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on November 8, 2013
What can I say, the kit can be readily constructed for $50-$60 from a chain store nearby. The key is to get a cheapo pump - I recommend a TotalPond submersible fountain pump. I went with the 170-300 GPH TotalPond Fountain Pump for $30 (works great), but perhaps the one for $20 with less flow can do the trick as well (MD11060 40-70 GPH). Just check the heater height vs the pump specs. Also, some heaters want a minimum flow of something like .5GPM, which would only be 30 GPH. That is enough to keep the heater full of acid, so no higher pump rates needed. The pump manual warns to use it only in fresh water, but even if it fails after 20 hours in vinegar, that's still 10 years of single household bi-annual descaling procedures. The biggest challenge is chasing suitable 3/4" to tube adapters on the HD shelves, and a few other things (that where the other $30 went).

Manufactures want 5 gallons of vinegar, but again, seems like an overkill (as the other commenter noted). It's enough to have the pump fully submerged in a small bucket while vinegar circulating through the heater. In my case 1 5L bottle of vinegar was enough. As somebody with a lot of chemistry training, I cannot image why you need more than 5L*5%=250ML of pure acid to dissolve the deposits. Just circulate a bit longer, if you think the acid is used up and is not dissolving as quickly it should. Alternatively, dump the old acid in the middle of the process, and put the fresh batch in.

Anyway, no need to make this overly complex. I am typing this as I am flushing my heater, will start rinsing it in the next 30 minutes.

Update: All worked well, poured out blue-ish vinegar after the procedure, flushed with water, and turned it back on.
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on February 26, 2013
I live in an area that has very hard water. I had a tankless water heater installed a year ago and loved it but with time it started not supplying hot water fast enough to keep up with two showers running at the same time. A plumber told me the tankless water heater needed to be back flushed and wanted to charge me $150 to do the job.

I decided this was something I could do myself so I started looking on the Internet to find out how. Then I looked on Amazon.com for the equipment to do the job. I saw this tankless flush kit that would do the job so I ordered it.

When it came I read the instructions that were photocopied exactly the same as what I read on the Internet. I bought four gallons of white vinegar and hooked it up. The first thing I noticed was I did not need four gallons of vinegar. The bucket with the pump in it would not even hold all four gallons. Two gallons would have been plenty and you may be able to get by with as little as one gallon.

I ran the system for a little over the one hour recommended in the instructions then flushed the heater with clear water according to the instructions. Now we have a tankless water heater that performs like new.

I gave this system only four stars for one reason. That being the fact that you can buy the components separately for less money. All it consists of is a five gallon bucket, a sump pump, and a set of close washer hoses. You may have to buy an adapter to adapt the sump pump output to fit the hose if it does not come with one already, (most do). If you already have a sump pump you can buy the rest for next to nothing. A short RV garden hose and a piece of an old hose with the female end could replace the laundry hoses. The sump pump can be a really low end one. All sump pumps on the market will provide more than enough flow and you are only going to be using it for an hour or two once or twice a year so unless you want to use it for other purposes buying more than the least expensive does not make sense.

In either case the price is less than what a plumber would charge you and after the first time all you need to buy is six or eight bucks worth of vinegar.
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on February 22, 2013
and charges you 300 dollars for the advice, you'll be glad you read this:

Tankless hot water systems are European, and I'm guessing your plumber, like mine isn't....and therefore...doesn't have a clue about them. Most American plumbing companies won't touch a tankless system. But before you throw away a two or three thousand dollar investment, go to YouTube and find out how to maintain the system yourself. I did, and last year with some vinegar, a piece of hose, a makeshift hand pump and a bucket I fixed my water heater in about fifteen minutes. The down side was that the fittings were not tight and when I finished I was drenched in vinegar (if I had used a more caustic calcium and lime remover, and I seriously considered it, I would be blind now...cautionary tale.)

The trick with most things European is preventive maintenance, and with the tankless, if you wait until you know there is a problem, it might be too late. The system will overheat, melt the fittings, and your house will flood, which is exactly what you thought you were avoiding by spending extra bucks on a tankless system. It is at this point that most people dump the tankless and go back to their old inefficient, hot water tank. Why instructions don't come with the tankless explaining the simple routine of flushing the system periodically, or why the information is so hard to find, I don't know. Certainly, nothing of the kind came with my Bosch system, and even a call to Bosch didn't help me figure out that the problem was hard water buildup.

Long story short, this year, I bought the Tankless Flush Kit followed instructions (using five bucks worth of white vinegar) and now my hot water is as HOT as I need it to be. The hose fittings on this product are tight, the pump works great, and I only have to flush the system about twice a year. Why buy a sump pump, hoses, fittings and a bucket when it's all there, and for less money?

Message to American plumbers: Throw a Tankless Flush Kit in your truck and quit telling your customers that tankless systems are junk. With just a tiny bit of cheap preventive maintenance, these water-saving devices are amazing.
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on December 16, 2014
I don't love cleaning my tankless water heater but since I have to do it a couple of times a year this and some white vinegar does the trick. You could probably put one together with a pump and some hoses but I like the fact that it all fits in the bucket and it is ready to go when I am. Instructions are good but you need to know that if there is a lot of build up in the system it may plug up the intake filer. Look for lots of small particles in the bucket from time to time (takes an hour to clean the system) and check to make sure there is a full flow through the outlet. If not, stop the process, clean the filter, dump the vinegar and start over.
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on March 27, 2013
This was a useful flushing kit. The equipment was as described. The instructions for use could have been better written. They were copied from the Rinnai tankless instructions which also included labeled illustrations. Without the illustrations the instructions can be difficult interpret correctly.
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on November 7, 2013
This is a fantastic and super easy to use kit. Prior to wandering on Amazon to see if there was such a thing as a kit to flush our two tankless water heaters ourselves, I paid plumbers around $200 for each unit every two years or so to perform this service (we have very hard water). The two tanks were flushed in a few hours and we can reuse it next year! I would recommend using the full 4 gallons of vinegar if you have hard water though, perhaps with softer water it's not necessary, as others have suggested.
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on April 24, 2015
Works great!! Had it operating the day after delivery, flushed my Noritz tankless water heater.
Go to the internet and search back-flushing tankless water heaters or go to your manufacturers web site.Very easy to do.....
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on January 16, 2016
Total overkill. Too much pump for what is needed. I bought the Ecoplus 264 submersible pond pump for $20, and used a 5 gallon bucket I already had, along with some old garden hoses and 1 hose clamp. Works just as well for 1/7th the cost. Rheem (manufacturer of my tankless) recommended vinegar, so I wouldn't bother recommending any fancy chemicals.
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on November 16, 2014
Installed an AO Smith 199,000 btu with service valves last year was looking at descaling kits and think I will try the sump pump with washing machine hoses and 5 gallon bucket but will use the stronger Heinz white vinegar for cleaning . Never use any chemical which can poison your water supply . I am an American ( Union ) plumber and do keep up on latest technology .
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on April 30, 2014
very happy I will recommend who so have thankless water heater very easy to use price is not bad order it through amazon
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