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on February 28, 2011
I am a very fair complected natural red head and these pills worked wonders with helping me tan! I tanned all last summer in a tanning bed and still was unhappy with still being very white compared to others. So far this year I have only tanned three times and I am already darker than what I was at the end of this past year! I really do believe that it had to do with taking these pills as directed on the bottle.
Like everyone else I was worried thinking that these pills would help me, of course there are tons of amazing reviews on the website for the pills but really? no one actually believes those reviews. But this is a real review from a real person telling you that as a redhead I am 100% satisfied and have actually gone ahead and bought my second bottle for when I run out!
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on January 21, 2016
I have very fair skin and this is the only product that actually allows my skin to get a golden brown tan. Sadly if I stop taking these vitamins my tan begins to fade. I had spoken with my doctor before taking these vitamins and he said that these were very healthy for my body even with my stomach conditions. They are rather large pills but not hard to swallow.
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on May 21, 2014
Being a redhead I don't tan a lot. But I am in the sun a lot. After 5 decades of being outside, my legs stopped tanning. The rest of me still tans just not my legs. This stuff works and really half the time. Better than spray tans. Usually my tans fade rather quickly so I would need to be in the sun almost everyday to maintain ANY color. Now is not the case. I use 30 spf sunscreen and still get a very nice color. This is the darkest I've ever been and I only need to go out twice a week.
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on July 23, 2013
Let me begin with my background. I am 100% irish leaving me extremely fair complected. I have been using tanning beds for over 10yrs. They leave me pinkish tan after a few months of trying to get over the sunburn stage but never the pretty exotic tan.

I saw this product and fig, hey why not try it. I bought it from the actual seller website (love how they discount) and I purchased 3 bottles. When I first started using them my tanning salon purchased a brand new top of the line bed and I changed my lotion. I would go tanning 5 days/wk for 10 mins each session. In 3 weeks I was DARK! Like I am talking I jumped when I walked passed my mirror. I was actually so dark I stopped tanning bc personally I did not look right so dark. Eventually, I stopped remembering to take the pills. Went tanning twice per week and held phenomenal color. So, at that time I wasnt even sure if it was just the pills or all 3 components.

FACT CHECK.. ITS THE PILLS!! Now that it is summer I fig I would put the bed on hold and take the pills to test them in the sun. Wow! I had allowed my body to lighten up so I was not ghost white but still very light. I took them as directed, after the first week of taking them my daughter had a softball practice. I was not even thinking about it (normally her games and practices do 0 for my complexion). I wore black capri yoga pants that came right below my knee. After only one hour I came home and I was undressing to take a shower.. THERE WAS A TAN LINE BELOW MY KNEE. My calves were at the least 3 shades darker then the rest of my leg. Then, just last week I went to a beach party. I dont care for the sun but def wanted to see if I could boost my color since ive gotten very light. I laid out 30 mins on back and 30 mins on stomach. As soon as I came off the beach my group couldnt believe how dark I looked from one hour, saying "boy do you tan quick". I couldnt see the difference until I returned home and just the day after I had to purchase makeup that was 2 shade different from what I was using, again.. that was one hour in the sun.

I back this company 100%. Buut I can tell you this..
1. You will still burn, but you will not burn as much and it turns to a tan very quickly.
2. Be careful of what you wear when in the sun when taking these.. I am still fixing my unwanted tan lines lol.
3. Take them as directed. 4pills/day for the first 7 days, I then only took 2/day.
4. They build up and stay in your system nicely. I started the pills again after 6mths of not taking them. I had taken them faithfully for 2 weeks, then forgot the 3rd week. The start of the 4th week was when I went to the beach and became 2 noticeable shades darker.
5. If you can tan daily then keep your timing at a minimum. If you dont have the option then an hour per week in the sun will appease you. TRUST ME.

In all I have taken these for 1 year on/off and I am very happy. They arent expensive as is and you can spread out their use. I have never turned funny colors, never became ill(if you do then take them before bed), burn slightly depending on my time in the sun but doesnt last, and I do become darker more rapidly.
NOTE: if you use a tanning bed I can tell you that you can cut your time down to twice/wk and look like you live on the beach.

hope this helps!!!
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on March 27, 2015
I love these! I have used them for several years. About a month before I start tanning I will start taking these. I cannot take them in the morning-they make me really nauseated! I will keep taking them for about a month after I start tanning, then will stop. It works for me and I can tell a noticeable difference when I start out with these. They work for me!
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on June 9, 2014
A++++++++++ This product works for me but remember not everything is going to work for us all the exact same or at all, so I'm giving you my personal with it. i've used this product over a year, not every month but over the course of a year and when you 1st start your tanamins start with taking 4to5 a daily as directions say for the 1st week then you only have to take 2 daily,1in morning or when ur up +1at night and please make sure you eat with these they are known to make some natious or stomach sick for a little bit after consuming, I did get that way, when I take the 4 daily when I 1st start pill but it stops for me + if I eat with it stick with it awhile to get it in your body it has to get in your body to start working & and you will see it works & once you get to your desired color you wont believe how long your tan lasts & than you do not have to go tanning as often to keep your tan. but everyone is different & some can get darker than others, your body can only reach a certain color than your not getting darker no matter who you are, I think some have the idea that this pill is going to make you 10x darker but it is just to aid in the tanning process and help maintain your tan & help so you do not have to go tanning as often and as long & it does do that for me. This pill does not work for tanning the skin without the sun or tanning beds..It is not a self tanner pill. you have to do some kind of tanning with it real sun or artificial sun!! happy tanning!!
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on June 20, 2014
This is not my first time using these, just my first time purchasing off of Amazon. I started using these pills about 8 or 9 years ago because I was desperate for some sort of color. I was tired of sunbathing in the summer and remaining pasty white (which I am naturally) and I was tired of burning easily so I was looking for something to help. These pills don't have any coloring agents in them which is great and not only did they help me build color for once but it helps with preventing sunburn too. Let me be clear on that though so you don't think you can overexpose yourself and not burn. It builds up your melanin production which in turns helps your skin with absorbing UVA/UVB rays like someone who spends all day in the sun HOWEVER it takes time for your body to adjust to it to where you can spend 20 min in direct sunlight without burning like you normally would if say you were like me (freckles and snow white skin).

When these first came on the market I was heavily impressed with how fast they worked for me and how dark I got in the summer, literally from pale white to a nice sun kissed tan (not BROWN but an obvious tan) which was what I wanted. You DO have to spend time in the sun though when you take these. Ideally you want to eat then take them about 10 - 15 min prior to sun exposure. I have spent all day sunbathing on the beach and haven't burned in years now which I really think is thanks to these pills. You HAVE to have sun protection on though, it doesn't make you invincible to cancer and sunburn. I put on my sunblock, lay out in the sun and hours later I have color instead of when I used to just put on sunblock and still burn an hour or so later.

I would have given it 5 stars because it's truly a miracle for someone like me but the truth is, these pills WILL make you feel really sick to your stomach if not taken as directed. Their old formula never made me sick but they changed it somewhere in the last 5 or 6 years and now it really does make you feel like barfing and it's not just me, it's anyone who I was with that asked to try it but that's why they stress the fact that you HAVE to eat and by eat they mean not just a piece of bread, eat a meal and take it when you are close to finishing or when you have just finished I am really not kidding. Don't even think about taking 2 at a time if you haven't eaten properly I made that mistake a couple weeks ago after eating 2 pieces of toast with orange juice and as soon as I sat down I involuntarily threw up, it literally came without warning but i knew it was my own fault so I ate more, waited an hour, took 1 pill and was totally fine.

The only thing I can tell you if you do start to feel a bit sick is that if you can weather it for about 5 or 10 minutes trust me, it will disappear as if nothing happened. It's so strange. It has been the same for the friends I know who have tired it too, I tell them, "it might make you feel sick if you haven't eaten but if that happens, lay down and wait it out for 5 min you will feel totally fine" and it's always been true. I recommend this despite that side effect because the product does what it says it will do and I haven't gone a summer without it for several years now. If you can tan easily though and you already have tan skin it might not be the thing for you. I don't know how it works for tan people.
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on June 12, 2011
I personally have been using this product for three years, and I would recommend it to everybody, ecspecially fair skinned people. I stand behind the product and company 100%, BUT NOT THEIR ADVERTISING! I'm sorry to say I also disagree with the other reviews. The company's advertisement and the other reviews make it sound like you don't have to tan, that the pills actually tan you. THAT'S NOT TRUE! I am extremely fair and take between two to four pills a day all year around and have NEVER noticed a change of color in my skin unless I spent time tanning outside and/or in a tanning bed. The pill gives you the Melanin that fair skinned peoples bodies lack. That being said, the Melanin that you build up over time 100% helps you tan as if you were meant to. Be careful though, you can still severly burn if over exposed to UV light. My personal suggestion is follow the directions on the bottle and wait approx. 14 days before tanning, max time in tanning bed the first few times 5 mins. and gradually move up on time. Outside, I suggest 30 to 60 mins. then apply sunblock. Again I would recommend it to everybody, and thank you for giving us ghosts a chance for color.
Bottle reads: for a faster,darker tan when exposed UV light
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on April 6, 2014
Every time I would take these, not an hour later, I would throw up! I had purchased these years ago and didn't have any problems...not sure why I can take them now.
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on June 28, 2015
Wow. I walked out to the mailbox,and when I came back it looked like I had been sunbathing for hours,not burned,tan. I did have on an spf suntan lotion on my face and arms for regular daily outdoor activities.
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