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on April 2, 2013
I have always wanted a good flashlight that can be brighter than a regular flashlight. I have taken it out into the woods and it really lights up your path very well (even on its lower settings). The quality construction, materials and design are amazing (especially for its size). It comes neatly packed inside a nice compact cardboard box that has flexible foam dividers inside to protect it from getting damaged. Along with the accessories the lanyard comes with a thin piece of string which you can use to pull the lanyard through the loop on the bottom of the flashlight. At first I thought that I was going to be stuck with a below average velcro belt loop (on the holster) for attaching to a belt. But I was pleased to find that it has a permanent belt loop underneath (the velcro belt loop) which is much stronger and safer since it would be less likely to end up falling off the belt.

The Tiny Monster is the name commonly used with this model series and is currently the smallest and brightest yet by Nitecore. It has five different brightness modes which are Lower (3 Lumens), Low (95 Lumens), Medium (540 Lumens), High (1,700 Lumens) and Turbo (3,500 Lumens). It also has a Strobe mode (Which is very disorienting), an SOS mode and a Beacon mode. All its operational functions are controlled by using a patented multifunctional single switch which allows for easy one-handed control. This is accomplished by using a camera style switch (half and full press function). One full press will turn it on to turbo. If you hold the power button down for more than a second it will turn off as soon as you let go (Momentary Mode - Applies for both half and full press). If you press the power button half way you can toggle through the different brightness settings. If you press and hold the power button (half way down) for one second it will jump to turbo mode. Then another half press will cause it to jump back to the previous brightness setting you had before. To turn the flashlight off in any mode just press the power button down all the way. To get into Strobe, SOS or Beacon mode turn on the flashlight and then do 2 quick full presses then half presses to toggle. It has an OLED display on it which will tell you the core temperature of the flashlight, which mode you are on (and how many lumens), the battery status (and voltage) as well as how much runtime you have (for the brightness setting you are on). The flashlight can run on two different kinds of batteries four 18650s or eight CR123s. It takes approximately 7 hours to charge four 18650 batteries (Must be protected rechargeable lithium batteries) . In emergency situations it can run on less than four 18650s or eight CR123s. However, it is not recommended to use less batteries on turbo mode. Because the extreme drain on a few batteries can be too much for them to handle and could lead to them exploding. It has a thermal protection system built into the flashlight so that when it reaches a core temperature of 60 degrees celsius (It will reach this temperature after about 5 to 10 minutes on turbo) it will automatically drop down to the next lower output to lower the temperature. I have run mine up to 80 degrees (which is the hottest temperature recommendation) and it dispersed the heat very well. It is also completely waterproof up to 2 meters and impact resistant up to 1.5 meters. It uses Four CREE XM-L U2 LEDs which have a burn expectancy of up to 50,000 hours. Its integrated "Precision Digital Optics Technology" provides extreme reflector performance allowing the beam to go up to a distance of 415 meters. The reflectors are also protected by stainless steel bezel rings. The glass (in front of the LEDs) is a toughened dual-side-coated mineral glass, with ultra-clear anti-reflective technology, ensuring maximum optical efficiency and light transmittance. On a good set of four 18650 batteries the runtime on its brightest setting will last up to 1 hour and its least brightest is up to 1,000 hours. The flashlight comes with a holster, AC charger, lanyard, (spare) O-Ring, (spare) waterproof plug (for the charging port) and a manual. The flashlight is constructed of a HAIII military grade hard anodized aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and is currently the smallest 3,500 lumen flashlight in the world. I also made a video of it in action and put it on youtube. Its called "Nitecore TM26 - 3,500 Lumen Flashlight Demonstration" check it out and let me know what you think!
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Not for demanding use at all! Heats your hand like hell, sometimes you can not even carry it... Doesn't have any decent anti-heating or cooling system.
What is the point of having a powerful flashlight if you can not carry it around?

LCD gone in 4 months (I think has melted)

Not nice for a 300 dollar Flashlight
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on April 24, 2014
The light works as advertised and it works very well for lighting up an area or putting in a machine and being able to work off of the reflections throughout the machine. So far oil and grease hasn't been a problem for it and the lockout function is nice. It is a bit hot when you leave it on for a while even when it's at 1680 lumens.

So far the only negative I see is the strobe. It a little tricky to get it in SOS and strobe modes as the light on to initiate it. The strobe is a bit fast for what would be needed for disorientating intruders but she shear brightness will probably do that anyways.

I really like this flashlight, it is very bright and puts out a good beam that tapers off nicely. The only problem is that, when you have problems with the product, Nitecore give no support for the products. That is fine and all for the $50 flashlights that I own, but when a LED goes bad on a flashlight that is 6 months old that is not used much and you can't get ahold of them to either honor a warrantee or offer a repair on a $300 flashlight that's not good business.
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on March 13, 2014
There is a bunch of stuff in this package:

First the light: Pro: 3500+ Lumens is awesome for working the field at night, and this has (in combination with a small camera tri-pod) become my go-to work light for fixing cars/machinery. The 3 lumen mode has been awesome for the kids as a nightlight camping. Tac mode is extremely bring and disorienting Cons: Tac mode requires 3 button presses which is not ok under stress. It get's very hot if left on turbo. The internal thermometer automatically turns it down when it his ~60C which means you can't leave it on turbo for long. Unless it's either on or in lockout mode the blinking blue light is annoying. This light requires a PhD to figure out all the sequences of button presses to get it in different modes.

The clip light is next to useless.

The CR123A are mediocre. They work fine in my other lights, but don't last as long as the energizer ones I have.

The 18650's are Panasonic parts with an after market protection circuit added and re-wrapped. This makes them slightly oversize, but they otherwise work fine. I've no way to test the capacity of this type of battery.
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VINE VOICEon May 10, 2013
If you are after a flashlight with a tactical mode this is a very good value; otherwise its pretty expensive.

The Good:
A bunch of brightnesses and modes.
3 lumen mode useful if you don't want to call attention to your movements or mess up your night vision.
3500 lumen is a good Tactical light for temporary incapacitating people.
Easy to get into Tactical mode.
Excellent quality construction
Waterproof to 2M (6.5').
Easy recharge port.
1/4 20 standard tripod or hot shoe adapter receiver for camera attachment.
Blinking blue LED around the control makes it easy to find in the dark.
Well built nylon holster.
Informative LCD display.
Can use rechargeable batteries.

The Bad:
A bunch of brightnesses and modes; control is a single button that you either push half way or all the way makes it difficult to remember how to get into infrequently used modes and to select the intensity.
Weird form factor; the square head is 2.24', the flash is 5.6" long, the body that contains the batteries is ~2" in diameter, in other words short and stout.
Heavy ~20.5 oz with CR123 batteries.
Only the Nitecore 18650 batteries are rechageable and recommended at $75 for 4.

The Ugly:
The 3500 lumen Tactical light is an incapacitating weapon and using it on someone is assault in many jurisdictions, and justifies the use of deadly force against you.
The holster takes some getting used to for quick draw.
There a bunch of modes; strobe, beacon etc. that are hard to get into and out of and IME aren't real useful.
7 Hours to recharge using the flashlight is a real long time.
If you are on call emergency personnel you will need a second set of rechargeable batteries and a charger ~$160.
If you inadvertently point it at a window/mirror, your self or someone else in either the 1750 or 3500 lumen modes you will be temporarily blinded.
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on April 30, 2013
I almost kicked myself when I bought this light because of its high cost. Since I bought it and have used it for a while, I have gotten over the shock of having bought something that is way, way more than I need. In a word, I love this flashlight and use it all the time, sometimes just for the sake of using it. The light levels are easy to cycle through once you get used to the "half press" method of doing so, and on the higher levels, this little light really does dissipate heat quite well. The light is heavy, but its compact size make it very easy and convenient to handle. The separate information window and offers more and better info than the usual light codes that one has to decipher and remember with other lights. All in all, this is a very powerful, convenient and well thought out light that I highly recommend to anyone who wants a powerful light. It is very expensive but it is something you will use, whether you need to or not.
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on March 22, 2016
I've used this for a number of years and love the flashlight but recently got really frustrated with increasing number of issues. Granted I do put this light through tough use with my mechanical work but I still think the issues should be resolved, and at least offered some support. I still like Nitecore products and just ordered an HC30 headlamp.

1. Stopped charging through the charge port. I had to buy an additional charger, which I really don't regret since I can swap batteries now. But initially I thought my batteries were shot when in fact it was something wrong with the internal charger.

2. The ring soldered onto the board literally just came off one day and now I have to place it on the batteries super carefully and screw the light on without moving it to get it to work. This worked for a while but it's starting to go out all the time now due to poor contact.

I've contacted Nitecore about this and they take forever to respond and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I don't care where products come from, China, USA, Germany, makes no difference to me as long as quality control is there. But the support barrier when dealing with companies overseas really sucks! I'm not expecting them to bend over backwards for me but at least give me some options on making it work again so I don't have to spend 400 dollars on another one!
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on May 27, 2013
I was first exposed to NIGHTCORE's TM-26 while watching a demo video of it on Military.com. My first impression was "this is one ugly, funky, genetic mutant flash light with a price that could restart the Apollo space program again!" (LOL!) On top of that I had never even heard of the NITECORE brand before. Well I wrote the information down and I figured I would go and check it out on YOUTUBE. Long story short, The more I researched it the less fugly this TM-26 became to me. Upon watching ever single video that I could find on the TM-26 it became much more appealing to me. I finally realized that the TM-26 is really a technological wonder and that the sum of all of it parts makes it a masterpiece! Now at this point the " I have to get this light at all cost" caused me many sleepless nights, after all who has that kind of disposable income to spend on a flashlight? Well thanks to GE/ Amazon store card it became a reality for me. Ordered the whole NITECORE bundle which also included the awesome EA-4 (another great flashlight in its own right) and hit the-SUBMIT BUTTON! YAY! My mind was in the X-mas mode now as I figured I would treat myself to something nice and dangerously expensive for a change. I had not done that in a while so a present like this to myself was long overdue!(Hah!) I ordered it on Tuesday and it was shipped out on Wednesday and it arrived at my P.O. Box on Saturday! That plane must have had a good tailwind to Hawaii as my box was exactly on time for the projected Saturday delivery. Got my box and gave it a good look for any external damage and found none. I was out of there with a big smile on my face as I headed home with visions of blinding myself with the TM-26 played in my head! (Hee! Hee!) Got home and gently put down my box and reached for my SOG Trident and sliced the tape off. And there it was under all those air pillows, a small unassuming brown box. ( it looked bigger on YOUTUBE.) I pick it up gently and put it on my desk for the long awaited grand opening. The suspense was intense now. I thought my head was going to blow up like in that movie "Scanners" (Circa 80's). As I opened the cover there it was, under the black foam and instructions and resting comfortable in its holster, the TM-26 in all its black anodized glory! It was here and it was mine! All mine! (Evil Laugh!) Ok hopefully you liked that intro if not let me know and I will just go straight into the stats. It is a very stout light. Nice CNC machining with no blemishes/ scratches. Reflectors/optics are really nice and the mirror like finish is flawless. Opening the unit there was a nice coating of lube on the fine threads that connect the rear battery compartment to the front interface unit. Again nice machining and great quality control is evident. Putting in the 18650 batteries (and there is a picture of the batteries on the wall of the battery slots that shows the orientation of how the battery should face). It can also take 8 CR123 batteries if you prefer that option. BTW. The bundle does have the rechargeable 18650's, CR123 (non-rechargeable) batteries, charging adapter and a Smith & Wesson (red) CaraBeamer Elite. The Performance is everything I expected from this light and the interface to change the modes was easy to learn. I actually taught myself how to use it by watching the YOUTUBE videos even before I received the light. You may want to reference the manual if you have trouble getting into the strobe, SOS, or beacon modes. Overall it is a very user friendly light so no need to stress over it ( just the price) just kidding! In all honesty I believe the price is justified for this type of quality and technology from a 3500 Lumen compact light. One can only wonder what the white coats at NITECORE are working on to top the TM-26. But that's a good thing because innovation only makes for a better product that we all can benefit from.
Pros: Well built/ good quality control. Bright as the sun in turbo mode.
Interface is easy to use just like all their other lights. Love the varying degrees or modes of light that you can choose from.
Multi-function LCD Display is not a gimmick. It really does give out relevant information about the status of the TM-26.
Even though it is assembled in China, the quality is outstanding. ( No doubt that QC is a big factor in this). Compare that to other U.S. companies outsourcing their work to China. The (Kershaw Cryo knife is a good example) read my review on that knife.
Price? The intrinsic value of this light to me is priceless. I can feel and see the quality of the light and the enjoyment it gives me. The fact that not everyone can own a TM-26 flashlight only adds to the value that comes with owning something so elite.
Works as advertised.
Cons: I'm sorry but I really cant find any at this time because I am enjoying it so much. I did drop it about two feet and (no it wasn't a test) it hit my metal desk on the way down and put a oh so slight scratch on the head of the light. I'm glad I got that first scratch& drop out of the way because it was eventually going to happen anyway due to the law of averages. A black sharpie fixed it right up and the light works well.
Super Awesome light with no regrets in buying and owning one. 5-Stars!!!!! Mahalo NITECORE & EdisonBright. Outstanding Job!
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on September 25, 2015
Simply put, this is the best flashlight I have ever seen in my life. I had an issue with the first one sent out and EdisonBright was more than helpful in sorting that out. I haven't tried the CR123 batteries but the lithium ion cells packaged with the device are still going strong years later.

I abuse the light and have used it to hammer in tent stakes. I appreciate the build quality very much and feel it is definitely worth the price. I see this flashlight being a relevant tool for decades. Invest in the best!
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on January 19, 2014
This pocket-sized instrument is something more than a "flashlight." Unbelievably solid in construction, waterproof and weatherproof and with a versatile selection of light levels as well as useful tactical/safety/rescue flash modes. When powered by a quartet of lithium rechargeables 3000mAH or above, the useful life of the light goes from remarkable to unbelievable. The built-in battery level/info display underestimates battery life, most likely being programmed around cells around 2000-2200mAH. This extra headroom can come in handy. The included charger is handy, you don't need to remove the batteries to recharge them. The built-in charger seems to charge batteries to around 4.1-4.2 volts when measured fresh from charging with a DMM. There seems to be no worry of overcharging or cell damage. Since the cells are charged in parallel, it is a good idea to remove them occasionally and charge them in an external charger to equalize the charge in the cells for maximum life. In lieu of an external charger, you can put one cell at a time into the flashlight and charge them individually with the included charger.

This light, in addition to all the normal or outrageous light levels, has a mode where it puts out a mere 3 lumens. This special mode comes in handy at times, when you only need some incidental light at night to get around, for example, and this mode allows the batteries to last an extraordinarily long time. I was hit with a serious back injury which put me completely out of commission for several months. I used the TM-26 as a sort of "night light" sitting upright on the nightstand and shining light on the ceiling. Most days I didn't even bother to turn the light off, and it ran almost continuously in this mode for over a month. The battery life display still showed one "bar" of life remaining even then, and the light functioned in all modes, including the high 3500 lumen setting. I still use the light in this mode on occasions, and it will come in handy during camping nights this summer.

I love this light, and its compact size makes it usable in most any situation. It's a heavy beast, however, and on long hikes it probably can get a bit fatiguing. It comes with a decent nylon holster with a belt clip, strap and means to attach to a tether. The light comes with and can be fitted with a wrist cord. The included tripod mount begs to have this light used for photography. The beam pattern is a good compromise between throw and flood, and there's enough incidental spill for use when hiking or searching to see where your feet are. As a tactical light, the full 3500 lumen output is used for the strobe modes, and the varying duty cycle strobe is very disorienting. Be very careful at whom you aim this light. This is a very expensive light, not one you'll probably ever want to loan. It will be very difficult to get it back, even from good friends.

If you are a flashaholic like me, this light is the most powerful temptation there is.
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