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on January 12, 2013
While I'm not too happy that Mill Creek didn't release complete series sets of all 13 episodes of The Get Along Gang and Pole Position, this set does have the remaining three episodes of both shows on Disc 10. If you are a fan of specific shows on this set, most of these episodes are already available on other releases. This is more of a babysit your kids type set, rather than something geared towards collectors. The tin case is much better than the paper sleeves Mill Creek usually uses for its discs. I got this set for less than $12.00, which is a pretty good price.

Here is what is on the ten discs:

Disc 1 - Busytown Mysteries

1 "The Lost Key Mystery"/"The Door Knocker Mystery"
2 "The Red Spot Painter Mystery"/"The Teeny Weeny Piano Mystery"
3 "The Flattened Field Mystery"/"The Flying Potatoes Mystery"
4 "The Totally Fishy Mystery"/"The Radio Message Mystery"
5 "The Numbered Papers Mystery"/"The Sour Milk Mystery"
6 "The Delayed Delivery Mystery"/"The Busytown Fairies Mystery"
7 "The Mystery Of The Lost Bag"/"The Flat Tire Mystery"
8 "Huckle Unlocks A Mystery"/"The Messy Car Mystery"
9 "The Achoo Mystery"/"The Missing Laundry Mystery"
10 "The No News Today Mystery"/"The Big Tooth Mystery"
1 Wimzie's House - You're Not My Friend

Disc 2 - The Busy World of Richard Scarry

1 Sergeant Murphy's Deputy / Couscous in the Sahara / New Friend on the Block
2 Biggest Storm Ever / Cucumber in the Rockies / Sally's First Day at School
3 No Time for Bananas / Sneef in India / Sally Cat's First Trip
4 Grand Hotel / Couscous on the Nile / Cat Family Ski Trip
5 Lowly Breaks a Leg / Cucumber in Machu Pichu / The Plight of Penelope Parakeet
6 Newspaper Mom / Cucumber in Rio / Donut Raffle
7 The Knights of Busytown / Cave Pigs / Bucketman in Busytown
8 Billy Dog Gets Glasses / Cordelia's Debut / Lowly Joins the Circus
9 The Big Dare / Oliver's Sandwich / Pig Will Won't
10 The Best Birthday Party Ever / Martha's First Book / Locked Out
1 Simon in the Land of Chalk - "The Lonely Snake"

Disc 3 - Johnny Test

1 My Johnny Guard /Tom and Johnny
2 The Quantum of Johnny /Johnny Get Yer Gum
3 Old School Johnny /Johnny Degrees Below Zero
4 Johnny Johnny /Johnny Double Coupons
5 iJohnny /Johnny vs. The Mummy
6 X-ray Johnny /The Destruction of Johnny X
7 Johnny Grow Your Own Monster/Who's Johnny?
8 Princess Johnny/99 Deeds of Johnny Test
9 Johnny's Amazing Race/Johnny Test in 3D
10 Guess Who's Coming to Johnny's for Dinner/Johnny's New BFF

Disc 4 - Horseland

1 The Best Loss
2 Boss Bailey
3 Bailey's New Friend
4 First Love
5 A True Gift
6 Molly & Chili
7 Wild Horses
8 Magic In The Moonlit Meadow
9 The Horse Whisperer
10 Mosey
1 Postcards From Buster - Meet Me at the Fair (Knox, Indiana)

Disc 5 - The Littles

1 The Little Scouts
2 A Little Gold... A Lot of Trouble
3 Dinky's Doomsday Pizza
4 A Little Rock and Roll
5 The Little Babysitters
6 The Forest Littles
7 For the Birds
8 Twins
9 Looking for Grandma Little
10 Every Little Vote Counts
1 The Littles' Halloween

Disc 6 - Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

1 Split Up
2 A Date With Carmen - Part I
3 A Date With Carmen - Part II
4 Skull and Double-Crossbones
5 Hot Ice
6 All for One
7 Scavenger Hunt
8 When it Rains
9 Déjà Vu
10 Boyhood's End - Part I
1 Boyhood's End - Part II

Disc 7 - Archie's Weird Mysteries

1 Virtually Evil
2 Zombies of Love
3 Brain of Terror
4 Twisted Youth
5 Compu-Terror
6 Monster in the Night
7 Misfortune Hunters
8 Ship of Ghouls
9 Something is Haunting Riverdale High
10 Supreme Girl vs. Dr. Arachnid
1 Sabrina's Secret Life - Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Disc 8 - Postcards From Buster

1 Rock and Roll - Colorado
2 Hoops and Drums - Wyoming #1 (Wind River)
3 Swimming in the Desert - Phoenix
4 Buster's Road Rules - Tucson
5 A Good Ol' Tyme - Kentucky #1 (Old Timey)
6 Best Friends - Kentucky #2 (Kateys)
7 Bayou, By Me - Louisiana #1 (Bayou)
8 Star Search - S. Carolina
9 Winter Gold - Utah #2 - Park City (winter sports)
10 We are Family - Utah #1 winter sports
1 Nanoboy - Bog's Bogus Buddy / Hola! El Coli!

Disc 9 - Heathcliff

1 Teed Off / Monstro vs. The Wolf Hound
2 Say Cheese / Cat's Angels
3 Meow Meow Island / Iron Cats
4 Family Tree / Who's Got the Chocolate?
5 Be Prepared / Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
6 Heathcliff Gets Canned / Whackoed Out
7 Brain Sprain / Cat Balloon
8 May the Best Cat Win / Comedy Cats
9 Revenge of the Kitty / Jungle Vacation
10 Hospital Heathcliff / Hector's Takeover
1 Going Shopping / Cat in the Fat

Disc 10 - Various New Episodes

1 The Get Along Gang - Camp Get Along / School's Out
2 The Get Along Gang - The Bullies / Nose For News
3 The Get Along Gang - Snowbound Showdown / That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles
4 Pole Position - The Secret
5 Pole Position - The Shadow of a Trout
6 Pole Position - The Trouble With Kuma
7 The Legend of White Fang - The Trap
8 Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors - Escape From the Garden
9 C.O.P.S. - The Case Of The Stuck-Up Blimp
10 Gadget Boy's Adventures in History - The Vulture Has Landed
1 Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century - The Rise and Fall of Sherlock Holmes
2 Paddington Bear - Please Look After This Bear
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on March 1, 2013
This set by Mill Creek has 10 discs, each one featuring a different show from Cookie Jar Entertainment (now part of DHX Media). Each disc contains 10 episodes from each show and on a few of them (depending on episode space) a bonus episode, either from the same show or from a different show entirely.

Disc 1: Busytown Mysteries
1. The Lost Key Mystery/The Door Knocker Mystery
2. The Red Spot Painter Mystery/The Teeny Weeny Piano Mystery
3. The Flattened Field Mystery/The Flying Potatoes Mystery
4. The Totally Fishy Mystery/The Radio Message Mystery
5. The Numbered Papers Mystery/The Soul Milk Mystery
6. The Delayed Delivery Mystery/ The Busytown Fairies Mystery
7. The Mystery of the Lost Bag/The Flat Tire Mystery
8. Huckle Unlocks a Mystery/The Messy Cay Mystery
9. The Achoo Mystery/The Missing Laundry Mystery
10. The No News Today Mystery/The Big Tooth Mystery
BONUS EPISODE: Whimzie's House: You're Not My Friend

Disc 2: The Busy World Of Richard Scarry
1. Sergeant Murphy's Deputy/Couscous in the Sahara/New Friend on the Block
2. Biggest Storm Ever/Cucumber in the Rockies/Sally's First Day at School
3. No Time for Bananas/Sneef in India/Sally Cat's First Trip
4. Grand Hotel/Couscous on the Nile/Cat Family Ski Trip
5. Lowly Breaks a Leg/Cucumber in Machu Pichu/The Plight of Penelope Parakeet
6. Newspaper Mom/Cucumber in Rio/Donut Raffle
7. The Knights of Busytown/Cave Pigs/Bucketman in Busytown
8. Billy Dog Gets Glasses/Cordelia's Debut/Lowly Joins The Circus
9. The Big Dare/Oliver's Sandwich/Pig Will Won't
10. The Best Birthday Party Ever/Martha's First Book/Locked Out
BONUS EPISODE: Simon In The Land of Chalk Drawings: The Lonely Snake

Disc 3: Johnny Test
1. My Johnny Guard/Tom and Johnny
2. The Quantum of Johnny/Johnny Get Your Gum
3. Old School Johnny/Johnny Degrees Below Zero
4. Johnny Johnny/Johnny Double Coupons
5. iJohnny/Johnny vs. The Mummy
6. X-Ray Johnny/The Destruction of Johnny X
7. Johnny Grow Your Own Monster/Who's Johnny?
8. Princess Johnny/99 Deeds of Johnny Test
9. Johnny's Amazing Race/Johnny Test in 3D
10. Guess Who's Coming to Johnny's for Dinner?/Johnny's New BFF

Disc 4: Horseland
1. The Best Loss
2. Boss Bailey
3. Bailey's New Friend
4. First Love
5. A True Gift
6. Molly and Chili
7. Wild Horses
8. Magic in the Moonlight Meadow
9. The Horse Whisperer
10. Mosey
BONUS EPISODE: Postcards From Buster: Buster and Beatrice

Disc 5: The Littles
1. The Little Scouts
2. A Little Gold...A Lot of Trouble
3. Dinky's Doomsday Pizza
4. A Little Rock and Roll
5. The Little Babysitters
6. The Forest Littles
7. For the Birds
8. Twins
9. Looking for Grandma Little
10. Every Little Vote Counts
BONUS EPISODE: The Littles: The Littles' Halloween

Disc 6: Where on Earth is Carmen Sandigeo
1. Split Up
2. A Date With Carmen: Part 1
3. A Date With Carmen: Part 2
4. Skull and Double-Crossbones
5. Hot Ice
6. All for One
7. Scavenger Hunt
8. When It Rains
9. Deja Vu
10. Boyhood's End: Part 1
BONUS EPISODE: Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego: Boyhood's End: Part 2

Disc 7: Archie's Weird Mysteries
1. Virtually Evil
2. Zombies of Love
3 .Brain of Terror
4. Twisted Youth
5. Compu-Terror
6. Monster in the Night
7. Misfortune Hunters
8. Ship of Ghouls
9. Something is Haunting Riverdale High
10. Supreme Girl vs. Dr. Arachnid
BONUS EPISODE: Sabrina's Secret Life: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Disc 8: Postcards From Buster
1. Rock and Roll
2. Hoops and Drums
3. Swimming in the Desert
4. Buster's Road Rules
5. A Good Ol' Tyme
6. Best Friends
7. Bayou, By Me
8. Star Search
9. Winter Gold
10. We are Family
BONUS EPISODE: Nanoboy: Bog's Bogus Buddy/Hola! El Coli!

Disc 9: Heathcliff
1. Teed Off/Monstro vs. The Wolf Hound
2. Say Cheese/Cat's Angels
3. Meow Meow Island/Iron Cats
4. Family Tree/Who's Got the Chocolate?
5. Be Prepared/Crusin' for a Bruisin'
6. Heathcliff Gets Canned/Whackoed Out
7. Brain Sprain/Cat Balloon
8. May the Best Cat Win/Comedy Cats
9. Revenge of the Kitty/Jungle Vacation
10. Hospital Heathcliff/Hector's Takeover
BONUS EPISODE: Heathcliff: Going Shopping/Cat in the Fat

Disc 10: Various Cartoons
Get Along Gang:
1. Camp Get Along/School's Out
2. The Bullies/Nose for News
3. Snowbound Showdown/That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles
Pole Position:
1. The Secret
2. The Shadow of a Trout
3. The Trouble With Kuma
The Legend of White Fang: The Trap
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors: Escape from the Garden
C.O.P.S.: The Case of the Stuck-Up Blimp
Gadget Boy's Adventures in History: The Vulture Has Landed
BONUS EPISODE: Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century: The Rise and Fall of Sherlock Holmes
BONUS EPISODE: Paddington Bear: Please Look After This Bear

The 10th disc contains episodes from various cartoons; Pole Position, The Get Along Gang, C.O.P.S., Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, The Legend of White Fang and Gadget Boy's Adventures In History.

If you brought the triple pack feature Jayce, C.O.P.S. and Pole Position, you'll need this set to complete Pole Position as the last 3 episodes are on this set, while the other 10 are on the triple pack. Though hopefully Mill Creek may release Pole Position on it's own with all 13 episodes in tact. The same can be said for the Get Along Gang, if you brought the 10 episode best of compilation of that series that has the first 10 episodes (each episode is split into 2 11 minute segments), then to get the last 3, you'll need this set too. Though hopefully Mill Creek may one day put the entire series on DVD on it's own as well. But for now you need to get that release and this one to have all 13 episodes.

Spread across the discs are bonus episodes for Paddington Bear, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, Sabrina's Secret Life, Whimzee's House, Nanoboy and Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings.

The discs are kept in a metal circle case with a zip that goes around it and inside is several pouches made of Velcro (I believe) and the discs are kept in each pouch, making it ideal for journeys, hence the theme of this set.

However I can only recommend this set if you're a fan of variety as most of these shows have all ready been released by Mill Creek Entertainment on separate sets you can buy for each show individually, so unless you want variety or you wish to complete The Get Along Gang or Pole Position, I wouldn't recommend anyone else getting this set and would suggest buying separate sets if you're only a fan of a few of these shows, as there is a LOT of variety in this set.

Though if you don't mind variety or just want something affordable to keep the kids at bay for hours, well you just can't say no to a set like this. Very well packaged and a nice idea on Mill Creek's part. Though hopefully they'll see sense and release the Get Along Gang and Pole Position separately soon.
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on December 7, 2012
It has the last 3 episodes of the show missing from mill creeks 80's cartoon boxset. Also the last 3 missing eps from the get along gang if you like that show.
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on February 16, 2013
Big thanks to Cookie Jar for resurrecting another group of childhood favorites!

Comes in a convenient tin travel case that zips up with a harness that makes it perfect for trips with the kids.

What really makes this a great deal is the episode count and the shows included. There are shows included for various ages, even young toddlers and upwards of pre-teens that like a bit more action...

100+ episodes, 10 DVDs, 40+ hrs...the main reason I even gave this a second look as opposed to those other ripoff cartoon compilations is the fact that it contained Heathcliff, but also Johnny Test (hate the show, but kids like it) and a few other newer titles...

Regardless, its a great set and ended up grabbing it at K-Mart for $9.99...thanks Cookie Jar!!
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on January 10, 2014
I bought this for $14.99 at Fred Meyer to ease my kids' Netflix withdrawals. Inside is a cute zippered tin CD case with 10 disks (contents are itemized in other reviews). This is not the same old pap! Nine of the disks have 11 episodes each of one show and the last is some fun odds and ends. I'm very pleased with my purchase.
review image review image
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on September 9, 2015
I'll just give a good review based on who I bought it for, my nieces and nephews. They appear to enjoy these cartoons so four stars due to these being from an era before they went downhill in quality and material. Anyone who grew up watching these know how awesome they are.
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on August 5, 2013
I initially gave this set a poor review because I tried buying it from Amazon TWICE, and both times, the sets were defective--disc 10 was missing, and there was a duplicate of disc 8.

Luckily, the manufacturer of the DVD, Mill Creek, has amazing customer service. I emailed them about the issue, and they promptly replied and sent me a replacement! It was no hassle at all. For that alone, I'll be happy to keep giving Mill Creek my business.

So, you may need to get a replacement disc from the manufacturer, but this set is a great value with lots of fun cartoons. RECOMMENDED.
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on December 19, 2013
Our kids love these cartoons, and my husband and I find ourselves singing along to the theme songs. We took these on a cross country trip and played these during our night drives to keep the kiddos happy. Definitely recommend.
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on December 6, 2013
Not a bad collection of cartoons but I really just bought it for the last few episodes of Pole Position. It’s not in a zip bag thing like I thought it’s actually a nice tin that zips up...
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on May 12, 2013
This is a great TOON box set, hope there's a second one like this in the future!
This includes some 1980's rarities like the remaining 3 Get Along Gang 1/2 hour episodes the 10 episode DVD collection didn't have!
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