Customer Reviews: TENVIS Wireless IP Pan/Tilt/ Night Vision Internet Surveillance Camera Built-in Microphone With Phone remote monitoring support(White)
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on January 17, 2013
It comes with IP camera Wizard software on a CD, which was very easy to use. Even those who don't know networking should be able to get the camera working on their home network.

But here's the first caveat. The initial set up DOES require a hard wired ethernet connection to do. If you don't have that you have a problem.

Next caveat - after you get it talking to your network immediately do the software and firmware upgrades (if available for your model). It's make for a much better experience.

The night vision works VERY well for a dark room. The web page that pulls up when you access the camera is easy to use. With 10 seconds of instruction my wife was accessing the camera, moving it around, etc.And the image is impressively clear.

Now for some shortcomings. First - the power cord is only 3-4 feet long. The short cord limits where you can place or mount the camera. Ideally the camera should be up a little higher than eye level. But unless your are going to install a custom electric outlet that's tough to do. Of course you do have an option to splice the power cord or use and extension cord - not real good options aesthetically for going up a wall..

Shortcoming #2 - I had wanted to put it in a window looking out for security. Works fine during the day. But the lens is encircled with LED's that it uses for night vision. When placed to look out the window these LED's reflect off the glass and make seeing anything outside impossible. And since it is not weather proof just leaving it outside is not an option. I don't know if it would have the same problem of reflection in a weatherproof enclosure. And putting it outside one would have to deal with issues of power and the short power cord.

Next caveat. I can access it from my Android smart phone. I tried it both using a browser and also an app. Yeah, it works. But the features of motion are erratic at best and leave a lot to be desired. +*+*EDITED March 6, 2013 - the new app for Android and the new web page for viewing have corrected this problem
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on June 16, 2014
I returned it. It may be inexpensive but the picture is so bad it's pretty useless. The software wouldn't let me save video, only email snapshots. I wouldn't trust the 5-star reviews, since they offer $15 for a 5-star review.
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on October 16, 2012
I purchased this product with the purpose of monitor my baby in his new room. The camera has a great price and features. The quality of image is very good. These are the cons for this camera for the purpose I'm using it:
The camera reset itself frequently with the on line tool and loses the point you were looking at and the audio.
If I go to sleep and the the camera resets itself, I lose the baby view and the audio because every time you start the camera, the audio needs to be turned on.
I found an alternative solution to stream with VLC and it does not reset as much (once every two weeks) and the audio is on all the time which is vital for my inetented purpose because when you are sleeping, what is warning you if something is wrong is the audio. But still the audio has delay and after a few hours becomes intermittent.

I have the camera in a wireless mode. I will try to connect it with LAN to see if it will improve.


Using VLC and a LAN instead of wireless, the camera does not reset the position and the delay of the audio is only 2 or 3 seconds but I can live with it. Much better performance and serve the purpose. I have not checked for upgrades in the softwares or in the online tool.
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on July 11, 2012
Having experience in IP Cams, this camera did not disappoint. Setup was a breeze using the supplied mini CD. Once the network finds the camera, the wireless feature is activated using the wifi setup screen, and setting up port forwarding on the network router. The camera is used indoors to keep an eye on pets. Pan and tilt with audio works great. I use with both google chrome and Internet Explorer. Video quality on par with Foscam equivalents. For a fraction of the price of the Foscams, I highly recommend this Tenvis model.
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on May 29, 2013
OK. So, it's probably obvious at this point that the camera's are all clones. If you've scanned Amazon for IP camera, you've probably seen a dozen of these same cameras under different names. So, this review applies to all of them. I'm not singling out {insert Chinese clone hardware retailer here}.

Firstly, the IR filters have been removed to give the sensors night vision capabilities. This causes weird color shifting. The sensors being used are very low resolution and low grade. Also, the on board micro-controller dishing out the Wi-Fi, video/audio compression, motion control, etc is very under powered for all its tasks. In other words, all corners have been cut. That's to be expected for this price point.

Second, SINCE these all are the same hardware, the differentiation is the software support. Again, not much difference. I will say that the main difference APPEARS to be one of two things: audio support and mobile device application support. For instance, I downloaded the Android Foscam IP video viewer and it worked with the Tenvis clone. Tenvis claims to have two way audio support. This is a misnomer. It REALLY only works with a highly specialized IE plugin. Running Win 7 x64 with IE 9 and 10, I have yet to get it to work. So, forget audio.

Finally: performance for the actual task. OK, if you are INSIDE your home network using a browser like Chrome on a fast PC, the video and pan/tilt support is very responsive. Deceptively so. It's only when you go outside the firewall do you see how incredibly laggy the camera is. It's almost unbearable. I think I'll ultimately install GotoMyPC on my Android tablet and remote in to view the video on Chrome ON my internal PC. A lot of work to get decent video. That's what you get when you go cheap.

Pros: CHEAP to the point of being nearly disposable. Who cares if it breaks. For an internal security station, these would be ideal. Easy to make the initial connection and configure (as long as you completely ignore the install instructions and realize the IP address is printed on the bottom of the camera). Pan and tilt are smooth. Works at night. Small and light.
Cons: Capabilities are misleading if not outright lies. My overall impression of the support software is that it's in early beta. MAY want to pay additional bucks for a camera that uses more sophisticated software/firmware especially in the video compression arena.
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on January 7, 2014
I bought this camera to be able to view the footage from my android phone. I was able to set it up for viewing on my computer on my home network easily so I thought this was going to be a breeze to set up. Well, I was dead wrong. To set up the remote view (to view from an outside computer) you have to set up a static Ip address and do some port forwarding. I can read directions, so I went to the forums to figure out how to do that. Hours and days later, I was able to get it to work most of the time . But the remote viewing on my Android still wasn't working. But it was weird, because it would work sometimes (about 5%) and the rest of the time it said "Camera Feed Not Available."

Then the remote viewing from a computer completely stopped working. So I emailed customer service, and he was very timely in his responses. But remember they are in Beijing so that adds another layer of difficulty. He did some remote assistance and was able to get my remote viewing from another computer to work (he changed the port number). However, he checked the settings on my android and said they were right. But it still didn't work but he had no further suggestions. I downloaded multiple viewing apps thinking maybe that was the problem, but none of them work. But remember, it worked a couple times on my phone, so I know the settings are correct. I've tried it on 3 different phones, both android and iphone. It just simply does not work 95% + of the time. Also, the night vision has not been working either. So basically, this thing is worthless to me. And I have wasted SO MUCH time trying to get it to work I am completely frustrated and decided to call it a loss and find something better.

If you are just looking for a camera just to view from inside your home network, this may be ok for you because that part was easy to set up. And as long as the night vision doesn't go out like it did on mine, you may be ok. But if you want remote mobile viewing I would stay far, far away from this one!

UPDATE 1/27/14:
My rating has changed from a 1 star to a 3 star. I increased my rating because I was finally able to get it to work correctly after hours and hours of trial and error and help from a third party product. I can only give the actual product a 3 star because the built-in DDNS didn't work. The process of setting it up and the support gets 0 stars. I was determined to get this thing to work with my mobile view (I had so much time invested, it was getting personal, lol). I knew that since it worked about 5% of the time, that the camera was capable. I had a feeling the entire time that it was a problem with the DDNS (the website you use to log on from a remote device). I asked the support person if this could be the case, but they kept telling me no, that everything was fine since they were able to connect to the DDNS from China. Well, they may be able to connect from China, but I couldn't here in the US. So I decided to do some research on DDNS (I'm not a technical expert and have never dealt with this before). I found some instructions on the foscam website (they make a very similar camera) on how to set up an external DDNS instead of using the one built into the camera. I used No-ip, and low and behold, it worked!!! Now I can view from my android and it works 100% of the time. I was so excited (literally hooting and hollering in my living room) that after months and months I finally got it to work. So if anyone is having the same problem as I am, try and click on DNS. You'll then have to go into your camera settings and uncheck the built-in DDNS and fill in the info for the third-party DDNS. It wasn't too complicated to set up. You'll be glad you did! Or better yet, just return it and get another one, hopefully you'll get lucky the second time and get one with a properly functioning built-in DDNS. But the bottom line is, the built-in DDNS is faulty on some of the cameras and doesn't allow you to connect remotely, and the support team should have known that. I'm so mad that I spent so many hours on this and it was a somewhat easy fix. Hopefully this will save someone out there about 40 hours of pain.
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on March 7, 2014
This product may deserve 2 stars, it works under wired LAN connection with tolerable picture quality and you can remote control the camera from your PC, which is pretty cool, but this camera can never connect to my router wirelessly as long as I set a password for my wifi network, no matter it's WEP/WPA/WPA2, I checked the technical support forum on their website, no solution found, what make me have to give it 1 star is a card in its box, which says if you leave them a 5-star product review, they will send you a $15 rebate check, I think that well explains why this low quality camera has so many 5-stars reviews which obviously overate it!
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on July 15, 2014
I hate doing this, but with this product I received a card offering a $15 rebate if I gave a 5 star review. I can only imagine how many products have high reviews because of this incentive alone. I'm sure there's been several for this product alone so I'm giving it 1 star to try offset the many others that gave high reviews for the rebate. I've heard of this happening more and more on amazon, but had never experienced to verify it to be true. I'm shocked Amazon allows this, since their product reviews are one of the biggest thing that sets them apart from other companies. I think it takes away from the credibility of the manufacturers (if they feel they must resort to doing this for good reviews) and Amazon (for having unreliable reviews). If Amazon loses the reliability of their product reviews, they're going to lose a lot of business.
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on September 23, 2014
Not sure how there are so many positive reviews on this. This camera has great potential but you're pretty much limited to connecting it somewhere that has Ethernet access via an Ethernet cable because WI-FI simply does not work. I'm not an idiot. I'm a network architect and I have multiple wireless devices working GREAT on my Wireless N router. The only solution is upgrade the firmware (which doesn't work none of the firmware on the site works, it fails on upgrade) and to downgrade your WIFI signal to wireless B? Wireless B really? WTF in 2014? DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.
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on January 28, 2015
Extremely difficult to set up. I'm mulling over if I should give up and return this or continue to hope I will figure out how to set this cumbersome camera up. I tried for hours on my laptop downloading and installing basically anything and everything on the Tenvis website, but none would detect the camera which was powered on and plugged with Ethernet cable.

My wife finally tried the Iphone app, which scanned the QR code in the bottom of the camera, which seems to work but it pulls up IPRobot instead of JPT3815w, which I thought was weird. It took about 30 minutes to figure out how to set it up on our phones, but again its all using the ethernet cable, which is very 2005-ish. Can't have 100' ethernet cables running through the house now, its gotta be wireless and we can't figure it out...I have about a week left before I have to decide to keep it or return it. At this point, I only could figure out about half the things it says it would do. I've lost hope even trying to get it to run on a wireless server so that it can store the video instead of just live stream. If they want this to be truly successful, they have GOT to make it easier to set up. I'm talking download, install, open, done. But I'm not holding my breath.
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