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on August 16, 2013
UPDATE 1-17-15 ... So it has been 1 year and 5 months since I purchased and the front left light burned out last night. So I expected about 2 odd plus years really, many reviews say they got less then an year so maybe 1-1/2 is not bad, BUT this is the reason I know I got less is cause I have daytime running lights in my 2011 GMC Sierra ...Si really my lights are on every second I'm driving my truck. I still expect them to last longer so that is the reason my 5 star review is now 4 stars ... I still like the looks of these are they give the tinge of white but not cheesey blue looks and are a good mix of white and stock.
I decided to actually order another pair so this 1-1/2 years did not keep me from spending the money again. I will install the new pair and then keep the one light that is still good in my truck as back-up (since I was an hour from home at 1 in the morning coming home after a night of a few beers ... WORST timing of course, but I was still good to drive).
Anyway just wanted to update my review with Exactly how long it took in my truck for a bulb to burn out and details on how my I have daytime lights as well ... So I think if I ran these lights ONLY at night I would easily get twice the life from them. That alone makes me wanna keep it 5 stars but unfortunately it's gotta go to 4 ... but I still bought em again so no biggie. :)

I have had HID 5K headlights in my Dodge Charger for years now and love them .... I kinda wanted to stay away from HID's since my 2011 Sierra has daytime running lights and the headlights are basically on every second the truck is running.
So going with a regular halogen bulb was the route I wanted to go. I have had the original Silverstar bulbs on my old cars and liked them but thought they we're a little to "blue" .... So when I first saw these I thought the same thing (since the bulb has the blue coating) ... so I decided to go with the Silverstar Ultras bulbs .... Mistake .... the Ultras looked absolutely NO different then a regular 10 dollar halogen bulb ... though it says it's brighter and whiter is really is not (at least on my GMC truck).

So after reading tons of the reviews here it seemed as if this bulb had the blue tint but the look was more white then blue and that what I wanted ... I was looking for the bright white HID'ish look but not the cheesy teenager blue headlights.
After I returned the Ultras back to Amazon I ordered these zXe's at the same time (loved how Amazon let me return the Ultras and apply that money to buy these and they gave me 30 days to return the Ultras ... so I was able to get these new bulbs in the mail before I even had to remove the ultras and return them ... so when these arrived I took out the Ultras, installed the zXe's and but the Ultras in the mail to return the next day ... Awesome service and option from Amazon).

So after the new zXe's we're put in I was VERY happy the results .... gives a perfectly white light on the road and these things we're actually in my truck brighter then the Ultras ... and then when you look at them head on (turned on the lights and walked down the road to see how they looked head on ... didn't want to stupid blue-ish look) they looked nice and white and had the HID'ish kinda look (not HID but the closest I think you can get with a basic halogen bulb).

So overall I was Very pleased with this bulb as it gave the the cool looking white headlight and not the ugly yellow look, was a bit brighter then stock so that's good for safety and just looks real nice and gives my truck the cool modded look to go with my new lift, rims, etc. etc.

If you are in the market for a halogen bulb that gives a nice bright white without the ridiculous looking tint and want something to add a little flash and some extra brightness then this is the bulb for you!

I read that the Silverstars are not that great for life span ... seems they last about a year .... I think most guy install these with their bare hands .... remember you CAN'T touch these bulbs ... if you do the second you get the oils from your fingers on the bulb you killed half their life span ... so the guys who say ... ohh no it's 6 months and a bulb went out and gives a 1 star rating ... YA that guy touched the bulb .... I made sure that during the entire install from removing them from the package to installing them in the truck I used a basic regular pair of latex hospital gloves ... that way no contact was ever made with the bulb and I make sure that I try and touch the bulb against anything at all during install (keep away from touching it on parts of the inside of your engine compartment ... just take that bad boy right out of the package plug it in and install it in the lens!!!

I will be sure to come back to this thread with my future results for these bulbs and let you all know how long they last for me.

Hope this helps with your decision ... I wanted to make this review about what I was looking for in this bulb as I feel that is kinda the info most are looking to hear when contemplating purchasing this kind of halogen bulb! :)
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on January 23, 2012
These are much whiter than the Halogens that came on my Honda Pilot. They shine a little further and wider down the road. Reflective street signs on the side of the road REALLY stand out. All this while not blinding oncoming traffic. I drove my wife's car toward the Pilot and even though I sit much lower in her car, the headlights didn't affect me any more than standard Halogens. They just looked whiter.

If you're looking for something to make your headlights look blue, these aren't what you want- the blue coating on the glass is VERY light. In fact, they're no where near as blue as the product picture shows.

I would give them 5 stars if they weren't so expensive compared to standard Halogen replacement bulbs. IMHO, these are the best I can get just short of paying big $ and converting my truck to HID lights.

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on February 22, 2012
Have only had them for a week. Definitely brighter & whiter than the oem's in my 2012 Ford Focus. I would give 5 stars if they weren't so expensive.

Apparently they do not last long 2 - 3 hundred hours or 9 to 12 months. That is from a Sylvania CS rep. That's the bad news.

The good news is - if a bulb fails within the first year - contact them and fax, mail or email a copy of your invoice and they will send a new pair free of charge. They send a set - not just one replacement bulb. So that is pretty good. The invoice must be from an authorized dealer such as Amazon.

I am going to install a pair in my fog lights as well. I don't use them often - so those should last longer and I'll always have a non essential spare that I can swap out if I loose a headlamp while on the road.
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on June 12, 2013
I wish i knew about this along time ago . I bought HID kit's only to have them go dead in 6 months not with these bad boys. if I get 1 year off them I would be super happy just as good as HID's but they are not 2 bright and clean but way brighter than OEM's. Well worth it
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on March 2, 2013
The light output of these bulbs is just as yellow as the H11s I replaced in my fog lamps. I have HID headlights and wanted a fog light bulb that more closely matches that color temperature. Save your money - these aren't worth the price.
review image
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on August 16, 2015
Would rate zero stars if I could. These are the same exact color as halogen bulbs and look nothing like HIDs. Don't be mislead by the blue tint on the bulb, it does nothing. You can get an HID conversion kit for cheaper than this. I have HIDs for my headlights and thought this would be a simple match to put in my fog lights but I was thoroughly unimpressed. I should've just kept my stock fog light bulbs in. In the picture I uploaded for my fog lights you can see the difference between a real HID (left) and these crappy things (right)
review image review image
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on May 22, 2012
These bulbs do provide a much whiter light than halogen bulbs and do make a measurable difference in lighting, but I am very disappointed that one of them burned out at 5 months. I'm not paying another $60 for another pair.
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on February 26, 2016
The color temp on these is very nice bright white, happy with the purchase as I can't stand yellowish tint on standard halogen bulbs.On a white background they do give a purple/blue hue to them, but only in the middle, and this does not show up on the road when driving.
review image
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on February 16, 2014
Got this for my mother's 2008 Subaru, she was complaining about poor OEM bulbs visibility at night. These are 25% brighter than the factory bulbs and project a longer beam too. The color of the light is a just little whiter than OEM. We hope to get at least one year out of them, I will update this review when either bulb fails.
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on November 3, 2014
The single best thing I ever added in to my car. These are the BRIGHTEST lights I've ever used. I can completely see the sides and in front of me very far down the road at night. I've never been happier. I've had these for over a year now and they are still going strong! These should come standard on any and ALL vehicles. Surprised they haven't made it a new safety protocol to have lights as bright as these! I guarantee you there'd be a LOT less car wrecks from animals etc, because these have saved me a number of times from being able to completely see the sides and very far down the road! Also, the white light makes seeing a lot easier then with the yellow look from standard bulbs.

If you're even LOOKING at these--BUY THEM!!! I guarantee you won't regret it!

P.S. I'm shocked at all the negative reviews recently, I'm guessing the quality isn't the same as it used to be... Also, it said it wouldn't fit my car but I took the chance and they did work because I research my vehicle first.
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