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on December 13, 2014
Excellent first novel by this mysterious author. My only real complaint were that the characters were hard to keep straight. A brief genealogy (with no spoilers) at the beginning would have been very helpful.
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on June 25, 2009
Synarchy: Book 1- The Awakening is certainly a book that is hard to describe. The plot is so intricate and the characters so plentiful that to describe it would take a lot of time, and probably give away more of the storyline than I want to disclose. So, to keep it short, Marcello Terenzio is on his deathbed and summons his triplet grandchildren--Vasco, Lucien, and Simone-- to finish what they started in their past lives: the Ascension. The Ascension is opposed by a group of creatures known as the Anunnaki who use humans as servants, some of those being members of the Terenzio family. One by one, members of the Terenzio family awaken to their former lives and connect on opposed sides to either stop or aid humans in their Ascension.

It won't be easy, though, because the Anunnaki is backed by a group of 12 loyal and powerful families known as The Brotherhood. The Anunnaki and The Brotherhood want to stop the Ascension because they want to stay in power on Earth. Ascensions have failed before, resulting in the destruction of planets. God and human alike hope that this one will be the last and finally successful attempt.

Light read this book is not. The plot is intense and involved, and there are a lot of names and relationships to juggle. Many, many times while reading this book did I have to flip back to the previous pages to recall a person or a connection (hint for those who haven`t read yet- there`s a family tree online at the Synarchy novel website). The concept of Synarchy: Book 1- The Awakening is entirely unique. I've certainly never read anything like this before. In a world where every idea has been done and redone, it's refreshing to read something that hasn't been done quite like this before. The intricacy of the plot only enhances its uniqueness. I am surprised that a book this good, this well written and original, hasn't gotten the attention that it deserves.

There's a considerable amount of science and metaphysics in the book, so you have to pay attention in order to fully grasp what the characters are trying to achieve. The idea is that humans can affect things with thought and emotion, and that ultimately all humans are connected in a way deeper than we can understand. At least, not until we Ascend. But it would be wrong to classify this book as science fiction because it's fantasy and mystery and thriller, as well. But in this way, within its complexity and perhaps because of it, the book is very thought provoking and it sort of makes you wonder if you have been looking at reality the right way all along.
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on June 19, 2009
There aren't many times that I read a book and actually have to put it down to give my brain a rest. Most books are highly entertaining and give my brain a workout without taxing it too much. SYNARCHY: BOOK 1: THE AWAKENING took my brain through a full, multi day marathon. The story was complex and the world unique. For me, the best way to describe SYNARCHY is by simply saying that author DCS created a story where the reader didn't continue as a reader. She really brought us down into the pages of her book and it felt like we were journeying right along with the characters as they struggle to make sense of a world turned upside down.

SYNARCHY is the first book in what looks to be an amazing story. We follow the lives of multiple characters, most of them Terenzio's. With a story that I can only describe as a cross between The Godfather and Stargate, it should come as no surprise that the Terenzio's are a major family on Earth in 2012, holding their territory with a heavy hand and making quick work of competitors. As in most families, however, not every member is happy. Conflicts arise and tear the Terenzio family apart, pitting relatives against relatives in a deathly battle to do what each side feels is right.

At the beginning of the story we find Marcello Terenzio on his death bed. His son and triplet grandchildren accompany him as he draws on dwindling reserves of energy to continue the plot that was started by relatives before him. He sends the triplets away to uncover the mystery of The Awakening and the truth behind Earth and her people. Trying to stop Marcello and hide the mysteries of Ascension are The Brotherhood. As the triplets work to uncover truth, The Brotherhood and traitorous Terenzio's fight back, eager to hide a potentially dangerous truth.

If you couldn't tell from my attempt to outline the story here for you without giving away spoilers, this is quite a complex story! DCS mentions that she used note cards to signify the important events in the story and had to lay them out to ensure that the time line fit. I can completely see why! Although it is important to pay attention to the date listed at the beginning of each chapter, I did not find the complexity of the book to have a negative effect on the story. Instead, it added multiple layers of depth and ensured that the reader was drawn fully into the story. Another suggestion for readers that might have difficulty with a complex story - pay attention to the location that DCS puts us in as well. SYNARCHY takes place all over the globe so it's important to remember where events are happening.

I have to say, I really enjoyed SYNARCHY. Going into a new book with a new author is at times nerve-wracking because I always try to finish a book one way or the other, great book or not so great book. Within the first three paragraphs of SYNARCHY, however, I was able to tell that this was going to be a book that I definitely finished. Surprisingly for the story being so detailed it was a quick read. There's just something about the way that DCS writes that allows the eyes to flow over the page, lifting the story into the air. The descriptions and especially display of emotions were so vivid that one could really see the story.

If you're looking for a book full of action and intrigue you're going to love SYNARCHY. It really does have something for everyone. A bit of romance for the softer types and heart pounding, adrenaline rushing suspense and action that just about pulled me out of my seat at times. Then there is the emotion that DCS throws into the book. It's very difficult to separate your own emotions from those of the characters in the story; that's the kind of realism that DCS creates.

I believe that fans of Mafia stories or fans of Mysticism will thoroughly enjoy this book. It has the perfect amount of realism with just a kiss of otherworldliness. I found it highly compelling and absolutely can not wait for the second book to come out! DCS has created a fantastic world in SYNARCHY: BOOK 1: THE AWAKENING and I'm excited to see where it will go.
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VINE VOICEon September 9, 2013
Do you like fantasy? Do you like mafia or related books? How about conspiracy theories? Or books about myths, legends, or gods? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you will want to read this book.

The book opens with a man dying and telling his three, triplets, grandchildren that he is sending them to the vault. Meanwhile, a dome under the Antarctica collapses, taking with it many people who are thousands of years old, but one escapes. He is brought to the surface by two scientists who found him while in their submarine. He has a message to deliver before his soul ascends to it's next life.

With each chapter, you learn a bit more about each character and how they all inter-connect. You learn about different dimensions, and how one act years ago is still rippling. Domino effect anyone? The basis is love, but how each person perceives that and uses it for his or her own gain, or self-sacrifice will have to be revealed in Book 2: The Ascension.
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on April 17, 2012
My review.
I was extremely excited and filled with excitement and trepidation when I was approached to read and review The Synarchy Series. Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening. Excitement, because every book is an adventure. Trepidation because although I love to watch Sci - Fi I have found that reading the genre is, for me, not a pleasant experience. I have read few and liked even less. So I started on Synarchy, The Awakening with torn emotions. At first you meet aliens. I like aliens, especially the kind you find on earth. They are for the most part a really cool twist. But very few authors can pull off writing about aliens, they either ends up being too alien (do not pardon the pun) or they turn out to be way too human, taking away the cool weirdness that should be ET. Then you meet the Costa Nostra. I kid you not. Families with bloodlines older than memory who will as soon cap you as hug you. So here a twist entered the story from almost the get go. These mafia guys, being mafia and killing people, are cool. They are also the people that hold the key to the universe's in their hands. But that is not the cool part (although it is pretty awesome). The really cool part is the fact that like with any and all families you always have the black sheep. Here the black sheep are not the ones who cap too many people but who end up on the wrong side of a fight from well . . . I do not want to give away the plot. So the reader gets drawn into a family drama where you will end up rooting for the "Soprano's". I could not believe this authors mastery of the written word in getting me to voice, many times quite vocally for one member of the family to slap that rotten, two timing . . .sun of a . . . or simply to do humanity a favor and get rid of the sorry excuse of a . . . . . Ironically as it turns out. My pleads to rid humanity of their sorry souls turned out to be a very, very valid one.
So you have aliens. Cool aliens, might I remind you. You have the mob and you have events that have been set in motion in time in memoriam. So what do you need to take this story further? Eastern Mysticism of course, The Mayan prophecy and technology that blows your mind.
So by now I guess you think that you have heard it all. Ah, but I am not done! The author injects a healthy dose of political comment, love affairs that span over time and is so poignant that it leaves the reader breathless. So, recap, aliens, mafia, enlightened masters, politics, love affairs, Mayan prophecies. Seriously? Seriously! All written into possibly the best Sci Fi story I have ever read. This is a masterful story written in terms where you as reader is up to date with every character, their motivation and their lives, lost and loves. It is an incredible story in that even with these multitudes of story plots the author has fully formed characters with charm, whit and faults. The settings are described and root the characters and the story line perfectly.
So sit up and take notice. The author was awesome enough to include the second book in this eight part series for me, upon sending the first one. I am counting down the hours to tonight when I can start on the second one immediately. But this one, I will prolong. I have to. The suspense will kill me if I don't. She is busy writing the third in the series and needs to get a move on. Humanity will either self destruct or cease to exist in this form come December 21. 2012. I plan to read all her books before either scenario takes place.
I give this book an 8 ********star rating. Even those of us (we don't read Sci Fi) readers will love this. It is really a must read filled with intrigue and sorrow, loss and love and hope. I would have given it a 10 ********** rating if I could. But I may need more stars for the second book for which a movie deal has already been signed. I absolutely adore this book and so I say, go get it..... NOW......
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on November 21, 2013
Sci-Fi is Sci-Fi right? Not this time. This book put a very original twist on things. It has mobsters, sex, back-stabbing and so much more.
This book kept you guessing with twists and turns. Just as you thought one thing was going to happen, DCS took you in a different direction. We all know how much I enjoy books that surprise me.
We all like a good conspiracy theory too. But, those are mostly worthless without mixing in some facts -- which is exactly what The Awakening does.
Great characters, great descriptions. A must have for those who already enjoy Sci-Fi and a great book to start out with for those who aren't too sure about the genre.

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on October 21, 2011
I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this, especially in light of the second paragraph of the product description. It doesn't matter that I view this as clear fiction, and not a new realty (think Matrix here). It is really difficult to summarize the story but I can easily say that this is a very entertaining read.

Interestingly the story mixes survivors from Atlantis (who have cool household features), an Italian mafia family (with members who reincarnate in a third generation), the Brotherhood (aka Illuminati), and aliens as a form of god society who would enslave humans.

The mystery from the beginning drew me in. The characters are strong and the good guys (and gals) are likeable and the bad guys (and gals) are nasty mean. The Terenzio family will have to face off with those in control who want to stop humans from moving to another level, the Ascension, which is Book 2. Unfortunately not all the family are united and the upcoming battle for control will pit cousins against cousins and may even pit half-sister against brothers and sister.

Here is a phrase at the beginning of the book that may give you a flavor of how the author's writing catches attention: " His violent heartbeat added a menacing soundtrack to the images of his dream as they invaded his conscious state."

There is a lot going on, with different family sides and support members. It did take me a bit to sort who was who and this book might be more easily read in print than on Kindle. But once I had identified the characters it was fine and the story moved at a quick pace.

I was offered Book Two of this series to review and thought it sounded interesting. Then the author sent Book One as it introduces the opposing characters and sets up the battle to come. I am really looking forward to reading Book Two for review post on November 24.
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on December 20, 2011
Reviewed by wornpagesDOTcom

It was an average overcast morning in an average doctor's waiting room in Surrey, England. I had brought a book to read to distract from the nervous boredom whilst waiting to be called in. Unfortunately the distraction worked so well that I almost missed being called for the final time. So I can honestly say that Synarchy: The Awakening was almost bad for my health. It is one of those stories that demands your undivided attention as the author accelerates down one plot thread before metaphorically braking hard and suddenly changing freeways to a parallel thread, but generations apart. I would usually end up being completely lost by the third literary intersection, but in the context of this story it works commendably as the author, DCS, always manages to keep the reader wanting to turn just one more page...again and again and again. The story itself leverages some of the biggest conspiracy theories we have at the moment, and weaves them into a multilayered cloak of suspicion and intrigue that wraps around the reader in a wonderfully captivating manner. The first plot clue is in the title. The word "Synarchy" is gaining common acceptance to describe a government within a government, a hidden ruling elite that are driving us relentlessly towards a New World Order with a single all powerful ruling class. The second clue is the declaration on the back cover; A Major Motion Picture Winter 2012. This is a production that every one of us will be extras in and, quite literally, the whole world will be the stage! The Myan civilisation predicted planet Earth would no longer require calendars after December 21st 2012 which, rather disconcertingly, astronomers have confirmed corresponds with a unique celestial alignment within our solar system...and perhaps beyond. We follow the story of the Terenzio family starting with their patriarch; Stefano. He is the founder of an expanding business empire that is much more than it seems to the outside observer. As Terenzio generations are introduced to the reader, so is their mission revealed piece by piece. Who are the shadowy Brotherhood and what is their connection to the Anunnaki? More importantly, what have they planned for December 21st?
Synarchy: The Awakening contains probably the most tightly scripted dialogue I have read in a long time. The author is exceedingly accomplished with character interaction and it is used to excellent effect in the ebb and flow of the Terenzio triplets awakening to the real world situation. My only concern was that sometimes there was TOO much happening on each page, which forced re-reading them in order to fully understand the full detail of what the heck was going on. This leads on to my second point; it is essential you have the continuation volume at hand in order to follow the story to its conclusion. I have not yet read Synarchy book 2 yet, but if maintains the same exemplary standards of storytelling and intrigue set by The Awakening, then I will consider myself deeply privileged to have found such a rare talent. Just ensure you finish reading them before December 21st 2012...or you may just run out of time.
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on December 18, 2009
DCS hits it out of the park with Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening, and spins a compelling tale. The story contains government corruption, spiritual enlightenment, 2012, Annunaki, Reincarnation, and powerful families and bloodlines, just to name a few. I found that I only stopped reading to sleep for the night, anxious to get back to it the next day. I told myself OK I'll just read one more chapter, for now, the next thing I new I had read three more chapters. Each chapter starts with a great quote from some historical figure, to set the stage. DCS employs a non-linear timeline which reaches into the past to provide background for the current events and ties everything together nicely. I found this novel to be thought provoking and a great read. I suggest you check it out.
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on June 19, 2012
I was a wee bit sceptical when I received this book for review, the description sounded interesting but not something I would normally read. When I received it I could not put it down. The characters keep developing infront on the readers eye, the world they describe is close enough to our view of reality so that we can identify. The mission, breathtaking. I could not put the book down and now that I have time to read the second in the series I cant wait to start. It is most assuredly one of the top ten books in my list for 2012! I absolutely adored the book and look forward to reading the entire series. Now starting on book two which were sent for review by the author. I only wish my words would have been closely adequate to express the pure brilliance.
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