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on December 10, 1999
It might be hard to believe but this movie is pretty damn scary! Granted, it does have a lot of funny parts to it but overall this movie really freaked me out! I stayed up the entire night after seeing it, laughing at myself but still unable to go to sleep! I kept telling myself, "Come on man, it's only a Tales From the Crypt movie!" but even that element seemed to be missing (The Cryptkeeper does make a hilarious entrance!)by that I mean it wasn't over the top, made for T.V. campy. This was very well made with some great special effects. This movie was produced by such people as Robert Zemeckis, Richard Donner, Joel Silver, etc...-in other words big names in the movie industry (this flick had some heavy backing!) The story line in this movie was amazingly complex for a horror film, yet it wasn't drawn out! Billy Zane was outstanding as the persistent and demonic "Collector", he pretty much steals the show. This is also the first movie I ever saw Jada Pinkett(Smith) in and she does a great job of playing the reluctant heroine. Bottom line, if you are a fan of horror movies and need something to watch on some gloomy night (I had to throw that in, sorry) that will entertain and scare you, so go pick this movie up!
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on January 13, 2004
I was a big fan of the Tales from the Crypt TV show. Thus, I am a fan of this movie. It feels a lot like one of the Creepshow movies but has enough gore, humor and OTT carnage but it just doesn't have enough scope to brake away from the TV show and stand alone as a big screen movie.

Brayker (William Sadler) is a drifter who stumbles upon a lonely desert town after an explosive confrontation with The Collector (Billy Zane), a supremely evil being with Satanical powers who is desperate to get his hands on Brayker's mysterious talisman. Brayker spends the night in a shabby motel but The Collector soon turns up and unleashes hell upon the motel and it's inhabitants.

This is where the fun really kicks in. The Collector has fun enticing the residents (made up of Dick Miller, Charles Fleisher, Thomas Haden Church, Brenda Bakke, Jada Pinkett-Smith and CCH Pounder) to join him on his dark quest and steal the talisman from Brayker.

Director Ernest Dickerson (who also did Surviving the Game) does not hold back on the gore as he spoofs 1950's B-movies, honor's the TV show and pays brilliant homage to the Tales From The Crypt comic book legacy. It may be nothing more than a cheap, horror comedy with no artistic integrity but Dickerson still successfully pulls of a movie that will satisfy and entertain anyone who watches it.

Half of the movie's appeal lies with Billy Zane who acts out the role of The Collector with such wicked charm and delightful evil. You can tell he's having a great time and he makes a counterpoint villain for Sadler's disheveled hero.

They could have made more Tales From The Crypt movies, but producers Robert Zemeckis, Gilbert Adler and Joel Silver (Walter Hill and David Giler ducked out) went on to found Dark Castle, the production company behind House on Haunted Hill, Sherlock Holmes [Blu-ray] and Ghost Ship [Blu-ray].

The new DVD by Universal is better than the old one from Image. This time we get the film in it's proper aspect ratio of 1.85:1 anamorphic with a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack. The old snapper case is gone and in it's place is a sturdy keep case.
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on July 24, 2006
Being a big fan of the TV series, this movie is a must. I have really enjoyed this movie for many years and it still isn't boring when I watch it. The special effects on this film are top notch for what they are, this was the days when claymation was still around (cryptkeeper director) and before CGI. So, all of the monsters were things you could touch instead of these fake computer monsters being made now. From the look of the demons, to the special effects used to show when one of the demons die, it all has something that fans will enjoy.

The movie has it's fair share of would be famous names. Billy Zane, Thomas Haden Church (from the TV series Wings and the upcoming Spider-man 3) and Jada Pinkett(before Smith was added)are great in this movie. Jada as the reluctant hero and Billy Zane as the wise cracking demon knight. Zane does carry the film and brings a comedy element to what could be scary. Let's not forget William Sadler, it was nice to see that he was the star of the film since he was the star of the very first Tales From the Crypt episode "The Man Who Was Death". He did great in this movie as well.

Overall, this movie is a must for all fans of the TV series. It will appeal more to the fans. If you aren't a fan, go ahead and give it a shot, it is still a really great horror movie that adds a little comedy to the horror the only way Tales From The Crypt can.
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on October 20, 2000
Funny, scary, and entertaining, "Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight" is the first of a series of films that are derived from the popular HBO series. Unlike the "Creep show" and "Tales From the Darkside" films of the past, "Tales From the Crypt" focuses on one tale of horror and suspense each time, allowing the story to develop into a more entertaining experience.
Directed by Ernest Dickerson ("Juice") "Demon Knight" features the immense talents of William Sadler, Jada Pinkett Smith, and the ever versatile, amazing Billy Zane in a horror movie laced with plenty of comedic moments. The story revolves around a key that Sadler is carrying in order to pass on to the next guardian. There are a total of 7 keys, representing a galaxy each. According to Sadler's story, the key contains the blood of Jesus Christ. While dying on the cross at Golgotha, a follower of Christ pour his blood into the key to prevent the conquest of earth and the rest of the universe by Satan and his legion of demons. Until all keys are together can this happen, and with 6 of the keys in the hand of demons, the fate of the universe lies on Pinkett Smith's character, who is the chosen one to carry the key after Sadler.
I must praise Billy Zane. He is amazing. He plays the perfect villain, and in this role he is dynamite. His performance is more comedic, and he would make similar villains of the past such as Freddy Krueger very proud. I can understand why Hollywood has typecasted him as a villain in almost all of his films after seeing this film. Zane's intense sex appeal will captivate many viewers, and his range of emotions is incredible.
Pinkett Smith who was coming into films fresh from the cancellation of the long-running NBC series "A Different World," is great. As the heroine of the movie she really can kick butt, and her on-screen chemistry with Zane is perfect.
In conclusion, this a great film to view if you are in the mood for horror mixed in with a bit of dark humor. The film can be strong at times with the sight of gore and violence, but if it weren't for Billy Zane's performance, I wouldn't have cared to watch this film at all. He is one of the film world's most gifted actors and this film was a showcase of his talent before he became a bigger name when he starred in "James Cameron's Titanic." "Demon Knight" is an excellent example of how to create an entertaining horror film. Skip "Blair Witch" and try this film instead.
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on September 29, 2006
This VHS is TOP QUALITY in every way: script (BRILLIANTLY WRITTEN), cast, performances and AUDIO/VISUALS!! One of the very best of Tales From The Crypt. Many stars we all know and love performing beautifully. Super funny (HILARIOUS), scary and sexy too!! BILLY ZANE GIVES AN OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE AND WILL ABSOLUTELY KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!! BUY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT ~ GUARANTEED!!!!!
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VINE VOICEon October 24, 2005
"Get that pussy off the table!" No, I don't mean Dennis Miller...I mean the cat!

First of all, for clarification, the line above parodies a line uttered by CCH Pounder's character in Demon Knight, and if that line offends you then this DVD set is not for you.

Second, it appears that these two flicks are now available at Amazon only as a set. But for under $20 bucks, how can you complain when you get two flicks for pretty much the price of one. Well, you could complain if you hate Dennis Miller.

Demon Knight: Wonderfully acted, scary, some of the coolest demons in movie making history and of course has the signature dark humor abundant in most Tales From The Crypt stories.

Demon Knight is the story of benevolence pursued by malevolence. The showdown ensues in a halfway-house for derelicts (Jada Pinkett Smith & Thomas Hayden Church among others). William Sadler is the benevolent one charged with the task of protecting a powerful relic. Billy Zane is malevolence, and he is armed with Satan's magic to help him capture the powerful relic and its keeper. Scary, funny, good acting by good actors.

Bordello of Blood: What can I say? For me it was Bored by Bordello of Blood. The opposite of Demon Knight: Not scary. Not Funny. Bad acting by bad actors. Might have worked as one of the shorts in the classic HBO series, but getting motion picture treatment was not warranted. It may have even been a poor attempt to remake the original Kolchak - The Night Stalker. Therefore, if your looking for that kind of flick, go with Kolchak.

All in all, if this set is now the only way to get Demon Knight, by all means hit the Buy button now. Well worth the price.
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on March 10, 2015
It starts out okay. A strange man is being chased by an even stranger man. He ends up in a decommissioned church that has since been turned into a hotel populated by prostitutes, ex-cons, and your typical garden variety losers. Naturally, he can't stay hidden forever, at which point the film takes on a Night Of The Living Dead parallel. All up until this point, the film is good. It sets mood and atmosphere very well, the characters work well enough, and overall it feels fresh. Unfortunately, this doesn't last forever.

Some of the acting is very good, and some of it is a bit overdone. At times the story balances a little humor to lighten the mood well, and at times the jokes fall completely flat. And, without ruining anything, there is a plot revelation regarding how the whole situation came about that was absurd. They would have done better to just let everyone go on wondering why in the world this guy was being chased.

Overall, it isn't bad. If you've enjoyed Tales From The Crypt in the past, I can certainly assure you that this film is better than the awful Bordello of Blood movie, but that isn't exactly a monumental achievement.
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on December 12, 2013
If you like scary movies then this is the movie for you. Billy Zane is really good in this movie and the whole plot to the movie is very entertaining and spooky, I could watch it over and over again, it deserves five stars.
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on October 27, 2006
The first and best of the movies from Tales From The Crypt!!!

About the movie: Is pure CREEPY SUSPENSEFULL HORROR with a GREAT INTERESTING story!!! Very easy to understand, cool production, good special effects and pretty bloody gory with some nudity!!!!

I think this movie is a mix of Evil Dead and Night of the Living Dead, but this story is WAY MUCH BETTER than Evil Dead and of course with better acting, cast, quality and special effects. The suspense is very look alike to Night of the Living Dead but of course the make-up is BETTER, no black and white picture and this time the zombies are UGLY demons that are harder to kill.

P.S: The best of all is that the intro is the same as the tv series!!!

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on August 7, 2006
Tales From The Crypt still ranks as one of the best produced and successful cable TV series ever. Often shocking viewers with explicit sex, violence and cruel ironic twists, but usually always with tongue firmly in cheek, it took its name, wickedly funny host and basic plots from the EC Horror comic books published in the 1950's. At the height of its popularity, the HBO series attracted guest stars and directors as diverse as MeatLoaf, Demi Moore, and William Friedkin. Produced by film heavyweights, Joel Silver, Richard Donner and Robert Zemeckis, the show even spawned a Saturday morning animated show and also a short lived sci-fi series. Tales From The Crypt Presents "Demon Knight" was the first of two films spawned from the TV series which premiered 1989. The film debuted in 1995.

Tales From The Crypt Presents "Demon Knight" delivers on its promise and lives up to the HBO series. It's a wildly funny, horror/action film that would fit in neatly as an ambitious overlong episode. The Horror genre often gets a bad rap - suffering from far too many low budget flicks, so it's always nice to see a polished production full of style and wit. The movie very nearly plays like an homage to Night Of The Living Dead - with people trapped inside a large house plagued here not by zombies, but by demons called forth from the Devil himself played by a fiendishly funny Billy Zane.

Unfortunately, no supplement material of any kind is included, not even the theatrical trailer DVD fans have become accustomed to seeing as the most basic of extra material. However, horror fans and loyal viewers of the cable series will enjoy the film and appreciate the solid video and audio presentation. Oh and be prepared for a nice treat early on. Our favorite ghoul master, The Cryptkeeper, couldn't help but be involved in his show's theatrical debut and he definitely gets things off to a shrieking start!
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