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on April 20, 2011
LG has put together quite a nice little 8.9 inch tablet to compete with the slew of 10.1 inch tablets now coming out in droves. Like its brethren, it's running Honeycomb, but thankfully without any type of branded layer... this is pure vanilla Android here, thank you very much. But can the G-Slate stand on its merits and rise to be considered the cream of the crop? Let's dive in...

The G-Slate is pretty much the same as any other Honeycomb tablet we've seen to date, except with a couple of key differences, some to its detriment. It has the same Tegra 2 chipset,, 32 GB of RAM, 1 GB of memory, a micro USB port, a mini HDMI port, and a screen resolution of 1280x768 (32 pixels short of the "standard" resolution). It stays in line with a clam shell form factor with a big slice of polished aluminum on the back emblazened with the Google logo, and a silver trim accent around the front bezel. It looks and feels well constructed and of high quality, save for the plastic back. It has a remarkable, crisp, clean, IPS screen with excellent color and contrast which is a definite plus, and a 2 MP video chat camera on the front.

Where the G-Slate differentiates itself is in the dual 5 MP cameras on the back which have the ability to shoot 1080p video or 3D 720p video, either in red/blue anaglyph mode (they even throw in a pair of colored glasses for this) or a 3D HDTV mode suitable for playback on the big screen with LCD shutter glasses. While this is great in concept, the execution leaves a little to be desired. The problem is not the looks sharp and pretty amazing as long as you have adequate lighting... it's the fact that your limited to 32GB of storage space (30 minutes worth of video), unless you transfer 3D files back and forth to your PC. You aren't going to be able to film much of anything, in other words, because the majority of life's precious moments tend to run well over half an hour. The end result is that the 3D becomes pretty much a fun feature to play with that's not particularly useful. That 30 minute time limit also applies to 1080p video, so that pretty much nixes that feature too. Like the Apple iPad 2, there's also a severe quality penalty in low light conditions resulting in dirty artifacts (especially bad at high resolution), and even a nasty little "flicker" bug that pops up (turning off auto-white balance seems to cure that, however). It would be great if you could expand the memory and makes this baby more useful in the video department, but alas, no memory expansion slot... another bad mark on an otherwise nice tablet.

Another interesting feature is the THREE speakers on this unit (two on the right, one on the left), which seem to boost the sound quality up to a nice level (but obviously a little short on bass). In fact, the sound is quite excellent, with good separation and no crackling at full volume. While not an audiophile's dream, it makes music listenable and movies/videos pop. Coupled with the great screen, the G-Slate excels in the multimedia category.

Overall interface performance is fast and responsive, although there's a noticeable delay when switching between portrait and landscape modes... we're talking a good 2 seconds... which isn't a killer but certainly curious when everything else is instantaneous. Web browsing is fast, with flash-loaded sites loading without much wait time and virtually everything from videos to games working fine, save for the occasional stutter due to the beta version of Flash. Battery life is excellent, with varied usage bringing 8-10 hours between charges.

The other major drawback is the price for off-contract (prepaid): a whopping $750. I really like this tablet alot, but not $750 worth, especially when the Asus Transformer is just around the corner at $399. Of course, this is great for those who don't mind the two year commitment and excellent 4G speeds for mobile ventures, where the price drops down to $429.

The bottom line is that this is a very nice unit with a couple of disappointing shortcomings. You really want to love this, and some undoubtedly will (it's definitely worth $429 bucks). I can see the draw of it, enough so that if only it had memory expansion, I'd probably make this my primary tablet, even at full retail price.


GREAT screen
Nice comfy size and weight
3D/1080p video
Excellent response
Great sound


In low light, the camera blows
Limited video recording time
No memory expansion
High priced without a 2 year ball and chain

I wound up returning this because of the camera issue. Technidroid. com
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on September 19, 2011
I'd love to tell you all to believe the hype evident in these reviews (clearly paid for btw). Unfortunately, after having waited months longer than any other honeycomb tablet, LG pushed the honeycomb 3.1 OTA and locked our bootloaders, effectively killing all development on this otherwise impressive piece of hardware.

What can you expect from the LG G-Slate? ZERO support from LG, ZERO support from T-Mobile. No working Netflix. Want to move media between your PC and the slate? Stock suggested solution is doubletwist lol. We used to have CIFS and OpenVPN to access our SMB shares anywhere in the world. Now accessing all the great media in my collection is a pain. USB Host, an important feature of all other 3.1+ devices? DISABLED. Don't bother with this overpriced junk, I purchased my unit for <$400 at a tmobile store and regret the day.


An extremely disappointed customer.

ps: I have contacted my carrier regarding Lg's decision to lock the bootloader and have been referred to the legal department twice.

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on January 6, 2013
If you've read my other reviews on technology, you will know I am not the most technologically minded, I tend to just enjoy a product for what it is, not what it could be. On the other hand, I am married to a techie husband, which has at least made a me more aware of how things could work, as opposed to how they do.

This tablet has worked great for me, I have had no major lag issue, at all, it is extremely fast at everything, except for booting up, it is a little slow on that, but it loads web pages and such so much faster than my Acer Aspire One AOD270-1824 10.1-Inch Netbook (Espresso Black)I stopped using it all together, except when I have to type for long periods of time (I do not enjoy typing on a screen, it aggravates my arthritis), but it is perfect for surfing the internet, and using apps, or emailing for things like that, as well as reading books, which is generally what I use it for.

The camera is great quality, it is just as good as my old cannon camera, and the sound is actually not too shabby for the speakers on the tablet, and the battery life is absolutely amazing, I didn't charge it while on a trip for 5days and used it everyday (turning it off between uses) and it was still at about %50 battery life.

I have had for for 1 and 1/2yrs and had no issues whatsoever with it while using it or any of its functions.

God Bless ~Amy
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on April 27, 2011
I have had my G-Slate for a little more than 24 hours. I will update this review if anything new comes up.

I considered getting the iPad 2 but was put off by the plan and no 4G. Sure, I could get a wifi version... I had a chance to handle the G-Slate last week and liked it a lot. I have an Android phone (Samsung Vibrant) and have been very happy with Android over the last couple of years (Google Voice, what a lifesaver), so was attracted to the Android Honeycomb platform angle and Flash compatibility. I also thought that Google Maps with navigation would be great on the 9-inch screen (and it is! - but more on that later.)

I was a bit taken aback that there was no user guide of any kind included in the box, though that might have been a quality assurance glitch and it was just missing. I actually had to hunt for the power button - covered by a little green protector film for shipping and nicely concealed on the upper right edge of the top of the device. Once I got it turned on there was no more confusion, though.

The screen is beautiful - nice and bright. It registered all my touches and essentially disappeared from my notice as an interface, which is what I want a touchscreen device to do. When held vertically the screen orientation shifts quickly when you move from "up" to "sideways", but it wasn't so successful flat on a horizontal surface - a minor point really, especially once I get a dock or stand for it.

The finish is an attractive mocha color and it seems like it will resist scratches and scuffs well.

The rear camera is in fact horrible in low light, until you turn on the led flash. The front facing camera seems better in low light. The G-Slate comes with an HDMI cable - I was going to take some video and play it back on the TV _ I did have a chance to see this feature in action during last week's demo, so I think it will work great, even on a 55-inch TV. The 3-D camera gimmick is a little mysterious to me, but it is not hard to change it to a standard 2-d camcorder in the menu. (To be fair, my 8-year-old thinks the 3D camera is the best thing ever!)

Setting up wifi worked just like my Android phone - simple. Setting up e-mail, ditto.

I made a brief Skype call to check the quality while on 4G. It worked really well while I was on the call (15 or 20 minutes) and my mother said the picture looked great on her end - she couldn't believe I was on a wireless tablet. I imagine this will also work fine on wifi, though I will be sure to plug it in to deal with the battery drain.

I logged into the Market and immediately saw all the apps that I had purchased for my phone, with little "install" buttons displayed - I thought that was a nice touch, eliminating the need for me to look for the stuff I already have licenses for, and also not automatically downloading apps I might not want for the tablet. I downloaded Google Earth, Maps, and a few other essentials.

Google Earth is a standout - I love the multitouch interface and zooming and changing the orientation was all super snappy on 4G or wifi.

The G-Slate comes with Need For Speed which is a fun example of the kind of game possible on the tablets - tilt to steer, etc. My daughter loves it but I think I will not play it much. On the other hand, free is never a bad thing.

The sound quality seems really, really good to me, based on a few videos and the NFS game. I haven't tried it for music yet but I'm not planning to use the slate much for that anyway. The volume gets quite loud at the top end - nice for Skype etc.

I checked out a trial issue of Road and Track using the included Zinio Reader app. The magazine images and articles were well suited to the format and I could see myself buying more content for the Reader.

I used Google Navigation in the car on the way home - much preferable to the phone, due to the G-Slate's larger screen. Traffic layer came up in no time flat as well.

Of course, no tablet trial is complete without a long Web session. I love the tabbed interface (in Android! finally! although I do understand why it's not so sensible for a 4-in. smartphone screen) and I had no trouble navigating sites, using menus, or accessing Flash content.

All in all, I think this will be a great device for portable web access, Skype, and entertainment. Battery life has been quite sufficient with overnight charging.

I would recommend this device to anyone who is in the market for a tablet, especially if you are an Android fan. The build quality seems solid, the essentials are all there, and there's enough developer power in Android to produce lots of innovative apps. I would check the 4G coverage map before you buy, if you plan to use it out and about.
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on April 23, 2011
Have had the LG G-slate now for alittle over 3 weeks. Had received it alittle bit before release date. From the sotware all the way to the 4G speeds. I'm loving thise Device. I've never been a fan of the tablets but now that I have one I cant put it down.
The screen is great for movies and awesome graphics for games. Screen is very responsive and the speed never is a delay. Camera is amazing regardless of it being night or day. Video recording in 3D is pretty impressive and it gets a big wow from most people who will use it. Would be nice to have the accessiblity to the Flash when the video camera is on for those times when its dark out. Battery life is awesome, had the opportunity to use this for a whole day straight flying back from a trip - playing games and watching movies. Not putting it down. Forgot to charge it that night after getting home and still had over 50% battery life remaining.
Really have enjoyed the G-Slate. If your conerned about it being worth the money, I'd recommend testing others but you will most likely end up coming back to this if your a avid Android lover!
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on May 15, 2013
I think the G-Slate is getting phased out fast. Last update was Android 3.1 and the tablet seems to weight a ton. Internet connection speeds are slow, even on 4G. Touch screen responsiveness was good and picture quality was ok, but speaker quality was poor and not loud or rangy enough for songs. Overall, I am disappointed.
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on December 23, 2013
I bought this because it had both Wifi and data phone connection. It was advertised as 3d, but the 3d glasses were not included, but camera maybe the best part of this tablet, with a 5 mega-pixel camera with flash. The pictures were OK, although not as good as the most basic (cheap) standalone digital cameras.

The tablet was sluggish on everything from games, email, typing, gps, displaying pictures and video. The feel of this tablet is clunky (thick and heavy). The Wifi connections were so-so and the phone was weak (T-Mobile). I also attempted to sign-up for the T-Mobile 25meg for life and T-Mobile was not able to set this up, saying the tablet G-slate probably was not a USA version?? I did buy a 2gig plan that they were able to setup though, but the connection were dropped often and the 4g was very slow. I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab3 now that is much faster with both Wifi and 4g connection in the same location as the G-slate. I would not recommend the G-slate.
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on April 21, 2014
This tablet went far beyond my expectations. I have had several LG products, mosly phones, and they keep getting better. This was their 2011 Flag-Ship. Just as their Optimus Phones are now. This device is the same as the LG Optimus Pad. It is completely Unlocked, use any standard SIM of any carrier. It will not get on AT&T 4G but it will get on AT&T 3G. Great antenna, awesome hotspot. Fast video and games. Love the nVidia Tegra 2. Basically the best tablet for $200 you can get, used are cheaper. 8.9 HD 1080p, Duel-core 1ghz Tegra 2 (2x1ghz + graphics core. Not as fast as the newer Kindle Fires, but far cheaper), HD video recorder and 3D recording. Honeycomb is a great OS and not subject to HeartBleed... Only thing I did not like was no native usb drive support for extra storage and/or Micro-SD slot for the same. It has 32gb, which is great for the price. USB KB and Mouse worked perfect, native drivers.
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on April 16, 2013
I love this tablet. I highly recommend it, especially for Tmobile users. A great device for mobile computing.

Perfect to get started with a tablet, still powerful enough to do all tasks camera, movies, etc.
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on January 20, 2014
I've had this tablet for almost 2 years now. It is wonderful and so useful! I use it in the kitchen to view recipes online and take advantage of the Google Play store to play games. it has the once in awhile glitch and has to restart but overall, it has been a long-lasting and reliable piece of equipment.
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