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on September 24, 2013
I've seen the bad reviews - and think those were born out of incorrect or unrealistic expectations. I seasoned the pan as they instructed - it was easy !! Seriously ? Why complain about that ?? Now when I use it - I put a spot of PAM spray on both lids - and spread it around with my finger. More than that is unnecessary. It is very easy to flip the pancake and get perfect pancakes every time. No more messy failed spatula flips - smile. I will say that this pan requires less heat than my conventional pan to get the same cook level on the pancake. Also - I noted one other thing after 2 uses. There is a top and a bottom. When correctly positioned and opened up, the top vertical lip is positioned slightly inside the lower pan - to prevent leakage of oil onto the stove. However - if you get it backwards - the reverse is true and the opened lid will leak onto the stove top. Easy point. I would have given it 5 stars if it were a bit higher quality - like a bit heavier. It does not affect the unit's performance in any way - but I would have spent a little more if the build were just a bit heavier and a bit higher quality.
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on September 8, 2015
I ordered this, hoping it would be big enough to use for grilled cheese. I don't do pancakes. By golly it is big enough for grilled cheese and will make using this item so much easier to turn it over, not have melted cheese running everywhere. And the price is so good. This will be a great addition to any kitchen and easier for the cook.
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on April 16, 2013
If you season this pan as directed you will experience this pan as advertised and intended. Both pancakes and over easy eggs slide out with ease. They come out perfect every time. It's a great product that I recommend.
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on April 14, 2013
If you follow the directions to season the pan, flipping to also do the other side it is wonderful. If you haven't seasoned pan it will stick. I love it. I have never been able to flip my eggs over without breaking yolk.
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on January 17, 2015
Still my most used pan and a favorite for a multitude of tasks. Pan is in perfect condition, like new, inspite all heavy use. Buying several as gifts. Do yourself a favor and follow instructions to a T. This is not cast iron, season it as described in the instructions. Use proper oil, not spray.
UPDATE - 9 MONTHS - Buying a second one to gift my mother. I keep using it everyday, from grilled cheese to eggs, omelets and anything that fits. Still doing great, nothing sticks to it. A new use: it is perfect to heat up any left over food.

Reasons for bad reviews: lack of seasoning and cooking with the pan open. You HAVE to season it first, and then, keep it closed everytime you want to cook something that needs to be flipped.

UPDATE - 5 months - I still use this pan everyday and it is my favorite. By now I cook anything small on it: eggs, hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, toasts. Today, being in a hurry, I whipped an omelette and forgot to use any oil. The omelette came out perfect, it didn't stick, and it was cooked with no oil, just relaying on the pan's seasoning. I see no sign of the flimsiness mentioned by other reviewers.

I wanted this for my grilled sandwiches, as the ones sold for that purpose are ridiculously small. This size is perfect for what I want. I seasoned it exactly as per instructions. Use canola oil, do not use any form of spray. It released all those chemical fumes mentioned in some reviews, but that was the end of it. It works perfectly and my cheese never stuck to the pans. My sandwiches are always buttered on all sides, so I don't rely on non-stick surfaces alone anyway. So far this has been a great addition to my kitchen and used daily for breakfast.

One VERY IMPORTANT piece of information missing from the instructions is that you should only use liquid oil for seasoning (ALWAYS, in any material). Also, you should use only oils with a high smoke point, like canola oil. Do not use olive oil for that process. If you try to season something with spray oil or some oil that burns at low temperatures, then you will have bad smell and a nasty film on your pan that can transfer to your food. You can use your spray for cooking, but not for seasoning.

Before buying this pan I was reading the comments very carefully. I read people complaining about a bad smell. This was the smell I got from seasoning the pan according to the instructions that came with. After that first curing process, no more fumes or bad smells. Just follow the instructions. Then a lot of people complained this is too small. If you buy something without checking the dimensions on description and then rate poorly because it is too small, you are the one in the wrong, not the product.

In the end, what is a problem for one can be a great positive for someone else. So, read the ratings critically. Many times it is just bad handling, misuse. Some others, of course, will be some faulty product. We just need to learn how to distinguish those from poor reviews.
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on August 23, 2013
I love hash brown potatoes which I cook in this little pan. I sometimes cook a large amount in a large pan and freeze some. This little pan does an excellent job of cooking both fresh and frozen hash brown. I flip the pan over to check for doneness. I got a tip on the internet of how to prepare hash browns which I really like. They said after they are grated to rinse them thoroughly (a colander works well for rinsing). After rinsing it says to dry them thoroughly, so I put them on a paper tower and squeeze them dry which they suggested. It works well for me. I use large russet potatoes that I buy at Costco. I don't bother forming them into patties. I just put them in the pan(s) and cook them in extra virgin coconut oil (which I am a proponent of), and some butter.
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on August 4, 2013
Like many good people here, I too was fooled by the commercial of this so-called "promising" pan. A pan that flips pancakes on its own, and I thought, "How cool was that?" So I spied it in my local BB&B and bought it. It needed seasoning? Not a problem. Then I used it, and I saw after a few uses my pancakes started to stick. I also had to watch very carefully as this thing had a habit of burning my pancakes after several seconds. I lived with it for three months, seasoning as necessary, before one morning, when flipping the pancake and trying to get it down by swinging down (for the record, I made sure to hit NOTHING), the handle breaks. Yep, three months of struggling and the handle has to break, and my pancake falls to the floor. Horrid!

Fortunately, I managed to replace it with a decent griddle that has been working like a dream, but those painful three months were a lesson--nine out of ten TV commercials are total rip-offs! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PAN, or any other pan from Orgreenic! They lie, food does stick to them! Three months of this stupid piece of scrap metal has proved it!
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on December 10, 2014
These Pans work great! People have problems because they don't follow directions! Also FYI after seasoning the pan and you go to cook an egg.. turn the heat on medium for a minute or two then turn it up just a smidgen (on our stove we heat at 4 and then go in between 4 and 5 to cook eggs only) crack your egg and LEAVE IT ALONE until the egg whites turn opaque then you can flip it. If you seasoned the pan correctly it won't stick. Also you are only suppose to only wash this pan with very hot water then wipe dry. You do not want to use soap. There is no need for soap. For those who bought this pan and had trouble with a sticky surface after seasoning it just rub more oil on it until it stops sticking then wipe it out and start over and re-season. You need to have oil in the pan when you season. Even a thin coat of oil you will need to see it bead up on the pan. I put the oil in the pan then Lightly wiped it out with a paper towel. I have done both oven and stove top with great results. I hope this helps all you people who have bought the pans and had trouble.
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on May 5, 2015
I always destroyed every pancake I made as I tried to "peek" to see if it was ready, only to destroy that side in the process....well not anymore!

The pancakes won't come off until it's ready, resulting in the perfect pancake. Just make sure you season both sides and you'll be amazed at the results.

I no longer dread making pancakes and don't have an excuse NOT to make them all the time! We're a breakfast for dinner type of family and this baby is constantly being used. Super easy to clean, too!

Love, love, LOVE! ❤
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on April 1, 2013
I just used it to make eggs over easy. I didn't even do the pre-seasoning. Just used COOKING SPRAY when the pan was cold and preheated each side for a couple of minutes before putting the eggs in.

It cracks me up how so many people think "non stick" means they don't have to grease, butter, or use cooking spray on the cooking surface. "Non stick" doesn't mean that at all, it just means things are less likely to stick than with older cooking surfaces, like a cast iron skillet.

For corn's sake, people. Cooking spray isn't expensive and one can will last a long time. Get some! Use it!
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