Customer Reviews: TCL LE24FHDD20 24-Inch 1080p LED HDTV (2011 Model)
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on November 29, 2011
I recently bought this TCL hdtv set to replace my older 2009 lcd 19" which I've bought during a black Friday for $300(yea that was considered a bargain for such a size tv back then). I placed my order this past black Friday and it came by UPS on the following Monday, faster than I expected. So if the early delivery wasn't enough here are some of my pros and cons:

-Price - I did a lot of online research looking through bargains for a tv in the range of 22-32" in the price range of $100-200. The only site which could compete with this deal would be what Best buy had with a 40" lcd tv for $200 and their other 22" for $80. Of course they were sold out across the US ( believe me I checked the availability online). So for the price I bought this for $169; which is $231 in savings, you really can't find such a deal in many if any other place for a new 1080p led tv.
-Quality- I never bought any product from TCL but I was surprised at how well the picture and menu guides look. The remote control was responsive; I know some other major retailers feature a 'time lag' with theirs. The picture quality reminds me of my friends' 37" plasma 1080p tv, just as crisp. The sound was better than my old tv; it could be turned really loud so additional speakers weren't necessary.

-Base- My only con would be that you had to assemble the base of the tv set, unlike my 19" toshiba which came in the package already assembled. If you have an electric drill then you probably won't be annoyed by that.

All in all, for the price you really can't get much more than this. If you were looking for a decent led 1080p tv that won't break the bank then you can't go wrong with this tv.
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on November 29, 2011
I bought this TV before there were any reviews posted. It was a lightning deal for $159 so i bit. Though i just recieved it earlier today (so the verdict isn't 100% complete) i am so far quite impressed.

: Price. Even at $200 i think this is a very competitive TV.

: 3 HDMI ports! On a 24" !!

:Headphone Jack: this is crucial. Especially since lord knows small led tvs sound horrible. The jack is also controlled by the remote. This is actually quite rare on tvs this size (i don't know why) but it is really handy. I hooked up a 2.1 Antec Rockus speaker setup i just bought and it worked great! And i could use the remote to adjust the volume. Thank you TCL!

:12 volt! This tv is actually 12 volt (runs on a transformer when plugged into the wall) but can actually plug into a cigarette lighter if you just get a proper sized plug. PERFECT for an RV!!!

:Picture quality: pretty darn good considering the relatively low contrast ratio. After some tinkering in the settings i got everything looking pretty natural. I also noticed minimal LED glow/bleed through around the edges when the picture is dark. I was pleasantly surprised how consistent the blacks were.

:Setup was easy and the digital over the air tuner seems decent.

:A really nice guide/info setup for OTA channels. Even has a picture in picture setup goin on when in guide. A pleasant surprise.

:Good looking frame. Nice glass stand. Doesn't look overly cheap.

:Thick. For most i'm sure this is no issue, but at over 2.5 inches it is thicker than i would have liked for my purposes.

:Not the greatest viewing angle. It does fade out a bit when off center.

:the speakers are bad... But i was expecting that since ALL small flat panels sound bad. I wish people would realize this.

In the end i think i did really well at $159 and i would not feel bad about having spent $200. Hopefully i don't have to test out that 2 year warranty!
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on November 29, 2011
I purchased this item during the "Cyber Monday Lightning Deals" during the weekend, and received it on Tuesday, sooner than I expected. The TV was easy to unpack and set up. You do need a phillips head screwdriver to install the base, not a big problem though. It has plenty of easy to reach connections. I wanted a TV for my bedroom to watch basic cable and as a computer monitor. I just needed the coaxial cable and VGA connections, which was very easy to find and connect. The menu and set-up was very easy also, within 10 minutes I was ready to go. Beautiful rich colors and sharp picture on both basic cable station and computer screen.

If you are looking for a small sized LED HDTV television I highly recommend this brand.
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on December 7, 2011
Maybe it's just my bad luck but I got a buggy TV. The first time I turned it on, the TV menu would pop up by itself after about 5 minutes. Then it pop up and off very quickly nonstop. It was late after work so I just gave up trying to figure out what's going on so I unplugged it. Next day I turned it on and the menu didn't pop up and off until about 15 minutes later. I thought it might be a bad remote so I took out the batteries. No luck.

I went on the manufacture site and the trouble shooting section said for any issue, try rebooting the TV by unplugging it for 5 minutes. I tried that and the menu didn't pop up until 30 minutes later. I repeated the reboot a number of times during the day and menu would pop up between 30 minutes - 1 hour after I turn it on. At first it will pop up once every few minutes. Then the time interval got shorter and shorter until it pop up and off every second.

Next day, I thought my luck had changed! I was watching for almost 2 hours and thought the issue had resolved itself. Then it happened again. This time, the menu popped up and didn't go away by itself. This one is going back to Amazon and a new one is on the way. Hopefully the replacement won't have any issue.

As for picture quality (when the menu isn't blocking everything), it can't compare to my 2 year old Sony 40" LCD and definitely nowhere close to my brother's LED, but it's good enough for the kitchen. At about 3ft away, my Sony is crisp and clear. On the same 1080i HD channel at the same distance, this TCL picture is noisy, sometime pixelated as if it was a low def channel. The TV has noise reduction but it doesn't help even on the high setting. Step back a few more feet and the picture for 1080i channels look pretty good, but still can't compare to my Sony.

I tried a couple bluray via a high quality HDMI cable and the TV report it's a 480 SD connection. Picture quality for animated movies seems a lot better than live motion pictures.

The picture presets are horrible. They are way too saturated and the red bleeds for all of them. I had to use the personal preset but there is only one so I can't have more than one custom preset. I've dialed down everything to make it watchable. I still haven't gotten the perfect setting but the picture is not bad from a distance.

Today, 12/6/11, the menu is popping up about once every 5 minutes and stays on for about 1 minutes before disappearing. The replacement comes tomorrow and I'll ship this one back. Just need the Amazon box to ship it back in.

If it wasn't for the menu bug, I would give it 4 stars. It would be perfect for the kitchen or wherever you want to stick a 24" TV. The picture quality is pretty good if you can figure out the perfect settings. There are many different inputs and outputs. There is a USB input so you can access media off a thumb drive. The Energy Star rating is only $9 a year! If the replacement has no issue, it's definitely a keeper.
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on December 1, 2011
I wanted to provide some quick feedback, since there are very few reviews for this TV.

I recently purchased this based on a lightning deal. Last week I purchased a RCA LED24A45RQ on sale for BF (199).

I still have both but the RCA is being returned tomorrow.

I just received the TCL today. In my quick comparison this evening to the RCA... the picture is very comparable but the TCL did look to have a more smooth picture.
The big differences are as follows.

1. The TCL has MUCH better sound. Don't get your hopes up though. This speaks more about the absolutely horrible sound on the RCA. Small TV's like this often get critical reviews for their sound quality so I figured it couldn't be that bad. But it is. The TCL sound is more on par with what you would expect (adequate sound... and that's it).
2. The TCL has RCA audio out jacks (red/white), which would allow you to connect external speakers. The RCA only had digital out for audio.
3. The TCL has a USB port. This is obviously intended for viewing photos from a thumb drive but it works great for connecting some external USB powered speakers I have. The added bonus being that the USB port is powered down when you turn off the TV (shutting off the USB powered speakers).

All other inputs and features are almost identical.

I'll update this review again next week when I have had more time to use this TV.

For now this TV is definitely worth the price. I'm thinking about purchasing a second.

Update: Remote notes. I can't control this with my DirecTV remote but from what I have read my Harmony should work (once I program it) or this cheap remote has been reported to work for both.

Sony RMVZ320

I was able to program my DirecTV remote. I have HR24 and H25 receivers and RC65X remotes.
Follow these steps.
1. Press Menu on your DirecTV remote.
2. Select Parental, Fav's & Setup
3. Select System Setup
4. Select Remote Control
5. Program Remote
6. Select Setup TV (or change TV)
7. Type in TCL for make
8. I don't know my model
9. Select OK and keep the remote pointed at the DirecTV receiver.
10. Test Volume and select "It Worked" (if it did)

Exit and enjoy. Hope that helps some.
If you have to look up your remotes codes on DirecTV's website, their are none for this TV. Also, if you have older DirecTV receivers/remotes it is reported (and apparently confirmed by DirecTV tech's) that there are no codes that will work.
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on November 29, 2011
I got this for the black Friday deals (like others) and am fairly happy with it.


-Great picture quality in general and good sound quality as well. I'm not looking for a Bose surround-sound experience, and this thing works fine for just a TV set-up in the bedroom. The video quality is clear, but needs some adjustment for movie viewing (the blacks are too low). On the other hand, for gaming the settings are perfect.


-I personally hate the glass base stand. I put in one of the screws and actually made a crack. Not enough to hurt the stability of the structure, but it still bothers me that it happened so easily (wasn't even forcing it).
-Viewing angle is sub-par. While for the most part I can see the TV just fine, the stand allows for no adjustment and even faces up a little bit, so if the TV is higher than your head you need to make some adjustments. I personally put a "eat this not that" book under the back of the stand base to lower the angle of the screen, otherwise it would've been unwatchable.

So anyways, at this point I have my personal display settings with low contrast and brighter blacks for movies and the "ECO" setting for videogames. Awesome for the price.
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on May 18, 2012
Summary |: It's not fancy, it's not expensive, but it's a real good value HDTV for a small room.

What's Great (: So many inputs (I charged my (smart)phone using my TV one night!!) that are very easily managed and removed from the menu if unused. I just use a digital coax antenna and the TV even has a (simple) guide with PiP!!

What's Not Great ): Lots of black is a little tough to see (cancel that videos-of-you-in-the-dark party you had planned) and I wish the remote had a sleep button.

What You Need To Know ?-: The TV's power box is not built-in to the TV, so plan on setting that big, heavy, warmish thing somewhere. The viewing angle isn't very wide - you'll appreciate it most if it's in a room where you typically look straight at it.

Compared To The Other Reviews /-: Mine has worked perfectly for 6 months and the base was very easy to attach with a screwdriver. I haven't tried to mount it (neither romantically nor to the wall).

About Me }(-: I'm not a tech wizard, so I don't know if this is "true" 1080P, but the picture looks real good on TV, Blu-Ray, and DVD.
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on February 1, 2012
I bought this one from Amazon, used, $174. It arrived on time, to the day, and in the condition described.

After playing around with it a while, I found several things I liked, and other things that were kinda disappointing.

The good stuff:
Beautiful styling. Runs from +12 volts. Has VGA input. Thin LED design. Bright, sharp image.

It will provide images for DOS, WIN95, and WIN7 systems. I tried it out in a variety of legacy VGA formats and it locked onto all of them and provided an image. I will report later if I am successful in getting it to replace the old monochrome monitor.

The menu leaves off a few things I would have really liked... like a brightness control. I also would have liked size and position controls for VGA monitor use, as my DOS and WIN95 screens have the top lines cropped off. I also have 22" VISIO LED TV/monitors that do not crop off the top of the image. The controls seem to me like the software team was really pushed to meet the Christmas season and shipped it before it was done. For instance, once I connect to the computer, I have to cycle power to the TV to regain the menus. The power LED flashes when it detects remote keypresses, but it just ignores them. I find the lack of fitting the image to the screen exactly ( like the VISIO does ) to be quite an annoyance if I need to use an icon on the top of the screen. ( the zoom control will still work in PC mode which lets me put the 800 x 600 pixel image squarely in the middle of the screen, which is small on a 1920 x 1080 screen ). In native HD format (1920 x 1080), it worked properly with my WIN7 system.

My VISIO also will go into sleep mode upon loss of VGA signal in PC mode, automatically waking up into PC mode when signal is re-established. So far, I have yet to get the TCL to do this.

Mounting: The people who returned this obviously had tried to wall-mount it - and failed. This device does not look like it will take well to wall mounting unless you make some special hardware for it. It does not use the standard screw hole pattern, nor are the connector panels laid out for a clean flush fit against a wall. ( the connectors are oriented outward from the thickest part of the display ). If you have a machine shop handy, go for it. But don't expect to go to your local walmart for mounting hardware for this.

The screen will not pivot on the base, neither horizontally nor vertically. Horizontally, no big thing, as the TV is so light you simply move it, base and all, to suit, but vertically, it could be bothersome if you want the screen to tilt up or down. Propping the base leads to center-of-gravity issues. I suppose if you were determined to tilt it downward, you could bend the mounting bracket ( I'll describe it below ) a bit. I think you are out of luck if you want to tilt it upward.

The manual is not too clear on this, but if you need to install the base mounting bracket back in the TV, you will need to remove the center two screws ( there are four in all, in a row, in recessed holes, along the lower back of the TV enclosing the electronics package ) completely with a #2 phillips screwdriver. Then loosen the other two, but do not remove them ( three turns or so ). This will get the cover loose enough for you to slip the mounting bracket in so the holes in the mounting bracket will align with the screw holes for the removed screws. Now replace the two screws you removed - now capturing the bracket, and snug them all up. Of course, you should have the lucite tube installed on the bracket ( held in place by the three "wood screws" ) before you try to install the bracket into the TV, as once installed, you no longer have access to where the lucite tube screws attach! It was a bit of a head-scratcher for me, but eventually I got it.

All in all, considering the price I paid, I will keep it, as I do need the hi-res display, LED, VGA, and 12 volt power features of this unit. The hardware guys did well, I give them 5 star. The software guys got a good start but they need to finish the job.. 3 star. The mechanical guys get a 5 star for aesthetics, and a 3 star for placement of connectors that make wall mounting awkward as well as nonstandard wall mounting.

If I had paid $400, I'd be miffed. But $174, out the door, I'm OK. Count my blessings - I did not get any bad pixels.
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on December 9, 2011
People seem to be having trouble mounting this TV on the wall. If you read the manual, it says VESA 200, not VESA 200x100 or VESA 200x200. This is correct. It only uses two mounting screws 200 mm apart. Attach the two included brackets to the back of the TV above the inputs. After that it will attach to any 200mm mounting bracket.

Also, it appears people are having trouble removing the base mounting knob. Simple remove the two screws above the mounting knob, and pull it down.

I don't generally write reviews, but I wanted to address a couple of the issues people seem to be having. Other than that, the TV works fine. The colors do seem to be a little off. I changed it to the movie preset, and it helped with some of the washed out color look.

I rated it four stars because the instructions are lacking (obviously by the complaints). But wanted to assure people that it is easily wall mountable, and the issues are more related to instruction rather than defect in the product itself. The wall mounting holes do seem slightly flimsy though, as it is only attached to the plastic backing plate rather than some internal structure.

All in all, can't go wrong with this set for the price it sells.
review image review image review image
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on December 2, 2011
Like most reviewers I got this on CyberMonday for $170 and the shipping was very fast even with Free Super Saver Shipping. This TV has replaced in our kitchen a 19" Philips which I got 3 years ago for $199, which in the day was a great deal, which in turn replaced a 15" Samsung. Those 2, older 26" Olevia and our 42" and 55" LG form the basis of comparison. This is probably the biggest TV we could feet between the counter and the cabinets since we have standard 18" distance. It goes under the cabinet as close to flush as practical. I will list what I see as pros and cons and then add more info that may be relevant to your buying decision:

Pros: Easy set-up, decent colors, many inputs, USB port, headphones out, and pretty decent look.

Cons: The biggest issue I found so far is the absence of VESA mounting holes - apparently you would need to purchase a conversion plate, or a wall mount that has adjustable mount points (prepare for more $$ if you will be mounting on the wall). I will also agree that unlike many others it does require a screw driver to attach the stand and the you have to be careful doing that or as someone pointed out you will crack stand "protrusions" that seems too thin for the size of the screws. It is a bit on the thick side as people noted, even with absence of built in power supply (there is an external one that comes with the TV)

Other info: I do not consider viewing angle to be worse than many other flat screen TV's, not much different from my 55" LG, and for sure not worse than Philips it replaced. I also do not consider the sound to be a negative. Yes, the quality you get out small speakers can not compare even with a lower end sound bar, but by comparison they are probably better than the ones in the previous TV or in older 26" Olevia. The speakers are down firing, so it is possible that a close proximity of the counter makes the sound reflect better.

My conclusion: this TV will give you a good bang for your $ if you do not expect sound like from the speaker system, do not mind driving a few screws and do not plan to attach it to the wall mount that requires VESA spaced screw holes.
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