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Big oil means big money. And that fact unleashes corruption that stretches from Houston to Washington to the Mideast.

George Clooney, Matt Damon
2 hours 8 minutes

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Genres Drama, Thriller
Director Stephen Gaghan
Starring George Clooney, Matt Damon
Supporting actors Amr Waked, Christopher Plummer, Jeffrey Wright, Chris Cooper, Robert Foxworth, Nicky Henson, Nicholas Art, Matt Damon, Amanda Peet, Steven Hinkle, Daisy Tormé, Peter Gerety, Richard Lintern, Jocelyn Quivrin, Mazhar Munir, Shahid Ahmed, Bikram Singh Bhamra, Roger Yuan
Studio Warner Bros.
MPAA rating R (Restricted)
Captions and subtitles English Details
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Customer Reviews

Too many characters who do little, are in the film.
Partly, because it touches on the subjects of oil, corruption and the evil of the middle east that has always been portrayed in a very American way in the past.
Britta Schellenberg
This is one of those movies that you THINK you're supposed to like, buy you don't really know afterward.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

89 of 95 people found the following review helpful By DL on July 8, 2006
Format: DVD
I would say this plot offers up more suspense and intriguing details than any Tom Clancy movie I've ever seen. It wasn't until about an hour into the story that things finally started to make sense. But, from that point on, I was hanging onto every word and piecing together every detail.

The trick to understanding this movie before it's over is to remember the names. Once you get to the point when you know who's who, everything else unfolds from there.

So, what's going on?

Matt Damon is a financial advisor to Prince Nassir. Prince Nassir's family just approved a deal for the chinese to come in and set up shop as oil drillers, as the chinese offered the highest bid.

However, the US wants to cut the chinese out of the picture so that the newly merged connex and the smaller oil company can do their thing in place of the chinese.

So, now we're at that scene when the old guy is talking to Prince Nassir's younger brother on the yacht. What you have to infer is that the "wish" that Nassir's younger brother wants the "cat's paw" to grant is to have his older brother, Prince Nassir, assassinated. In return for the favor, the US will get the oil contract instead of the chinese.

That's when the CIA have George Clooney arrange for Prince Nassir to be assassinated. However, you know that doesn't work out. You might recall the torture scene. After Clooney narrowly escapes certain death, the torturer threatens to reveal the CIA's assassination attempt to the media.

Next we see Clooney threatening the old man in the cafe. A trusted co-worker had informed him that the old man is setting him up to be the fall guy for any negative backlash resulting from the exposure of the failed assassination attempt.
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103 of 113 people found the following review helpful By RS Steube on March 4, 2006
I won't try to restate or expand upon previous reviews found here for Syriana. Many contributors have offered a better reviews of the content of Syriana than I could describe.

But I will point out that whether Syriana is for you or not, has more to do with the movie-goer, than the movie itself.


1) Can you check your political prejudices at the front door?

2) Are you willing to attempt to follow four "chess games" simultaneously?

3) Have you the courage to feel really upset at the end?

If you can answer "YES" to all three questions, then Syriana may just be one of the most worthwhile movie releases of 2005.

If you answered "NO" to any of these points, you'd better pass on Syriana.
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55 of 63 people found the following review helpful By Royster on February 7, 2006
Gagan's ideas based film -- while lacking the visual virtuosity of Traffic -- raises some very interesting questions indeed. But all is lost to a collective audience who thinks the "24" is complex and challenging or "Crash" is deep...

It seems that the US audience are so used to "film as pure sensory entertainment" that it infuriated them when nothing is resolved. I find most "bad reviews" (either here or in the press) are laced with misinformation, xenophobia, partisanship bias and juvenille comments. It is unfortunate that doing a narratively complex film offering an alternative view (esp. regarding terrorism) would incite more hate and ignorance as opposed to dialogue.

I find the film to be very well made and the issues it raises are very interesting (esp to those informed in Network systems and the Chaos theory), to a certain extent, Matt Damon, the actor and the narrative his character carries is the weakest part of film and is what I assume a concession to the joe q public -- to present the point of view of an "Average Joe".

Syriana stands proudly alongside The Insider, The Constant Gardner, Traffic and to a lesser extent, Munich (which wraps its ideology in easy to digest Thriller genre conventions ) in honoring the "New Cinema" of the 70s when filmmakers pushed against the grain, but unlike the 70s, there is no longer an like-minded audience (except for the critics) here in the States. I would predict the film to do a lot better in the rest of the world.
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185 of 241 people found the following review helpful By MICHAEL ACUNA on December 2, 2005
As in the stunning "Traffic" of a few years ago, "Syriana" adopts the audacious tact of piecing together many plot strains with the intention of making some major points about the need /desperation and unending thirst for Oil. As in "Traffic" Gaghan sets up a situation in which Oil, not drugs is an obsession, a sickness really...the real stuff of life and he peoples his movie with those who support and thrive on his thesis: the C.I.A, the Arab Nations, the US oil companies. People are victimized, blown-up, tortured, brutalized and even murdered in service of the all-mighty pursuit of black gold.
Writer/Director Stephen Gaghan (writer of "Traffic") has the sense though of making the proceedings global yet often times heart breakingly personal which only makes his film more persuasive, more contemporary, more like real, rather than reel, life.
George Clooney, bloated and bearded and not looking at all like the "Worlds Sexiest Man" plays a C.I.A. agent, Bob Barnes: a work-horse who is sent out on missions as a scapegoat, one who is not expected to succeed but time and time again completes his missions to the utter dismay of his superiors: whereas all of his contemporaries are earning raises and respect, he earns neither and in fact he is abhorred for his expertise: definitely a case of someone who gets the job done his own way and does not follow the party line: a rebel. Why? It's never really explained but it is obvious that Barnes is an outsider: a man more sinned against than sinning. And even with the extra 20 pounds, grey beard and baggy, shapeless clothes, Clooney has never been more effective: he's gruff, he's gross, he's driven but he is nonetheless a good guy...someone who always has the big picture in mind and sees and understands the forest despite the trees.
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