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on January 31, 2011
If you were a child of the 1980's and loved horror films, or shows, then it's more than likely you watched Tales From The Darkisde at one time or another. I loved it.
I never forgot Paul Sparrer's chilling introduction. While some episodes are better than others, and many episodes are forgettable, anyone who watched this in the 80's probably never forgot the intro.

Years ago I had hoped they would, eventually, release the seasons on DVD. When they did, needless to say, I was excited.
So many great memories, and great episodes that I remember, like the pilot "Trick Or Treat", "Inside The Closet", "Halloween Candy", "Payment Overdue", "Seasons of Belief" and my personal favorite, "The Cutty Black Sow"
This DVD set contains all 90 episodes. Everyone of them with Sparrer's intro and outro.

The only thing I would have liked to have seen were more extras. Maybe interviews with guys like George Romero, or Tom Savini who directed episodes in the series.

Still, this is an amazing compilation, and anyone who grew up with this show should add it to their collection.
I watch these epsiodes and I'm 10 years old again. I LOVE it and I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoyed this show in the 1980's.
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on December 11, 2012
Just want you to be aware that the packaging of this series is not ideal. I was expecting a typical box set but it was the 4 separate seasons wrapped together. That would have been fine but the insert holding the third disc in each case was broken and the prongs holding them were shattered. Needless to say some discs were scratched pretty bad and some had swirls or weird markings on them. I'm guessing these were made on demand or something. This set looks cheap. Not sure you will have better luck buying the individual seasons. Anyway...I have had to purchase new DVD cases to put the discs in. Now I am just hoping they will still play...I hope you have better luck if you decide to purchase the complete series set...
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on February 18, 2012
Mother would yell "Go to bed", but in defiance I wanted the nightmare. It was Saturday night and as a child I could feel it in my bones. The time for cradling the macabre was at hand and behind the couch there was no safer place. To me peeking over the top of those plush cushions let me know how good it was to be alive and "Tales from the Darkside" along with various other stories bizarre in character were portals into that human condition where dread is something fantastic rather than real. Regardless the horror still haunts! Truly this is a must see for any blood thirsty fanatic, but to compare "Tales from the Darkside" to "Tales from the Crypt" is like comparing peas and carrots. Oh Lord! Not "Peas and Carrots"! The Horror! LOL! You see they were both from two completely different decades, both pushing the envelope, both with different network and societal liberties. In fact the majority of "Tales from the Crypt" came from a completely different genre altogether. Where a large sum of the Cryptkeeper's tales of irony originally spawned from comics such as "Shock Supenstories" and "Crime Patrol" with a hint of "Tales from the Crypt" "The Haunt of Fear" and "The Vault of Horror" by a single diverse mind (William M. Gains), the Darkside gives us a more supernatural aspect conjured up by some of the darkest minds of today. Contributing minds such as Tobey Hooper, Stephen King, Clive Barker and George A. Romero set "Tales from the Darkside" apart from any other TV series during a time when "The Wall" was still up and "Russia" had it's nukes pointed in my backyard. Don't get me wrong though! I still enjoy that cackle bellowing out from that shrivelled up corpes with those big bulging blue eyes. The Cryptkeeper's just as fun, but in my opinion different in many ways. I hope this was helpful in someway. If you like "Tales from the Darkside" (****) and "Tales from the Crypt" (****) you might also enjoy these:

Tales From the Darkside, The Movie (1990)***
Tales from the Crypt, Demon Knight (1995) ***
Tales from the Crypt, Ritual (2002) **
The Twilight Zone (1959-64) ****
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Twilight Zone, The Movie (1983) ****
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The Twilight Zone (2002) ***
The Outer Limits (1963-65)**
The Outer Limits (1995-2002) ***
Creepshow (1982) ***
Creepshow 2 (1987) ***
Creepshow 3 (2006) No stars! God awful and possibly the next cult classic for being crap and could only be compared to "Troll 2" or "Lobsterman from Mars".
Amazing Stories (1985-87) ****
Masters of Horror, season 1 (2005) ****
Masters of Horror, Season 2 (2006) ***
The Walking Dead, Season 1 (2010) ****
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on October 16, 2013
I love this series. I love the DVDS. BUT--

There is no box! This is just the four DVD sets bound together with a plastic strip. There are no extras. There aren't even any subtitles. You get all 90 complete episodes, and hurrah for that, but I think this is the most bare bones set of disks I've ever seen. Not even a box? Come on!

I recommend this set to any and all fans of this show without reservation, which is why I'm giving it four stars, but be aware that you will be getting absolutely nothing else but the episodes, not even a box.
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on December 21, 2010
I have not watched all of them but they appear to be of good quality. Don't get fooled by "complete series pack" which usually indicates a DVD box set. This IS NOT a DVD box set in that what you get is the individual series DVDs that you can purchase seperately. The picture and title are misleading, making you think you are getting something special. A good price considering they are 30 dollars individually though. I was very disappointed in the packaging and product description. One of the greatest shows of its kind next to the Twilight Zone, so if you were a fan of the show, it is a good buy to have an official copy of them all.
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on July 5, 2011
This show is great, a lot darker than Tales From the Crypt. And id just like to clarify that I love that show too. But Darkside always seemed to be a little more daring, almost as if they felt like they had more to prove, and Crypt just had to be the unreachable commercial bar. They are both fantastic examples of the genre, but secretly, I will chose Darkside, every time. From the almost "purposely" crappy intro, to the credits, Tales From the Darkside will kick your ass. Check out one of my many favorite episodes, "Halloween Candy"
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on February 12, 2012
Still aired on tv today, Tales From The Darkside has surprised everyone by standing the test of time.
Playing out more like an 80's version of The Twilight Zone, Tales offers a wide variation of stories that include horror, science fiction and dark comedy (But no worries horror fans I'd say it's 75 percent straight horror) and every season is well worth owning.
Now I plan on reviewing the seasons as well but right now I'll focus on the complete series set :) .
A few important things about it
1. It's just the 4 individual season sets wrapped together
A. Now I like this! Some may want an extra box with goodies but this is a cheap way to have the whole collection! Do you really want to add each one to your cart slowly? This is simple!
2. There are 90 episodes in total
3. Each season is excellent and has plenty of classics. Having the whole series at once gives you a chance to jump around season to season and create your own viewing order :)

Overall I'm thrilled I decided to just to complete my collection at once. It's a good deal and it's a great series.
Buy it!
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on February 16, 2014
When this originally aired I caught several episodes but only sporadically. Now that I have watched the whole thing, usually one or two episodes when I'm in bed getting ready for sleep. I have to say that about 65% of the time I was "OMG" this is horrible production, writing and acting and the other 35 % of the time I was very impressed with the short story and what I was seeing. Keep in mind the date of the production and it's values and you'll be entertained for sure, just not 100% of the time.
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on September 22, 2014
Rating for this particular version of this excellent television series. Unfortunately they quality is horrible as these need to be restored and remastered and they are not.

They series is great horror anthology but the PQ is blurry and a bit noisy at times. Wish they would remaster and restore these to Blu Ray.
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on February 25, 2016
This is a collection of the four seasons of Tales From The Darkside, a half hour horror series that was originally broadcast late nights in America. The main creators are George Romero and Richard Rubenstein with their Laurel Company. The stories were varied, from tongue in cheek to outright horror and suspense. Many famous writers created episodes for the show, like Stephen King and Robert Bloch. With so many episodes, there are a lot of famous actors featured in the shows. One of the best episodes is "Inside the Closet", with Fritz Weaver as an officious landlord with a secret.
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