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on September 27, 2009
The Tamron lens is great at stopping the action in low lighting, as typical in a gym. The detail and picture quality is crisp and bright. I frequently take pictures without the flash and find this lens works well in those situations.

The Tamrom is a bit heavy so setting it on a monopod or tripod helps stabilize the camera for focusing. Using a monopod is somewhat easier when you're sitting in school bleachers as it takes up less space than a tripod.

The 70-200mm length is just right for most gyms since you may be seated very close to the action or quite a distance. I found that if I'm right on top of the action, taking pictures from the floor gives you an interesting perspective. In this case, set your arms on your knees to make a "tripod" to keep the camera still.

An unexpected expense, was the cost of adding a quality filter ($100+). The photo store, where I print my pictures and take classes, recommended that I protect my investment by using a filter.

If you're having trouble deciding what type of lens to get, ask other photographers at the game. I spoke with a local photographer who was taking pictures at our high school volleyball game then went to his website to check out his pictures and they were great! I reviewed the properties (by right clicking on the picture) and noticed he was using a lens with a F-stop of f2.8.

After reading up on the Canon and Tamron lenses, I decided to purchase the Tamron as it was highly rated but far less money than the Canon lens. I am very pleased with the pictures taken with this lens!
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on November 2, 2008
Great image quality, but slow and noisy focusing system. Good for music concerts and portraits, bad for sports and bird pictures.
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on June 7, 2009
I'm what you might call an eternal amateur photographer having been dabbling for about 30 years. I usually do macro work but wanted a medium range telephoto since I have the occassional need and my longest macro is only 150 mm.
I rarely believe that one manufacturer has the best option for everything and have been a long time fan of Tamron lenses from back in the adaptall-2 days.

I had the opportunity to evaluate this lens against the F4L IS, F2,8L and F2.8L IS and really found the differences for a user like me to be insignificant. What tipped me to the Tamron were.

1. Price. Come on lets face it with the Canon's you're paying a premium for that L series and the name. If you're not planning to make a living off you're photos then you don't need an L lens (even then).
2. Macro focusing. This lens does a bang up job in the macro range. This is where I mostly shoot anyway and its a very handy capability if your out and about not to have to switch lenses for an opportunistic shot.
3. Weight, definitely a plus over the F2,8L IS because that thing is a brick. All lenses in this range benefit from a monopod or tripod and this one is no exception, but it is still light enough to tote around a while.
4. F2.8. Since I got my Canon 5d mkII I find the F2.8 and high ISO give me the ability to shoot under almost any conditions without worrying too much about shake. I can readily use this lens indoor under average lighting and not have to pull out a flash.

FYI. If weight is a serious issue then go for the Canon F4L IS. This is a fantastic lens, very light and for this range perhaps about the best if you don't need the F2.8.

Overall the Tamron is a fantastic bargain at around $700, very solid and optically excellent performance.
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on May 12, 2009
I have been eyeing this one, comparing to Sigma and Canon, and ended up with Tamron. I own Tamron and know their lenses are good, best deal for the money. Sorry to hear about bad experience from the select few, but Tamron has never let me down, it's pretty sharp, fast, great for most mid-level users, where I see myself. Pro will go for the camera brand, while there is really no need to pay such a mark-up. There is a sense of pride in Canon or Nikon sticker, but I don't fall for that. This is pro-level quality item, no question about, and not many entry-level folks will be ready to buy it unless money is of no value to them.

You will not need manual focus, so after clicking the clutch a few times, that will be it. The auto focus is actually pretty nice and fast. If you are shooting something at 3 feet and your next shot is 20 feet, there may be slight delay for the motor to do the zoom, but that is not something typical in shooting experience. You'll love nice sharp images, and backgrounds perfectly blurred, thanks to the wide aperture.

Enjoy, take lots of shots, share what you find. This is definitely not a travel lens to take to Costa Rica unless you have a specific project in mind, get a Canon 28-135 for that, or something along those lines. This lens is big and heavy, and you will be tired even if it is in your backpack. But, it's a lot of fun to work with, definitely worth the money. Sigma is close, but with their super fast focusing being off so often there is no point, and it's more money too.



Tamron 70-200 F2.8 is an absolute best glass for the money on Canon body. The bokeh at F2.8 is just awesome, bringing only the item of interest in sharp focus, nicely blurring the backgrounds. It does not require a trained eye to pick out images taken with this lens, the quality and color rendition do stand out well.

Getting this lens is a great option not only due to its quality. It holds the value well, in fact the price of it new keeps moving up, and resale value is rather high as well if you are able to find one. It's a keeper!

Focusing is not an issue, plenty fast and not as loud as some may say. If you have trouble focusing, maybe it's your technique in need of improvement. And if you do get a bad version, it's not the end of the world, exchange it for another one rather than giving it a bad rap. I have owned and currently use several Tamron products, and they are all outstanding optically.

Go for it, you'll never look back!
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on May 7, 2012
I must say that I am very dissapointed in this lens. I had high hopes in finding a reasonably priced 70-200 2.8 as the Canon is about triple the price. Unfortunately you do get what you pay for and while the images taken with this lens are very sharp and clear, the autofocus system is worthless. I am using this on a Canon 7D and comparing it to 2 other lens in my bag, the Canon 70-200 F4 L (no IS) & 24-105 F4 L IS. My first test came in the form of a little league baseball game at 1:30 in the afternoon on a bright sunny day. With the very first photo I noticed how loud and slow the autofocus motor is. While attempting to shoot batters, I would have to focus on the batter before the pitch was even thrown as once the batter started his swing, the camera could not gain focus (something both Canon Lens have no trouble with). Next, when attempting to take photo's of a play in the field, I experience the same autofocus problem and simply could not get a clear image (again, something both Canon lens have no trouble with). Throughout the game, I took about 150 photo's with the lens and got maybe 10 that were somewhat acceptable.

The other thing that I noticed throughout the game was how loud the autofocus motor is. Now if you are shooting still images, this is not an issue. But with the video capabilities of modern SLR camera's, video is something that most of us shoot as well. To put it simply, this lens can not be used to shoot video unless you are focusing on 1 object and not moving. If you need it to autofocus while shooting video, you can hear very clearly the autofocus throughout the video. Needless to say, this is completely unacceptable.

My last test came on the night of Saturday May 5 with the "super moon". I set up my camera and lens on a tripod using the tripod ring attached to the Lens. This is a very easy setup and balanced everything extremely well. Shooting in full manual mode with manual focus, the lens performed extremely well. Images were clear, crisp. However, this is not surprising as almost any lens should be able to get clean and crisp moon photo's with the correct settings.

In conclusion, this was a lens that I had extremely high hopes for and unfortunately it underperformed quite a lot. I could have lived with the loud noise from the autofocus motor, however the slow speed of the autofocus is just unacceptable and I am returning the lens today.
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on May 17, 2014
Service was excellent and the lens is great. Delivery was quick. Finally got a chance to try out the lens today and wow what a difference over my other 70-200. It has seriously upgraded the quality of my photos. Definitely will buy from this seller again.
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on April 20, 2012
I have had the Tamron AF 70-200mm f/2.8 for just over a week. I have used it on the Nikon D5000 and D7000. The images are sharp and I have not found the speed of auto focus to be a problem. I shot close to 200 test photos at varying light levels and distances including some at night with available light. With a slight ISO increase even available light was no real problem - all shots were hand held. In manual focus mode the lens performed well even without the VR of the Nikon lens.
I normally shoot outdoor racing type events and horse shows / rodeo and dog agility trials. Will update this review after I have carried this lens for a few hours during these events (cant use a tripod - too many fast moving subjects). This is not a light weight or discrete lens by any means! But so far it has delivered as advertised and being able to remove the monopod ring is a definite plus...good quality build for a great price.

OK then...I have spent 2 days, 04/21,22 using this lens. The lighting conditions were horrible (sodium vapor indoors with the side doors open for natural sunlight.) The lens had a hard time seperating the dogs from the background and was slow to focus but not so slow as to miss a shot. When it did focus it was able hold it and allow me to track the dogs running and shoot without blur..I spent 5 hours first day and 7 hours second tri or monopod. I will have shoulders like Arnold by the time I'm done. As far as noise from autofocus there were no complaints from any of the handlers concerning disturbance of the animals...I would repeat however that this is a HEAVY lens for handheld shooting. Its weight is not a huge disadvantage though since its mass helps to stabilize the camera. At a full 200mm it did tend to get a bit soft..from about 165mm and less it was right on in terms of sharpness. I do not have buyers remorse with this lens. It does the job and does it well for the price paid. Next is a motocross/quad bike race on 04/29. Full daylight should make focusing easier and even at 200mm it should be sharp....we'll to follow...
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on June 13, 2014
I read a number of reviews and watched a number of youtube videos concerning this lens. The one criticism that was consistent and true is the slow auto focus. It takes the lens some time to find focus. The weight isn't too bad, but will take some getting used to. It doesn't have image stabilization which will have to be compensated for if you don't have a steady hand. I purchased a monopod to help eliminate the camera shake. Overall I am very happy with the lens and wouldn't have a problem buying a Tamron lens in the future.
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on March 16, 2011
The lens is great. Auto focus is fast and doesn't seem loud at all to me, I think some of the people who feel it is must be shooting funerals. Very sharp and not as heavy as I thought it would be. For the price difference with the Nikon you can't beat this lens.
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on March 4, 2015
Received lens last week extremely loud focus motor. Would not work on auto focus but worked great on manual. Received a second lens from Amazon to replace first one. A lot quieter focus motor but would not focus. This lens is marked down fifty percent and can see why. Next time I will purchase a Nikor lens. I do commend Amazon for attempting to resolve this matter. Linda Tracz
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