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on April 30, 2012
Summary: An excellent iron that puts out a lot of steam, to take a lot of the "work" out of ironing.

EDIT (and UPDATE as of Feb 2013, additions as noted)

I'm a stay-at-home mom that irons at least 2 hours a week. Instead of our clothing running the gamut, they're at the extremes: technical fabrics (like Dri-Fit or CoolMax) or 100% cotton/linen. Hence, all the ironing. When my 10-yr Sunbeam quit putting out steam like it used to, it was time to find a new one. After reading reviews here on Amazon, I went searching for a T-fal iron. The budget is tight and was a bit hesitant to spend this kind of money at a local store (sorry, Amazon) but I'm glad I did.

This iron really, really puts out the steam. It holds a lot of water and it needs to. The angle of repose to stand up is more like 75- or 80-degrees (as opposed to my old iron's straight up 90-degree vertical) and it took some getting used to. But the triangle based that works around the "easycord" system was carefully thoughtout and is very stable (even with my 3-yr old bumping into the board and giving me a scare!). I tried every way from Sunday to make the cord system not work...and I couldn't.

My only real complaints: the dial to set the temperatures is directly under the handle and can be hard to maneuver and read. But the hottest temps for cotton is shaded yellow, and all the way to the end, so it's not a particular problem for me. I know some irons have digital readouts but I neither desired or expected one of those at this price-point. And, most of the "use" instructions are only visual, no words, so I'm having to guess a bit at what some of the "NO" icons mean. The instructions mention a "self-clean" function and an anti-scale rod...but I can't find any further information about it.

UPDATE: There is no real "off" setting (not that it really needs it) but I still think it should be a feature.

UPDATE: I've "cleaned" the anti-scale rod a few times (it only takes a turn of the rod to pull it out) but either we're in a relatively mineral-free municipal water district or my other "preservation" method (see below on spitting and cleaning) seems sufficient.

The plate was shaped nicely, glided effortlessly and the weight-balance made the back-n-forth movements a breeze. It heated up quickly (didn't put a stopwatch on it but definitely faster than what it replaced) and shut-off (or at least sounds like it did) when I left it sitting too long.

Just for grins, I did some vertical steaming on a dress that had been crinkled in the closet and that came out nicely too. It didn't produce the first drip or dribble.

UPDATE: After almost a year of weekly ironing (at least an hour at a clip), I've noticed a few spitting/dribbling incidents...after I've walked away and it has "shut itself off/into a holding pattern" and then I come back to it. I can usually avoid those instances by merely running the iron one or two times over the ironing board cover to get the steam going again and then all seems well.

I would also note, as did another reviewer, that the description here on Amazon mentions a retractable cord...which it does NOT have.

UPDATE: In an effort to minimize clogging or corrosion, I fastidiously empty the water just after I turn it off/unplug it....while it's still hot...hoping the latent heat with dry out the internal chambers so as to remain trouble-free.

All-in-all, a great purchase. I never thought the "appliance" could cut my chore time but this one did -- I wasn't having to stop to refill it and the copious amounts of steam made for mostly one-pass ironing. Great job, T-fal.

Since I've only had it a week (but definitely put it through its paces), I can't vouch for its durability but if anything changes I'll be sure to update this review.

Pros: LARGE amounts of steam, truly easyglide plate, stable base, cord never got in the way

Cons: difficult to "see" analog temperature dial, minimal instructions

One year later verdict: Still a great purchase. After reading some of the subsequent reviews about all the leaking and such, I'd have to say perhaps they got a bad version. Other than the occasion spitting, at very predictable circumstances as noted above, I've had nary an issue with this iron. I sincerely hope it continues to last.
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on May 1, 2012
I really don't like reviewing items like this until I've owned them for awhile, but wow! Take it from an ex-military guy, this is a great iron for the price! My last two irons were Black & Decker and a Shark. Prior to that, I had some high-dollar irons because many folks out there told me that I needed to spend the money on an good iron. Boy, were they wrong.

All of the irons I've owned proved to me after the first use that we were going to have a struggle every morning. You could just tell that you were going to burn them up quick (brown, burn marks on the bottom), spit too much water/steam out, or simply break them.

This little T-Fal does a remarkable job for something this cheap. The cord design is simple, and keeps the thing out of my way when pressing my shirts and pants. The steam is tremendous at full bore! I have kept mine just slightly before the mid-mark and it presses great. All wrinkles come out, and it's very smooth! The bottom appears to have some interesting pattern on it... some kind-of non-stick T-Fal stuff, I'm sure. Whatever it is, it makes ironing very smooth, especially when used with the steam.

I did notice that when you have the steam set at full-bore it will get your clothes wet. I don't think that any iron should spit out water from the bottom, so that's why this only gets 4 stars. Water should "only" be deliverable via the spray button, IMO.

The iron also didn't come with a bottle or small container to fill up the water reservoir. However, it is not needed because you can just put it under your sink and fill 'er up! What a concept, right? Makes it very easy to fill and I've yet to hear any complaints at my home about it.

All in all, great buy! I'm very happy with this thing.
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on April 24, 2012
When I first opened the box to look at my new iron, I was a little apprehensive as it looked so different from all my previous irons--basically this iron was short and wide. However, after "test-driving" it on one shirt, I was so pleased with the results that I ironed all my shirts right then and there.

Here's what I liked about it, PROS:
1. It holds more water--which means less trips to the water dispenser to fill up on water.
2. It glides like a dream--hardly any friction which makes for very little fatigue (if any!).
3. It heats up almost immediately--wait time is literally only about 20 seconds (maybe less) before you start ironing.
4. Its not a retractable cord--I had so much trouble with my previous iron because the cord never retracts all the way!
5. No drippy situation--so far (I hope I won't have to edit this in the future).
6. It costs less than $50--can't beat that!

1. I would rather have had this in blue or gray...not red.
2. Weird stout shape.
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on September 8, 2012
After reading many glowing reviews about this iron I was convinced I had found the iron of my dreams. And, for a while, I was loving it. It is true that the ceramic soleplate it a joy to use, and the steam it produces is very impressive. However, when my iron began leaking all over my white dress shirts and spitting water out of the holes in the soleplate when placed vertically I rapidly fell out of love. I am at the point now where I can not find a replacement quick enough.
What a pity I didn't pay heed to the reviewers who remarked on this irons considerable flaws. Oh well, I suppose one has to live and learn... and move on!
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on February 28, 2012
I have only used this iron once, but love it already. It is easy to fill with water, provides plenty of steam, has a long cord that stays out of your way while ironing, and rests quite nicely on its heel.
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on April 20, 2012
After changing about three irons in the last couple years and having to constantly clean the bottom of my present iron over and over again after it's been soiling some of my clothes, I decided to look for a new iron with a ceramic base. After some digging I came across the T-fal FV4446003 Ultraglide Easycord Iron - Red and decided that this was the one for me, this is one sweet iron.

If you're in the market for a new iron, give this one a try, and I'm sure you will like it as much as I do. The steam function on this iron is really powerful, which almost makes ironing fun , also at this price point, you really can't complain. Only time will tell when it comes to it's longevity. You may also want to purchase this Protective Ironing Pressing Pad 2-Pack - Household Essentials #128-0 which is a great compliment to your new iron. I certainly do not consider ironing to be fun, but this iron definitely makes it more tolerable.

I hope this review helped you in some way :-)
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on June 15, 2012
I waited to review this iron after I had used it for a few months. First thing first, this iron makes a TON of steam. When I first started using it, I had the steam set to the highest setting, like I've always had to do with previous irons to get minimal steam. Unfortunately, at the highest setting it also spits out water. I wasn't happy, until I realized that even on the lowest steam setting, this thing makes a ton of steam and no water! Once I figured that out, I was very happy with the iron. It glides nicely over clothes, heats up quickly, and it seems to auto clean. I'm guessing it's the cramic soleplate. My previous Rowenta would hold onto starch forever and I needed to buy a special cleaner to remove the build-up. Not so with this T-fal. Even if there is build-up, you simple wipe with a damp cloth while the iron is still warm and it wipes right off. I did try to use the vertical steam feature and it didn't seem to make steam in the uprigh position. Although I attemped to use this feature without reviewing it in the owner's manual so i could be doing it wrong.

Overall, great iron at a fantastic price!
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on March 22, 2012
Ironing has always been a chore for me but I decided to buy this iron and absolutely love it! The ceramic soleplate is fantastic, no scratches, glides great on my fabrics. I took the time to do a little video as I'm so happy with my purchase!
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on February 24, 2013
My beloved Rowenta broke after 15 years and reviews on the new Rowentas are not good. Made in China, they leak like crazy. I have always sworn by a high end iron as I am quilter and crafter. I did TONS of research and finally ordered this mid-range T-Fal. 25 minutes into using it for the 1st time, water was POURING out the sides/bottom. My quilt is soaking wet and so is my ironing board. I am so irritated.
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on April 25, 2012
I bought this iron after reading some favorable reviews on Amazon as well as some other consumer product sites. I was considering a number of other more expensive irons, but settled on this as the price for the features gained were unrivaled. After receiving the iron I can say it is an EXCELLENT iron. Having used many other higher end brands, this iron works just as well as something you would pay twice this price for. By itself, its a great iron. When you consider how much it costs, I doubt there is a better iron than this one.
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