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on August 18, 2011
Here is my amature opinion of this bike.... I think its worth the pennys if your into some tinkering.
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on May 17, 2011
This is a great starter bike for those interested in trying a single speed or fixed gear bike (the flip-flop hub allows for both). Its chromoly frame is pretty well constructed with decent welds and is ideal considering its price. The headset, rims, and freewheel are also perfectly serviceable. The non-branded components are a bit of a mixed bag though. The pedals, saddle, handlebars and brakes feel cheap, and will probably all require an upgrade at some point over the life of the bike. Despite this, they are functional out of the box and will get you from point A to point B without failing and killing you.

The construction process is not difficult for those familiar with bikes, the only assembly needed is the attachment of the front wheel, handlebars, seat-post and saddle. The brakes which came with mine needed some additional tweaking and the chain and a few other moving components need to be oiled before use. If you are not comfortable doing all of this, it would be best to take it to a local bike shop and have them properly set up the bike for you.

While I have not switched it to fixed gear yet, its ride in single speed is quick and responsive. It has a pretty high gear ratio (16t-46t or 16t-48t I believe... I have not sat down and counted the front gear) which pushes you to maintain a decent pace. Depending on what shape you are in, the bike will give you a good workout. If you live somewhere with hills, prepare to form some legs of steel.

Overall, I doubt there are many single speed or fixed gear bikes as good as this one which can be shipped to your door for around 200 dollars tax included. Those who are looking for a good single speed starter bike should look no further. This will serve all your needs, and if any of the components bother you there will be money left over to replace them. If you are looking for a blank canvas to upgrade and change into something truly unique, this will also serve your needs. However, if you want a bike which is perfect out of the box or are in poor physical shape and are not planning on getting fitter, you should probably look elsewhere.
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on May 29, 2011
I've had this bike for about 2 weeks so far and I'm really enjoying it. The single speed aspects isn't as bad as I thought it would be except on extreme inclines. Once you get the bike you'll want to upgrade to some better components although everything on the bike is functional. A very practical and budget friendly solution to getting your feet a little wet in the sport cycling.

I ordered this bike through and it did arrive on time through UPS but the condition of the box it was shipped in was very very bad. I looked like it fell out of the truck and someone messily taped it back up with holes everywhere and all crumpled up. The UPS guy said I could file a claim but I looked inside and everyting was there and there was maybe 1 or 2 scratches on the bike so I didn't bother with the hassle.

Assembling the bike was pretty easy, used a Crescent wrench and a set of Alan keys and some need nose pliers to adjust the brakes ( that was probably the hardest part but still not too tough ). Just remember to tighten everything and adjust the seat and handlebars to you liking.

On the bike itself everything does work. I like the fact that the drop bars have an ergonomic bend at the drop to fit your grip. The seat also isn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. I recently replaced it with a race style saddle that's not as cushy as the stock one but looks 10x better. After an hour of riding the difference between the two is negligible. The reflectors on the spokes are nice but the rear one broke off while I was loading it into a trunk of an SUV so I ended up removing the front one too. The pedals work but feel and look cheap, I ordered some replacements already. Oh, and the brakes are ok but I just didn't trust them to well riding down the hills of San Francisco so I replaced them with some Tektro R530 brakes and some cross levers mounted on a Bullhorn handlebar ( I'm probably going to put the drops back on though ). The paint job is nice but scratches really easily. For the price I won't complain but I've thrown some decals on the frame and it actually looks really decent. It comes with a flip flop hub where you can either go fixed gear or freewheel. I've left it on freewheel because honestly that's more my style of riding and you can't legally ride a bicycle that doesn't have brakes in SF. Also, for an amateur rider like me...Free wheel with brakes is alot more forgiving than fixed gear without.

If I didn't buy this bike, I would've bought the Mongoose Cachet and just removed all the stickers, or the Schwinn Courier and switched the brake levers ( and removed all the stickers lol ).

Overall it's a very good price for a Single Speed Road bike. I've removed 1 star for the quality of some components on the bicycle, but once you have the bike you'll know what works for you and have lots of fun experiencing the joy of cycling. I'm glad I made the purchase and this bike allows me to ride alongside other bikes 4 times as expensive with just as much fun.
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on October 30, 2011
So I've recently had this urge to get into road biking, and after months of no success finding decent and CHEAP bikes via CL and local bike shops, I took my search to Amazon. Hence I found this beauty.

I ordered the bike on a Sunday evening and to my surprise, got it Tuesday night- the fastest delivery I've ever experienced. It came in a big brown box like others have described, and the parts were all in perfect condition.

Assembly took me about 2 hours because I had no idea what I was doing (I've never dealt with bikes other than riding them prior to this) but it was SO much fun and it's a great feeling to put it together yourself. The tools I used were a set of Allen keys and a crescent wrench (or something that would have the same function). Attaching the front wheel, pedals, seat to seatpost, and handlebar were all pretty easy, but like other reviews have mentioned, the brakes were loose and need some tightening. The front brakes were very loose, while the back breaks just needed its brake pads to be adjusted. If you're not comfortable doing this, just take the bike to a local bike shop to get it done, or do what I did...GOOGLE it! The bike comes as a single speed and I'd rather keep it as this than converting it to fixed gear (which is a pretty cool feature might I say) because I prefer to coast. When assembling, make sure to look up videos on how to properly fit the bike to your comfort needs, i.e. how high the seat should be, how far back the seat should be, etc.

I took the bike out for its first ride and it felt great; I was going pretty fast too! I feel like I've made the right decision to buy this as my first road bike. Later on I'll get into upgrading the components and such but for now, for my commuter and leisure purposes, this bike the way it is will definitely suffice. :)
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on February 8, 2014
Now, if your looking for a "no name" starter fixed gear, this is it. Sure there have been some people complaining about cheap parts, popped tires and scratches on paint. Those are all easily fixable complaints that can really be said about any bike. But in reality, the frame of this bike is solid and the welds are good. The parts are not THAT cheap either. If you have some bike knowledge and dont expect everything to be perfect, then this bike is definitely worth it.

Ill start with going over the bike from box to finished, put together and riding.

When it first arrived I met the UPS driver at the street to check the condition of the package. It looked good and it was the right size and color, so in the house it went. I took everything out and it was packed very good. The cardboard box isnt thin either and everything was wrapped and padded. First thing I did was take out the front rim/tire to check to see how straight it was, it was super straight but the tread had an area of about 5 inches that had a deformity. I did the same thing with the rear tire, super straight. Ok, "Im lucky" I thought. I checked everything else for scratches, cracks and bad welds. The only thing that was wrong with the bike on first inspection was a few scratches and off color spots on the white frame but not many and the tire deformity. All the parts were there. Nothing felt really "cheap". Some negative reviews think the brakes are plastic but they are actually aluminum or steel (levers), they are not plastic. Everything needs to be adjusted and checked for tightness though.

Took everything else out and began to see what tools I would need. 2 Allen wrenches, 2 different combination or adjustable wrench and screwdriver will complete this bike for you BUT if you want to tighten or loosen the fixed gear sprocket, you will need a separate tool. Also, you will need to adjust the brakes. Once you make sure all the bolts and nuts are tight then you should be OK. Make sure all the bolts on the fork tube and handle bar clamp are tight because I forgot and I almost killed myself.

For your tires, before you put any air in them, go around the tire and lift it up to check to make sure no obstructions or anything is there and that the rim tape or tube protector is properly lining the rim all the way around. When you put air in the tires DO NOT fill them to the max PSI. I know the tire says 100 or whatever but fill the tubes to 65 first and then get on the bike and ride it. If they feel too low, put more air in. You will need a gauge that can read more than 50 psi also. I know most 23 or 25 700c tires and tubes should be able to accept more air but it seems these have a problem with popping (according to the negative reviews), so fill up to 65 first and go from there. My front tire does have a 5 inch deformity, so the tread is not straight all the way around the tire. This is only on the front tire and not the rear. I sent the manufacturer an email and asked for a replacement tire and Im waiting for a response. EDIT: After some "breaking in" of the tires, I have now bumped up the PSI to roughly 80psi. Also, these tires grip well but a little too well. The rolling resistance is somewhat high on these tires. I plan on swapping them out for a pair of tires that are slick down the center for less rolling resistance. These stock tires are good, but not good for rolling resistance.

Also, if you get a smaller sized frame, your tires might end up hitting your feet (says another negative review) but I have never had any problems like that. Tomorrow I am going to go on a ride with this bike and put it through some trials, so I will have an update... For now, this bike is awesome, considering I bought it on ebay for less than $175, this bike in my opinion is worth it.

Cheap price
Built very solid
Easily upgraded/swap parts
Everything you need in a "starter" fixed gear
Rims are nice with black spokes
Components are alloy
Bolts can be tightened without breaking
Good colors
Rides smooth due to the high tensile steel frame
Tires have good treads for long life (but see CONS)

Paint has spots and blemishes
Brakes are kind of cheap (they work but barely after major tuning)
Tires have low rolling resistance and might have excess rubber that creates a lumpy ride (can be removed with a razor or will wear off over time)
Crankset and bottom bracket arent the greatest (but then again, this isnt an expensive bike)

Overall this bike is built very well for the price and you can always upgrade parts to your choosing, that is what is good about a no name fixed gear. I would recommend this bike to anyone. The only CONS about this bike are the scratches and missing paint on the frame and the deformed front tire. Other than that, its a very solid bike for starters or anyone on a budget. The brakes are somewhat useless but after some adjusting, they stop the bike (barely). I dropped a star for the scratches on frame, cheap brakes and warped tire.

EDIT: 02/09/2014

Went on a 22 mile ride today and almost died (from exhaustion not from the bike)...I am 210 pound and the bike held up very well.

A few things started to happen though. The bottom bracket or free wheel has intermittent slow subtle quite knocking at harder/higher speeds (I think it might be the chain settling in maybe) but other than that this bike did its job and looked good doing it! Eventually (when I get more money which seems like never) I am going to swap out the BB for a splined drive and swap out a few other parts as well, so Im not upset about it. I am upset about the front tire though and I am waiting for a response for a new one.


Company has responded, fast like usual. They have said they would send me a new tire at no extra cost! They also sent tubes for free which is great because now I have some spares! This company has been good with fixing problems and communicating. I would definitely recommend them.

EDIT: 02/23/14

New tire is straight and smooth. I installed it and also put on a new Star "Panther" rear rim. Not the lightest rim but the hub rolls smooth and the rim looks good. The new tire made the bike feel like a totally different deal. Nice and smooth now. I also dared to put over 85psi in the tire with no problems *yet*. So far so good.
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on January 15, 2013
I purchased this with the intent to build off the frame and for that purpose, the bike is awesome if youre looking for a cheap frame.
If you expect to ride this bike every day right out of the box after assembly you will be sadly disappointed.
The shipping was very timely, but the package was in rough shape. there was literally parts protruding out of the box. I opened her up and the way it was packaged was poorly done, but the bike was safe none the less. I inspected and noticed a ding on the frame's top tube right out of the damn box! But you get what you pay for i suppose. It assembles easy enough assuming you have some basic bike knowledge, but will require a ton of tuning as far as the brakes go.
speaking of the brakes, i rode for about 20 minutes and returned home to adjust the brakes, during this process, my front brake caliper gained a little too much tention and snapped the spring thing that keeps the brake caliper at a precise spot. I could have been more cautious knowing that it was a cheap brake kit but this should not have happened either way. I encourage you to buy the bike but i dont encourage you to buy it if you are looking for a good ride right out of the box because you wont get anything close to that.
Packaging 2 out of 5
reliability 2 out of 5
looks 4 out of 5
potential to be a sweet ride 5 out of 5
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on April 17, 2013
I just bought this bike and received it a day later... as always Amazon Prime is great. Let me start off by saying I bought this bike with the sole purpose of upgrading it myself. I know nearly nothing about biking other than how to ride a bike so i thought this would be a perfect bike to learn the anatomy of a bike and how to build/fix them myself. Let me also say that I am very unhandy (the only experience I have assembling things is some IKEA furniture). The bike shipped in good condition. I was able to put the bike together in about a half hour without instructions (there is a web address on the box with instructions). You will need a phillips head screwdriver and an allen/hex wrench (not sure on the exact size) for assembly.

As for the bike itself, I was well aware of the possible problems that it would ship with. Some have reported flat tires (and poor quality), poor breaks, bad seat, poor crank, among other things. In reality I really bought the bike for the frame. The stock breaks do need adjusting out of the box. In addition, my bike arrived with little air of the tires, so there is a possibility that you may need to pump your tires before use. I also purchased a new seat (I am a rather skinny person with a bony butt) and portable pump. However I would like to say that this bike could be ridden almost immediately out of the box with few tweaks (tighten breaks and inflate tires).

I also want to post questions I had when buying the bike that I have found solutions to so far just in case anyone else has similar questions. (I will update it as I encounter more problems and find solutions)

I was unsure of what type of pump I needed for this type of tire (I know stupid)...
This bike needs a presta pump. This is the one I bought. It can be used on the go as it comes with a bike mount and is very portable Topeak Pocket Rocket Master Blaster Bike Pump

I will update as I have more time on the bike.
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on May 30, 2013
I purchased this bike a few weeks ago. Right out of the box I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by its overall appearance in person! After riding it a bit, I've easily clocked over 100 miles on it already and there are a few things I've noticed.

1.) Solid frame. Seems a ton lighter than my last bike. I got the 54 cm and it was perfect for me. I'm 5'10.5" and 160 lbs.
2.) Easy assembly! Very quick to put together without too much bike knowledge. As long as you know your way around tools, you'll be fine.
3.) Everything was packaged very nicely. No scratches or damage. It was hard to get one of the wheels out of how it was boxed.
4.) Solid wheels with the tires already on just without air.
5.) The handlebar tape is comfortable.
6.) Very smooth ride and a fairly quiet bike too.
7.) Cost effective.
8.) If you've got some leg muscles from biking you can end up hauling with some speed!!

1.) The bike stem isn't that great if you ask me. It should be a 4 bolt stem instead of a 2 bolt to the bars. Mine makes a funny click noise when I try to use my body to create some force down on the pedals.
2.) The seat isn't too comfortable.. You do get used to it a bit.
3.) The brakes aren't that great but do work. You can't actually skid with them at all. (I'm not sure that's a bad thing because then it saves me on tires getting torn up.)
4.) I'm not sure if I got a bad free wheel gear but mine is starting to make a funny rubbing noise like a bearing is gone to crap. I'm not sure if that's from me coming off some medium curbs or not. Do I buy another or contact the company?

It was definitely 100% worth the purchase but just be aware of purchasing some upgrades. They will be worth it not only for performance but maybe some aesthetics too.

EDIT: After about 6 months of solid using this bike, the crank has started to make noises. I'm assuming that it's something that needs to be tightened. I have also replaced the tires more for style as well as the seatpost, seat, handlebar tape, and now the tires.
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on July 9, 2011
This is my first single speed/fixie. Love it, didnt want to spend to much or buy anything used. this fit my budget perfectly. The bike exceeded my expectations, like others have been saying the pedals, seat and handles bars feel cheap but get the job done. ive upgraded the handle bars and pedals already and plan on making this a fully custom bike soon. The no name aspect of it make its perfect for that. Would highly recommend it for someone who is looking for a fun fixie to ride around the streets.
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on August 20, 2011
When I moved to Chicago four years ago I had a nice road bike that I was paranoid about locking on the street, and ever since I had been on the lookout for a good bike that would be worth spending money on but not so nice that I would worry about locking it up while out and about.

In February I bought this bike and I love it. It is my baby.

But, as plenty of the other reviews here have said, you have to buy it knowing what you're getting into. I immediately replaced the seat, pedals, and front tire. I've added fenders and a headlight. I intended to eventually replace the handlebars, but in all honesty the more I ride it the more I like it the way it is right now. It's comfortable. It's responsive. It rides well. It is lighter than anything I've seen used (for less than $300) in the city. It brakes quickly. I feel safe and solid on it.

So if you're looking for a good reliable bike for commuting that is easy to maintain, this is that bike. If you're looking at at $300 or $400 bike I would strongly recommend considering spending $200 on this bike and $100 to $200 on accessories and components that fit your particular needs.
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