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on March 25, 2011
After much debate, I finally decided on this water bottle. It wasn't easy picking a water bottle, considering the millions to choose from. What's funny is that glass is the best choice, and there aren't many options. LifeFactory has some nice water bottles but I'm not to keen on their style (more feminine style, in my opinion) so I decided to go with a Takeya as it was the only other logical choice.

A great looking water bottle. Very sleek, modern styling.
Drinking spout is perfect size. Bit larger than the usual, offering ease of drinking.
The cap is awesome. It's thick, rugged plastic, and is fun to 'flick' (as in spin) on or off the spout. The square-cut design of the cap makes it very easy to grip for removing, with or without wet hands.
The handle is very durable. It's great (perhaps designed) for carrying the bottle around with your index finger when you don't want to carry it with your hand. The handle is loosely fitted, and rotates freely. And while it 'appears' to be held on by the cap, there is another thick ridge of glass holding it on, so it isn't going anywhere.
Circumference is the right size for a perfect grip on the bottle - not too thick, not too thin.
Weight is just right, considering it is made of glass. It's nothing unreasonable.
The weight of the bottle is very well-balanced top-to-bottom.

The handle is a bit of a nuisance as first, but you learn to work around it.
The silicone wrapper attracts any type of tiny dust particle, but again nothing unreasonable. If you're a clean freak, try a different color than black.

Conclusion with Updates below. Please 'Read More'.

Overall: I highly recommend this bottle. It's a very well-engineered and looks great. Among the other choices you have in glass water bottles (besides a Snapple bottle at the store) this is great choice. You won't be disappointed. Just remember, it is glass, and it isn't indestructible, so if you break it, that's your issue, and not a design flaw.

Update - (6/1/11)

Water bottle still performing perfectly. Seal is solid. Handle is solid. Wrapper has not stretched any (my initial concern over time)... Greatest benefit of this bottle is that I find myself drinking more water than I normally would - much more.

Update - (2/22/12)

I am still using this bottle EVERY single day. What I find quite interesting is that over time, the 'dust' particles don't get attracted to the silicone as much. So while it started as a 'catch-all', nowadays the particles are almost unnoticeable.

Seal is still just as good as it was originally. Once that cap is on, I am completely confident tossing the bottle onto my bed or putting it into a backpack knowing it isn't going to leak anything. The handle is still holding up perfectly as well - I carry it around with my index finger so I put quite a bit of stress on it - absolutely zero change in it's performance.

Update - (2/11/15)

Still have this original bottle I purchased. Working and looking just as good as day one. It's gone through many travels and environmental changes. Probably my best investment for a product relating to my health, and has paid for itself many times over on all of the money saved by not buying bottled water. I expect it to easily last another 5 years without any issues, and I have no motivation for switching to any other water bottle, considering how well it's engineered, and how I feel it is aesthetically future-proof, for a good while at least. And yes, even after having it 4 years, I still receive compliments on how cool it is - it generates a lot of curiosity, given it's unique style, and everyone loves it.
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on January 30, 2011
To start being green I tried to avoid plastic altogether. But most bottles have a plastic top, always claiming to be BPA free. That's fine. That being said, the first difference between the Klean Kanteen and the Takeya is that the Klean Kanteen top seals by going within the bottle. Which may create a better seal in theory (the Takeya does NOT leak), but it becomes irritating when you have accidentally put too much liquid, twist on the cap only to overflow all over! The second bad thing about the Klean Kanteen seal is that while it sits in your bottle the seal is coming in contact with your liquid. Not to gross anyone out, but most of the times I "washed" my bottle by dumping out the residual water, rinsing in hot water and refilling. Unfortunately this was not good enough. On a random inspection I noticed black lines of what I assume to be mold growing around the rubberized seal... eww. The Takeya bottle screws on the outside, which means minimal fluid contact with your seal, and no overfilling of your bottle! The cap on the Klean Kanteen is rounded with a top loop for carrying and on more than one occasion I guess I over-tightened the cap and could not easily remove it! I instead had to put my finger, or an instrument if really tight, through the loop and use it as leverage. Awkward, and painful. The Takeya top is a square with rounded edges giving you a little bit to work with to twist off the top. The Takeya has s loop separate from the cap for carrying. Another issue is that you have to buy a separate neoprene carrier for your Klean Kanteen if you want it to stay cold longer and not have to handle the cold metal. I highly recommend the carrier, but the Takeya comes with a silicon sleeve already for gripping. A bonus is, if you have the Klean Kanteen first, my neoprene sleeve for the 27oz. (with a little work) fits the Takeya! So I now have an extra cover to save the glass. The Takeya doesn't stay as cold since it is glass, but the other benefits definitely out-way this set back. The mouth on the Takeya is PERFECTLY sized for sipping and/or chugging. The Klean Kanteen has a large opening that lends its size for ice cubes, but constant spilling all over myself. (On a side note, I also hated hitting the metal on my teeth while drinking, glass is less awkward and irritating.) Regular ice cubes from the "make-it-yourself" trays do not fit in the Takeya, but I fill the tray half the height and they slide right in. I have dropped my Klean Kanteen multiple times resulting in paint chips and dents, but it is very resilient and never sprung a leak. The Takeya fits in a car cup holder also! For my first attempt at going green I loved my Klean Kanteen, but now that I have felt and tasted a Takeya glass bottle... I would never go back!! If you're unsure, I hope this helps in making the choice for you. P.s. I know weight has been stated as an issue, but I honestly have not noticed a SERIOUS difference between the two, but I have always carried around something.
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on February 25, 2011
As a frequent gym goer, I've been through my share of experimenting with water bottles. During college I used Nalgene but found the huge opening to be messy and when reports came that it leaked chemicals into water, I was only too glad to find another solution. I used SIGG for a period but found when they issued a recall for leaching chemicals, I was put off, not to mention that the metal taste and small bottles were both inconvenient and unpleasant.

When I saw the Takaya bottles, I was at first drawn to the modern bottle over the classic but found that only the classic came in the larger 22.5oz size. When I received the order from Amazon, everything came well packed and on time (kudos). I left my bottle in the sun to air out since it had a "factory" smell.

Through 3 weeks of use, I've found the water bottle itself to be truly durable. Water tasted great, and it fit well in my car and on machines at the gym. Sure it was heavy, but I knew that when I ordered the largest size glass bottle they made. The only minor problems I have are that:

1. The cap has a weird suction feel at the beginning and end that make it difficult to open and close all the way with one hand. I know that this is done to securely keep water from dripping but I've noticed a few times that it isn't leak proof. I've mixed protein powder into the bottle and while shaking it to mix with the water, I always notice leaks. It's a little upsetting that such an expensive and otherwise well designed water bottle would have this big of an oversight.

2. The silicon sleeve is either not made to be taken off or is just REALLY DIFFICULT to remove. The bottle itself is difficult to clean because it's hard to see into it since the sleeve is covering it. With no (easy) option to remove the sleeve, the bottle becomes harder to clean besides the general rinse.

Functionally one of the better products on the market but not without it's flaws.
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on March 30, 2011
I just got this item. After reading some of the reviews, I would like to clarify some things that were addressed in other reviews. Here are my thoughts so far:
1a. It does not weigh 2 lbs. I weighs 1lb 5oz. Yes it is a glass bottle so it is going to be heavier than plastic.
1b. Of course it will be heavier if you add water to it. Water has a 1 to 1 weight volume ratio so if you add 22oz of water, you will add 22 oz of weight. Add that to the weight of the glass and you are looking at a 2lb 11oz bottle. I personally don't find that heavy, but if you are looking for lighter you will have to use plastic.

2. The silicon jacket is great. It's thick and well fitting. It is not a cool apple green, it is a little warmer but still attractive. It is not removable, but it is dishwasher safe. You can still see inside it to clean it (there are slots on the side to see though and the top is large enough to see down), but you will have to clean it in a similar way to how you'd clean any other bottle. Don't toss in the a sink full of greasy water, I am pretty sure it will get under the silicon and make a pretty disgusting mess.

3. As far as I can tell, the cap does not leak, it might if you don't clean it properly or let particles get lodged in the threads, so keep it clean.

4. The cap cannot be removed with one hand. It is a large solid cap with a rubber washer inside. You will need both hands to open it.

5. I personally do not like the handle attached to it. I use a carrying case for my bottle and the handle is a bit of a pain (not enough to make me dislike the rest of the bottle though).

6. I love the quality of the glass. It seems very study, smooth with no air bubbles. I prefer drinking out of glass to plastic so finding this bottle made me very happy! (I accidentally dropped it from about 4 feet and it hit the cement with a loud smack, but did not break)

Wish list - I'd love it if they had a sport top for this bottle and get rid of the handle (or make it removable)
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on December 22, 2014
The glass bottle is fine, but the silicone sleeve is awful. Right out of the box, it was extremely loose, and not tight-fitting as shown in the pictures.
review image
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on January 5, 2015
I read lots and lots of reviews before I purchased this waterbottle because I was very hesitant about getting a glass one. I'd gone through countless "Eddy" camelbak's but after a while something with the lid would break, leak or just get worn out. I looked at LOTS of different brands but couldn't find one that caught my eye. I carry my water bottles with me all day, every day. I loved Camelbak water bottles because it really motivated me to drink more water every day...and I wanted to find another one that would do the same. But, I got sick of having to buy multiple camelbaks & cleaning the lid and replacing parts.

I searched around and found this glass bottle with rubber casing. Again, I was hesitant. But, I gotta tell ya, I LOVE IT. I was worried I wouldn't like that it was only 22oz (I loved my huge Eddy Camelbak). I was worried it would break easily. I didn't know if I'd like the twist off lid instead of an easy flip w/ a straw. I love it all!

The lid is super easy to twist on/off. The glass is very durable (I still wouldn't recommend throwing/dropoing it obviously). I really don't mind that the rubber part doesn't come off. Some reviews said that stuff sticks to the rubber -- it kinda does when it's new, but nothing THAT annoying. It doesn't stick much the longer you have it too. Some reviews said the plastic holder around the spout "gets in the way"...I don't think so at all! It moves very easily. I love it. Makes it easy to hold. The mouth part is wide enough to get ice cubes in if you want. It's great! Easy to clean. I haven't had any leaking/sweating problems either. I love that it's thin enough to fit in the cup holders of my car too.

It's very classy. Very pretty deep purple too. I'd recommend it to anyone. If this breaks I'd still buy another one.
review image
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on November 2, 2010
Due to concern for my body and the earth, I searched for the perfect water bottle. Reusable bottle wish list:
- Glass
- Unbreakable
- Dishwasher safe
- Comfortable to drink from
- Attractive

This bottle is glass, but the silicone sleeve makes it almost unbreakable. It slips into the dishwasher and comes out crystal clean. Its opening is big enough for easy cleaning and small enough to keep water from pouring down the front of you when you drink. It has a very handy carrying loop and looks good. The clear window lets you keep tabs on water level. Strongly recommend this bottle!
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on September 5, 2010
I have a black 22 oz version of this product, and am generally happy with the quality and appearance of this bottle. There is one thing that is a problem, but I suppose I should have realized that myself. The glass makes this bottle very heavy, almost to the point where it is a nuisance to carry it around. I was hoping to find a bottle that I can use daily, but perhaps I will have to look again - portability is an issue. (The shipped package weighed over 2 pounds).

However, this product *is* everything that is promised and more, and I am happy with that (and hence the 4 stars). The glass does not change the taste of my water, water stays somewhat cool thanks to the sleeve, the cap is leak proof, the design of the bottle draws compliments and so forth. If you can deal with the weight (say, you keep it in your car, or use it only in your office or something), then this is the perfect product for you. Another option would be to get the smaller bottle - something that I am considering.
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on June 13, 2011
I purchased the Takeya water bottle as a gift. Glass water bottles are not easy to find; I have a no-name one purchased from a discount store a year ago. It's not optimal, but I've made do with it. If you're considering a Takeya, you're probably also considering a LifeFactory (as I was). Here's my thoughts on the Takeya, good and bad (bad, or so-so, first):
1) The lip of the bottle is glass. That's where you're drinking from. It's both good and bad - good, in that you're not tasting plastic, bad, in that glass is not always comfortable on the teeth. It requires an effort to unscrew the top, and once the top is off, it's off, no attachment to the glass bottle, which especially would be good for someone who's athletic or outdoors. If you carry it around in your hand, you'll eventually drop it or lose it; it's inevitable and just plain BAD DESIGN.
2) Small size. A 22 1/2 oz. bottle is big, if you don't drink much water, but the person I bought this for drinks 160+ oz. per day. (One note: I don't think the glass makes this too heavy to carry in a backpack or purse, but some ladies might. I bought it for a guy, and he says it's surprisingly light and sturdy.)
3) What's good: The design. It's beautiful, minimalist, and stark, as compared to Life Factory's more busy "polka dot" bottles.
4) The price. It's cheaper than similar-sized LifeFactory bottles (at least for the basic black).
We haven't washed it yet, so I can't comment on durability, sorry. I have recommended handwash, and I learned from the website the silicone sleeve should stay ON during washing, that it will stretch if you take it off too much.
5) The taste. If you haven't had a glass water bottle, you don't know what you're missing. It's not metallic, it's not plastic-y, it's not funky, it just gives you PURE CLEAN WATER. Amazing!
A couple notes: I would recommend this without hesitation to someone working inside (although I know that it's been in use 2 weeks and been turned over on the desk at least twice, causing major clean up - he left the top off). I wouldn't recommend it to someone running a marathon or a professional runner. You have to stop, remove the cap, then drink. You can't do it on the run, sorry, guys. I think it's really ridiculous and Takeya should make a sports cap as I have heard Life Factory is considering doing. I have considered buying a Takeya for myself, but I recognize that it's going to be difficult to stop the treadmill or elliptical, then drink. If you don't, I think you risk chipping your tooth. I wish someone would come out with a reasonable glass sports water bottle that can be used on the go!!!!!!!!! If I go walking outside, I will take my glass water bottle along, just because I bought a foam water "sling" thing where you can tote a water bottle. Oh, this weekend, I also noticed where Starbucks is selling the Takeya with their branding on the tag, but it has Takeya on the glass bottle. Interesting. So if you'd like to see one, go there, but Amazon's price is better (of course).
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on January 22, 2014
I love this bottle. I had been using a couple of different plastic water bottles before this and I was always detecting a plastic flavor after a little while and decided I should probably try something else. After doing some shopping around I came across this one due to a recommendation of a similar bottle by Takeya from a friend.

I love how it's tall and slender when comparing to other water bottles of the same volume. It fits nicely in all car cup holders for travel. And the lid makes a nice seal with the bottle so there is no leaking at all. Overall great design.

My one complaint is that it's hard to tell when the bottle is completely empty because of the weight of the glass and the silicone sleeve leaving about a quarter of the bottle hidden.
review image
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