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on January 2, 2012
When it comes to music sales, it's a fairly obvious fact that a large percentage of those sales occur within the first week of release. With that in mind, one can conclude that most members of Rihanna's Navy have gotten their hands on a copy of "Talk That Talk" by now. As for everyone else, whether you are a casual Rihanna fan or have been too busy to pick up this CD, you are most likely reading reviews of people expressing their various thoughts and opinions of Rihanna's latest musical effort. I'll get straight to the point- while I do consider myself a fan of Rihanna's work, I have to admit that some of my expectations were not met. For the most part however, I thoroughly enjoyed this album and I will be listing to it for a long time.

I hate to restate the obvious, but this is clearly Rihanna's most sexual album to date. If "Loud" was about sex, then, by comparison, "Talk That Talk" would be about a group orgy in the campaign offices of a GOP nominee. Not every song is about sex, however; there are also a few songs about love and acceptance in the form of mid tempos, ballads, and even dance tracks.

"You Da One" opens the album with Rihanna singing about a man she's allegedly in love with. In case you haven't already heard this on the radio, this is a mid tempo track with an uplifting mood. This is not a bad way to start the album, and makes the song a reasonable choice for a second single. The bridge of the song features a dub-step breakdown and Rihanna teases "You shouldn't have hit it like that, [you shouldn't have] had me yelling like that." The incorporation of dup-step was somewhat predictable given the current `trend' in radio music, but in this case, the breakdown does not necessarily detract from the song.

"Where Have You Been" was unpleasant at first, but I have to confess it has grown on me quite a bit. Similar to "We Found Love", it features only a few lines of lyrics that repeat during each verse. I really appreciate how this dance song seems to build up to a climax, but I don't appreciate how that climax is disrupted by out-of-place synthesizers after the chorus.

"We Found Love" is a beautiful dance anthem. The production on the vocals gives the song an `out in space and happy about it' feeling, which works very well with the music. My only complaints are from the techno build up sessions. Once again, I feel that they are out-of-place in this song. Such production would be more suitable for an `Ultra Techno Dance Remix'. In my opinion, the techno breakdowns don't do the album version any favors.

As the title track, "Talk That Talk" reinforces the overall sexual theme of the album. This song features Jay-Z's vocals in the beginning, hence a more prominent Hip-Hop sound. This song would have benefited from an additional Rihanna verse, as I feel it seems a bit unfinished.

If you thought "S&M" was inappropriate for the radio, you may want to cover your ears right about now. The opening verse for the song "Cockiness" sounds something like this: "I want you to be my sex slave". The rest of the song is not very subtle either. In fact, "Cockiness" is easily the most sexually explicit song on the album which does not (yet) boast an `explicit' tag in mp3 music stores. Regardless, it is definitely a musical highlight of the album and one of my favorite songs thus far.

I have a major problem with "Birthday Cake". I don't understand why this couldn't have been a full length song, or at least a few seconds longer. By comparison, the "Mad House" track from "Rated R" feels like a more complete song despite being a minute-and-a-half long. Furthermore, it was definitely an odd choice to place "Birthday Cake" after "Cockiness" in the track listing.

The album changes pace rapidly with "We All Want Love". As the title may suggest, this song is showing Rihanna's `softer' side. Judging by the lyrics, Rihanna has adopted a very optimistic view on love and relationships. The echoing production on the vocals works well with the instrumentation, giving the song a very ambient and relaxing sound.

"Drunk On Love" seems to tell a different story about love. Rihanna sings "I've been let down, but never been tainted so I stay thirsty for more." She later bellows "I wear my heart on my sleeve, always let love take the lead," and she concludes that she is effectively `drunk on love'. Her voice is more emotional on this track and the echoing drums give the song a haunting sound.

Just as quickly as things slowed down, they pick back up again with "Roc Me Out". This is definitely a hybrid between "Rude Boy" and "Rockstar 101" from a previous Rihanna album. Again, she teases things like: "I've been a bad girl, daddy," and "I'll show you my dirty secrets". Unfortunately, I feel like there is something missing from this song. It seems a little bland to me.

"Watch N Learn" continues the stream of sexually charged lyrics. Thankfully, this song features an extremely catchy pre-chorus, and Rihanna sings with her `deeper' voice during certain parts of the song. You can also hear her native accent, though it's not nearly as strong as it was on "Man Down". Finally, the lyrics: "Just because it can't kiss back, doesn't mean you can't kiss that" mark the third song in which Rihanna mentions `eating out'. (But seriously, who's counting?)

The standard version of the album comes to a rather quick ending with the ballad "Farewell". This song is lyrically interesting because it may have a broad interpretation. It could refer to a lover, a family member, or simply a friend who is moving away "to make a better life". In my opinion, this is another stand-out track on the album.

If you purchased the Deluxe Edition, you receive three additional tracks that fit almost seamlessly after the original album. "Red Lipstick" gives off a scary, dark, yet sexy mood. Assuming you have been listening to the album the whole way through, you should not be too surprised when you hear the line: "Let me grab my <<<rooster>>> while you sit on top".

Musically, "Do Ya Thang" sounds like it could have been on Beyoncé's recent album. Lyrically, Rihanna describes an interesting relationship with her partner. Personally, I feel the lyrics describe a polyamorous relationship, or `friends with benefits' as the youngins like to call it. Obviously, different people may interpret the same song differently, so I would suggest listening to this track for yourself before drawing any conclusions.

The album takes a serious turn one final time with "Fool In Love". Basically, Rihanna has fallen in love with someone whom her parents disapprove of. She sings: "Papa, are you ashamed of how your little girl turned out?" Once again, this song is open to some interpretation regarding who (or what) Rihanna may have `fallen in love with'. Musically, this track reminds me a little bit of "Drunk On Love".

As a whole, Talk That Talk differs from Rihanna's previous albums. It is clearly her most sexually driven album, and it has more upbeat songs that many fans have been clamoring for. The album is certainly a fun ride, although in my opinion, some of the songs would have performed better on the re-release of "Loud". *cough cough* We Found Love *cough*. Furthermore, a couple of the songs seem unfinished. *cough* Birthday Cake *chronic coughing* Nevertheless, Rihanna has refueled the dying music industry for the third year in a row, and this album is sure to please most of her fans. Consequently, it will be sure to offend the same people who hated "Erotica" about 20 years ago. (Thumbs down if that reminded you how old you are.)
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on February 23, 2012
Rihanna's sixth studio album, "Talk That Talk", is a decent album. As a Rihanna fan, I like this album better than "Music of the Sun" and "Rated R" but I don't like it as much as "Good Girl Gone Bad", "A Girl Like Me", or "Loud". "Talk That Talk" is upbeat almost the way through and is balanced between American R&B/hip-hop and European electro-house. Unlike her other albums, there is only one slow ballad on the album and no occasional rock track. And at under 40 minutes, it is Rihanna's shortest album to date.

Many of the album's songs have good beats. My favorite song on the album is "You Da One". It's a mid-tempo song with a very catchy chorus and elements of dubstep and reggae. "We Found Love" and "Where Have You Been" are produced by British electro-house DJ Calvin Harris. Calvin Harris is one of the best at what he does, and these tracks are no exception. Unless you've been living under a rug, you've heard "We Found Love". The title track, "Talk That Talk", has a fast, heavy hip-hop beat; "Cockiness (Love It)" is dancehall infused; "Birthday Cake" is just a minute and a half long and features a slowed down electro beat. The latter two are the, umm, racy side of the album.

However, the lyrical content on the album is lacking. "Talk That Talk" was released less than a year after "Loud", and it shows. Many of the songs feature the same lines repeated over and over, and have lyrics that are not clever or inventive. The album only ballad, "Farewell", is underwhelming. "We All Want Love" is a mid-tempo song that does have good lyrical structure.

Even though I like six or seven of the songs on the album, none of them stand out like "Umbrella", "Unfaithful", or "What's My Name?" however.

If you are a Rihanna fan or a fan of pop music that is R&B-based or club-based, you may or may not be satisfied with this album.

(3 1/2 out of 5 stars)
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on January 7, 2014
I love this album. This is her second best album after Unapologetic to me. I think every song is pop friendly and sexy and could of been a single. She pushed the limits of ''sex talk'' on tracks like ''Cockiness (Love It)'', ''Talk That Talk'', and ''Birthday Cake'' (which is only about a minute and half which sucks). She also had some fun party tracks like ''You Da One'', Where Have You Been?'', and the classic ''We Found Love''.

RiRi's not afraid to slow it down and show her sensitive side and how she's a hopeless romantic on tracks like ''We All Want Love'', ''Drunk on Love'' and ''Farewell''. This is one of the few Rihanna albums where I don't have a favorite song. The whole ALBUM is my favorite song. It's very mixed and diverse and it's not as personal as some of her other albums but that's ok. I enjoyed it nonetheless
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on October 6, 2015
I bought this album because Rihanna ' s last album, "Loud" was absolutely amazing. So I was excited to hear from her again after she dropped her first single from the album, "We Found Love." After listening to the album in full, I was a bit disappointed. She had a few nice cuts, but failed to whoo me like the last time. The songs on this album kind of blurs in with the rest if today's lack luster, all flash no substance pop music.
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on January 14, 2012
In 2009 and 2010, Rihanna quickly released her fourth and fifth albums 'Rated R' and 'Loud' which were musically opposite, with 'Rated R' (2009) being a dark music album with songs about violence, darkness and sadness while 'Loud' (2010) being a fun album with dance-pop songs. I don't own 'Rated R' yet (just heard the singles) so I can't rate it, but I thought 'Loud' was a fun album but it seems it was just too fun for my taste and lacked something, a sound (I'll be posting a review of the album soon). In 2011, she decided to continue with the "an album per year" formula and released this album 'Talk That Talk', which for me is her best effort to date and combines 'Rated R' and 'Loud' making it a masterpiece. I'll review the songs now:

1. You Da One - The album's first track and second single. A nice fun song, but it gets a little repeatitive after a while. I give it a 9/10

2. Where Have You Been - The album's second track and fourth single. This was co-written and co-produced by Calvin Harris, the same person who wrote and produced her hit 'We Found Love' also on this album, so it sounds similar to that song. I love this one, it should be a single. I give it a 10/10

3. We Found Love - The album's third track and first single. We all know this one, this was Rihanna's eleventh #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 and is a very fun song to dance to, Calvin Harris is a genious writer and producer! I give it a 10/10

4. Talk That Talk - The album's fourth track and third single. The album's title track features Jay-Z and it's the third time they make a major collaboration after 'Run This Town' (also featuring Kanye West) and the classic 'Umbrella'. This was confirmed by Rihanna as the third single and a video will be shot maybe in February 2012. Good choice as a single, because the song is great and will do well. I give it a 9.5/10

5. Cockiness (Love It) - The album's fifth track. A different song, despite the dirty lyrics, I find funny how she keeps repeating "I love it, I love it, I love it when you eat it" and it's quite funny. I give it a 9.5/10

6. Birthday Cake - The album's sixth track. This song just lasts a little more than 1 minute, so it's almost an interlude. A full version is coming soon, but this short version is so awesome, looking forward to more "cake slices"! (Even though the song doesn't actually mean that). I give it a 10/10

7. We All Want Love - The album's seventh track. First she sang about how she found love, and now she sings about how everyone wants love. It's a nice song, and shows a cute side of Rihanna. I give it a 9.5/10

8. Drunk On Love - The album's eighth track. It's not bad, but she says "drunk on love" too many times (it's repeatitive like 'You Da One') so this will affect its rating. I give it a 9/10

9. Roc Me Out - The album's ninth track. This is an example of how this album is a combination of 'Rated R' and 'Loud', this has the base of 'Rude Boy' from 'Rated R' and the fun lyrics from 'Loud', it's perfect! I give it a 10/10

10. Watch N' Learn - The album's tenth track. One of my favorites, ties with 'Roc Me Out', 'Birthday Cake', 'We Found Love' and 'Where Have You Been', it just has a beat that is really cool. I give it a 10/10

11. Farewell - The album's eleventh track (the final track in the Standard edition). A good closing to the album's Standard edition, people can relate to it since it talks about saying goodbye to a loved one. I give it a 9.5/10

I can't review the bonus tracks ('Red Lipstick', 'Do Ya Thang' and 'Fool In Love') since I own the Standard edition, but if I get the Deluxe I'll make a new review on the Deluxe and include those tracks. My conclusion is that this album is a masterpiece, all of the songs are great and there are NO fillers, it's just perfect, I mean compared to her early efforts 'Music Of The Sun' and 'A Girl Like Me' (those are full of fillers, read my review on 'A Girl Like Me') this has no fillers and is amazingly awesome and a masterpiece. I recommend you to get this album.

Talk That Talk > Good Girl Gone Bad > Loud > A Girl Like Me (those are the albums I own, I still can't place 'Rated R' or 'Music Of The Sun' since I don't own them yet).

EDIT January 25th, 2012: So I've owned this album for some time by now, it's still awesome! Can't get enough of it, it's so awesome, hopefully I'll get the 2 albums missing in my Rihanna collection very soon and review them ;)
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on August 6, 2012
I absolutely love Rihanna's music! Especially on this cd where you can hear the maturity in her lyrics and the growth of her as an artist. I listen to this album on my way to work and it helps me to get ready for the day! This is by far her best work. I am ready for the next album to be released.
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on November 23, 2011
I just got this album yesterday and im am beyond in love.... Its rare that i find a album i can listen to the entire way through... Some people have their opinion about different artist turning to dance music... But i say its about time they changed it up a bit.... Everybody wants to stand on the wall and chill... or look like robots while every one does the same dance! This album makes you wanna move, and just enjoy the music for once.. I think this one and "Loud" are the best to date! Big ups to RiRi! Lovin this album keep makin that "Move it" music!
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on October 25, 2012
I did not like this album at first. I had to listen to it a few times to start liking it, but now I love it. It's not her best album, in my opinion. But it has a lot of hit-worthy songs. I felt like a better job could've been choosing singles with this album, as well as the time the songs were released.

But any way, here are my top-5 songs

1. WE FOUND LOVE - My second favorite Rihanna single (after "What's My Name"). A great Calvin Harrison production, her 11th #1 hit, and her biggest single to date.

2. ROC ME OUT - I really wish this was released. Stargate creates magic for Rihanna, and this is a prime example. This is a rock-infused R&B club banger. Nothing better.

3. COCKINESS (I LOVE IT) - I love the beat to this and I love how fast and rhythmic the vocals are (especially in the bridge).

4. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN - Another great dance track (courtesy of Dr. Luke and Calvin Harris) that became a huge hit this past summer.

5. DRUNK ON LOVE - This samples "Intro" by the XX. The sample is actually the best thing about the song, but regardless, a good song.

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on March 16, 2015
I love this Rihanna's Talk That Talk CD. This is one of her best CD. I like all her songs. My favorite songs is Where Have You Been, We Found Love, Talk That Talk, Drunk On Love, and Watch N' Learn. Rihanna's Talk That Talk CD is a nice album to buy and I highly recommend it.
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on August 23, 2012
This is a pretty solid album from Rihanna. Others have gone in great detail track for track, so I will do a quick run through of my favorite tracks (in no particular order):

You Da One [Explicit] - One of my favorites from the get go, and still one of my favs. It's a very smooth track that is more than just pop to me, and is something that I can listen to over and over. It isn't too much from Rihanna; she gets it straight in the pocket.

Birthday Cake (Interlude) [Explicit] - I think the shortness makes this the more sweet. An EXTREMELY catchy combination of beat and lyrics. This is probably why it was one of the most popular tracks of the album, and why fans wanted an extended/normal length of the song.

Talk That Talk [Explicit] - This song got to me. She sings this song with cockiness and a lot of attitude. I could do without Jay Z's verse to be honest.

Cockiness (Love It) - Song explains itself.

Where Have You Been - I absolutely did not like this song at all the first few times I played it after I got the album. But since the radio stations were inundated with this song, I got used to it. Now I really do like it, and it has been made one of my favorites off the entire album.

Red Lipstick [Explicit] - A song I could live without to be honest (which is probably why it is on the deluxe version), but there are moments where I find myself listening to it. It's very different from the rest of the tracks. Definitely a B side.
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