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on May 27, 2012
I truly loved this lens for the first few months. But here is the dirty little secret--that 6 year warranty that Tamron offers and brags about so much is worthless. Totally worthless. Like many other photographers just starting out, I was seduced by the lower prices on Tamron products. I saw the positive reviews for the 70-200 mm lens and compared the price to others that are offered by Canon--so I ordered this lens on July 4, 2011.

A few months later, I completed a shoot and packed up my gear. Nothing significant happened on the shoot. I didn't drop the lens. Nothing at all happened out of the ordinary. A couple of days later, I was not able to attach the lens onto my camera. The lens would no longer fit onto my camera body.

I took the lens to the local camera repair shop--they said for this type of problem, that Tamron has put a restriction on authorized repair shops--that their warranty would only cover the product if it was sent to Tamron.

So--the lens was packed up and sent to Tamron. A few weeks later--Tamron sent their reply. They claimed that this problem would not be covered by their warranty because it was the result of impact damage.

I cannot be more emphatic on this point: the lens was not dropped. The camera was not dropped. I used the lens just a couple of days before for a short, 30 minute shoot that was without controversy.

Tamron quoted $400--which is their boilerplate quote on all lens repair when they have to replace a mount.

I was outraged. They wanted $400 to replace mounts--for a lens that was less than a year old--that I bought for $750?

I started doing some research on the internet--and that's when I discovered--I am not alone. Tamron will come up with any excuse under the sun to not cover the their lenses. And the easiest way for them to do this is to claim the damage was due to impact--which is of course excluded in their warranty.

Don't get me wrong--if I dropped this lens--or in any way mishandled it--I would have just had it repaired and chalk it up to experience. If there was no way in the world that I may have mishandled this lens to cause it any kind of impact damage, I would have just gritted my teeth--paid the $400 and put this behind me.

But this is now a matter of principle. Over the past several weeks--I am finding scores of consumers who have been fleeced by Tamron just like I was. When I read the reviews for this lens, I ignored the negative reviews. But now that I have been victimized by Tamron, I feel compelled to write this review.

I am totally outraged at Tamron for this obvious bad faith business practice. So--the lens--less than a year old--sits in a box on a shelf--in the meantime, I am saving my money for a Canon 70-200 mm.

Save your money, friends. Please. Save your money...
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on May 11, 2010
This is my second Tamron F/2.8 70-200MM. The first one I got was defective right out of the box and I returned right away to Amazon. Once I got my replacement lens it worked fine...for 2 months. Now it won't auto-focus and it has passed the return window. I sent it in to Tamron and I got back an estimate. $400 for a $700 lense. I called in and they said that there was evidence of shock damage. I had only used this lens 1/2 dozen times and it sits in a pelican hard case. There is no way it could have had shock damage. None of my Nikon lenses exhibit any damage or problems auto-focusing. The person I spoke with at Tamron says there was "major damage." This is obviously a very faulty product if my first one was DOA and the second one died after 2 months. My friends always told me to stay away from generics but I had good experiences with Tokina. I guess I should have just stayed away from Tamron. Lesson learned.
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on February 25, 2011
I got this lens as my Christmas present to go with my Canon 60D. After less than a month of usage, the lens is giving me Error 01 (Communications between lens is faulty. Clean the lens contact); even if i use IPA to clean the contacts, which stops me from doing continuous shots and even single shots while abroad. A lens that give you error for every shots is bad. Im having second thoughts on another TAMRON products.
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on June 29, 2011
Got the lens in March 2011, got and error message when I used it for the first time at a wedding. I cleaned the connectors and shot another wedding. Almost had a heart attack.. the bride is walking down the isle and my lens error again. I have babied this lens and not mistreated it at all. Amazon said " sorry about your bad luck contact Tamron . I sent the lens back to the company and got it back 2 weeks. Did one photo shoot with it and the error is back. It is obvious it is a defective piece of Junk. I paid alot of hard earned money and can't even use the thing... I have to send it back again.. My advice would be save your money and just get the Canon lens. Boy they have left a bad taste in my camera... Never again.
Janice Box
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on February 13, 2012
ERR 01 Communication between Camera & Lens is Faulty Clean the Lens Contacts. What a disappointment when my brand new camera and lens began to malfunction while photographing my son at his gymnastics competition. When I got home I researched the error and found at least 10 other similar reports. I have yet to find any party taking responsibility for the error (Canon or Tamron). I am in the process of returning the lens and deciding on what brand to replace it with (Canon or Sigma).
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on April 8, 2016
Before purchasing this lens, I encourage you to read ALL reviews, I wish I had!

I bought this lens to shoot sports events. I own a Canon Rebel T3i and a Canon 70D. The auto focus is SLOW especially in AI servo mode. I end up having to resort to one shot auto focus or manual focus to capture my shots, which is a total waste when shooting sports. I am disappointed that I am unable to return the lens. I have a trusty Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L II USM that I LOVE and can take fantastic photos with, but it is a prime lens and is limiting (which is why I bought the Tamron 70-200mm lens). I will stick with Canon lenses from now on, the reliability is worth the extra cost.
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on March 4, 2015
Received lens last week extremely loud focus motor. Would not work on auto focus but worked great on manual. Received a second lens from Amazon to replace first one. A lot quieter focus motor but would not focus. This lens is marked down fifty percent and can see why. Next time I will purchase a Nikor lens. I do commend Amazon for attempting to resolve this matter. Linda Tracz
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on December 18, 2014
I was very disappointed in this lens. No matter what camera changes I made, images were too soft. There were an occasional sharp photo, but no consistently sharp photos. I would not suggest trying to capture any motion shots as they all were subpar. Automatic focus was slow to non-existent. Eventually, I switched to manual focus which was not my intent during photographing someone in action. Note: even when no sound could be heard during the auto focusing, I looked to see the autofocus ring turning as it attempted to adjust. Overall, kit lens worked best when autofocusing and for portrait and action photos.

Even having watched many videos where photographers praised this lens, I returned this lens because it does not photograph well. Perhaps the upgraded lens with VC is worth it.
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on March 24, 2014
Like others, the value/price for this lens was very appealing. The ratings were high and I decided to take the plunge. Sadly, I am one of those in the one star category because the autofocus stopped working two weeks out of the box. While disappointed, I really became upset by the fact that I had to send this back at a cost of $25.00 to the Amazon Fulfillment Center, insured. I will definitely think twice about purchasing an item through the Market again. I am out $25.00 for a lens that did not work properly.


Update on purchase:

Today I received a refund for my shipping cost from the seller. I really appreciated the gesture and it makes me feel much more secure in placing future orders with sellers in the Marketplace.
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on June 14, 2014
Very disappointed in Amazon. The lens I received is a grey market lens. I called Tamron to verify the serial and they said it was not one of their lenses and their warranty will not apply. It clearly states on this page there is a 6 year warranty. Be very careful who you buy from. Amazon obviously does not verify if these are grey market or not. This was purchased through a company call Web Offers.

The lens itself is not that impressive. After a quick test my 135 pictures are comparable. It is also extremely heavy and the motor is very noisy and hunts more than it should at this price point. Go look for a better lens. This is a miss. Oh and I'm using a Canon 60D.
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