Customer Reviews: Bared to You / Reflected in You / Entwined with You (Crossfire)
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on June 4, 2013
I expected an ending but was left hanging. Trilogy means three, but not here I guess.
Bared to You, Reflected in You, Entwined with You...Well, Sylvia Day, here's what I am: Finished with You.
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on June 4, 2013
For shame Sylvia Day. As if paying $30 for one character's story isn't bad enough-- it isn't even finished! Never mind it was originally billed as a trilogy. Never mind that you have pushed the release date back... Unprofessional.

I love Eva. I think she deserves a great story that, in the end, is tied up in the perfect bow. This book had absolutely no plot to it. It could have been a novella if the editors took out every time Gideon and Eva said ' I love you ' to one another. The drawn out emotional conversations that led nowhere were trying and tiring. In addition, there is no further character development than the last book.. Eva is still hopelessly dependent on this relationship; Gideon is still trying to prove himself to her; Eva's mom is still controlling; Cary is still trying to have his cake and eat it too; Brett is still thinking he has a shot with her; Corinne is still on my nerves etc.

I'm a little glad this book is getting bad reviews, because I'm so disappointed that I can't in good conscience purchase another of Sylvia Day's books. As a consumer I feel used and taken advantage of-- and I hate that I looked forward to this book so much...
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on June 4, 2013
I was so looking forward to this book coming out, I pre-ordered. Boy was I disappointed. I keep looking at how far into the book I was and thinking there are a lot of loose ends to wrap up before it ends .... and why is she introducing all this stuff now? I was very disappointed in the fluff and thin story line. When I found out she is stretching this out to not 4 BUT 5 books, I decided I'm DONE. I, like so many other readers, thought Trilogy meant three. I don't like being sold a false bill of goods.
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on June 4, 2013
After waiting MONTHS for book 3 of 3 to be published, I feel betrayed as most others have posted. The only way I can see to let the author and publishing company know how displeased you are as a consumer is to return the book, get a refund and not purchase additional books. We are the consumers. Our hard earned money drives this business. If you are unhappy return the book and get your refund.

To get your refund go to your account. Click on "manage your kindle." Select the book you want to return by clicking to the + to the left of the book title. When the cover pops up, there will be an option to return in blue writing below and to the right.

I am not okay with waiting months for a trilogy, then to have been baited and switched end the end. Shame on you Ms. Day. Shame on you Penguin Publishing. You have just lost one loyal customer.
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I got this book the day it was released on my Kindle app. I found it very slow moving and there was way too much filler of Eva talking about how good looking Gideon was. I was about 2/3 through the book when I realized everything wasn't going to be tied up in a pretty bow at the end. I came on Amazon to see all the bad reviews and my fears were true... this isn't the last book. This was supposed to be a trilogy, but somewhere along the line it got changed. Probably because it was making the author good money... so why not stretch it out.

The ending is so ridiculous. It just ends. I feel like the book was meant to be it then they realized they could stretch it out. So they took out the part of the book where it ties up any loose ends. Then they added about 100 pages of filler of Eva talking about how hot Gideon was, another 50 pages of her talking about how much she loves him and he killed for her And a ridiculous story line about Megumi (honestly, who cares?? she's in the first 2 books so little).... oh and a bunch of filler with the reporter (although this isn't as bad as all the other filler).

I feel like the first half of the book had no plot. There was no much going on, except of course, sex with Eva and Gideon. Nothing really starts happening until after the half way point and nothing good starts happening until the last 1/4 of the book. I finished the first two books super fast and couldn't put them down. This book took almost 4 days (which is a record since I read the first one in a day). I had to force myself to get through it so I could move on... plus, I paid $9.99 for it!! What a waste!

Now the plot... or lack there of. I thought it was supposed to be Gideon's story and how him and Eva move on after what he did in book #2. Half way through, I found myself wondering when they would address everything. It was just a lot of sex and alone time with Gideon and Eva with no explanation of things. Eva has lunch a few times with someone she works with whose wife gave up carbs (see, I can't even remember his name!). Brett comes back into town to debut his video for 'Golden' (which is the song above Eva) and she meets up with him and even invites him up to her apartment! Ugh!!

Disappointment doesn't even begin to cover how I feel about this book. Will I pay another $9.99 for the next book? No way! There isn't enough story to write another book, let alone 2 more. And there's no way I'm paying money to read more 'filler' about how good looking Gideon is. If you haven't bought this book, do yourself a favor and DON'T!
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on June 4, 2013
My friends and I have been waiting 6 long months for the final book in this TRILOGYYYY, only to find out that there's going to be a part 4 & 5!!!! SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! So disappointing that Sylvia Day has now officially ruined one of the best love stories, only to get more money out of this. I hope everyone returns this book, so her strategy backfires. She could of ended Gideon and Eva's love story, and then done spin offs for the other characters. I would have been more interested to read about the other characters separately. I have never written a review before but made sure to take the time to do it for this book. SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT. Hope Sylvia Day realizes how badly she messed up with this book. Everyone needs to return this book for their money back, biggest waste of $10.
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on June 4, 2013
I can't even fathom how Day thinks she earned her money on this poorly developed story line, it was all over the place...

I'm thoroughly done buying into this new trend of "string along books" (Series) let's be frank & call it what it is, it's price gouging.

that statement of Day's on the final page was more of an insult than cutesy or glib, another finish without an Epilogue.

"yes, dear reader, you're right. this can't possibly be the end.
Gideon and Eva's journey isn't quite finished yet. I look forward to seeing where they'll take us next."

here's a suggestion... how about they take us to the Return/Refund line... at $9.99 I'm so furious, it killed me to even rate it one star... I'm so not keeping this book, I want a refund!
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on June 4, 2013
Spoiler alert....this is not the end. She leaves us hanging..
This was supposed to be the last of a trilogy....but of course it's not.
What is it with these authors? Clearly it's becoming about the money and at $9.99 it must be good money.
Yes the story is hot and sexy...but we get way more questions than answers.
Very frustrating....not sure I'm going to be buying anymore ;(
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on June 4, 2013
Awful... just awful. I am soo utterly disappointed. I waited and waited for this book... I even knew she was making more than 3 .. but this story is inexcusable..... way to.go.Sylvia... you made me HATE EVA... we r supposed to root for the couple.. not wish the male character would run.away screaming! I.mean brett? REALLY??? Just nonsense create angst THAT ISNT THERE! And Cary is a.HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING... NO REDEEMING qualities that would what the heck he does or what him. The book.should have focused on Gideon and Eva working thru the fact THAT HE KILLED FOR HER... yet I am.supposed to believe she feels sexual for brett!? Oh but u looooove Gideon... NEVERMIND THE FACT I REPEAT.. HE KILLED FOR U!!!! Wtf!!!! I am.sooo pissed... this could have been.a great ending to.a.beautiful love story... instead we get this GARBAGE! I repeat GARBAGE.
. ALL FOR THE PUBLISHER AND MS. DAY to be.more greedy than necessary... NO THANKS... MS DAY CONGRATULATIONS on SELLING OUT TO THE MAN... have respect in your work... this is not acceptable... especially withal the people that loved this series... and couldn't wait for this book... ugh... save your money people... read KRISTEN ASHLEYS NEW BOOK FIRE INSIDE... Ms day could.learn a few things.about how to NOT SELL OUT when signed to.a.publisher.. and how to write a beautiful flawed.romance...ugh SOOO UPSET
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on June 4, 2013
I waited months and months to read this. I feel so disappointed and let down. When did a trilogy become more than three books? Hope Ms.Day reads all these reviews and understands that many of her fans now see her as a sell out.
Who cares about Corrine? No one, that is who. Did you truly believe that was an ending? Really? It was such a great book until the Corrine drama started becoming annoying...I don't even know how to explain it. Never did I think I would be this mad about a book ending. A fictional book ending at that, but here I am. I am so flustered.
I have so many of your other books and never did I think. I would be not able to keep buying them, but after this... I don't think I even care to buy the next book in this SERIES not
Trilogy. CAN YOU SAY FED-UP. Because I can and am. As should every other person who was duped into this SERIES.
In my opinion, you just lowered yourself to an author that values money more than her fans respect. Enough said.
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