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on June 10, 2003
I remember watching this movie in the theatres. The audience was packed and I LOVED every minute of it. Shelly Long made an outstanding Carol Brady, loving wife and doting mother to six (count 'em six) children. The movie captured the classic camp of the television show perfectly down to trademark episode storylines inter-woven into a bigger story. The real stand out actors though has to be Christine Taylor as Marcia and Jennifer Elise Cox as Jan. The dynamic duo really set the stage with not only their remarkable resemblance to the characters but the way they captured even the inflections of the blonde Brady girls. It was almost like being taken back to the series. And speaking of which, several original series cast members make cameo appearances in the film, such as Florence Henderson as Grandma Brady, Barry Williams as a music producer, Ann B. Davis as Shultzy (named as an homage to her character on the Bob Cummings Show), and Christopher Knight as the school coach. And you can't miss the ever talented Jean Smart or RuPaul as the drunk next door neighbor and school guidence counselor. The drawbacks of the DVD release though is that Paramount skimped on any bonus material. We are benefited with seeing the movie in crystal clear widescreen and in Dolby sound, but there are no behind-the-scenes clips added though such material was shown on television when the movie was just released. There are no character/actor bios. There are no photo stills. There are no Brady song montages. There isn't even a movie trailer of the movie itself. There is just simply nothing added to make this DVD as special as it could have been than just the movie standing alone. In my mind, the purpose of releasing a movie on DVD at all is to provide the audience with a higher level of product than you would recieve on a standard videotape. Because the movie wasn't released with any of these I have to grudgingly give the DVD a three out of five stars. Not because the movie isn't good, because it is. It's one of my favorites. No, I gave it three stars because companies such as Paramount and others like them really should know better. The word 'cheated' comes to mind.
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on December 21, 1999
I originally saw this movie on the big screen... as an adult who grew up watching The Brady Bunch when it was still a prime time show, I thought I would die laughing when I saw this. I could tell a number of the younger viewers in the theater did not understand a lot of the gags in the movie. The costuming is dead on (most of us of that age either dressed that way or had brothers and sisters who did). Christine Taylor, who plays the Marcia character is good, but the actress who plays Jan is hysterical (she's perfect! ). Shelly Long gets Florence Henderson's mannerisms and voice tone down so well - it's almost scary ("Oh Mike...") and Gary Cole deserves an award for being able to deliver those inane "Mike Brady" speeches with a straight face. This movie and it's sequel are great - complete with the Brady Kids song and dance numbers ("I think I'll go for a walk outside, now - the sunshine's calling my name...") but make more sense if you are very familiar with the series it parodies.
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on August 26, 2002
In what could go down as the most underrated performace of the nineties, Gary Cole eerily channels Robert Reed's ghost to nail the most dead on imitation of Mike Brady an audience could have hoped for. At times a ridiculously over-the-top parody of the already corn-laden show and at other times a cunny and dead on satire of 70's fluff and 90's grunge, this movie is 100% brilliant. You probably did not ever expect to hear the word "brilliant" in the same sentence as Brady Bunch. As I am not a working movie critic, it can be assumed that i am wrong. But i must say that in the past ten years i have not laughed harder, longer or more repeatedly at any other movie than this. And believe me, i have watched it quite a few times. Taking cue from the hilariously cheesy plots of the 70's TV show and feeding from there, the Brady Bunch Movie emerges as a rather smart, and laugh out loud funny movie. The cast could not be better with, as i mentioned before, Gary Cole, Christine Taylor (in, as Marcia, the role she was born to play) and Jennifer Elise Cox (as Jan in a nuanced comic performance) being the standouts. Along with that, we were later served up an equally hilarious sequel that begs the question: Why not a Brady Trilogy. In my humble opinion, there has not been a better comedy in the past 10 years. Call me crazy, but I'm sticking to it.
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on July 13, 2000
When I first heard about the concept of this movie, I thought it was dumb-I liked the idea of a BB movie, especially since the previews looked great, but then I read I review about how the Bradys are in a "time warp" and the rest of the world is in the late 90's. When I saw the movie, all my fears were put to rest. In fact, some of the "culture clash" scenes of the Bradys interacting with the rest of the world were the funniest, such as McKean's character not understanding a word of what she's saying because of her lisp, an attempted car-jack "Well, this is a car. But my name's not Jack!" and Marcia's best female friend being a lesbian with a hopeless crush on her.
There's not really enough room to say enough good things about this movie, but here's some of them. First, the dead-on impressions are great, especially Alice, Jan, and Marcia, but Robert Reed is really the stand-out-he sounds more like Mike Brady than Mike Brady, and has his mannerisms down perfect. Lots of in-jokes and references that kids who didn't watch the show won't get but those of us like me that did will get: for instance, when Carol kisses Mike goodbye when he leaves for work, she says, "See ya later, Tiger! (pause) Tiger...Tiger...I wonder what ever happened to that dog?" the blackboard in the kitchen has "porkchops and applesauce" written on it, etc. They even manage to throw in a reference to Johnny Bravo. The period detail is great including the costumes. There's some little sexual innuendo thrown in, but it fits in with the movie and the characters perfectly-one of the funniest scenes is when Carol and Mike think they're alone, and she's sitting on his lap whispering what is probably something dirty in his ear, and he's saying "Uh-huh...You would...I see..." exactly like Mike Brady does when he's talking to someone on the phone. They include the popular Brady songs like "Sunshine Day" (always kind of grated on me, but they do a great version in a Sears store) and the horrible one that starts "Clowns never laughed before..." but "Keep On" is actually a pretty catchy one. They recreate many famous moments/plots from the show, such as Marcia's nose getting broken ("Oh! My nose!") to Jan's delight, potato sack races, Jan hating her new glasses, Bobby being the Safety Monitor at school, and plenty more. The plot (yes, it actually has one) involves the Brady family's efforts to save their beloved home from an evil land-developer. Highly recommended, even if you're not a Brady completist. Watch for the cameos from 4 original cast members-the best was the real Alice playing a truck driver (hmmm, always though Alice was a little butch) picking up hitch-hiking Jan who has run away from home.
Most importantly to me, though this is a parody, the moviemakers make fun of the show while still staying true to the spirit of it and the characters. All their naivete is actually sweet rather than annoying-Marcia wears hideous 70's clothes but carries herself like a princess, Greg wants to make friends with the car-jacker, assuming he must need a spare tire, Mike explains how he wouldn't sell his house for any price because he designed it himself with love. During one scene, Marcia and Jan go to a "Teen Model" tryout (Jan is instantly booted) and the photographer/agent tells her she needs to cut her hair, get breast implants, and lose some weight. She slaps, him horrified: "CUT MY HAIR? How dare you!" Greg's lines to pick up chicks (well, it seems like this is his only opening pickup line) is "Hey groovy chick. You look really happening in a far out way!" are actually endearing.
Everyone with a sense of humor and fun will probably like this movie, and those of us who grew up on the show will absolutely love it.
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on February 11, 2000
"The Brady Bunch" movie is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. But instead of boring you with what the plot is, I'll just share some of my favorite quotes:
DAD: "Put on your Sunday best kids, we're going to Sears!"
MARCIA: "Doug, I think I felt your tongue in my mouth." DOUG: "It's called a French kiss Marcia." MARCIA: "I thought you were from Nebraska."
CARJACKER: "This is a carjack!" GREG: "I know this is a car, but my names not Jack, its Greg."
CINDY (In her lisp): "My mommy asked me, to ask you, if you had any of our mail by mistake." MR DETWILDER(?): "What! " CINDY: (repeats what she said before) MR DETWILDER: I don't understand you(something like that) MRS DETWILDER: SHE WANTS THE BRADY'S MAIL LARRY!
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VINE VOICEon December 28, 2002
The Brady Bunch Movie is much funnier than the tv series because it keeps the Bradys in the 70s, while the rest of the world is in the 90s, and plays their wholesomeness for laughs. All the plot elements you loved in the tv series are back: Cindy is the snoop, Bobby is Safety Monitor, Jan is the forgotten middle child, Peter's voice changes, Marcia has two dates for the dance, and Greg is singer Johnny Bravo.

Shelly Long and Gary Cole are perfect as the Brady parents. Christopher Daniel Barnes is "far out" as rocker wanna-be Greg, and Christine Taylor is "groovy" as the would-be teen model Marcia, and Michael McKean is hilarious as the Brady's neighbor.

Whether you were a fan of the TV show or not, you'll like the movie because it pokes fun at itself. It acknowledges that the Bradys were corny. It's well-written and well-acted; a very funny movie you'll enjoy again and again.
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on September 17, 2001
You can't go wrong with this spotless, dead on parody of the incredibly popular television series. The Brady's still have their 70's lifestyle going on. Hair, clothes, slang, you name it. But it is present day. The 90's. We see the two different cultures collide in a hysterical way. Shelley Long is perfect as Carol Brady. She is absolutely flawless. Gary Cole, as Mike Brady, is astounding. His voice and mannerisms are so unbelieveably Robert Reed, that it is nothing short of creepy. He is perfect. The kids are incredible. Christine Taylor as Marcia is a clone of T.V. Marcia. Right on the money. And, by the way, what a hot Marcia!. Michael McKean and Jean Smart as the neighbors are equally entertaining. Some of the jokes are sorta mean, but that's what makes it work. It's sort of making fun of the Brady's. There are several jokes and scenes that are spoofs of storylines in actual Brady episodes. If you don't know your Brady stuff, then a lot of the jokes will go right over your head. Of course, there are a number of the original cast members that pop up through the film. That was very welcome. Many people have said how stupid this film was. It's not stupid. If people think it was, then it's only because that's the way it was supposed to be. Making fun of the Brady's and their own way of the world circa the 1970's. If you call the movie stupid, your not slamming the movie. Your only praising it. That was the point. Do yourself a great favor and see this movie!. It's a hoot and a half!. Everybody have a sunshine day!.
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on May 28, 2015
I just finished watching for maybe the fourth time since it came out I'm sure you would have to live in the seventy and old enough to remember the tv show or it would make no sense to you I was that lucky and to me it's hilarious to see a family still living the seventies. I'm trying to find the second one I can't find it on Amazon.
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on October 7, 2015
This re-imagining of the Brady Bunch as a family stuck in the 70's while living in the mid-90's is spot on. Fans of the original show will appreciate the frequent nods to plots from the original series. The movie gently skewers each character. Of note are Christine Taylor's vain and slightly mean Marcia, Gary Cole's rambling, advice-filled Mike and Shelly Long's pitch-perfect Carol. Even the character of Alice is given a slight comic edge that works well with the fish out of water secondary story.

This is a fluffy and light-hearted comedy aimed squarely at a generation that watched the original TV show. If you liked the TV show, you will probably enjoy The Brady Bunch Movie and A Very Brady Sequel.

Side Note: This was one of the first movies I downloaded to my phone via the Amazon Prime Video app via my wifi network. This new feature allows me to view select TV shows and movies while riding the train to and from work, regardless of strength of my phone signal, since the movie resides on my phone. Great new feature Amazon!
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on August 28, 2015
This is a really funny movie if you are a Brady Bunch fan. Especially if you've watched the old episodes recently, right before the movie, which we have, you can really appreciate the talent of the actors, and how spot-on some of the characters are. Shelly Long is absolutely fantastic, Gary Cole doesn't really look like Mr Brady, but he's got the voice and mannerisms down to a tee. As do the gals playing Marcia, Jan & Alice. Everyone else is pretty good, too. If you are not a Brady fan, or it's been a really long time since you've seen it, it might be a little lost on you. It's also not appropriate for young kids like the series is. It's rated PG-13 for a reason. There is sexual innuendo everywhere, including between Greg & Marcia.
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