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on April 22, 2015
Economical router. This is HW version 2.1. Disappointing that TP-Link has not updated the firmware since the original v.130628 (6/28/2013). Did not bother testing router with OEM firmware. Flashed with recently released DD-WRT firmware (4/9/2015) and tested USB with a 3TB HDD (3.5") as a NAS w/ Samba. With new laptop (AMD A4) connected via wireless (2.4Ghz) at 130 Mbps (how to get 300 Mbps?). No issues transferring a single 3.38GB file back and forth on Win7 (about 16min). Wonder how would this work pulling files from more then one computer. Played a 1080p Mkv movie (VLC) and streamed fine but seem like it had to buffer a bit to start (30+ sec). Same Mkv file with K-Lite codec and Media Player Classic, within a few seconds it played! What a difference. Still reviewing and testing. Do hope this review helps.

DD-WRT UPDATE 2015-10-02
Firmware found here:
-then look for the most resent date folder (at the bottom of list eg: 09-28-2015-r27858 folder)
-then look for"tplink_tl-wr842ndv2" folder
-Flash "factory-to-ddwrt.bin" takes a few minutes to restart (be patient)
-then flash "tl-wr842ndv2-webflash.bin" takes a few minutes to restart (be patient)

Forum thread here:
review image review image
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The TP-Link WR842ND wireless router performs as advertised. It is inexpensive and functional. If you want greater speed and range, you need to pay more. Set-up is no more or less difficult than with other such devices. For the most part, difficulties arise from improperly configuring the settings, but this is no different from the often frustrating awkwardness of understanding tech-speak by people who speak normal human language.

Speed and flexibility are adequate for most households. The provision of a secure guest network is a very attractive feature if you don't have to share your network password with anyone visiting your home who wants to use your wireless.

Overall, recommended for a household with no extraordinary bandwidth requirements. By this I mean to say the device should work out well for a home where no more than one person is streaming large amounts of data at one time such as with gaming or video streaming.
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on May 20, 2013
I'm using this router in WISP mode, to receive the community wifi signal at my condo and turn it into my own private network, which re-broadcasts my own personal password protected wifi signal and ethernet connection. My community wifi just started requiring users to accept their terms and conditions page and my Roku player can't do that since it doesn't have a browser. With this router, you can accept the terms and conditions page while setting it up, and once it's accepted it stays connected to the public wifi without having to re-accept the conditions each day, this may be different with other public spots that may force you to re-accept every 24hrs etc. but has stayed connected to mine now for over a month without having to re-accept. You may have to reset the unit a few times if it starts to fail while setting it up but that goes for just about any smart electronic device these days. I was skeptical about other reviewers on other sites saying to not use the cd it came with but they are right, just connect directly to the router via your pc or laptop and type in in a browser to set-up the router. You don't have to be a computer geek to set this up but may require some trial and error runs.
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on April 21, 2014
Awesome router! Did a little research and upgraded from my old trusty WRT-54G that I used from 2004 until earlier.

Very very fast web-UI. I would recommend to just ignore the CD that it comes with and to just plug in via ethernet and direct to to set up your router. The written directions have a few typos and are not very well written however all the online documentations are flawless and thorough.

I was very satisfied with the ease of upgrading the firmware. Just search the model name on tp-link's website and download the latest firmware (it will tell you which is the latest), the download was very fast and the file was small (unlike linksys). The upload/upgrade was very fast as well.

The web UI is beautiful, very well organized and FAST. I cannot reiterate enough how fast the UI is! It's very nice!!

There are instructions for all the features online from TP-Link included with screenshots.

I love this router, it even comes with DynDNS support and documentation for it to set up with popular sites like no-ip and dyndns.

Works well, range is fantastic and speed is great.

AND it's $28, honestly I might buy a couple as backups/for the future. Highly recommend over the $150 Netgear and Linksys routers.
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on April 21, 2015
Cheap and works as advertised. I use it to VPN into work all day, every day and have no issues. Also use it for my home laptops. I did take my old wireless router and made it a bridge (after a couple of weeks of using only this wireless router for the work connection with no problems). I hardwire the work laptop to the bridge. I also have a wireless printer in the same room and installed the old wireless bridge more for the printer as it would loose connectivity on a regular basis with my old router - weak wireless signal on the printer. On this TP-Link router, I have a 1 TB external hard drive plugged it. It all works very well. I considered installing Open WRT (or other) but as longs as it's working, I don't really have a need to (been in service for bout 3 months)...
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on March 31, 2013
My condo started offering WiFi so I was able to dump my cable modem. This baby replaces a media bridge and wireless router in one simple to set up inexpensive package. Basically you move switch to "WISP" ( I assume this stands for Wireless Internet Service Privider ) run setup where you scan for nearby WiFi, chose one, type in the SSUD you want your wireless network to use and choose security like WEP and put in the key that you want to use. That's it! You now have 4 Ethernet ports and WiFi all getting their Internet from a WiFi source.

By the way, it can also act like a traditional wireless router by placing the switch to "AP".
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on July 28, 2015
I found this pretty simple to install until it came to my external usb drive. The directions for that need alot of work. First off if you can find it the directions on their website are for Windows XP only. Now I'm not a computer idiot but I did just upgrade my computer and went from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 so I'm still in the learning stages of where everything is. So to only have instructions for Windows XP is not acceptable. So I manage to get myself where I need to be and following there directions I type in what should be the location of my external drive....nope. Finally after getting ready to take a hammer to the router I see that my router address is not as THEIR directions tell you it should be but Finally I can see and access my usb that is attached to the router. I'm giving it four stars just because my connection to the internet has drastically gotten faster. If it weren't for that I'd give it 3 for the aggravation and lousy directions. (which are not included in the online or cd manual.
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I have a fairly extensive network that covers a very large area so I am always looking for a niche router that may fill in an area that I have limited coverage in. So, when this router became available, I thought I would give it a try. Here is what I found:

1. The router is a 2.4 GHZ band only router which I new going in. This is actually good if you are looking for distance coverage as the 2.4 Ghz Band goes much further and penetrates more walls than the 5Ghz band does. The down side is that the speed is not as high, but that is not an issue if you have a limited number of devices.

2. The router was fairly simple to setup. One of the first tests I run is to see if the router will configure and connect itself to a network without any intervention and without using a DVD or CD. Many folks have laptops without DVD or CD ROM drives now and if you have a tablet or phone, forget about a drive for a disk. This router configured easily as long as you use the wireless password that is pre-assigned and written on the bottom of the router. Once you are connected, you can then follow the directions to log into the router. No cable connection is necessary.

3. The router menu is fairly straight forward, but not necessarily the best one that I have seen. The one failing that I find is that the Guest Network and the main network both have the same Security password!! THAT IS A BIG mistake!!! This router is pushed as a way for a business to be able to offer Internet connectivity to clients. Why would you use the same password for them and for yourself. All they have to do is connect to your network and use the same password and then they have free access to your computers and data!!! The same is true of a Guest Network in a home. While I am happy to see that they have put in passwords, I feel they have defeated any security by having the same password for Guest and regular network.

4. The USB port will support either a printer or a USB drive, but know that the drive size is limited to 2 TB or 8 partitions.

5. Tech support is not bad. I asked a question about the size of supported drives for the USB port and they answered my question via e-mail in 24 hours.

6. The main issue that I have with this unit that makes it unusable is the fact that the connectivity is not reliable. While the connection does not always drop out, the connection data rate varies all over the map. With the router sitting 3 feet from my iPad or from my laptop, the connection data rate would vary from 150Kbs to 21Mbs during a file transfer. Connecting to another router on the same 2.4Ghz band but with a different radio channel produced a steady 30Mbs data transfer. The 30Mbs was a limit that was imposed for data testing presuming that the average ISP connection would be in that neighborhood.

If you moved farther away from the router, the data rate became very slow with highs reaching only 3Mbs while connecting to another router that is co-located with the TP-Link would connect again at a full 30Mbs. By farther away, I am talking a line distance of 45 feet passing through one floor.

7. With respect to design, I find the design to be pleasant and easy to work with. The LEDs are not overly bright and are placed in such a way as to not be distracting.

8. This router will not support many devices at the same time, but should support 4 to 5 devices at the same time without much trouble.

9. The QoS feature is not really effective since it is IP based. So, if you have a laptop that sometimes streams movies and sometimes does backups, you are either going to have a high priority all of the time or a low priority all of the time. Neither of which accomplishes what you are after. QoS needs to be based upon protocol to be effective.

All in all, while this router has possibilities, I do not think at the current time that it is worth even the low price that is being charged for it.
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on January 12, 2016
This router works great. I bought this because the router that i had which has internal antennas was having signal issues. I thought that if i got one with external antennas it might make a difference and it has. I flashed ddwrt on to this router because i wanted to use it as a repeater and it has become super stable. Overall i am happy with this router and would recommend this router as a cheap router solution.
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on November 21, 2015
Only can give 2 stars at best unless I find a solution to my current issues. This router (WR842ND v2) came with the 130628 firmware but the issues persist with 150514 (current) firmware. Signal is strong, ethernet routing ports fast, but wireless is lacking. Throttling most wireless devices at about 10Mbps (versus 85Mbps on LAN ports) and although I've tinkered with every setting (WMM, bandwidth, high -> low power), the problems persist. I'm currently using WPA2-PSK (AES) as TKIP isn't supported on wireless n devices, so changing encryption isn't an option. While some devices keep a consistent quality connection, there are 3 devices on my network which are practically unusable.

My Samsung Galaxy S5 connects fine, holds a signal, but only transmits at an average 0.10Mbps. I've experienced similar on a TP-Link Extender that I otherwise love, so I should have suspected there might be an issue with this device. The Matricom gbox MX2 connects and transmits well but drops the connection frequently (or becomes unreliable enough to be marked by Android as a unreliable wifi and disconnected). I'd have this device connected via wired LAN but unfortunately, the MX2's ethernet port died a while back. Lastly, and most odd of all, my Foscam 8910W is completely worthless on this router as it cannot even be connected reliably via wifi or even a wired connection. On wifi, the device is refusing to connect and on ethernet (which I hooked up hoping to diagnose the issue), it connects but at such a slow rate all I can get back is text-based diagnostic info. Any attempt at using a protocol such as http to get to the camera's graphical interface is met with failure. As I said, though, the text-based http requests made by the camera setup software go through fine. The throughput on this device must be in the low single digits of kps for this to be happening.

If you have a variety of devices on your network, be prepared for disappointment. The list of devices that seemingly play nicely with this router are: TP-Link Range Extender (of course), Samsung Galaxy S6, Amazon Fire Stick, HTC one M9, a LePan tablet, a Wink hub, and a Dell computer with Intel wireless. I haven't gotten around to testing the wireless printers, a few PCs, or my children's tablets. I'll probably return this rather than put any more time into trying to make every device work with this finicky router.

Incidentally, upgrading the firmware also wipes every router setting, so if you've spent any time configuring static IPs, port forwarding, etc, you'll want to back the settings up before upgrading or write them down (as I was having problems with the router, I didn't even bother testing this since I didn't want to bring possible legacy settings that may have been causing problems into the upgraded firmware)
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