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on January 22, 2013
Wow. That essentially describes this product in one word. This is no mere flashlight; it's a portable photon cannon. This thing delivers amazing output in a surprisingly compact package. On a somewhat foggy night, I was able to easily illuminate trees over 300 yards away. Even the lowest setting is perfectly useable for a variety of tasks. The beam itself is a great mix of throw and flood so, to me, it's a more useful light than dedicated throwers like a TK41 or TK70 (although it will easily out-throw the TK41). It's about 3/4" longer than an LD41 but has a much larger body and head diameter (2" and 3 3/8" respectively). The build quality is excellent as is typical of Fenix lights and the dual power/mode switches are easy to use and work well.

The light comes in a plastic carrying case so you won't be able to strap it on your belt or pack by default like some of Fenix's smaller lights. I found that the Maxpedition Mini Rollypoly Folding Dump Pouch works very well as a belt carry option or as a backpack attachment. Personally, I use AW 18650 protected cells (3400 mah) and a Pila IBC charger but any quality 18650 cell/charger combo should perform fine with this light. The carrying case is actually made to accept the Fenix li-ion charger + 4 batteries if you'd like to keep everything in one place.

The carabeamer lights that came with my order were pretty much junk but they are essentially free since the price doesn't change if you buy the light without them. You can always harvest the lithium button batteries out of them like I did.

If you've been looking for a compact, well balanced, and extremely powerful light, your search is over. Highly recommended.
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on March 10, 2013
The long-awaited Fenix TK75 is arguably the best flashlight made. Its use of 3 CREE U2 LED bulbs throws out an AMAZING 2600 lumens - enough to qualify as a handheld searchlight! Compare that much light to the 160 lumens of a massive 6 D-Cell Maglite flashlight, and you will begin to understand the revolution that the new LED lights have created. This hand-held light bazooka is the current leader of the industry and will light up your night!

The build quality is up to the standards that Fenix has become known for. I have the Fenix TK 22, 35, and 41 (plus several smaller units) and just like all of them, the TK75 is solid, waterproof, sturdy, well balanced, and comfortable in your hand. It has four power settings, from a low setting at 18 lumens which will run for 200 hours, a powerful 400 lumens medium setting lasting 12 hours, a high setting at 1100 lumens for 4 hours, and the 2600 lumen turbo setting for just over an hour. Believe me, you won't be running it on turbo power often - it is almost blindingly bright and shoots a beam over 650 yards! Great as a searchlight, boating light, camping or hunting light, etc.

As a tactical light, the strobe function pumps out a blinding 2-speed strobe that will leave an assailant disoriented, temporarily visually impaired, and confused - probably long enough to hit them with a blast of pepper spray, a tazer, or to make an arrest or escape, depending on your situation. The scalloped stainless steel crown can also serve to break out a car window or to make persuasive contact with an assailant. Having one of these on your nightstand could be a key component of your home defense tactics if an intruder entered your home at night, especially when combined with Civilian Piexon JPX Jet Protector in Black W/O laser,Kimber Pepperblaster 2 Grey, One Size or your personal home-and-self defense weapon of choice.

The TK75 comes in a compartmentalized plastic carry/storage box with room for a Fenix two-bay charger, 4 spare 18650 style batteries, braided parachute cord lanyard, and car/wall plugs for the charger. Those items can be purchased separately or in bundled packages on Amazon.

I personally power my TK75 with the new high capacity 3400mAh 18650 style batteries. Don't try to run a light like this with the cheapest batteries you can find... you will just have problems if you do. Go with Fenix 2600 mAh batteries (Factory recommended) or equivalent, or step up to the newer 3400mAh higher capacity power cells. If you do go with 3400mAh cells, do some quick online research and find batteries that state they have a protected "Panasonic NCR 18650B inside", such as these: 3400mAh 18650 PROTECTED Li-ion (Panasonic NCR18650B inside) Orbtronic Battery - Latest Model-Top Button.

If you don't already have one, you will want to get a good "smart charger"(don't bother with one that is not designated "smart" - it makes a huge difference in battery life and safety!) that is designated for 18650 batteries. I went with one of the bundles that includes the Fenix 2-bay charger so it would fit in the plastic box for storage in my boat (this charger also includes a DC plug for car or boat). I also ordered a 4-bay charger to be able to recharge all 4 batteries at one time in the house: JETBeam IntelliCharger i4 Charger - 2nd Generation - for charging 18650, 16340(RCR123), 14500, etc..

Fenix also offers a battery extender tube, which houses an extra set of 4 batteries and attaches between the tail cap and battery tube. You can insert up to three of those to multiply the time before you run your batteries down... but you of course add weight and size when you do. This will be a good option for some, but it also reduces one of the key benefits of the TK75 - a simply incredible amount of light from a small handheld device. I may order one of the battery extension tubes for longer cruises on the boat, but may just carry spare batteries or use the charger on the boat when needed.

If you are looking for the best flashlight you can get that will light up your entire neighborhood, a mountainside, the open water, or temporarily blind and disorient a home intruder - get this light!
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on August 18, 2015
First, there is a discrepancy in the product description. This light has 4 CREE XM-L2 U2 LED bulbs not 3.

Here's my review after using it for a week:

Fenix TK-75 2015 Edition - This flashlight is a 4000 lumen powerhouse! While there are a lot of excellent features, it is arguable whether this is a truly significant upgrade from the previous (2900 lumen) TK-75. The biggest issue in my opinion is though they increased the total light output by 1100 lumens, by adding a fourth CREE XM-L2 U2 LED bulb in there, the angle of the reflectors is such that you actually lose ~40 meters of throw. Granted 650 meters is still pretty awesome, but there could be certain situations that the extra distance would be valuable.

The user interface is pretty similar to the previous version. There is a main "master" button and an secondary button. The master button is for turning the light on/off and cycling through the different brightness levels. Additionally, and this is a new feature, you can press the master button twice quickly when the light is off, and it will actually serve as a battery level indicator.
When the light is on and you quickly press the auxiliary button, you will get "instant burst" mode, which I think is poorly named. Rather it should be called "instant turbo" as it will quickly put you on the turbo setting. Press it again and you go back to your original brightness level. If you press and hold the auxiliary button for about half a second, you go into strobe mode. Another feature that I liked with the previous version TK-75 is that it had an SOS feature where it would flash the morse code in the event of an emergency. That is no longer present on the 2015 edition.

I will say, I prefer the UI for my Nitecore TM-06 much better if only because you have the ability to decrease brightness levels with a half press of the button. With Fenix you have to cycle through all levels if you want to turn the light down.

The flashlight is very solid and durable, and is waterproof to 2 meters (probably more, but they're conservative in that rating). You get some goodies, and fancy plastic carrying case, a lanyard, a shoulder strap (new), and some extra o-rings. This light does have a tripod mount/connector for your shoulder strap, which is kind of neat if you want to light up a camp site or something. I doubt I will use that much.

I haven't tested out the battery life, but in my experience, Fenix is pretty accurate. To get near the advertised specs, you need good quality 3400 mAh 18650 batteries. I like Orbtronic 18650 batteries, which like everything else are based of the Panasonic cell (don't be freaked out if you buy batterie and they are just wrapped green Panasonics). The reason I like them is that Orbtronic tailored them for flashlights, and they're not horribly expensive, ~$37 for two. I did cough up the $28 for a Fenix battery life extension kit, which is just an additional tube, and battery holder. It's nice, but I was a little disappointed they have the previous model's grip pattern. This is a very small issue, but I like consistency... Regardless, this kit effectively doubles your battery life, so it's a good investment. Theoretically you could add as many as you wanted for even longer life.

So in summary, this is a winner for Fenix (again in my opinion). I wish there were a few other things added to make this a perfect 10, but I think anybody would be happy with this beast of a light!
review image
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on April 27, 2013
I have been using flashlights professionally for more than three decades. Started with a BIANCHI, changed to MAG-Lite 4 D and then to MAG-Charger for more than 20 years (now updated with a MiniStar 31 MR-EX and 1,000 lumens).

In 2012 I was looking for a much brighter flashlight and tested FENIX TK 70 and NITECORE TM 15. TK 70 seemed to be too long and TM 15 too expensive (at that time).

Beginning of 2013 I bought a FENIX TK 75 after several reflections and investigations - I have not regretted this decision. This brightness is absolutely amazing!! And it is not only numbers on a sheet, but brutal brightness you can check at once out in the field.

FENIX promises, that the light reaches nearly 700 yards and they don't lie. I tested it with the flashlight mounted on a tripod, binoculars ZEISS 20x60 S and BUSHNELL rangefinder. It was no problem to identify things of the size of a sheet of paper at distances of 680-700 yards. This is much more than you normally need for "home use".

Just about the product: 18, 400, 1100 or 2600 ANSI-lumens
Run by four 18650 size Li-ion rechargeables (protected), strobe and SOS
Two buttons for ON / OFF and change of brightness

You can run he flashlight with just two 18650s, but only up to 1,100 lumens and not for a long time. For full function you absolutely need four!

The flashlight comes in a stable plastic box together with a lanyard, manual and replacement O-rings. That's not luxurious, but enough. Processing looks to be very well done, threads are cut precisely and feel "smooth", the battery holder is made of stable plastic and fits perfectly.

Even during "high output" the body does not warm up a lot; after 20 minutes at 2,600 lumens the light automatically switches down to 1,100 lumens. It was completely new for me to have a flashlight with such a good combination of throw and flood (overall coverage) with 80 degrees wide beam for close-range coverage. FENIX seems to reach this with a rather big diameter and a "deep" reflector.

Proportion of the TK 75 needed getting used to for me; especially after having owned "normal" flashlights for maximum D-Cell (in row) for a long time. Four 18650s in a circle lead to a perimeter of 165 mm !

I have learned to love the four levels of brightness; 18 lumens is enough to check your equipment, read a map etc. Level 2 with 400 lumens gives you the possibility to clear up your surrounding for 50-70 yards around your position. And levels 3 and 4 change your flashlight into an amazing spotlight for distances of several hundred yards. I have loved this TK 75 more from day to day.

BUT : "Best" has always been the enemy of "better". Completely new I got a FENIX RC 40. The intensity of brightness is once again higher - but so is also the price.

AND : Those single batteries of a TK 75 I can also use in other products - RC 40's battery-pack only fits this special flashlight. Of course it is great to have "the best", but do you really need 3,500 lumens?? How much more is a FERRARI worth compared to a FORD Mustang as long as you may not drive faster than 90 mph?

VERY IMPORTANT : No one would have the idea to put four different north-corea-made tires of different age / size and very different tire pressure on a FERRARI. But I had to find out, that several people act like "the cheaper the better". This will lead to problems!

Li-ion batteries are absolutely not harmless!! If you should not know the details, ask "internet". You should only use "protected" quality batteries; same age, same producer, same state of charge!

P.S. : A current (04/20/2013) test on an independent and serious German website ( - English version available) proved in an "integrated sphere" the brightness of TK 75 at 2,480 lumens!
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on June 1, 2013
Like holding a light saber. Living on a farm I need to be able to see far at night to keep an eye on my property. This thing may seem expensive at first but it look at as a security investment. Make sure you get orbtronic 18650 - 3400 batteries for max performance and run time. I have had by far the best experience with those and I have tried many batteries.
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on November 20, 2013
this flashlight is a sun stick. the new version, with the Cree XML2 elements installed, is 2900 lumens, without a change in power use or battery runtime. if you can fit it in a pocket or don't mind carrying it in the holster, this is the best of both worlds in regards to flood and throw. people constantly ask... how far can it throw? does it really matter that it can throw a kilometer, but all you can see is a tiny spot? no! you need usability. this has balance. it throws a great distance, but has a wide enough beam that you can illuminate a wider area, albeit not as far as a kilometer, but then again, can you see detail at a kilometer? no you can't. this light is a medium format light with excellent thermal properties, great, smooth beam profile for having 3 LEDs in it and has excellent throw for its size. if you want more power, go for the RC40. it both out throws and has a wider beam with more lumens. it's also a large light. if you want more light with less size, you will sacrifice throw substantially, by getting something like the Nitecore TM26 Quadray. you will also pay a LOT more for either of those lights.

bottom line... if you want the best light in the medium category, you can't go wrong with the Fenix TK75 ( now XML2).
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on January 8, 2016
Most powerful flashlight I've ever seen. Awesome beam throw plus enough spread to light up objects brightly over a wide area. A bit heavy but you are carrying four 18650 batts. Would be too heavy with the optional extender. I'd pass on that option
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on June 27, 2013
Recommended. I wanted a really powerful light for those dark nights when we go camping or houseboating at Lake Shasta and I sometimes walk the dog at night with it just for fun.

It is a large diameter tube using 18650 rechargeable batteries. The batteries go into a battery holder that is then inserted into the body of the light. I normally do not like flashlights that use plastic battery holders, but this one is made of good quality polymer and seems well engineered.

I bought Panasonic batteries, they have a very good reputation and have more capacity than the cheap Chinese batteries. The Panasonic bats are more expensive, but this is a high quality powerful light and good batteries should be used. You should know that when you get into the use of 18650 batteries there are several things to consider.

First, 18650 batteries are essentially industrial grade which means that they are not particularly standardized. The circumference and length can vary, and some have the protruding button on the end and some do not. You also need a good charger. For this flashlight buy a charger that can charge 4 at a time. You can also buy a two battery charger but you'll have to wait longer to charge multiple batteries. The 18650 batteries take a long time to charge, like overnight so I recommend buying extra batteries and keeping them charged as spares.

The Panasonic protected batteries I bought are the longest batteries and the Fenix holder accommodated them fine.

When you turn this puppy on be prepared to melt eyes. Be careful never look into this light it is incredibly bright and will damage your eyes. The beam is made for throw and does this well, you can light up a mountainside.

Finally, I'm a nut. I bought a second battery holder and tube and screwed it on the back of the Fenix TK75, now I CAN MELT EYES FOR A EVEN LONGER. Fenix says you can add up to two more sets of batteries for a longer run time. Yeah!

BTW I love the button controls too.
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on February 21, 2013
This is the best torch i've ever owned, i got the Fenix TK41, TK70,and now the TK75 and this is a monster torch...lights up the whole place!! it got great throw and spill..i still like my TK70 but the heavy weight got to me a little bit for the last 2 years i had it..the TK75 does exactly what the TK70 can do, but with better spill (over 80-degrees!!) and also is much lighter and smaller than TK70...WELL DONE FENIX !!!
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on October 12, 2015
Flashlight is Stout material, plain and simple, stout! serious blinding light, for whatever comes your way, it's a freaking sun in your hand period. I love it, pure quality no gimmicks here only for professional's and flashaholics, just remember to feed this beast the best batteries, I'm running Panasonic 18650 3400 mah, and yes it can get a little warm, what the heck you expect, it's pumping 4000 lumens of sun blinding light, like I said, this is for serious flashlight people to use, that need to have a heavy duty work horse beastlight.
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