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on June 6, 2013
After an extremely thorough and detailed assessment of this Sylvania SDVD1332, 13.3" full tilt and swivel DVD player which includes a 1280 x 800 mega-pixel TFT-LCD screen resolution, I am confident it is a 5 star product. I was looking to purchase a portable DVD player for my kids to use on long drives in the car and for another option at home to view DVD movies, or USB and SD Card downloaded pictures, and music. After thorough consideration of multiple brands, options, features and sizes I decided that this Sylvania 13.3" DVD player was the best overall "value in quality" choice. The price is phenomenal for the screen size and features alone. The materials used to manufacture this DVD player was done for a reason: to make it ultra light, portable and easy to carry, move, handle, manipulate and to be light as a feather when holding it in your lap. ***This is not a blu-ray DVD player. ***This unit is not cheaply made. ***It is made with nice fit and finish. The function buttons are large, easy to see and simple push button type that are easy to navigate (use) and understand. For the screen size, options, craftsmanship, functionality, ease of use, portability, durability, additional included items and picture quality you can't go wrong with this purchase. Also, if it arrives in unacceptable condition you can return it or exchange it through Amazon. With Amazon Prime membership, you can get it delivered within 2 days for free.

The Amazon packaged box was sitting on my doorstep and delivered on time and as described (2 days from order to delivery). The shipping box was not damaged in any way. I opened this box and found the flawless manufacturer (factory) box inside with bubble wrap: Inside was a fully bubble wrapped DVD player, 110 volt wall outlet charger, vehicle power socket charger, audio/video out cable, plastic wrapped owners manual, and a remote control with a supplied battery. I inspected the DVD unit thoroughly for any damage and found none. My first reaction was "Wow" very nice color, clarity and screen size. I navigated through the setup procedures and the only function I changed was the "last memory" selection under the "general" options set up page. The factory default was "off" and I switched it to "on", so that a movie will restart at the exact place that the playback was stopped at during viewing. I bypassed all the previews by pressing the menu button and the main movie title page came on. I pressed play and the movie played flawlessly. I even picked the unit up, carried it around, rotated the screen back and forth, swiveled it around 180 degrees and layed it down flat (like a tablet) and reopened it and hung it from the wall using the two precut screw holes located on the back of the unit's base and the movie continued to play without any interruptions in picture quality (the DVD did not jump or skip). The picture quality was very nice, sound from the two small speakers, set to stereo mode (which is the factory default setting) was very good, and by using the RCA connections you are able to connect to an external AV source (TV and soundbar) which will allow you to increase the screen size or enhance the sound or both. The unit comes with the AV out-female RCA connections, but you will have to purchase the triple male-in RCA connections or an RCA-to-HDMI converter box and cable to complete this. The rechargeable internal Lithium-Polymer battery is rated at 2 hours with a full charge at max volume and max brightness, but in "optimal" conditions using the supplied ear buds (at reduced volume) and reduced brightness the charge will last closer to 2.5 hours. Due to the large screen size and when using the internal speakers at an elevated volume level this will create an exaggerated drain and deplete the internal battery more rapidly. To avoid this, the manufacturer includes the two alternative power sources which when plugged in will not use the power charge from the internal battery. ***Also, in order to actually recharge the battery you must turn the unit to OFF. ***The rechargeable battery will not charge when the unit is turned on even if it is plugged in to a secure power source (wall outlet or vehicle power socket). ***When the DVD player is turned OFF and plugged-in the charging indicator light located at the front lower right corner will illuminate red. When fully charged, took anywhere from approximately 3 to 5 hours, the indicator light illuminates green. ***The remote control sensor is located at the front lower right corner next to the charging indicator light.

++ Note: picture quality is excellent, but it is not and will not be as good as a Blu-ray DVD played on a BR disc player viewed on a 1080p HDTV format; however, with a pixel resolution of 1280 x 800 the clarity and quality of the screen is extremely nice, at all angles, for a portable DVD player. The colors are vibrant and the brightness of the screen is also very nice.

I tested the SD Card slot and the USB slot separately using an SD-Card (SDC) that was loaded with pictures and a USB thumb-drive also loaded with pictures. I pressed the mode button and this unit read each one without a problem and displayed the pictures in full screen. The navigation arrows on the DVD player and the remote control allows you to flip pictures that are saved upside down or sideways into an upright position and also flip pictures over to an opposite mirror image. Picture quality was good.
The playback of video on an original type SDC (slower speed and less memory capacity) worked; however, I would rate this feature/picture quality as just ok to good. (See specs below: SDHC and SDXC flash memory cards). I did not have movies and/or video downloaded onto a USB drive so I was not able to check this feature.

**UPDATE: 7/10/2014: This Sylvania 13.3" Swivel DVD player continues to work flawlessly after watching at least 125 to 150 movies. **It is not a Blu-ray DVD player. It has A/V out capability only, no A/V in (does support USB and SDC). ***NOTE: The volume returning to high is not a malfunction with this player. The volume remains at the users preselected level (from 0 to 20) IF THE PLAYER IS NOT TURNED OFF. If DVD's are exchanged and then restarted the volume remains at the preselected level. There is no internal electronic memory to lock the volume at a lowered level when turned off. This is a factory default setting and has not been an issue for me. ***If you use the on-screen ZOOM feature (remote) or the repeat/A-B/title search functions the 2x, 3x, 4x, etc., icons will remain on the screen in white and will not drop-off (disappear) until you return to standard size or no zoom or resume normal playback. ***This is an extremely nice product for the money. It reads and plays all types of media, but most impressively it is great for watching DVD movies.
**UPDATE: 3/24/2016: It still works, still charges up and holds a charge, plays DVD's like it was meant to and functions and operates as intended. It has been dropped several times on hard surfaces and the case pulled apart and the DVD lid hinge-pin and spring broke off, but after popping the case back together and using a piece of electrical tape on the rear part of the DVD lid it closes and opens by hand and then plays DVD's just as good as it did when it was first purchased. Great value for the purchase price!

****These are some of the important specs for this player:
Supports: WMA, MP3, DivX, MP4, MPEG-1,2,3,4, VOB, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD, CD, VCD
Compatible with DVD+/-R/RW, CD-R/RW, JPEG formats
Supports USB 1.1, SD-Card (flash memory card) Note: The newer SDHC or SDXC high speed cards offer greater capacity than the DVD-host device can handle (over 4 GB for SDHC, over 32 GB for SDXC).
A/V out only: Must be a 3.5mm diameter, long plug/pin (17mm) design, 3 ring to RCA red, yellow, white. No A/V in capability.
Ear bud (head-phone)out connection x 1. Can use a multi-splitter to use more ear buds.
Includes Closed Captions: Designed as a descriptive text service for the hearing impaired, and can be added onto DVDs.
Includes Subtitles: Exists as a sub-image or video track that overlays onto the primary video when turned on.
Factory set to Region #1: U.S., Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Bermuda and Caribbean. Is not region free.
Dimensions: closed (LxWxH): 363mm x 248mm x 45mm or 14.29" x 9.76" x 1.77"
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (rechargeable internal battery) will last ~2 hours at max volume and max brightness. Approximately 2.5 hours at reduced volume (ear buds) and reduced brightness level.
There is an available extended battery that Amazon has that will increase play to 60-300 minutes. It must be an Auxiliary Battery for Portable DVD Players, that supports 9 Volts, (AC/DC Adaptor: DC-IN 9V, 0.8A, 110-240v, 50/60Hz) and have a "G5" connector plug-pin (12mm x 3.5mm x 1.35mm) included that will plug into the AC/DC charge port of the DVD player.
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on February 12, 2014
My use is not while traveling, but to use individually by a shut-in. It is quite convenient to set a player beside the recliner and be able to change discs without having to have someone else replace discs in the tv player.
I have owned several (10) portable players that we have shared with others. This 13.3 inch Sylvania is the best individual player we have owned. Our 10" Sony was an excellent machine, but with touch controls or remote it was difficult for unsteady fingers to operate. 7" players are O.K but really are too small for individual use.
This Sylvania 1332 is quite light and convenient to operate. It would probably be unwieldy to use while traveling, but sits on a side table beautifully. Other reviewers are critical of this low priced player. Don't expect Premium sound or picture for less than $400.00, but this player is perfect for us. The sound will not rattle the windows, but is very comfortable for individual listening. It is no problem to increase the sound when starting up a disc. I tried the SD slot for pictures only to find the slot was faulty. No Problem! I just plugged into the USB (Universal Serial Bus) to read a back up of hundreds of pictures. It took a little more time than my laptop to read the index of many folders, but we were soon able to select any picture we wanted to view. Unless one is wanting to edit or print a picture we found this was an excellent way to view memories while sitting on the couch.
I tried several discs and found any disc I put in worked. Even a large MP3 (several numbers) would read and play.
I really like the conhtrols on this player since using large unsteady fingers feel better on the controls. We didn't even open the remote since the machine will be typically within reach while being used. The remote buttons are too close together and unhandy for most seniors.
This is great for viewing DVD's. Again we have hundreds of movies so it is quite convenient to put one in the player and if I fall asleep I can readily replay the disc upon awakening.
This player is my first choice for most shut-ins but probably unwieldy for little children. I don't really need another player right now but I will watch the pricing and probably purchase another for a spare. Typically I can order from Amazon and have my product is a short few days. I find this light player is much more usable than my laptop and with less than perfect sound. I don't know anything about longevity but this machine feels quite sturdy for my use. I recommend this Sylvania 1332 for a good low priced player.
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on June 5, 2013
I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I've watched several movies on mine, now. The video quality is very good, not excellent. It plays music and more. What I like is that the screen on this DVD-player can be bent to almost any direction. You can even rotate the screen so it faces away from the controls, bend it down so it covers them, and put it on the wall by using the hooks on the back of the "keyboard." It comes with a remote, so you can basically use it as a TV. It's pretty light-weight, and it's perfect for traveling. You can change the settings, such as the brightness and contrast. As said, the buttons feel very cheap, and the menu function is typical of TVs from the early 2000's or late 1990's. So far, these are the only drawbacks I've noticed. I'm extremely happy with this purchase as I wanted a DVD-player with a bigger screen. I think that anybody that buys this is gonna be very pleased with it.
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on May 14, 2013
This appears to be a new item at this time, can't find any reviews anywhere, and even manufacturer's information seems incomplete. But I found the owner's manual at curtcoint dot com (spelled out so Amazon doesn't delete it), in case anyone is interested. According to the manual, it appears the unit does have resume play memory (can be disabled); barely 2 hours run time with earphones (included) so probably less using the speakers, battery is an internal Lithium Polymer unit (manual shows location, disassembly required for replacement).

It includes a remote, but it's the small flat type with roundish bumps for buttons like those common on small players, all bunched together. I'm still deciding whether to order one, but the remote would be pretty useless for the person I'd buy it for, they need one with regular buttons in more logical positions as on typical TV remotes. It can play PAL and NTSC standards.

UPDATE 5/16/2013: I took a chance and ordered one. Seems to have a problem with the sound going up to full blast every time it is powered on. I've tried different audio as well as video (just in case) settings and it's still the same, regardless of the kind of disks being played. I tried a few different file formats to see how it does: mp3, mp4, flv, rmvb, mkv, jpg, wma, avi, mov. Only the mp3 and jpg formats are supported out of this list. Sound is on par with small cheap electronics; a little tinier sounding and a narrower frequency response range than the Sony DVPFX980 9-Inch Screen DVD Portable it is replacing. The Sony also has better black level and wider viewing angle, and also no light bleed that I noticed. The Sylvania has slight light bleed across the bottom edge that's noticeable only in black backgrounds. Sony also has a better remote. The only advantage on the Sylvania over the Sony is the much larger screen (big advantage, no pun intended), and it supposedly support the PAL broadcast standard but I haven't been able to test this yet. Oh yes, the Sylvania also supports SD cards beside USB drives, and the power cord is normal length instead of Sony's approx. 40" cord that everyone complaints about. I have not tested battery life, but not expecting much given the large screen. It is very light-feeling; the Sony feels like it weights the same subjectively, and feels and looks especially better made.

I just now found out I cannot access the Preference tab in Settings, where there is an option to reset the unit back to factory settings, among other things. Would like to try a reset to see if it helps with the sound level issue, but it won't go into this tab for me.

Amazon sold a bunch of these by now. I'd appreciate hearing whether the full blast sound on power on problem is common, or maybe just my unit.

UPDATE 5/23/2013: I requested an exchange from Amazon because of the issues above. Unfortunately the replacement was the same: sound goes to max every time it's turned on, Preference tab in the settings is not accessible. I'll try the manufacturer, if they can be contacted, but I find these kind of experiences usually frustrating and a waste of time and so have been putting it off.
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on May 7, 2014
No matter whar dvd we tried to watch, not a single one was able to complete entire movie. Each dvd would stop about 3/4 of the way through the movie. All would just freeze. Now they are saying it is past the return date.
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on March 8, 2015
This DVD player breaks after about 5-6 months of use - I have gone through 3 of them and the only reason I kept buying them is the larger screen - I was hoping that the broken ones were the exception but the same thing happened with all 3 and I take very good care of my equipment. The bottons start to not function correctly - the play button turns the volumn down, the enter button turns mute on, etc. It is extremely frustrating and annoying.
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on January 13, 2014
Quality was terrible....very noisy motor. I would not recommend this DVD player to anyone. The lid mechanism would break off or wear down very fast.
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on June 11, 2014
When I first got this item it worked OK. But soon the buttons started to act weird. Hit "pause" and the volume goes up or down or to mute; hit "volume up" and the machine stops; hit the up-down arrow buttons to maneuver the menu and 9 out of 10 times they don't respond. Yesterday the picture went to "green screen", which it now does intermittently. On the bright side, there's still sound. In summary, this item is poorly made and not worth half the money.
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on April 24, 2014

Wow! This thing sucks. I just started to use this DVD player, and after light use it died an untimely death. I expected it to last at least a few years, but nope, it's gone in a couple of months. Too bad too, because it was working pretty good up until then. Oh, the audio was very low and couldn't be turned up much, but besides that it worked fine, until it stopped working at all. So, you may want to keep this in mind when you're looking to buy a potable DVD player.

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on January 22, 2014
Has never worked correctly, or consistently. Disc noise is very loud. Looks, feels and performs like a toy. Do not buy.
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