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on October 3, 2013
I have set up a lot of network devices and this is by far the easiest device ever. the easy setup actually works and is very easy to follow. The DSL modem synced right up at maximum speed on Centurylink.
The wireless router works very well with average range on the 2.4ghz band and much better range than I expected on the 5ghz band..
It's only been up for two weeks but so far no reboots and no drops.
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on September 27, 2013
Very easy to install despite the NUMEROUS options you will find on the web interface. The only reason I had to call Century link was for the Vpi: 0 Vci:32 number. (Included here if you have Century Link). Other than that, it was a simple matter of punching in my DLS account information and I was up and running.
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on June 12, 2014
This review is for: TP-LINK TD-W8980 N600 Purchased 10 June 14.
(Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router, 2.4GHz 300Mbps+5Ghz 300Mbps, 2 USB Ports for File Sharing, IPv6 Compatible)

Summary: Great modem, provided you set it up correctly. Pay attention. You MUST set it up correctly. Probably true for any similar device.

Update on 4 December, 2014, originally bought it on June 5, 2014
Still working fine. Occasionally due to noisy phone lines it resets.
We feed two computers hard wired and 2-4 wireless. Sure if someone is streaming a movie, it slows down for the others.
I love the look and feel and build and buttons and lights and cool running. All is good (except for a crappy noisy phone service)

Update on 24 Aug 2014, I originally bought it on June 5, 2014.
What I find is that it slows down over time. Videos don't stream fast enough. I just reset and all is OK again.
I will keep an eye on this problem and report back. Because of this I am dropping a star.

It's everything I was looking for.

Most problems with DSL modems are:
1. Bad phone lines in the house
2. Bad phone lines in the street
3. Overheating
4. Just plain cheaply built modems

If you can't solve #1,2,3 you won't have good connections. I had to work with the phone company A LOT to get them to fix the lines in the street! Don't overlook that when you have modem problems to solve. Modems also will just fail over time due to heat. If yours runs hot, get a cooling fan.

I think this modem is a good solid modem. The only problems I have is with my lines and that's from time to time now that the phone company made improvements to the lines in the street.

I followed a previous reviewers comments (thank you greatly). But here I added a couple of steps that weren't listed but are critical. This is for Century Link but may work with others if you follow this list and change based upon your provider:

1. Call Century Link to get user name and password, unless you know it already. Tell them it's not their modem and ask if you should know anything else.
2. Do not load the manufacturers CD
3. Otherwise Connect everything per TP-Link Instructions, especially your internet cable to the back of the modem to your PC, and the power to the modem and turn it on.
4. Open IE (will show unable to connect to internet). I used Mozilla Firefox and it worked fine.
5. In URL address bar, of your internet explorer, type It will connect to the modem and show an interface on the PC screen
6. For Username type in: admin and for Password type in: admin
7. Choose Quick Setup
8. These are the important things you need which Centurylink will refuse to provide:
But for me they did! and it changed to Centurylink changed the settings from VPI: 8, VCI 35 to VPI: 0, VCI 32
VPI: 8, VCI 35, WAN Link Type: IPoE, and it's a Dynamic IP Protocol (you will have places on the setup where you choose this information)
9. Set the network/ settings/ dsl modem type to ADSL2+ and Annex type to A
10. If you are plugged into your phone jack you should be getting all the correct lights on the front and you should get internet service.
11. I did NOT update the firmware. The next firmware was for subtle fixes to the 5 Ghz wireless from their website. Not an issue. I didn't want to risk.
12. Make sure you have no noise in your phone lines. If you do insist the phone company fixes it. Took my 4 times!

The setup was very fast and easy and the modem appears to work very well. I am only a day into it but I've load-tested the modem and the wireless. Under similar loads my ActionTec would have problems by now, lose synch and stop and try to restart or I would have to manually power down for reset. For this new unit, All seems fine! Range is at least as good as my old Actiontec PK5000. I got wireless services to the far reaches of my property.

I did call CenturyLink and they were very helpful, even with a modem that wasn't theirs.
I did call TP-Link, the line was always busy. Finally I got through. She was foreign (tiny bit hard to understand) but very helpful. Her help improved the bandwidth by 3X at least. Key was step # 9 above. Thank you!

I tried their web site and it is too busy and wouldn't load. You have to time it when not too many users are trying to get on line.

NOTE: before I set step #9 the unit was slow, even wired directly. So it slowed down the bandwidth and videos didn't work very well, stopping to load. I almost sent it back! But once I set #9, it runs great and fast enough. I ran two PC's downloading movies simultaneously and it was fine. When I added a wireless smartphone to download a third movie, that would stop a bit, but not that bad and the two PC's movies were not affected. That's great results even though I have the slowest DSL in my contract and the lines to my house are really old and very marginal. I had called the telephone company 4 times to fix it. They found a lot of problems! In the street, in the connections down the road, etc. I had to really persist!

My ActionTecs, all of them, they drop out and resynch rates were high. This one hasn't dropped out at all yet. It seems to handle my marginal phone lines well.

At this point I do highly recommend this modem.

Some reviewers didn't understand, this is for phone line connection only. DOESN'T work on cable. I think some other reviewers didn't set up everything in the interface completely. It is critical! The modem doesn't run hot, it is quite cool to the touch. The ActionTec ran hot even with a fan I bought. I hope this is a good sign of longevity.

The unit is twice the size of the Action Tec PK 5000 that it replaces and really well built, rugged, clean, even professional and beautiful. It sits solidly flat. I love all of that.
The three antennas are VERY well built. MUCH better built than the cheap fragile build of the ActionTec line. Solid.

It has everything in the unit one would expect, all the indicator lights. It has a shut off button on the back. I like that. I got tired of unplugging to reset the marginal ActionTec.

I haven't really examined the internal capabilities fully. It has a firewall but I didn't try it.

My status when I log in reads like this:

Upstream Downstream
Current Rate (Kbps) 1032 1556
Max Rate (Kbps) 1032 12756
SNR Margin (dB) 5.9 22.8
Line Attenuation (dB) 15.1 42.7
Errors (Pkts) 0 0

Update 13 June 2014 after about 48 hours of testing non-stop. Overnight the unit "slowed down". The lights don't indicate a problem but the downloads were slow and incomplete. I shut it off with the handy switch on the back and turned it back on after only a couple seconds, I didn't unplug anything. When she booted up, everything was running "full speed". I am not sure why modems do this but it can be annoying, especially if it becomes frequent. Unfortunately I didn't log in to see if it recorded the problem. Upon reset, the status resets also. Maybe next time I will log in prior to reset and see if there is any indication as to why it "slowed down" and required a power down/ power up. So far, I still think this is a really nice modem overall. I plan to keep it unless things degrade. Now on 22 June 14, we rarely have to reset, the modem normally comes back on its own. But I am quite certain it is due to the bad lines. Lines to the phone company vary with time of day. I still like this modem

I think it is worth trying and buying but follow the instructions we reviewers are giving you.
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on March 27, 2014
-ease of installation- quick and simple setup
-all connections and adapters provided
-well packaged
-many changeable settings for the advanced user
-very good WIFI range
-versatile connectivity
-2 USB ports

For -me- the only CON is my ADSL connection download speeds are 26% -slower- than with my previous TP-LINK modem using the same connections.

I live on the 'edge' of ADSL so a 'good' MODEM is essential and more important than the WIFI range.
-Therefore I returned the modem-
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on November 6, 2013
#1. Easy installation with at&t DSL just insert the CD, you must know your at&t DSL Login and Password. Set to PPoE for at&T DSL, and Plug in all the cables Plug in Power Last and everything else will be done by the Modem Router.
#2. 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Very Strong Signal, Reaches my HDTV through wallas and other interference You need Dual Band for HDTV No Beamforming, but then again how many products on the market have Beam Forming ? Its not necessary
#3. Great Price, $88 bucks most other products were $80 or $100 More for the Same Stuff.
#4. You need External Antennas Period.
#5. QoS optimized for Gaming, I had a NetGear and a Linksys Ping was 46 now with TP-Link Ping is down to 22ms
#6. Faster Netflix Streaming. My connection speed is the Same but the TP-Link is Smart so it give priority to to Streaming.
#7. Heavy Duty Chipset Runs cool, will not breakdown. These things are a Heavy duty design solid Construction, Runs 24/7 365 no problems
#8. Look at the Reviews from Amazon Uk this product s rock solid TP Link TD W8980 Wireless Gigabit connections
made to work in Many countries so its very robust.
#9. Xbox 360 PS4 just connect it and Turn it on It Finds the Xbox 360 and PS3 simple and Easy.
***UPDATE!! All the Above is True and Worked Great on at&t. But at&T DSL service was Slow at less than 3MB/ps, now I upgraded to CABLE and now get over 30MB/ps BIG difference Youtube actually works now and the TD-W8980 is being used as a ROUTER Only now. Well its an Awesome 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Dual Band Router. And yes it Works with Cable Internet. Just take you Ethernet Cable From the
Back of the Cable Modem and Plug it into the TD-W8980's WAN/LAN Port. Power off Bother the Cable Modem and the TD-W8980, wait 1 minute then power them back On. Done
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on December 26, 2013
Set-up was straightforward... I've set up many routers. I post this to remind you to get your DSL providers' VCI, VPI, and connection type before you open the box. Otherwise, you'll have no internet service while your old modem is off-line and you're waiting for your wireline carrier TS to answer. This unit took about 3 minutes to sync, so have some patience.

I also replaced all three antennas with directional antennas since my hotspot is in an end room.
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on December 28, 2013
This was shipped fast. It was easy to set up (CenturyLink chat provided the configuration details ahead of time). It is much faster than what we were using before: an old Westell with a LinkSys router for the wireless. The wireless on the TP-Link modem/router combo is just fine. I was apprehensive about something going horribly wrong, as it can with technology, but setup was very smooth and easy and is working great. I will update if anything happens, but so far it is spot on.
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on August 15, 2013
I have a lot of competing wireless signals that were causing dropped network connectivity. Since installing the TP-Link N600, I haven't had a single one. On top of that, I can run more wireless devices without noticing any decrease in speed.
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on June 1, 2015
I bought this product with great expectations. I wanted to move from my old DSL modem to a more stable interface. Since I wanted to have the flexibility to move to cable some time in the future, I was keen on making a single investment on the router. Unfortunately the unit I got is malfunctioning. I have called TP-LINK and the support personnel asked me to ship the unit back for a replacement at my cost.
So disappointed!
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on May 18, 2014
So, I initially used another person's suggestion and information from their experience in setting up this modem router as they have CenturyLink as I do, but it didn't work. I did have to call TP-Link 2 times and CenturyLink 2 times, but on the last call to CenturyLink the modem connected and has been working ever since.

Recommendations (These are in the directions too, but I just thought I'd put extra emphasis on these 2 items):
1. Make sure that you know the VPI/VCI numbers. That information was populated automatically for me but ended up being the information that was corrected on my last call to CenturyLink to get it to work.
2. Make sure that you know the Connection type. CenturyLink is PPPoE for the connection but you MUST GET the Username and Password from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Hope this helps you out!
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