Customer Reviews: Tales From The Crypt Presents - Bordello Of Blood
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on October 30, 2015
Time to throw out the very old dvd version which had no extras anyway
and buy this new blu-ray version courtesy of scream factory
a new HD transfer in 1:85:1 ratio has been given and the transfer looks excellent, very sharp & clear picture quality
much better quality than the old dvd version obviously
the sound quality has been boosted up to 5.1 master audio mix which sounds alot better than the old Dolby digital mix

being a scream factory release there's of course new special features, something universal would not bother with
new retrospective 35min featurette TAINTED BLOOD which is new interviews with writer & producer A.L. Katz
also new interviews with some of the cast as well, Corey Feldman, Angie everhart, Erika eleniak
second unit director Steven Lovejoy & special effects artist Todd masters
there's also a new commentary track with writer/producer A.L. Katz
also a small promo featurette filmed back in 1996 when this filmed was made
plus photo Stills Gallery & original theatrical trailer
so if you're big fan of Bordello of blood it's worth the cash to buy the new blu-ray version, not the very old dvd version
5 stars for this blu-ray based on a new HD transfer & new special features
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on March 13, 2000
I never understood why so many people hate this movie. Even Fangoria called it 'abysmal'. But I consider it a worthy follow-up to the delicious Demon Knight. It has brilliant acting: Dennis Miller is a treat as smartass private eye. Angie Everhart is not only the hottest female vampire in years, no, she even proves that she can actually act. Corey Feldman has one of his very few good roles. But who really chews the scenery is Chris Sarandon (Fright Night), one of the most underrated actors ever: His performance as a TV preacher alone makes this movie worth watching. Only Erika Eleniak is rather miscast. And watch out for Demon Knight veteran William Sadler (another underestimated actor) as mummy. The make-up F/X are not only unbelievably gory for an R-rated movie; they're so excellent they even surprise genre buffs who thought they've seen it all. The characters are wonderfully weird, and although there's loads of black humour in it, I'm glad Bordello of Blood never turns in a fun-splatter movie and still provides some chills. Even if you heard it's awful: Give it a try! It's more than just another vampire movie and has more imaginery than all those new teen horror films that Scream spawned together. I just hope there'll be a final part to the Tales from the Crypt full-length-feature trilogy.
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on October 29, 2004
This disk collects the two Tales From the Crypt movies on one side of a single disk. For some reason the menu has the second movie listed first.

In the first movie, Billy Zane is excellent as a demon looking for a final key so that the demons can retake the universe. This is the story of his battle with the current Demon Knight, the protector of the key. Wonderfully crafted and dark.

The second movie, Bordello of Blood, is a more tongue-in-cheek T&A-fest and lacks the dark seriousness of the first. Lilith, the queen of all vampires, has been awakened. She can be controlled by a key (the one from the first movie). She has set up a bordello to lure victims to her hunger. Dennis Miller is his wise-cracking self as he portrays a down-and-out private investigator looking for a missing person.

It is nice not to have to flip the disk over or insert a new disk but there is no room for real extras (we do get the original trailers). Seeing the two films together really showcases the extreme difference between the two. The first is dark, well-written and well-acted. The second is gratuitous, crass and just not quite as good (although it is fun in its own way). Now they are together at a reasonable price.
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VINE VOICEon November 10, 2004
An entertaining double creature--er, that is, double feature inspired by TV's TALES FROM THE CRYPT (which was itself inspired by the identically titled, delightfully decadent EC Comics of the 1950s).

First on the bill is DEMON KNIGHT (1995). On the surface, this one's a typical tale of good-versus-evil, with a noble agent of Heaven working to protect mankind from an evil Demon who, with the help of his minions, seeks to throw a veil of darkness over the universe and oppress mankind in the process. Trite, yes, but a good script, a talented cast (including Billy Zane as the wonderfully smarmy Demon), and high production values raise this one a notch or two above the average morality play. The weakest element of the film is the Crypt-Keeper wraparound, which has too much of the TV show's cheesy feel (though it does feature an uncredited cameo by John Larroquette, whom hardcore genre fans know to be the opening narrator for 1974's original TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE). The story proper was drawn from a script originally written independently of the TV series--which is probably why it rises head and shoulders above it--and many of its elements read like a homage to George Romero's classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) more than as an offspring of the series or the comics that inspired it.

The second feature is BORDELLO OF BLOOD (1996). Many fans and critics have panned this one as an bromidic and therefore unworthy follow-up to DEMON KNIGHT, and while it is true that many of the story elements are worn vampire-movie clichés, the film certainly delivers what having TALES FROM THE CRYPT in the title promises to genre fans. The plot involves a beautiful redheaded super-vampiress who is manipulated by a smug, ingratiating Christian evangelist into running a vampire brothel that serves to lure society's undesirables to their doom. Chris Sarandon riotously chews the scenery as the perverse proselytizer, and SNL alum Dennis Miller delivers lots of laughs as a cynical PI hired to locate a teenage victim of the whoring vamps. The film's biggest fault is probably the gratuitous T&A and the misogynistic undertones, but considering that 50% of the mainstream film industry's target audience is horny teenage males, such elements are hardly surprising. In other words, BORDELLO OF BLOOD is admittedly not high cinema, but there are loads of things to keep genre fans interested, and its overall tone is more in line with the TV show that spawned it than was its predecessor, DEMON KNIGHT.

The digital transfers of both films are clear and crisp, and while short on extras, each film is paired with its original theatrical trailer. All in all, this DVD duo is well worth the reasonable asking price.
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on September 15, 2013
1st of all let me just say ANY movie with Corey Feldman gets 5 stars from me, I don't take kindly 2 people who say bad things about my favorite actor. Second people are always complaining about the wrong one. Why does everyone always like demon night so much? God I Hate that's boring and trying way to hard. 2nd Tales from the crypt is campy...most are the episodes are like this so I don't by into the to people who likes tales from the crypt line either....and okay it's about a Bordello...blah blah I'm over it.....I've even written stories about this one as well....but it was more Lily the Queen of the damned hooks up with Corey, she gets her vampire freedom, and they get to spend together forever.
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on July 12, 1999
Let me first start this off by saying any movie with Corey Feldman in it will automatically lose one star from me. That done let me repair that by saying any film with Erika Eleniak in it will receive one bonus star.
Tales From the Crypt's second feature is little more than a campy vampire tale. It is the tale of the Queen of the vampires 'Lillith' (erotically portrayed by the best looking redhead in film, Angie Everhart).
Dennis Miller, is his wise cracking self throughout this movie. I wondered whether there was a script or not for him, as he just kid of flows through the film with jokes in every second line..perhaps he adlibbed the whole thing. Well, his character is a hardluck P.I. whom happens across a lovely lady in distress, the ever so religious Erika Eleniak.
Eleniak's brother (Feldman) is missing. The cops are too overworked between meals so she decides to hire Miller. He finds out that her brother went to a vampire whorehouse.
Chris Sarandon who played a T.V. Reverend in this movie plays a confusing character to me. Sometimes he seems the Swaggarty Bakerish type of corrupt evangelist, sometimes he seems like a crusader for God. Hard to tell. Regardless he didn't have a major role in the film.
There is plenty of nudity in the film, and combined with Miller's and Everhart's (who looks gorgeous did I mention that...but could not tell a joke and act well) wisecracking made it a pretty campy affair. With all the nudity, they couldn't have shown it from one of the major stars like Eleniak or Everhart?? Come on Cryptkeeper get with it!
It surprised me the way the Tales From the Crypt people have gone, especially after Demon Knight.
The DVD itself has nothing extra just like Demon Knight's. No extra audio tracks, no commentary, no features whatsoever. There is a chapter selection.
It was cute seeing William Sadler return for a cameo.
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on April 28, 2004
Bordello of Blood is the second Tales From the Crypt movie, and I found it very enjoyable.
Unlike the first movie (Demon Knight) this movie did not start out with the television show's opening. It opened more like a movie than an extra long episode.
Bordello of Blood is the story of a down-on-his-luck private investigator (Dennis Miller) looking for a missing teenager. The search leads him to a funeral home that is a front for a bordello run by vampires. Miller's client tells him to drop the case but he really needs the case to succeed if he is going to get his license back. Miller investigates and plays a very savvy investigator who doesn't fall for anyone's lines and is not surprised by what he finds. Added to this is television evangelism, the lore of vampires and their origin, and the key from the first movie.
The action is similar to the series with the same tongue-in-cheek humor (possibly even more so). I particularly liked the investigator's resourcefulness in eliminating the vampires (a long-range, large-capacity squirt gun filled with holy water) and the vampire applying the SPF100 sun block.
If you like Tales From the Crypt, there is no reason you will not like this one.
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on June 22, 2014
campy fun movie not to be taken so seriously. lots of gratuitous vampire smashing and boobies. a winning combination. Angie Everhart is so hot it hurts to look at her. you'll burn your eyes. I demand more movies with Angie Everhart in them!!!!!
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on October 21, 2015
No where near as fun as Demon Knight but still pretty fun in parts. You could easily tell that Miller could care less about this project what so ever. As for Everhart bless that woman but she was a terrible actress in this piece but very easy on the eyes. And last but not least the feature commentary for this flick by A.L. Katz is definitely one of the highlights on this scream factory release. Have not had the opportunity to watch the doc yet but I bet as most SF docs go it won't disappoint.
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on January 13, 2006
Well, I've always been a fan of Demon Knight, but for some reason I never picked it up on DVD. I recently got to thinking about how much I enjoyed the flick and decided to finally add it to my collection. Well, I couldn't find it anywhere in a store (didn't have much in the way of credit to buy it online at the time). That's when I came across this baby. I almost didn't buy it because it was paired up with Bordello of Blood (hate that damn flick), but I figured, what the hell? I'll just treat the other flick as a special feature I don't have to watch.

It was nice that Universal put the trailers on this disc. As I recall, the previous versions of Demon Knight on DVD had no extras, but I was a little disappointed with the look of the film. Maybe my memory is failing, but when I used to own this film on laserdisc, the print looked pristine. On the DVD, the film looks pretty solid, but some of the images seemed kinda soft and there were numerous places where I saw dirt in the image. Hmmm...

Well, in any case, it's nice to finally own it on DVD. It sucks that there weren't more extras on it, but I guess this will do for the time being.
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