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We've been upgrading our security system from Logitech cams to IP cams, and let me tell ya, the difference is stark. Logitech's security cams have always been wonky, but now with the addition of these new IP cams, Logitech's shortcomings have become stark. Do yourself a favor, and get these IP cams instead.

> Foscam vs Tenvis

This Tenvis looks to be identical to this older Foscam FI8918W. Tenvis performs just as well as this old model Foscam, but has a slightly narrower Pan & Tilt range:

Tenvis: Horizontal 270°; Vertical 90°
Foscam: Horizontal 270°; Vertical 120°

That 30° difference in the vertical lens movement can be a big deal, depending on the environment where you're using the cams. A little extra coverage is never a bad thing.

> User Interface

Tenvis just doesn't even come close to Foscam in this department. Foscam is much more refined, pleasing to the eye and just downright easier to use. Tenvis, by contrast, appears much cruder and rudimentary. The UI is loaded onto each cam itself, so all you need is a web browser to view all the options. Tenvis basically has the same features, but just not laid out as nicely as Foscam.

> No IR LED Control

One stunning omission with the Tenvis' functionality, is that you can NOT turn off the infra red LEDs manually. This is important, because IR LEDs will NOT work through glass. Even though IR isn't visible to the naked eye, the cam certainly sees it, and if you try to place this in a window looking outside, all the cam sees is a white spotlight reflecting off the glass. So in that instance, turning off the LEDs would be helpful. Also, there's some cam locations that have plenty of light, even at night, so turning off the LEDs would help make the cam more stealth. As it is, this is just not possible with Tenvis.

> Performance

The wireless range doesn't appear to be as good with Tenvis compared to Foscam. However, adding a longer external antenna seemed to help the issue. I got this one: WIFI 10 dBi 2.4GHz Antenna and they work quite well. About 3.5x longer than the antenna that came with this Tenvis. Definitely worthwhile.

> Value

We got this Tenvis for about half the cost of the new Foscam FI8916W - New Housing. At that price, we just couldn't pass up on adding another cam to our system. This cam is excellent for the money, but Foscam is better constructed, IMO. This one just feels a bit cheap by comparison. However, once it's mounted, none of that really matters, since it functions just fine.

> Not As Many PTZ Presets

Foscam has 8, Tenvis has 6. No stark difference, but certainly worth noting.

> Works With Blue Iris Software

We recently upgraded our software to Foscam Blue Iris Professional, and let me tell ya, it's fantastic. Puts Logitech to shame for sure. Blue Iris works with almost every webcam, USB cam, and IP cam on the market. Setting up this Tenvis on it was quick and seamless.

**Note** - You can use EITHER Foscam or Tenvis settings for this cam. Both work. Just good to know, in case some unknown conflict arises.

> Picture Quality

The images from the cam look fantastic. Seems to be on par with Foscam in this dept. Nice, crystal clear images, and very detailed. Almost looks HD, even though it's the old standard of 640x480.

> Pan & Tilt

Tenvis isn't as smooth as Foscam with the pan and tilt movement. The motor works fine, but the images can be a bit jerky. This might be related to wireless range. Nothing terrible, but worth noting.

> Iffy Mounting Bracket

By far, Tenvis is inferior to Foscam in this dept. Their mount just feels cheap by comparison, and like it could easily break if you over-tighten your screws. Plus, the angle adjustment knobs just don't stay in place as nicely, or clamp down as tight as Foscam's mounting bracket. If you bump your Tenvis, or don't handle it gingerly, the bracket moves from where you've set it and you have to make readjustments.

> Loud PTZ Motor

If you're planning on recording audio from this Tenvis, be aware that the mic picks up the PTZ motor while it's moving. When the PTZ motor stops, you can hear audio just fine. But once that motor kicks in again, you won't hear much, other than that PTZ motor whirring quite loudly into the mic.

> Setup

You'll need some knowledge of IP addresses and basic routing, but nothing difficult. A few paragraphs of reading at most. Very easy to setup and get going. Mine was up and running within 15 minutes. Granted, it was another day or 2 of tinkering to refine everything exactly how I want it, but the initial setup took no time at all. I didn't even read the enclosed material; just jumped right in and got it all setup in a snap.

Bottom Line -- This is a fantastic IP cam for the money, but the user interface isn't as user friendly as Foscam. If I need another budget cam, I'd definitely get another Tenvis. However, if there's a deal to be had on Foscam, I'd pick that one over Tenvis for sure. We're quite happy with our Tenvis, particularly at the price we got it for. Hands-down it kicks Logiteh's arse; very nice to finally be dumping WiLife. Happy! ;oD
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on February 15, 2014
By leaving less than a 5-star review, I'm costing myself $15. The manufacturer offers a $15 "rebate" (read: bribe) for 5-star reviews of this product.

The camera is decent, and I'm happy with my purchase. I would give 4 stars, as it's not perfect (requires internet explorer to do video recording), but the practice of bribery to skew reviews that shoppers rely upon to make informed purchases is low.
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on January 17, 2013
It comes with IP camera Wizard software on a CD, which was very easy to use. Even those who don't know networking should be able to get the camera working on their home network.

But here's the first caveat. The initial set up DOES require a hard wired ethernet connection to do. If you don't have that you have a problem.

Next caveat - after you get it talking to your network immediately do the software and firmware upgrades (if available for your model). It's make for a much better experience.

The night vision works VERY well for a dark room. The web page that pulls up when you access the camera is easy to use. With 10 seconds of instruction my wife was accessing the camera, moving it around, etc.And the image is impressively clear.

Now for some shortcomings. First - the power cord is only 3-4 feet long. The short cord limits where you can place or mount the camera. Ideally the camera should be up a little higher than eye level. But unless your are going to install a custom electric outlet that's tough to do. Of course you do have an option to splice the power cord or use and extension cord - not real good options aesthetically for going up a wall..

Shortcoming #2 - I had wanted to put it in a window looking out for security. Works fine during the day. But the lens is encircled with LED's that it uses for night vision. When placed to look out the window these LED's reflect off the glass and make seeing anything outside impossible. And since it is not weather proof just leaving it outside is not an option. I don't know if it would have the same problem of reflection in a weatherproof enclosure. And putting it outside one would have to deal with issues of power and the short power cord.

Next caveat. I can access it from my Android smart phone. I tried it both using a browser and also an app. Yeah, it works. But the features of motion are erratic at best and leave a lot to be desired. +*+*EDITED March 6, 2013 - the new app for Android and the new web page for viewing have corrected this problem
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on July 2, 2013
I purchased the TENVIS after previously ordering a Foscam and finding it DOA. The TENVIS is basically a cheaper version of the Foscam. There are several things I like about it, and a few things that knocked off some stars.

1. Super easy to set up. I plugged it in to my router and within minutes I was able to stream video over my home network.
2. Night vision - we use it as a baby monitor when we want to "look in" on him sleeping. The picture is bright and clear on the video. In his room, you can barely see the IR LEDs. The room stays nice and dark.
3. When you log in and select iPad, the controls are very limited, so I tried selecting "non IE browser" and it works great on the iPad! Full control, brightness, panning, everything.

1. The English translations are terrible. For example, there is a green LED on the front of the camera. In the menu, you can set it to "Open" "Close" or "Flicker". (Actually: On, Off, Blink.). Another example are the controls to allow you to speak to your computer and hear it out the camera, and speak to the camera and hear it on the computer (this only works under IE). The controls are labeled "Speak to Camera" and "Voice to Camera". Which one is which????
2. The camera seems to crash IE quite often (Windows 7, IE 9 and 10) but is rock-solid on Firefox and Safari/iPad
3. Camera often resets itself at night and will end up pointing in another direction. The solution for us was the create a "preset" with the camera pointing at the crib, then set it up that after a reset the camera would automatically go to the preset.
4. NO VIDEO RECORDING - even though it's SUPPOSED to record video, there is a bug known to the manufacturer the prevents it working correctly with Windows Vista/7/8. I don't have XP on anything, so I can't test that, but the TENVIS website indicates lots of people having trouble with the video recording under Vista/7/8 and TENVIS reporting that they are working on a fix. As of July 2, 2013, this was not fixed yet.

So, the camera is ok. It works, was easy to set up, and does the job, but it still has some semi-serious flaws. Once these are corrected, I think it would be a really good deal.
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on November 1, 2013
First the reviews here are BOUGHT. In the package Tenvis promises a USD15 review if you leave a 4 star or higher feedback. If you want to leave a less than 4 star you should email them. But you only get the rebate for 4+. If you need to set cam to a custom ip (or have it get ip from your router) then it wont work with the tenvis android app. So I tried other app (ipcamviewer).. the cam works with that app.. but the camera audio feed that is promised is broken. Purchased reviews are wrong, probably violate amazon terms and skew comparison. STAY AWAY and buy a product that does not buy ratings!!
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on March 24, 2014
Based on the great Amazon reviews, I was looking forward to putting this camera to use. The first red flag was a flyer packed with the box that offered to send me a $15 check if I left a 5 star review on Amazon. Is that even allowed?

I have 20 years in IT and was able to figure out how to get the camera connected to my wifi network -- but I feel bad for folks who are not I/T experts. For average users, the setup is ridiculously complex.

But aside from all that, the camera doesn't work well. The color is terrible, almost black and white. But the worst part is the sluggishness of the camera to respond to controls. I ran a network test and discovered a consistent 30% packet loss which means out of the box the unit is only operating at 70% advertised speeds. Often my browser would fail to load it completed (timed out after 90 seconds).

I like the IP web cam approach, but Tenvis is unacceptable and I am returning it today.
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on June 16, 2014
I returned it. It may be inexpensive but the picture is so bad it's pretty useless. The software wouldn't let me save video, only email snapshots. I wouldn't trust the 5-star reviews, since they offer $15 for a 5-star review.
review image review image
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on July 8, 2014
This product gets low scores for several reasons. 1st and foremost the whole reason i decided to give it a review at all is because they bribe customers with a 15 dollar mail in rebate for proof of leaving a 5 star review on amazon which i personally find disgusting. Therefore, anyone who has left a five star review can not be trusted.
But thats not why i am returning the product. The box did not come with the setup wizard, just a disc to install a search tool to find the cam on a LAN conection. Upon lots of research i found that this is typical for this manufacturer. U can do some digging on the website to get the wizard to set it up on wifi. Once i my brother who is at an advanced tech level figure all that out we discovered that once u are off of wifi u can no longer access your cam. So, the part in tje discription that says access from anywhere on any device is nonsense. Also when i had the camera set up there was a section that allowed u to view public cams. This was scary as i could see into peoples homes and businesses and did not want the same thing happening at my house. Upon reading further non amazon reviews of the product the phrase serious security risk come up alot. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!! You will regret the purchase.
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on October 9, 2013
Instructions were all but useless. Plug in this or that and you'll see your camera listed... etc etc etc... errrr. No I don't. After much messing about and using my own knowledge and common sense (not the instructions from the manufacturer). I got it working. For 3 weeks. Then it stopped working very suddenly and without reason. Am now on about my 4th hour of trying to get this piece of rubbish to work. It flashes and spins and all sorts. Very pretty. Nice as a flashy christmas tree decoration perhaps, but not as a camera. My laptop and my friends computer (that I borrowed to see if my laptop was the issue)cannot find it connected directly with a cable, connected to my router with a cable, or wirelessly. Do not buy. Google it and see how many people have had problems. I've only given this 1 star because Amazon won't like me write this review with zero stars.
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on February 22, 2012
This might be the first review on Amazon of the Tenvis JPT3815W. I originally wanted to go with the Foscam since it was the most popular of the same type of IP camera, but decided to take a chance with the Tenvis. The little booklet manual was easy to follow and has good illustrations and photos. Set it up first with the ethernet cable before attempting wireless setup. The software auto-detects your network and puts the camera in the same IP address range. I got it all working and was viewing over the LAN in under a half-hour. With some port-forwarding knowledge, you can set the camera up for remote view on your smartphone, which I did with the excellent Android phone app, TinyCam Monitor Pro. Picture quality is good and focus can be manually adjusted by turning the ring around and night-vision works very well.
When operating, a green LED flashes continuously but unfortunately there is no way to turn it off in the software and hopefully the manufacturer will have a fix for it sometime in the near future.
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