T3i: Dust visible through viewfinder on focusing screen? Each T3i I got had dust particles visible through the viewfinder at unboxing. Is it just my repeated bad luck that the repalcements were like this too? Do any of you guys see dust specks through the view finder focusing screens of your new T3i cameras too? Is this something most people just accept? Am I being too picky and critical? It doesn't affect the final image but sure is annoying to see it through the viewfinder each time I take a shot. I thought these were refurbs cause I thought Canon makes cameras in dust free clean rooms yet mine all had a little dust at initial unboxing. A rocket blower doesn't seem to be able to blow it off. Might be on the inner side of the focusing screen. Ughs. Anyone else???
asked by DS on September 16, 2011
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I would be very annoyed too. Did all the cameras come through Amazon? Maybe a trip to a local camera store could shed some light on this issue. You could see if they have the same problem and if they know why and if there is a fix.
Dana Zarzycki answered on October 30, 2011

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