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on June 19, 2012
UPDATE 4/19/2016 -- Unfortunately, it looks like the website "" doesn't exist anymore. So the method for getting the PRO Model for $99.99 no longer works. However, as someone who has used the PRO Model weekly for more than 3 years now, I highly recommend it over the 23lb model. It's so much better if you have any intention on sticking with THERACK for any extended period of time. I also listed my current 1 hour exercise routine at the end of the comments section for anyone interested...

I challenge anyone - no matter how ripped & in-shape you think you are - to put in the FAT SHREDDER workout right out of the box and stay up with Owen through the entire 30-min workout. You'll find out right quick that THERACK will push you to your limits and have you crawling on the floor gasping for air. And if not, then do TWO Fat Shredders back-to-back (like you normally start doing in Week 10) and see how that works out for you...

I went through the entire included 3-month workout plan exactly as it's listed. That's not exactly easy for 2 reasons. First, it requires a commitment of time since you pretty much work out with THERACK 30-60 min/day, 5 days a week for 3 months. Second, the workout plan puts you on a steadily increasing difficulty curve and some days I experienced severe muscle fatigue to the point that I DREADED working out...But did anyway. Especially when you start doing the back-to-back Fat Shredders, you're really going to feel it.

After the included workout plan ran out (3 months), I constructed my own from the DVD workouts. I coded the workouts with a simple number system, based on workout time & intensity:

1 - Explosive Chest, Shoulders & Back; Big Arm Blast; Ripped Abs.
2 - Into the Zone; Bartendaz.
3 - Fat Shredder; Into the Zone - The Next Level.

I decide what mix I'll do right before a workout. My weekly goal is a total of 18 points, with a bare minimum of 15. For example, one day I might do just a Fat Shredder for 3 points...The next day I'll do all 3 of the 1 point workouts for a total of 3...The next day I'll do 2 Into the Zone workouts for 4 points...And usually take one, maybe 2 days off per week. Mixing the workouts up like this keeps it interesting and keeps me involved. (I usually don't do the Bartendaz because I've hurt myself with it and they don't use the "apparatus" correctly in most of their exercises so I keep scrambling trying to turn it the right way, grab it the right way, break it down, open it back up, etc.) The endless workout combination possibilities of my system keep things from getting boring...

THERACK is compact (folds up), versatile (you'll work your entire body) and suitable for those wanting to build/tone muscles as well as those wanting to burn fat with cardio. In fact, you'll get a heavy dose of each with most of the included DVD workouts. I also have to stress: BE CAREFUL and exercise within your limits. There's a warning at the beginning of each workout and you should heed it. Pause the DVD when you need to catch your breath, then start it again when you're ready.

On the downside, THERACK should ship COMPLETE with "THERACK Pad", which is needed for certain exercises. Instead, you have to order it from the company's website for an additional $20 + $6 shipping. Also, I was disappointed to learn I bought the "amateur" 23lb version when there's also a "pro" 30lb version. So if you'd like to start off with the "pro" version of THERACK shipped to you for just $99.99, here's how you do it:

Go to and then click on your browser "back" button to leave the page. A "Special Offer" box will pop up and you click on "Stay On This Page"...Then a survey pops up and just select any of the 3 survey answers and you'll be taken to a special order page to get the entire PRO package for $99.99 with FREE SHIPPING. This is the deal I wish I knew about BEFORE I got THERACK retail version at a local Target store. I also recommend Harbinger 155 Power StretchBack Glove (Black) for your workouts with THERACK...Your palms will thank you for it.

The best thing I noticed about THERACK results, besides the obvious muscle growth/toning, is that whenever I'm out walking with the family or another group, I'm always at the front and never out of breath. A few flights of stairs is nothing...I don't even break a sweat. I breeze through 2-3 1-hr long Black Belt classes a week while most of the kids struggle to keep up. THERACK will make you feel YEARS younger and will get you into the shape that every human being should be in...IF YOU COMMIT TO IT.

Surely that's worth 3-4 hours of your time each week and a mere $99.99, right?
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on August 9, 2011
Ordered the Rack two weeks ago - the saleslady on the telephone told me it would take three weeks for delivery. Perfect since I was coming off a serious illness. Wouldn't you know it, the thing arrived exactly one week later. Assembly required me to completely remove the two bolts (instructions call for loosening) in order to fit the hardware. Took some effort to do that, but upon final tightening, I have a solid unit. I watched the Starter video and wondered if the routine would be enough (I am an accomplished runner). The next day I found out. It wore me out!


Get the reinforced model - this is the one that weighs 30 lbs. The ones
I saw in stores weigh twenty-three lbs. Guess you will have to mail
order if you want the better model.

If you are going to toss the Rack - do it on a matted surface. Face it,
plastic wheels are not designed to withstand rough impact on a hard
surface. Besides, equipment should not be carelessly tossed

Get a matted surface to work on. (Sports Authority)

Get a decent chinup bar (one that is removable) (once again, Sports

If you get one used, make sure it comes with the exercise videos.
The videos are key to the success of the device.

If you are over six feet two, this may not work for you. At five six,
this thing works great for me. There should be a size for tall people.

The Rack is not for weight lifters, although it could serve for flexibility training on the lifters off days. The Rack offers me an ideal device for core training (I am training for a fast mile). It is a well designed calisthenics machine and nothing more. Using it within its designed purpose will offer excellent results - if you use it properly.
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on April 7, 2010
--The Rack Workout Station--

PROS: I'm highly critical of workout gadgets, but I'm very impressed with THERACK! Unlike many other workout products, THERACK promotes real exercises that are time-tested and truly work (generally if it's hard to do and requires balance, you're on the right track). It's elegantly simple, seems to be of good quality construction, and despite my height of 6'1'' I was able to comfortably do dips and other exercises as advertised. Never mind the feeling I sometimes have--when it's set up for dips--that I now own a beefed-up walker. It folds very compact and fits under my bed, just as advertised. While there is NO substitute for weight training at a gym, this product will at the very least get you training with the right kinds of body-weight movements--even if it's in your small apartment.

CONS: ah, if only THERACK included a means of training legs--then it might be closer to the perfect training machine. Also, I find it much more difficult to use THERACK to properly hold your feet in place for sit ups (it's simply not heavy enough to act as a solid foot brace), and VERY difficult to use for seated ab work as it advertises as part of its training use (it's too difficult to sit on THERACK's "seated" area). Curls with THERACK are also not so great--bicep training is a bit awkward. My concern is that ultimately this is a dips/abs/triceps machine--other exercises seem more like just movements the company discovered you COULD do, but not particularly comfortably. Nonetheless, I'm glad to have THERACK get me training at home while I prep myself to begin getting my sorry ass to the gym =)
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on June 20, 2011
I bought this directly from the website, ordered the more expensive stronger tubing and it's seemed to work out fine until I shattered the cheap wheels when tossing it to ground has he constantly instructs in his videos. I called their customer service (India) and got the run around, call=busy signal, call=busy signal, when I actually got through, I was put on hold and hung up on. I reviewed the warranty, and you have to pay $30 to have them ship the product back, how about they just ship me the 3 dollar wheels and we'll call it even. Overall I'm fairly happy with the product, I'm working out, seeing results, but beware, there is no service with this product.
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on October 16, 2011
Review update:

Since I wrote this review, I have lost 32 pounds and 4 inches off my waist. The Rack is holding up well. I have not had to tighten up any of the screws. I still get my heartrate up to around 85% of my target and continue to build up my functional muscles.

I saw an infomercial about the Rack Workout Station. I was intrigued but mistrust infomercials. I did my research on the Web. I found great and terrible reviews. I liked the concept, so I ordered it. I am completely satisfied with the Rack, and I have made progress since I started using it.

I would like to address some of the complaints. Most of the comments regarded poor quality. I weigh 300 pounds, and I spent an extra $40 ordered the premium model. When I use the Rack, it neither creaks nor shifts. It is stable. A few people wrote the wheels broke. I think that they used the Rack with the wheels down for all the exercises. The wheels should only be used for the abs exercises. If I had the wheels down doing a pushup, they would quickly snap off. The instructions do not state so, but common sense should prevail.

The assembly took me 20 minutes, and I read everything twice before I start.

There was a claim of dishonesty due to their selling a protein powder for $30 a month. There is an option for the monthly protein powder and it is in the open. However, you have to opt out. It would be good if they had you opt in. That is typical for this industry so caveat emptor.

The good:
I have lost 2 inches off my waist and have added muscle. When I started this, I struggled mightily with the rack. I made enough progress that I added 10 pounds of weight to the Rack to increase the resistance. It only works if you work it.

This is a circuit training concept. Using your own body weight, along with some weight-bearing exercises, you move from exercise to exercise without a rest. It is a combination strength and cardio workout. You add lean muscle and strengthen your heart and circulatory system.

It comes with six workout DVDs along with a schedule for the different workouts. You are always doing something different. You avoid workout malaise by adding variety to your workouts

It folds up and I tuck it in a corner when I am done. When using the Rack it has a small footprint, and I use a 4'x4' mat.

The difficult:
Being a large man and definitely out of shape, I could not do their exercises exactly as they showed. For example, you do dips by standing on the floor and pushing up with my arms. I could not get my body off the floor. But I was able to adapt the exercises to my limitations and still get an excellent heart-pumping, muscle building workout.

My recommendation:
I paid $285 for the package. That included the premium version, the optional weights, and the expedited shipping. It is the best $285 I ever spent. If you have priced quality workout equipment, $285 is cheap. If you want to do something good for yourself, buy the Rack Workout Station.

If you think this is a planted review by the company, it is not. I am customer who they never met and never will. It is how I feel.
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on April 21, 2011
I am a road bike fanatic. Problem is that I'm in good shape, dont have alot of extra body fat but dont really look the part of a guy that bikes 110 miles a week. And I dont want to lift alot of weight due to the added weight on the bike that bulky muscles bring. So I ordered the rack.

This thing blew away my expectations. Not only do you get a terrific upper and lower body workout, but you do it while getting a great cardio workout. I've been doing it for 3 weeks and have already lost 5 pounds and can really see a difference in the mirror. My chest is getting smaller, but it really tones you. But by far the best thing about the Rack is the unique ab workout that it offers. It is easily the best ab workout I've ever done.

The cons have been mentioned, it's not really heavy enough to build muscle, but in order to get a burn, you do so many reps on the dvd's that it really tones all your muscles. It's not going to make you look like an NFL safety, but more like a competitive swimmer.

Plus it's light enough that the woman in your life can use it as well, though it is much more of a struggle. Everyone needs one of these things. It's not a gimmick exercise machine at all. You will sweat and work your ass off.
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on December 31, 2011
*Device to do various exercises at home for off days.
*Don't need it for my only form of workouts.
*I go to the gym for free weights and cardio.

What I use it for:
*Allows me to do various exercises.
*Good for dips
*Good for different level of pushups.
*Good for core: leg raises, bicycles, in and outs, and reach high and under pushups. I didn't get the cushion seat pad and it doesn't seem to matter.
*Good for curls (but needs a little more weight)
*Good for shoulder press (but need a little more weight)
*Overall, it's one device that you can figure out how to do different exercises on. Could you do the same exercises with chairs, tables,...sure. But, this let's you use one device to do that.

*A little light. I know there are 5lbs accessories, but they are a bit expensive. It's the shipping that makes it too expensive. I attached normal plates to the rack. It's pretty stable (I put 15 lbs on it), but I don't throw the Rack around like they say to do. I got it up to an extra 30 lbs, but that was too heavy for me. I used cable ties to stabilize the weights. I used velcro rip ties under the cable ties to protect the rack from damage from the cable ties. Adding ankle weights as in one of the other reviews is a great idea and probably alot easier to put on.

*Pretty sturdy piece of equipment.
*Pretty compact and folds nicely for storage.
*Don't do the workout on the DVDs, but looks like it should help, if you want some ideas on exercises.
*Wish I could do back/side extensions like on the Jack Rack, but can't have everything. And the Jack Rack is way more expensive
*Don't use it as an ab roller. I work out on carpet and it doesn't roll as well. I have a separate ab roller for that.
*I don't go through whole workouts, I just periodically do sets of exercises.

Like everyone says, it won't make you huge. But, I'm older, so that's isn't that much of an issue. Having said that, I think people tend to underestimate body weight exercises. If you do enough exercises, you will get in better shape and stronger. I really like the Rack. It is way cheaper if you look around. Dick Sporting Goods had it for ninety nine dollars. They also had a twenty dollar coupon with free shipping. For seventy nine dollars, it's a good deal. Check out WalMart too. My goal isn't size, but I do find that I'm getting stronger (and look a little bigger.. ;^). Hopes this review helps....
review image review image
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on November 11, 2009
This is just what I wanted. A while back, I found a similar device at a local sporting goods store. It was not as well built and had a tendency to wobble when used. It was also a bit lower to the ground. So, I didn't buy it. I've been looking for something similar, and better, ever since.

I was a little hesitant buying this product sight unseen. However, I watched the video, didn't notice any wobbling, and decided to make the purchase. I'm glad I did.

The package arrived in a about four days. The outside of the packaging was a little roughed up, but the was unscathed. Assemble was very easy and straigh-forward.

For me, the ground clearance is perfect. I'm about 5'10" and there is plenty of space beneath my knees when when I dip. The machine is solid and I feel very confident using it. Even my wife and daughters have started using this machine.

In summary, the shipping was quick, the product works as advertised, and I love it. If space is at a premium, this is a good addition to your exercise routine -- if you are not too tall. : )
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on December 26, 2011
I bought the Rack after being dissapointed with the BowFlex I'd had for over a year and used faithfully. At 6'1 and 163 pounds, I was interested in bulking up some and the BowFlex wasn't the answer. I bought the Rack, added 30 pounds worth of sand ankle weights to it and, during some workouts, I wear a 40 pound vest. I now weight 190 pounds and am still gaining and am still wearing my 30" waist jeans. I've never experienced such good and fast (three months) results and I'm still making gains. My arms, legs, and glutes are the most noticeably bigger and stronger and chest, shoulders and abs are much stronger than before the Rack. As a side note, I doubled my protein intake and cut out most grain products and sugar. A good diet is essential to getting stronger. By the way, I'm 53 years old and many who don't know, think I'm in my 30's

So to those who say you have to use big weights in a gym to get bigger...YOU'RE WRONG!
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on May 6, 2011
My experience has to do with the so called metabolism product they send you for the next few months after recieving the product. They charge you $29.90 (per month) for a box of stuff you don't order and don't want. Then when you call the number on the statement to complain you are not connected with a "real person" instead you get a round robin telephone menu. Finally I called my Credit Card Company and they confirmed the BS Phone system and took the additional prouct off my bill.If I could I would sent back Therack as a protest of piss poor sales practices. I was so mad I didn't care how well it worked... and still pissed!!!!
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