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on July 23, 2012
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Overall Rating 4.25
Character Rating 4.50
Story Rating 4.00

First thought when Finished: What a deliciously fun read for a hot scorching afternoon!

What I thought of the Characters: I loved the characters in Take it Like a Vamp! Nick was the smoldering hottie that we, aka me, wished really did live next door. He is kind, sweet, protective, and a little over-bearing at times (every good alpha is *sigh*). Casey, to me, is who stole the show though. She was talented, smart, and get this AN AVERAGE SIZED gal with gumption. She had some meat on her bones, some insecurities, and was loyal to a fault. She would help out anyone who needed it! Last but least, my Linc! He is Nick's best friend and HOT, HOT, HOT! This had better be a series because I'm ready for the next book (it had better feature Linc)!

What I thought of the Romance: The chemistry between Nick and Casey is evident from the beginning and feels very organic. I love friends to lovers romances-they are the best! Their attraction just jumps off the page at you and doesn't feel forced! I felt that their personalities fit each other and that made the smexy better! I love when the main leads "fit"-different enough to keep each other on their toes but share enough in common that you can see a friend base there.

What I thought of the Story: Overall the story was fun, light, and perfect for a lazy afternoon read. It was easy to devour in one setting! There was a little action, a little smexy time, a little fun, and all around a good love story!

Final Thought: I will be waiting on book 2!
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on July 24, 2012
Fans of Molly Harper, MaryJanice Davidson, and Katie MacAlister will enjoy this fun PNR by Candace Havens.
Vampire Nick has lusted after his neighbor Casey for the entire 9 months he's known her. She is a breath of fresh air. Mostly I think because she offers him friendship without strings. He is rich, powerful and good looking. Everybody wants something from him especially his ex. Casey knows she isn't like the skinny models Nick goes for so she settles for friendship with Nick although she isn't blind to his charms. When Nick asks Casey to be his date to keep the match making mama's off his back he brings Casey to the attention of factions that would use her to get to him and things get interesting.
This is a fun romantic PNR with some honest laugh out loud moments. Welcome back to the dark side Candy.
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on July 24, 2012
I can't remember the last time that I laughed and smiled as much as I did reading Take It Like a Vamp. The main character, Casey, is awesomely fun to get to know. I loved her snark and her real, curvy body and her insecurities and her fierce loyalty and her strength of character. This chick had it all and I seriously loved her. Top that off with Nick--the loyal, hot, BFF next door guy--and you've got a friends-to-lovers romance that will knock your socks off. The sizzling chemistry is rounded off with a dash of danger, a fabulous cast of side characters (LOVED Linc and Mason), and a trip to the Greek Islands, creating a fabulous, fast-paced, laugh-out-loud romance novel. I can't help but hope that Ms. Havens gives us more stories like this (can you say series potential?!). I do believe I'll be heading off in search of more of her books while I wait hopefully for another one like this. :)
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on October 10, 2015
If you are looking for a light hearted read pick this one up.

Nick and Casey are the best of friends. Just friends. Although it is getting harder and harder for Casey to watch Nick out on a date with an stick figure blonde or brunette or red head. Nick doesn’t discriminate as long as the gal is a stick. Which is why, although Casey is attracted to Nick she knows just knows he cannot be attracted to her. Nick is having just as hard of a time with Casey dating well… losers. After the last guy hurt Casey – he has decided that he must do something to change her choices in men. So, he has an event to go to without a date. Why not ask Casey? Since he is rich he can pay for a make-over. Let’s be real what gal in this world will turn down a make-over?

Nick didn’t think this one threw though y’all. Cause seriously…let’s take the gal you secretly lust over nightly and vamp up her look with a make-over. Including a sexy one of the kind dress. What kinda reaction did he think he would have? Cause Alpha male marking his territory would come to mind if it were me. Nick didn’t think that far and so once he introduces Casey to his world (even slightly) he kinda invites danger into her life. This of course brings out the protective side of Nick amping up his desirability.

Casey and Nick are a fun couple to spend time with. They bicker, they tease but at the end of the day there is a lot of love between them. If they would only admit it. Nick’s world is dangerous so I understand that he is trying to protect Casey. It is her choice though, and in the end he may not get to make it for her. The danger had come out to play, using Casey as the ball.

Take it like a Vamp is a sweet fun loving read. It is a great read for those who hate the insta-love trend. The characters friendship is established long before anything happens. It is that friendship that makes their choices more believable. So curl up on the couch with a glass of sweet tea and this book if you got a few hours.
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on September 22, 2015
I’m a bit on the fence about this one. While I liked it,—and the author’s witty dialogue—towards the end of the book, parts of the plot felt rushed and not fully fleshed out.

So, here’s what’s going on. Casey Meyers is a graphic artist with a horrid dating history and a mad crush on her hot neighbor who also happens to be her best friend. Nick Christos is hot enough to make your panties melt. He’s also a Vrykolakas—a werewolf that has been turned into a vampire—who just so happens to be the head of the Supernatural Council. Per the Council’s rules, Nick must marry to keep his position. Getting married isn’t high on his list of priorities so he decides to flaunt a fake fiancée in front of the council and Casey fits the bill. While she doesn’t know what he is, the attention that he’s given her has landed her in the sight of a crazy witch intent on destroying everything that Nick holds dear. Now to keep her safe, Nick must claim her as his own but first he needs to reveal his true self to her.

Okay, so Nick was a very likable vampire but he had his questionable moments. He’s attracted to Casey but he can’t act on it because he’s afraid it will put her life in danger. Given that he never acted on his attraction to Casey in order to protect her, it felt a little odd that he would parade her in front of the Council. Another thing that kind of bugged me about Nick was the fact he wanted Casey to trust him but he refused to tell her anything.

Casey had her likable points yet she was a tad bit whiny. It wasn’t enough to put her on the unlikable heroines list but I would have like to have seen her a bit more secure in who she was. Although I do have to applaud her for keeping it together when she learned what Nick was. I think some of my favorite Casey moments was watching her trying to figure out what Nick was and what trouble he was in. I have to agree with her, I would have been guessing Mafia/Mob as well.

The chemistry was there from the start. Every time they were in the room together Casey would get all hot and bothered and Nick would get all fangy and turned on and would flee. The conflict stemmed from lack of communication. If Nick would have just told Casey what he was things would have gone a lot smoother.

There is a bit of suspense thrown in in the form of Alvinia, a witch who once had her claws in Nick. While this was an interesting aspect and it did throw me a surprise, it felt more like a page-filler and really could have been flesh-out a bit more. Plus, I really wish that Nick would have made good on his threats of destroying Alvinia. Every time she would show up, Nick threatened to rip her throat out yet he never acted it on so his empty threats started to get annoying. And it never really felt like the Alvinia issue was fully resolved.

While I loved the first part of the book and still found the entire book engaging, the book started to feel rushed towards the end and made the plot feel a bit disjointed. A few extra chapters could have been added to allow the author to expand on a few points and even out the flow.

The paranormal aspect of this book was front and center, which given this was a paranormal romance it was hoping for. I actually got to see the characters shift into their paranormal beings, which is something that was lacking in the book two.

So, this is the first book in the series. I read Baby’s Got Bite first and now, having read Take it Like a Vamp, I wished I would have read the books in order because this book gives more details about Linc, the hero in the second book.

Overall, I liked Take it Like A Vamp. A few things could have been handled a bit differently but it still made for an enjoyable weekend paranormal read.
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on July 23, 2012
I really enjoyed this book! The lead characters were great, and I love that Linc! Candace didn't dissappoint with this book, and I'm hoping that she is turning this into a series. The chemistry between Nick and Casey was great, even if at times even I rolled my eyes at how he could act. When things finally heat up, it's worth the wait. I'd say this book had a little bit of everything that I was looking for...a strong female, hot men, great chemistry, a little action, and sexiness.
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on July 29, 2015
Let me say, right here at the start, that Take It Like A Vamp is one of the sexiest, most entertaining, purely fun paranormal romances I have read in a while. I picked up the next in the series, Baby’s Got Bite a few weeks ago, and decided before I started the second novel to go find the first one. I am so glad that I did because while the next novel would have been amazing anyway, now there are nuances and threads of the story that make more sense because of the connections with the characters in this first novel.

Handsome, hot gazillionaire Nick has been attracted, heck might actually have been in love with his cute, sexy neighbor Casey for months now – but the quirky, free spirited graphics artist only sees him as her friend. Or does she? Casey can’t help the tingles she gets any time she’s around her sexy neighbor, Nick. I mean come on, he’s nice, got a hot bod and he’s always been there for her – unlike the loser guys she dates. Why shouldn’t a girl get the tingles around a guy like that? Yet there is a part of Casey’s heart that wishes for a bit more, oh she knows that it’s unlikely that he’d ever look at her in that light but still.. he is just about perfect.

So.. Once upon a time Cinderella (Casey) went to the ball with her prince (Nick) and it changed their lives forever.

Okay, okay so in reality Nick threw caution to the wind and begged Casey to go to a fancy affair thing being held for the Council he is a part of, a society thing with supernatural undertones – that being the wise man he is, he hasn’t mentioned that part – and his friend agrees to help him out this one time. Once she said yes, Casey was whisked away to be pampered, dressed in a beautiful gown and bejeweled in a way that brought her natural beauty to the forefront in a stunning transformation. Nick always knew she was beautiful, tonight she was stunning.

Tonight will change everything and start Nick and Casey on a journey to happiness – and danger, the likes of which Casey never knew even existed. Tonight Casey will come face to face with a vile, evil witch, be dressed to the nines by a designer werewolf and begin the tumble into love with a Vrykolakas (a werewolf with vampire tendencies). For a woman who does not see her true worth, Casey will feel the full power of Nick’s attraction and his unease as well. Nick knows that Casey is the woman for him, his mate but he is afraid that she will hate and fear his beast. For all his money, power and charm , Nick is just as unsure as any other man faced with wooing his intended.

Take It Like A Vamp is rich in dialogue, storyline, characters who will charm or disgust you, a couple that you will cheer for and a villainess you will hate with all of your being. The secondary characters come alive and at times vie with the main couple for your attention. I hope there are several stories to come in this series. I know there is at least one, I’m hoping for a lot more.

Every paranormal romance creates it’s own unique universe. The supernatural touches added to Ms. Havens’ world are equally charming and frightening… and always present. I really enjoyed this story and if you enjoy paranormal romances I believe that you might be captivated by this series as well. Take a risk, set aside what you know and fall into Take It Like a Vamp for a completely enjoyable adventure. Originally reviewed at Keeper Bookshelf (dot) com
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on February 7, 2013
So I was up late one night this week combing through the online catalog at Entangled I came across a book called Take it Like it Vamp. It is by author Candace Havens who is local, to my neck of the woods, Dallas, Texas. I like to support local authors so I decided to read the synopsis. I thought this book has everything I am looking for: quick and fun read, takes place where I live, full of romance, and of course had vampires. After reading Take it Like a Vamp it started out really good but fell out in the end.

Now I love cheesy, cutesy romances of all subgenres but Take it Like a Vamp is too cheesy even for me and I will explain. So it starts with my favorite kind of heroine: the shy and over weight wallflower looking for that right man to see the strong confident woman she has been hiding away and help bring her to the surface. Maybe it's because I am a shy plus size girl but I have always had a soft spot for wallflower especially overweight wallflowers. The beginning of the book does not disappoint. Nick has the hots for his best friend and needs a date to a party. So he invites Casey to be his date and since it's a black tie event he pays for her dress and to get dolled up. Casey feels like Cinderella and they really start to notice they have feelings for each other while dancing at the party. Just one problem Nick is a vampire and his life is dangerous due to his evil witch ex wife, literally, she is a witch.

As the story continues Nick decides he doesn't want to live with out Casey and has to convince her he is in love with her. Here is the part that gets on nerves, Casey is insecure about her weight and just can not believe a rich handsome man like Nick would want to be with her. She can't accept the compliments even though it seems like every man in the book including Nick tells her how beautiful she is. I mean come on girl gain a little self confidence. Nick is insecure too though because he feels like once Casey learns the truth about what he is and how dangerous his life is she will not want to be with him anymore.

One night he whisks Casey off to a romantic getaway to tell her the truth because he decides he should if he wants to propose marriage to Casey. She runs out of the room and goes to take a walk to clear her head. Nick starts in on the mopey vampire thing. As I was reading, I was like come on give the girl a break before you start in on the how will I ever live with out her talk. I mean unless your girlfriend is Bella most women need a minute to come around to the fact that their boyfriend is a vampire and his ex wife is out to kill her.

They decide to get married in the end and his ex makes an appearance on the honeymoon by trying to possess the bride. Nick holds her hand and cries while Casey tries to fight the possession. I mean I understand by this point most of the book is already cheesy but it takes the cake on this scene. Nick whispers how strong she is how she needs to fight the witch. With a few "Bitch get out of my head" lines and a strong will Casey defeats the witch and pushes her out of her body. I mean I would have liked a little more there maybe a potion or two. I get that is where Casey is supposed to start gaining confidence there because she fights the witch all by herself while Nick tells her to fight but I don't it just felt rushed like it could have been better explained in my opinion.

In conclusion I thought this book was like an untied balloon, full of potential but deflates in the end. I give Take it Like a Vamp three laser pistols because it was a quick and fast read. The love scenes between Casey and Nick were HOT. I think I just would have liked it a little more if the fight scenes weren't glossed over and maybe had more action and the hero and heroine would have let go of the insecurities earlier in the book to fight the witch together. In my honest opinion I felt like I didn't waste my time and it was a decent not great read.
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on September 9, 2014
I wanted to like it more than I did ... It wasn't a bad read it was mostly fun...
But two things got on my nerves, the two main characters .... He never seemed to
Get a clue that just being honest with her was best no matter how many times not
Doing soo bit him in the ass.... And she just seemed a bit vapid and ditzy at times...
I honestly did like her and they both felt a bit whiney ..... He was constantly jumping
To conclusions.... Who had bigger self esteem issues him or her ? I don't know..
Not a bad book but not great...
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on December 16, 2014
I bought this book not knowing if I would like it but I ended up loving it. This book contains just the right amount of comedy and romance. Even though the main characters self esteem drove me insane I still fell in love with her.
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