable on a non dimming circuit.
Light radiates from the bulb top and bottom which is an important new step in the design of LED bulbs.
Dimming appears to be about 65% of full.
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on January 28, 2013
Finally, a 100 watt equivalent that works!

The bulb gives off a very bright, omni-directional light, exactly like one would expect from an incandescent.

The heat given off is about the same as a 100 watt incandescent.

I have read a review that talked about the bulb "buzzing", but I do not have any issue like that. I am not using the bulb on any kind of dimmer switch, just a regular on/off.

The *only* caveat with this bulb is its size: A21 instead of A19. Just be sure that it will fit where you hope to use it.

Once the pricing on these bulbs drop, I'll start to use them everywhere.
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on September 2, 2013
High price, high lumens, low wattage. It works. Only buy if you're a techno junkie because you won't live long enough for this thing to pay for itself, and they'll be $10 in a couple of years anyway. One quirky thing I like about it- when you switch the lamp on it dims up. Reminds me of these classy lighting systems that are found in upscale homes with can lights. Also comparable to the undimming of lights at the local cineplex.
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on November 11, 2013
If you want a color that is indistinguishable from your incandescent bulbs, this is it. I replaced 14 bulbs with these and then I used 5 of the next step down Sylvania bulb (75w equivalent) on my other fixtures. Overall I got 19 and they have the exact same color temp (2700k) as regular incandescent. It's a big investment but I plan on taking these with me if I ever move.

When you turn them on they start at about 60% brightness and in 1.5 seconds they "Fade in" to full brightness. It's a unique thing and these are the only ones that do that, the smaller versions don't. I actually like it. It's NOT like CFL where it takes minutes to get to full brightness, literally 1.5 seconds.

I had a 9 bulb light fixture in my entry way that we would leave on because it lit up the living room and dining room just enough.. I went from 900 watts to 180 watts. I don't feel so bad leaving it on all the time now.

This is taller than a normal bulb, it's A21 form, not A19. With the light mostly on the top of the bulb you should think about how it would be in your fixture. Incandescent bulbs emit light from the center, these are more from the top, even though they are great omni-directional bulbs. So not only is it taller, the light emits from the top half. IT wasn't that big of a deal for me but if you are spending a lot of money on these bulbs it's good to think through these little things.

I think this is the best LED if you want bright lights. I bought the CREE brand for the walk-in closet and bathrooms (40w equivalent), but these are necessary for the living room, entryway, dining room and kitchen.
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on March 17, 2014
3 reasons why I would spend $50 on a light bulb.
My lamp has a design that needs an omnidirectional light.
This is for the main source of ambient light for my livingroom and it's on as long as I am home.
Fully bright right away, I dont have to wait in the dark for a CFL light to warm up.

One concern I had before purchase is the color temperature (spoiler alert! it's a true 2700k light) since it has to match my other lights. I've used this brand before in my car & I wasnt surprised that it was pretty accurate.

It works pretty much exactly like the incandescent bulb it replaced. Bottom line is I dont have to think about it, and that's what I paid so much for.

Note: It's large and heavy. I'm not sure why but it weighs enough to topple a wobbly ikea floor lamp if you're not careful.
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on January 6, 2014
Well change is here like it or not. I got one of these & a 100w equivalent ccfl to test against the 150w Reveal's I've been using for bright / dimmable lighting for lamps. The 10 buck ccfl was a total waste compared to the A21 @ 4 times the price. The dimmable aspect was pretty much full on or not much at all. The A21 dims over the full range & the color at 2700k is very close to that of the reveal it replaced. Not keen on the price , but what are ya gonna do ? Suck it up & buy the 10 or so I need , I guess.
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on February 9, 2014
I received these bulbs to put into 4 matching lamps and one of the bulbs doesn't have the same appearance as the other three. I suspect it may be the lamp shade causing the difference not the bulb itself. I LOVE LED bulbs and am in the process of replacing my fluorescents with LEDs. At my age they will be the last bulbs I ever have to change out and I am only 59! (Hopefully)
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on March 9, 2014
1) The light is almost identical to a 100 watt bulb except for a slightly annoying shadow cast by the plastic frame between the lighting components. I ordered 4 of these to try on table lamps in two of our bedrooms. You do notice a slight difference in color of the light, but it's only noticeable when compared to a 100 watt incandescent bulb in a matching lamp. I didn't notice a difference except for the aforementioned shadow on the wall. My wife noted that the color on the wall behind the lamp with the Sylvania bulb was a shade of green, whereas the wall is blue. The difference is indeed there, but it's very subtle - like the difference between to adjacent paint samples at a paint store.
2) The promise is that these will last for years and years and pay for themselves with energy savings. I'm hoping that's true, but see con 3 below.

1) These bulbs are very heavy and quite a bit larger than the standard 100 watt incandescent bulbs they replace.
2) One of the four failed within a couple of days. Amazon replaced it immediately and sent a prepaid label with which to return the defective one. Given the price of these, I'm hoping this is the one and only time I'll have to replace one.
3) They are insanely expensive. I could buy several years worth of replacement bulbs for the premium over standard incandescents. I have my fingers crossed that over the years, these will pay for themselves with lower utility bill. Time will tell...
4) They flicker when dimmed. Two of our lamps have high and low dimmer settings. When set to high these work well but at the low (dim) setting, they flicker like a strobe light. We can't use them dimmed.
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on March 24, 2014
I purchased a few Sylvania 20 watt A21 LED bulbs at a home store for my garage, was very happy with them, and wanted another one. I thought this was the same bulb, but it's not. This bulb has a fade in "feature." It is *NOT* instant on as it says in the description! It takes at least a second for it to come up to full brightness. If you matched a room with these and they all ramped up at the same time, I suppose it might be OK. If you actually want it to turn on when you flip on the light switch, this is not the bulb you're looking for. I've uploaded a video showing how it fades in. The other lights in the garage (off camera) are two other Sylvania A21 20 watt bulbs that DO turn on instantly. The description needs to state that it has some type of soft start or soft ramp up feature. At first I thought it was defective, but after reading all of the reviews, I found that a few other people mentioned it, so I have to conclude this undocumented behavior is deliberate.

In my video, I found that it takes about three frames for the other LEDs to reach full brightness. At this point the soft start LED bulb unit hasn't even begun to light yet. At 4 frames in (more than 1/10th of a second) the soft start bulb begins to light, and takes 32 frames to reach full brightness. (more than 1 second, my camera said it was doing 30 frames per second) It may look like it takes longer, but that's just the camera adjusting to the light.
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on December 30, 2014
This doesn't turn instantly on. I think the more recent LED bulbs have eliminated this problem.
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