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on August 7, 2002
My leanings are more right than left but I would take issue with anyone who actually read this book (not just decided to berate the title because you don't like the author) and didn't conclude that Hillary Clinton is every bit a proponent of "family values" as the most right-wing republican.
Mrs. Clinton gives the reader a compelling portrait of her vision for America's Children. To all the rocket scientists who'se reviews made the bold statement "It takes a Mother and Father to raise a Child" you are completely missing the point and obviously didn't read paragraph one of the book. In no way does Clinton devalue parental roles she simply acknowledges that at other people have effects on a child's well being. Children rely on safe neighborhoods, good teachers, readily available health-care and many other facets of "The Village" to be raised properly.
Within the book Ms. Clinton introduces a whole litany of social programs some of which I agree with (better health education and diets in school's to combat obesity, required marital counseling, ) and some of which I don't (socialist medicine and Charter Schools--the former will never fly in this country and the latter are proving to be a flop). Reasonable people can disagree, and while I don't see eye to eye with Clinton on some issues her objective is noble and her writing is enjoyable. FOr the record if Chelsea is any indication--Hillary Clinton is an excellent Mom.
There's little middle ground in this country when it comes to Hillary---I've heard the most vile and disgusting things uttered about her and I've seen her almost worshipped. I like to think I can be part of that middle ground--a right-winger who appreciates the intelligent passionate argument that she brings to the table.
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on May 30, 2006
For those of you who lambasted this book for being a Socialist manifesto, may I recommend you actually read it (as opposed to lie about reading it and going on to write a review based solely on your political and religious convictions)?

I was very impressed with how good of a book this is, and I disagree that Hilary had a one-track political agenda in mind when she wrote it. It is obvious from her language and insights that she deeply cares about the welfare of children in America and worldwide, and far from picking a topic that she knew would galvanize public support (say, immigration, health care, social security, etc etc), she makes the bold statement that the best judge of each culture is the welfare of its children. Sadly, that kind of agenda is not going to win her any votes. The irony of that fact of life is exactly her point.

She repeatedly says that she does not think it is up to the state to care for children, but rather, it is up to all of us to see that we, as a culture, ensure that our children are well-cared for. She refers to her own upbringing and the community she grew up in, and says that while she doesn't think it makes sense to try to bring back the '50s, as life in the modern world is radically different, we can try to instill some of the benefits of the community way of life of that era into our modern day hustle and bustle. Her point is that orphans and children of abusive parents left by the wayside often develop into criminals and abusive adults that our own children have to deal with. That is NOT a political diatribe, but an observation anyone with common sense agrees with.

Those of you who purport to be all about 'family values' need to stop jumping up and down and yelling about your family values and give some thought to what 'family values' actually means. It does not mean that everyone needs to believe what you do to raise a family right. It means that you need to value the family and its development for it to grow and coexist healthily.

Read and think, before you attempt to review. Don't lie and use the Amazon book review as your political soapbox. It's deceitful and just plain pathetic.
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on November 10, 2000
First, of the reviews I've read, far too many of the negative ones were from those who obviously didn't read the book. Those who severely damned it, most likely wouldn't have given Mrs. Clinton the pleasure of their having bought her book. Also, these reviews offer nothing more than a mere, simple-minded critique of the book's title.
While I can certainly agree with the opinion that Mrs. Clinton's book does include, to some extent, mild political propaganda regarding social programs, we must keep in mind that the work is a collection of Hillary Rodham Clinton's personal views. It's absolutely pointless for anyone to share his/her views in a book without supporting those opinions--thus creating propaganda. It's a no-brainer that the author would back up his/her views only with the facts that best support the opinions while shying away from those that do not.
As far as the title of the book is concerned, it certainly DOES take a village to raise a child, and as Mrs. Clinton points out, the village WILL raise the child, with or without the parents. Those parents who carefully guide their children in what they see as the best direction have much better control over the extent the village raises their children. Therefore, those who fail to take an active role in their childrens' lives are essentially leaving the job to the community, which definately has more than its fair share of negative influences and role models that tend to serve as predators waiting for the misguided or the unguided. The two choices we as parents have are either to guide our children around the negative influences and toward the positive ones, or to allow our children to wander without us through a labyrinth of the above-mentioned "predators" which include violence, recreational sex, substance abuse, reckless conduct, and other immoralities. This is only the beginning! The cycle continues and feeds on itself to populate the "village" with even more of the negative influences, thus making it even more difficult for the best of parents to guide their children in the right direction.
If it were possible for only the mothers and fathers to raise the children, the world would be almost perfect as even the most uninvolved parents have the best intentions. Unfortunately, far too many leave the job strictly to the village. Our children are raised with or without us. The numbers of prisons, crisis centers, psychiatric units, and adult literacy programs are only a few products of only the village raising our children.
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on April 21, 2004
Book Refreshing in Many Ways !
Reviewer: A reader from Wisconsin, USA
Hillary may have her political faults, but she does realize what America's most important priorities should be. If, as a nation we take care of our children, we will be able to start to clean up our culture. In the book, Clinton talks openly about the vulgarity on TV and in the movies and says more regulation and awareness is needed in the area. She says the government must be involved, which hard core republicans may disagree with, but
she also stresses (in so many words) that the government is us, and we must take responsibility for the children that we raise..some on an unhealthy diet of junk food, PlayStation and All Star Wrestling.
She also is strong in her opinion about changes needed in the Family Medical Leave Act. Her words ring true when she says
our culture focusses more on business production than on familyu development, in our get it now culture.
I wish more books like this would be attempted. I believe the family in many ways, is in crisis, and we must be man enough to face it. We need more brave, Harry Truman like democrats who are not afraid to face the facts.
Jeffrey McAndrew
author of "Our Brown-Eyed Boy"
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on October 1, 2008
I read this book when it first came out in the 90s. I loved the way Sen. Clinton, who was then First Lady, related to the struggles that face American families. She showed compassion as well as incredible intelligence.

I am a Mormon, and one thing that impressed me about this book is that Hillary praised the Mormon practice of holding Family Home Evenings once a week. (My family did this growing up). Hillary's point with this book is that we need to look at what's working for American families. We need to emulate good practices in the private sector, and put government back on the side of families.

I think Hillary Clinton is a true hero, and feminine role model. I supported her bid for presidency, not because I agreed with her on every issue, but because I respected her, and felt excited to support a female candidate.

Regardless of party affiliation (I'm a Republican), this book is intelligent, well-researched and written and beneficial to the public policy discourse.

I recommend it!
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on November 1, 2015
Love this book. Very practical way to prove why doing the right thing pays off for all. Investing in our children is the the best investment on the future, it is the most impactful and everybody is responsible in one way or another.
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on March 27, 2016
This is an opportunity to review the perspectives of Hillary Clinton on a variety of issues essential to the American public. Her views are clearly expounded and provide the reader with more than just a glimpse of the authentic Hillary Clinton.
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on July 28, 2000
Democrat, Republican, or Independent, it doesn't matter - "It Takes A Village" has a good message and touches upon a variety of issues regarding our society and children today. Though she does offer some Pollyanna anecdotes about her husband Bill and daughter Chelsea, the book is an enjoyable read and offers some great insights to how our country can rally together for our children.
Mrs. Clinton uses the analogy of the village as a place where the common good of all members, especially the children were taken into consideration and given priority as an investment to the village's future....she compares other nations and uses examples of how their social programs are focusing on children and how successful they appear to be. Mrs. Clinton also incorporates stories of her childhood and the era she was raised in; she does not boast but rather helps us to see how our society has changed and how desperately we need to make provisions to ensure some basics are again instituted in our culture. Mrs. Clinton stresses the importance of adults as role models, how neighborhoods have come together to push crime out of and reclaim their community, how important it is to have safe places to play and stresses the need for bipartisan support in government regarding our children and their education. The need for governmental supported programs for after school, etc. is also mentioned, and that the majority of the changes should start in the home. Mrs. Clinton makes us acutely aware of the media assault that are children are subject to, and that violence, sex and rape have become commonplace via television, music lyrics, and video games.
Mrs. Clinton also touches upon other timely subjects such as gun control, health care, and enhancing public policies to support parents and caregivers. It is evident in reading "It Takes A Village" that Mrs. Clinton has a message: that we need to come together as a society and raise our children collectively and with prudence as an investment in our future.
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on May 3, 2015
Hillary Clinton knows what she is talking about. I wish that everyone who can read this book with sincerity, would have a copy. She has an old, wise mind, and this is why she makes such common sense. If you want to have reading material or gift someone, this would be one book that you should purchase.
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on May 5, 2012
This book is Hillary's classic -- not so much a political book as a definition of her view of the world. It was written in 1996, well before she was considering running for the presidency. Hence it does not have much in the way of policy prescriptions. However, Hillary added an introduction in December 2006, for the "10th Anniversary Edition," along with a new set of end-notes commenting on her updated thoughts on the original text. Those 2006 additions were written with her presidential run in mind, and constitute the bulk of our excerpts. (The 2006 additions are cited as roman-numeral pages for the introduction, and page numbers above 299 for the end-notes).

The theme of Hillary's book (and its title) is that children are raised not just by their parents, but also by all of the other people in the society around them. Therefore, according to Hillary, all the components of that society -- the schools and the government, but the businesses too -- have an obligation to consider their impact on children that they affect. Apparently Hillary's belief in this philosophy has been strengthened in the past 10 years, because her new commentary reinforces her original policy prescriptions with a decade of additional evidence.

On the left side of the political spectrum, one might view that philosophy as the underlying value of a compassionate society which is appropriately focused on child-rearing as its core focus. On the right side of the political spectrum, one might view that philosophy as a rationale for a government takeover of anything related to child-rearing, which can be expansively defined as anything at all. In either case, Hillary's philosophy is out in the open for public inspection -- she has not hidden her beliefs since at least 1996.

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