Customer Reviews: Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter - Yellow
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on March 23, 2011
I'm a 47-year-old kid who has always loved aviation and RC models. Cars, planes, everything. I currently have two other small scale rc helicopters that I have enjoyed, but they are NOTHING like the Syma S107. Not even close. The thing is, they cost A LOT more.

I see a lot of comments here about how easy this model is to break. The two channel models I have are much more likely to break because you have very little control. With the Syma S107, you have ABSOLUTE control. Have you ever seen a dragonfly in flight - stopping and turning on a dime? That's what this helicopter reminds me of.

Right out of the box it is impressive. The quality of construction is beautiful to look at. If you've ever seen one of the huge rc helicopters that the pros fly, this looks like a scaled down version, with a metal frame and boom tubes just like the big ones. Two separate motors operate the main rotors independently. When you initiate a turn, one rotor spins faster than the other to generate torque, which turns the aircraft. It's the same principle that is used to turn real twin main rotor helicopters like the CH-46 Sea Knight and the CH-47 Chinook.

The really cool part is the tail rotor. It's mounted at 90 degrees to what you're used to seeing on a helicopter. It blows air up and down, not left and right. The tail rotor is what generates forward and backward movement by raising or lowering the tail, and it is very precise and responsive.

A couple of tips if you're new to this type of toy:

1. After charging, put the helicopter on a good, clear section of floor and turn on the helicopter and remote.
2. Don't touch the right control yoke yet - you don't need it.
3. Hold the throttle yoke in your left hand and the small trim adjuster knob in the right.
4. GRADUALLY move the left yoke forward to increase throttle until the helicopter barely leaves the ground. Watch for left or right rotation and turn the trim knob to make the helicopter hover without rotating. Once it hovers without turning by using only the throttle, you're ready to fly.
5. Get used to the throttle by GRADUALLY increasing and decreasing. The biggest problem is using too much throttle and hitting the ceiling, then the helicopter falls all the way to the floor. That's how they break. If you're careful, you'll be OK.
6. ENJOY. This is the coolest toy I've had in years, and my kids like it so much, I bought another for each of them today.
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on July 19, 2011
I purchased the syma 107g for the specific purpose to do a product review. I fly and review R/C edf jets, fixed pitch, and collective pitch helis. I purchase everything myself and do the reviews specifically for the informative purposes of others. Having flown only the blade micro helis, I was skeptical as to how these would perform. Regardless of the other great reviews I was prepared to be underwhelmed by the heli as Co-axial helis aren't really my idea of fun. This toy was enjoyable for the first couple of flights; however as someone who has flown far more exciting helicopters I quickly became bored with the s107g. This is in no way a bad mark for the product. It does exactly what it advertises and the price is absolutely remarkable. I was overwhelmed with how well it performed and how easy it was to control. Plain and simple its a great product for a great price.

Pros: Very stable, Co-axial design helps greatly in this.
Gyro makes flying extremely simple and easy
Design of heli is very sound, and durability is terrific. (I purposefully crashed it into a few objects to see how it would respond, also flew it directly into the ceiling on purpose and absolutely no dmg, cosmetic or otherwise.)

Cons: Control is infrared. This can be problematic when around LCD tvs, Compact flourescent light bulbs, etc.
Absolutely no wind, Turn off all fans and stay away from vents. Also small spaces will result in the air generated by the heli being pushed back onto it causing difficulty of control. (I turned multiple fans on and was still able to fly it fine; however I wouldn't recommend this. Also flying outside is possible, but not advisable. Wind being the main issue; however the sun will also affect the infrared remote.
The throttle stick on the remote is spring loaded; however it was easily fixed. (if you want the step by steps just leave a comment here.)This can be a good thing and a bad thing. (Bad in that it teaches bad habits to someone looking to move up past these helis, good in that someone who is new won't tear blades apart by forgetting to kill throttle on a tip over or crash.)

A few friendly tips: Be careful when purchasing these helicopters. There are multiple knockoff versions out there so pay careful attention when ordering. Be sure to get the real deal.
After flying the heli let it sit for roughly 30 mins before starting the charging process. This will greatly increase battery life.
The included USB charger will not shutoff automatically so time the charge and pay attention. Overcharging is not good on battery life. When the USB head turns a nice bright red you can unplug your heli. I would recommend using the USB charger as it seems to be a little quicker and it will save you battery life.
When installing the batteries in the controller I noticed they didn't all touch properly and my controller wouldn't come on. Check the batteries and be sure they are all making proper contact; as the spring hinges in between them seem to inhibit the contact just a bit in some places.

Overall this micro heli is probably one of the easiest and most forgiving helis you can purchase. At less then $20 you will be hard pressed to find a better heli for the money and frankly im not sure you will. I applaud syma for bringing this micro heli to people at an affordable price and hope other companies take notice. If you do plan on moving up to the more expensive and advanced helis take note that they will not be as forgiving as this one. Don't run out and buy a blade 450 or blade mCPX and expect to fly it or even hover for that matter. Take things in moderation and move up slowly and I promise it will save you heartache and money.

Any questions just leave em in the comment section
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on December 6, 2010
This toy is great, even for the big kids to play around with. It's a very durable and easy to use helicopter and requires no previous skills to fly. Best of all, you can charge it using your computer's USB port or the remote controller it comes with. One thing to note is that this toy is IR controlled, not radio controlled. That means that it's more line-of-sight than being able to control it from another room for example. That being said, it will not get interfered with by cordless phones or other radio emitting devices.

You can fly this little guy in a small apartment or a small room and you will have fun doing so. It's great for offices since it's not too loud and again easy to maneuver.

Hope you enjoy it!
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on January 17, 2014
Did you grow up dreaming of RC helicopters? I know that I did. But when I was a kid they were nothing more than a fantasy in a Popular Mechanics magazine.

Sometime in the 1990s RC copters became available, but they were thousands of dollars and out of reach of most people.

Then about 5 years ago they started to make affordable ones, costing around $100. These copters always seemed to last about 5 minutes, and then crashed and snapped a wing. Nobody likes that very much. They were also harder to control.

Now lets visit the present, where you can get a $20 Syma 107 that is absolutely awesome in every single way.

Here are some great attributes from my personal experience:

1. I have crashed the darn thing over 50 times and it has not broken yet. Still flies right and true.
2. It was extremely easy to master the controls after dedicating about 3-5 flights (battery lasts 15 minutes)
3. Easy to control with just 2 joysticks. There is an up and down, and a fly around (there is also a trim tab but I never use it)
4. The battery lasts a solid 15 minutes. This is enough time to keep a grown adult's interest. I fly mine at coffee breaks to curb the monotony of my desk job.
5. It only takes 45 minutes to charge, and the charger has a light indicator to tell you when it is done.

1. You really cannot complain about this copter. It is an incredible $20 toy. The battery time of 15 minutes initially sounds disappointing, but after you have had it a couple days it is just enough of a "play break".
2. You cannot fly this outside (but so what?). The wind does not favor well with this little guy. You can upgrade to a larger Syma copter for around $50-$100 and get an outdoor one.

Getting started:

After you are all charged up, find a bedroom or other space indoors where there is still and quiet airspace. This sounds funny, because it is indoors. But I found that there were mini thermal currents in some parts of my house, mainly by my staircase. They actually made the copter a little difficult to control, which amused me. You'll be able to handle these minor air currents once you master the controls.

I choose a larger bedroom. The bed provides the perfect place to take off and land (you can also place a large book on the bed as a landing pad). The real advantage of a bedroom is the fact that the air is very still. Make sure your heating or cooling vents are closed and not blasting air currents.

I would recommend just making the thing hover at first. Just focus on one of the controls (the left joystick that goes up and down). Don't worry about the direction or steering at first. Just get a feel for up and down, and make it hover. When you have a good feel for that, and can make the thing hover almost completely in place (there will always be some up and down play), then move onto making it steer in different directions.


I didn't even have to buy a the blade replacement. This little copter is just that durable. For $20 I am frankly amazed. This is one of the most fun toys I have ever owned, and worth every penny. The battery has lasted over 100 charges with no issues.
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on November 16, 2011
Beware at this time when buying the yellow version of this helicopter. I purchased two of them to go with the two red ones I already ordered a week ago. I noticed right away I couldn't charge the yellow one with the same wall charger I purchased when I got the red ones. I then noticed that the insides were different. Different colored wire, motors, lights on the board in different places. I thought that was rather strange since they just come in different color plastic. Come to find out that they are fake, which is why I can't charge them. Amazon customer service was great and is taking them back and going to look into why their vendors is selling fakes. I assume the red ones were fine because they were "shipped and sold" by Amazon. The yellow ones are coming from different vendors and just fulfilled by Amazon.

To see if the one you have is fake go to google and type in "s107 fake" and the first link should be regarding how to tell them apart, with lots of pictures. I can't believe even the boxes they came in are different. My wife and I were sitting here tonight looking at the units, and boxes, and couldn't believe how close they are. Even the extra wall charger on the Amazon site says it doesn't work with the fake models. Hopefully Amazon will have this corrected and not just keep selling the units.
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on April 12, 2011
In addition to the video:

i forgot to explain, one of the reasons the helicopter is so easy to use is because of the extra stability offered in conjunction by the 2 main rotors, a weighted balance bar, and a gyroscope.

When you first receive it, charge it with the yellow USB cable, the red glow will disappear when plugged into the copter, and will glow red again, indicating the helicopter is done charging.

All the weight saving mods affected the balance of the copter, which you will have to fine tune, so i do not recommend doing unless you have some time on your hands.

The helicopter frame is made of metal so its pretty heavy duty, but light enough because all the expendable and moving pieces are plastic, which makes them incidentally easy and cheap to replace.

Overall, a great way to have fun with kids or to amuse your friends

PS, make sure you point the remote at the helicopter, or at least in the general direction because it uses IR signals which are directional, unlike radio signals.
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on December 13, 2010
I bought this remote controlled helicopter a few days ago for my son who is 6. It is a really cool toy. It is amazing to see it fly and maneuver around the house. It charges for about 40 minutes and flies for about 8 minutes on a charge. It requires skill to fly and is actually challenging, which makes it fun and interesting. My son is too young to really play with it properly so we play with it together. It is pretty sturdy, however, you will end up damaging it over time. There is only so many times that you can crash it before it gets damaged. A small piece of decorative plastic cracked from the tail section which I taped back together. I wouldn't count this against the product because I crashed it repeatedly without significantly damaging it. I will probably have to buy some spare parts in the future.
Bottom line - Great, fun, challenging little toy helicopter. Probably the coolest remote controlled toy I have ever bought.
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on February 6, 2011
First and foremost, let me dispel some of the negative reviews on this "toy".
1. This is not a toy for 6 year olds. I believe the recommended age was either 8+ or 14+.
2. This is an IR (infrared) controlled helicopter, not radio controlled. It works just like your TV remote. Bright lights affect performance and interfere with the signal. That's just the nature of the technology. So if your heli is flying funky, try dimming the lights in the room. Maybe try turning the LED lights off on the Christmas tree. I've seen that affect calibration on the Wii, I'm sure it would affect a helicopter, too.
3. Someone complained about their USB charger overheating and melting, which had me worried. I've checked my charger every time, and not once has it been even slightly warm to the touch. Also, the picture of his charger does not look like my charger - so I am inclined to believe he was using a charger not designed for this heli.
4. This is a recreational helicopter designed to handle a few minor bumps and bruises. It was not made by Nerf. If you let your 6 year old play with it, it's going to get broken.
5. This is an indoor helicopter. Don't take it outside. The slightest cough of a breeze will send you chasing after it. Also, the sunlight will drown out any signal coming from the controller.

Now that's out of the way, all else I have to say is wow. This is a great helicopter. It's priced right and easy to fly, especially with the on-board gyroscope. I have become obsessed with helicopters now that I have this one. Prior to this I had an Air Hogs Havoc Heli (2 channel). The difference is night and day. I have so much precise control with this heli that I'm able to land it anywhere I want, while the havoc heli landed where-ever/when-ever/how-ever it wanted to. Also, let it be said that this heli is very open to modifications. The simplest Google search will help you find how-to's on making the battery last longer or making the heli fly forward faster.

This is a great buy for any [responsible] kid over 10, or any kid at heart, or anyone who loves to tinker.
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on November 21, 2011
I bought two of these intending to give them to my kids for Christmas. They arrived today and I decided to try them out so I didn't get any surprises Christmas morning and so I could have them charged and ready to go when the kids opened them instead of waiting for them to charge. Lucky thing I did.

I read the instructions (which weren't exactly in English) and hooked the first one up to my computer for charging. With the charge seemingly complete and batteries placed in the controller it was time for the first test flight. The blades began to whirr and I waited in great anticipation for lift off. I didn't have to wait long. With lights flashing, as quickly as the blades started turning, they stopped...and out went the lights!

Thinking that perhaps I did something wrong or took them off the charge prematurely, I put it back to charging. The second attempt at flight was much like the first but this time it stopped even sooner. By about the sixth attempt at charging this little devil not even the lights worked. I read and reread the instructions. I searched the web for possible solutions. Exhausting those resources, I figured I just had the bad misfortune of getting a dud.

Surely the second one would be different. It was...but not in a good way. I hooked up the helicopter to my computer, following the instructions to a tee. I plugged the cord into the computer. The little light glowed red. I put the other end into the the little monster. That red light went out just as the instructions said it would. After an hour and a half of charging and not having the light to indicate a full charge ever go on, I decided that I would give it a whirl.

Much like the first one, the blades began to spin making a pleasant sound. Again they suddenly stopped without the machine ever gaining enough speed to budge. I never expected what happened next. I turned off the switch and hooked it back up for additional charging. As soon as I plugged the wire into the helicopter the blades started turning. I must have left the thing on. Wrong! I flipped the switch to the "on" position and the blades stopped. Switching it back to the "off" position resulted in my having a neat little computer fan that didn't make much of a breeze.

The only thing worse for a kid (of any age) on Christmas morning is to have to wait for a toy to charge before they can play with it is to wait for it to charge and not work. Thankfully I tested this piece of satan doodie before wrapping it and putting it under the tree. Not only did I avoid the disappointed looks of two kids, I also avoided the ill feelings towards the evil sons of hades who made/sold me this "flying" (feel the sarcasm?) lump of donkey excrement.

They sure sound like fun but buy at your own risk. I won't make that mistake again.
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on December 26, 2010
The first RC helicopter i bought was an RC Apache and I was really dissapointed, it was unstable and I really never flew it.
Not this one, it flew right out of the box... It's stable, and looks great.
I bought one for my brother in law, and he loves it.
My wife says I spend more time with it than with her... It is probably true... Wait until she finds out that i just placed an order for two more... hahaha
I crashed it several times while learning and it is really durable. I did crack on stabilizer but nothing a little amount of Crazy Glue did not fix.
One more thing, I read in several blogs that you should not overcharge it and not fly it until the battery is completely empty... It will make it last longer. That's why I am buying more of them... To have more fly-time!
I am sure you will like it too.
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