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on March 5, 2013
I have been shopping for a laptop for a while but after seeing my friend with his this tablet I was sold almost instantly and I went and bought it on here the same day. This thing is a one stop shop. It has all the apps fast browsing and the speakers are louder than a laptop...did I mention is was a touch screen. I also purchased the keyboard that can along with it that allows me to have an extra battery source that charges my tablet. Simply on of the best products out complaints. Packaged came tightly secured and brand new working condition...very happy
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on March 17, 2013
I bought this as my second tablet. The first one I had ordered for my birthday but it wasn't working out so I returned it. I then chose this one thinking it would be great. Four processors, plenty of space for apps, music, games, ect... However with all the research and calls I've made to Asus proved a waste. My issue was the touch screen would stop working. It wouldn't accept any touching and the whole issue was completely random. I performed several restarts, cold boots, and factory resets, however, none of them fixed the issue. The closest I got to fixing it was delaying the issue from coming back. Unfortunately the issue continued to get worse until it reached the point where the touch screen no longer works at all.

-Extremely fast for playing games, music, surfing the internet
-Excellent multitasking capabilities for downloading multiple apps, playing music, and playing games simultaneously
-Crisp and clear picture

-Touch screen stopped working
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on December 2, 2012
Excellent tablet. Tons of bang for your buck. Better stats for the cash then Samsung Note Tablet 10.1. I was gonna buy the Note Tablet then i did a spec comparison and this tablet outclassed Samsung's Note Tablet 10.1 and was way cheaper. Crisp HD Display, great graphics from the Tegra!! This tablet has to be owned to truly appreciate everything it has to offer.
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on October 3, 2012
I recently purchased this Transformer TF300 WITH the keyboard attachment and have been very pleased thus far. The Transformer has a reasonable amount of processor power combined with an outstanding battery life and aesthetics. That being said, it lacks (to the extent of my knowledge) Java, or the ability to install Java. This is not an error of ASUS, but, rather, of Java.


Sleek appearance
Terrific Battery life
Clear speaker with reasonable range
Great camera quality
Runs Android 4.0
Powerful processor
Good Screen resolution
Good touch screen responsiveness
Instantly compatible with PS3 controllers (setup via keyboard dock, then use wirelessly)
Keyboard dock includes battery
Expandable storage
Reasonable Price


Absence of compatibility with many applications in the Play Store (Could potentially be updated in near future)
Touch screen sometimes indicates "presses" without a user touching the screen
No USB ports on tablet itself
Plastic casing (in white model) looks somewhat cheap visually.
Tablet does not feel as structurally sturdy as comparable Apple products
Only 32GB onboard storage
Lower resolution than Transformer Prime or iPad

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend this product as a secondary computing device. I prefer to be able to use a more stationary computer as a primary computer, because of the (potentially) increased processor speed as well as significantly more hard drive space, a larger screen, etc. Many of the issues that I have had with the Transformer have been minor (in my opinion), while others may be more concerned with some of the issues listed above.

This product could function as a primary computer for persons who:
Use computers very lightly
Need only access to word processing, internet use, social networking, etc
Are intolerant of OSX, Windows, and Ubuntu

As a sidenote, I would recommend the ASUS transformer (or TF Prime) over an iPad, or even other Android OS tablets available at the time of authoring because it is notably more powerful and in my opinion, more functional, as well as more reasonably priced.
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on October 28, 2012
This is pretty much the most awesome tablet I've ever used. I've already gotten compliments on the screen resolution. I'm a college student, so I use this tablet everyday... It's great for pulling up powerpoints, taking notes, etc... The camera and sound quality is great. Everything about this tablet screams IPAD killer.
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on October 2, 2012
I bought this tablet, because of its best bang for the buck with regards to processor (Tegra 3) expandability (Keyboard dock / usb) and its i/o of microsd and hdmi. This is a pretty good tablet, but the quality control issues of the screen pixels had issues for me. I did check out the competing android tablets from other manufacturers, but this one had all the things I wanted and at a good price point.

On my first tablet from amazon, the tablet had a small cluster of issues of dead/stuck pixels. This can't be seen with certain background colors when on the net, viewing pics, or even watching a movie. I returned the first tablet and received a replacement from amazon. The second tablet had one stuck pixel on the center of the screen that can easily be seen with certain colors: white, green, blue, and red. In less than two weeks, another stuck pixel occurred on the bottom right. (When holding the tablet in its longest vertical position) This pixel would be easily seen with the display colors of red, black, white, and blue. I have read issues on the transformer forums on some tablets with pixel issues, dust issues between the glass and touch panel. (I didn't have the dust issues, just the pixel issues) On the forum many have posted that they have had some stuck pixel issues and didn't bother them too much. However, if I am forking out a good chunk of my hard earned money for an item, I expect it to not have any manufacturing/ quality control issues. Also in the forums, there were mentions of the quality control issues being hit or miss. I am returning the 2nd replacement and am stepping up to to the TF700T Asus Transformer Infinity tablet. More than I would like to spend, but this is supposedly there flagship tablet and hope that there aren't any issues that were plagued with the TF300T. Aside from these screen/pixel issues, the tablet functionality, design, interface was just what I wanted out of an Android tablet. Btw.....the two TF300T experiences, they were both the white, 32gb versions. One thing to note, I mainly used the tablet as a internet, netflix, photo/video playback and comics reading device. I didn't maximize the brightness at any time. The brightness setting was in the middle. Also, FYI, there are videos on youtube that will display a full screen of a single color and then cycle to various colors if anyone ever wants to check to see if there pixels are displaying colors properly.
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on April 13, 2013
MY EDIT after a few years: Not a four-star anymore. The thing has slowed down like an old PC to where it's all but unusable. It's become an expensive mp3 player that I connect to a bluetooth speaker and stream Pandora, but not worth much else. Very disappointed that it didn't last longer. When I did everything I could to speed it up - including a factory reset and many other solutions I found online, it wasn't any better, and I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab, which has been wonderful, and is just as speedy as the day I bought it.

Original review

I've waited to review this purchase until I've had some significant time using the tablet. Overall, I like and and could recommend it. It has some flaws, but what computing device doesn't.

I purchased a Kindle Fire about six months before this, hoping that I could find a cheaper way to enter the tablet rage. I like the Fire, too, but found that the screen is too small for my aging eyes for the fairly extensive amount of reading I do online through blogs, websites, news pages, etc. So I use the Fire more as an ereader now, with the flexibility to get online with it periodically, too.

I shopped for some time and landed on the Asus. The screen is bright and clear. The touch screen is generally responsive, though in some apps less so. I also bought a stylus to help with those tiny hyperlinks on some pages, because I found that it was occasionally difficult to land where I wanted to.

I was hoping to use it mostly for pleasure, but occasionally for business, and that's where it's been mildly disappointing. I was hoping to connect it to a projector to show powerpoint files I've created on my laptop, and I searched far and wide for apps that would enable me to do that. Finally found Teamviewer, and it does what I want, and the miniHDMI to VGA connector displays the screen, but despite playing with settings on both the Asus and the projector, it still squeezes the screen to make the display on the projector unacceptable.

I use it often for reading online the various blogs and news sites I frequent, and have used some apps (such as USA Today)that make that easier still.

It's never frozen up on me (as has almost every PC I've ever owned - even the ones I really liked), there's plenty of memory for some music, photos and videos to be stored. I will say that I'm a little disappointed in the ability to playback certain types of video files - perhaps that's more a function of the software than the Asus.

All in all, a user-friendly, enjoyable tool for getting online, doing a little business (though it will never replace my laptop), and I continue to discover new ways to use it even several months after purchasing it.
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on September 8, 2012
Wow! Awesome tablet. I am a school teacher and I wanted something that I can use to carry around in the classroom to do grades. I also want to use it for netflix and internet browsing in bed. i dont have much experience with the other tablets other than the Ipad. The Ipad is super fast and responsive, but more expensive, non expandable memory, hardware needed for usb and hdmi, and Itunes is a nightmare.

The Asus Transformer solves those issues. With the dock, it offers plenty of ports, memory card slot, it cost just right and just as fast as the ipad. The battery life is good. The real highlights is the build. Its sooooo thin and light. Its so perfect. The android store offers plenty of stuff to make this tablet so useful.

The only downside is the screen. It seems nice and strong, but it smudges so bad. Im sure a screen protector would alleviate that, but until then.

I lvoe this tablet and I am so happy I got it.It will get plenty of use and with the dock, it could eventually replace my pc laptop.
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on November 18, 2012
The first thing I wanna say is that I am a long time user of Asus products and I have always been absolutely satisfied with their products. This, however, is the first product from Asus I cannot fully endorse. I ordered two of these at the recent sale price. If I had paid full price, at least one of them would be going back.

The good: Despite what many others have complained about, the screen is actually very responsive. The transitions are nice and smooth. The brightness, contrast l, etc., are all more than adequate, even with bright surroundings. Yes, its true that its not good enough to view if the Sun is right on it. Seriously, who does that, anyway? The hardware specs, memory, processor, etc., are best in class. This will not compete with a premium i7 core tab, but thats a whole other class at a much, much higher price point. Hdmi out plus keyboard option with USB means this thing could replace an old, slow laptop, or at least provide you the flexibility of and with extended run times that would blow any Netbook away. As for those of you who say there are wifi issues on this tab, you might want to check your router and/or ISP. The wifi on this thing is better than on my Asus G75VW and HTC Evo 4g LTE.

The bad: One unit has two stuck on pixels. Not a deal breaker because pixels are so darn tiny nowadays, but still. No excuse for stuck on pixels. Other than the poor quality control on the part of inspector number twelve that missed two stuck on pixels, the tabs are actually well put together. My real gripe is software/firmware related. First of all, Asus really dropped the ball with the included software and related widgets. Their widgets are just plain old bad. There is also no Asus music player. I have owned many Android devices. The "house" brand music player is always the best. Asus didnt even try. You get stuck with that terrible Play Music app. And, there is not a single good player in the store, you are SOL for music on this. Major bummer. I wish I could copy over my HTC music player and widgets to this tab. HTC knows how to do it right. Finally, there is a major (at least in my opinion) bug with the firmware that causes files to lose tag information and/or extention during PC to tab transfer. Completely inexcusable. 1/3 of the songs lose some tag data during transfer. Basically, the whole audio/video experience for me on this tab is a washout.

Final thoughts: If you can get this on a good sale, its worth it. Otherwise, save a few more dollars and get something else.
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on September 10, 2012
This tablet works exceptionally well. After a few issues that needed corrected from the beginning after a factory reset and the update to Jelly Bean this tablet has worked perfectly. I can perform every task I need to using this tablet and would highly recommend it. This is the first tablet I have purchased so am not sure if it is standard or not, but this tablet does not have a USB port. You have to purchase the docking station in order to connect anything to this tablet through USB. That is kind of a drag because a USB port is a highly used type of connection that I will need to use a whole lot more than an hdmi port(connection that is included with the tablet). With the few small issues regarding the connection types set aside overall this tablet works flawlessly. I am a student and was having trouble managing all of my e-mails, assignments, etc. and this device has made this an effortless task for me.
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