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on January 26, 2015
I have black variant of this lamp (TT-DL01). It is a “piano” style. The white color of this lamp with the same characteristics marks as TT-DL02.
The first I want to say regarding “5 stars” that this lamp took from me. It is the strange “5-stars” because some features cost no more than 4 stars (as for me) but two important characteristics of this lamp that I got from this item and could not find on the market cost MORE than “5-stars”. I mean the easiest way to change a Color-Light Temperature and a Brightness both in one device.
The regular “5-stars” deserve the elegant modern brand-filling style of this lamp (the packaging too) and the wattage economy (see below).
The regular “4-stars” I give the construction to make the position of this lamp to be good (not excellent) adjustable.
The design of the base is very considered. There are some nuances that may be not very important for somebody, but I love it. Of cause, the base of the lamp has enough dimension-weight to have the stable construction. However, I think a good bottom surface of the base is also important to have accurate contact with desk. There is the soft rubberized 1/8-inch build-in pad (see photo_1 and photo_2 ) that secures desk when you “drag-and-drop” lamp. The designer also makes the upper surface of the base with the useful semi-hidden nuance. It is not the full plane surface. It has small border around the perimeter (see photo_3). Therefore, you will not so often ask yourself where is my microSD card (or paper clip) that I put on this base 5 minutes ago.
Very important feature is adjustable brightness. Using “+” and “-“ touch-button you can set one of the FIVE desirable Brightness for each of the FOUR Color Temperature Mode (Reading Mode, Study Mode, Relax Mode and Sleep Mode). All together it will be 5x4=20 settings.
There is a different consumable wattage for the each of the setting. I gauged the wattage. The range that the gage shows me is from TWO to TEN watts (precision is +/- 0.5 w).
The maximum (10 watts) is corresponded the setting for the Maximum Brightness in the Reading Mode and only 5 watts for the Maximum Brightness in the Sleep Mode (see photo_4 and photo_5).
The minimum consumable wattage is 2 watts. It is for Minimum Brightness in the Sleep Mode (see photo_6).
It is natural that if you use the built-in USB slot to charge something (a phone or an mp3 player) the consumable wattage of the (: lamp :) will increase.
On the photo_7 you can read characteristics of the power adapter for this lamp. The cable length is 5 feet.
Generally, I will recommend this Taotronics’ lamp for my friends and make it as a good candidate for nice gift in an occasional case.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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This desk lamp is just beautiful and stylish while also having multiple features that most desk lamps don't have. It has four lighting modes for reading, studying, relaxation and bedtime each having a different brightness level and color frequency of the emitted light. It is energy efficient drawing 7.1 watts per my testing and it is about as bright as a 50 watt halogen bulb in my other desk lamps.

It features multiple adjustment positions to help provide the best positions to suit your needs. It also has a built in USB charging port for your smart phone or tablet. The LED lights have an expected life span of 45,000 hours or about 5.13 years if left on continuously. By using it in the evenings only you could expect about 15 years of life out of the LEDs. Think of the money you will save on light bulbs and electricity over the lifetime of this light. What I like is that the lamp does not produce the dangerous heat of a halogen desk lamp nor does it use glass in its construction or require replacement of the bulbs.

The lamp draws 7.1 watts on the brightest setting but actually uses 12.9 VA with a Power Factor of 0.55. This means the current is shifted out of phase with the voltage and it draws a little more current. Fortunately most power companies charge you for watts and not VA. My halogen bulb desk lamp uses 53.6 watts at a Power Factor of .99 but it obviously uses 7.5 times more watts than the LED lamp. The light output is higher but think of the difference in power consumption and the high heat of the halogen lamp bulb and the lamp hood. You can actually severely burn yourself on the halogen lamp hood.

With the LED light bar level to the surface of the desk it is 18 inches above the desk and it is high enough to reach once the top of one of my HP 23 inch diagonal monitors to provide light onto your working and typing area. There is also a 60 minute timer on the lamp that lets you set it to go off in one hour. This makes it a great lamp to use while reading in bed and you don't want to fall asleep with a light on. (This was my original plan for the lamp) There is a plus and minus adjustment on each light setting that lets you customize the lights brightness to your personal satisfaction.

This lamp is stylish and attractive and I like that it can output different levels of brightness of light and at different color frequencies. I was going to use the lamp on the headboard of our bookcase bed as a reading light but the lamp was so nice my wife took it from me and it is on her computer desk. This is an excellent product and I rate it at 5 stars and I recommend it to you.

I was supplied a sample of this product for evaluation and testing and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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This lamp has all of the features that I look for in a good desk lamp and some that I'd never thought of. First of all, I love the sleek look and the way it adjusts to so many different positions. You can fold the shade part down against the main arm, so it stands up and down in a straight line when you're not using it. There is also a jointed part just above the touch controls near the base where you can tilt it forward, so you have a lot of options for lighting a large area of your desk. The base is heavy enough that I don't worry about one of the cats knocking it over and if you remove it by unscrewing it from the rest of the lamp it can be stored in a small amount of space. It would be great for use in a student dorm or in an office where it might be moved often.

There are actually 27 small LED lights in this lamp. They are lit in different combinations to produce a wide variety of different lighting. One, marked "Reading" is a bright, daylight type of light that I would describe as cool. This is great for working or reading small print where you need an intense light. The next is one called "Study" which is a little different tone, not quite as intense, but still pretty bright and a little different color tone. Next there is a "Relax" light which is a warmer toned light that looks similar to an incandescent bulb, one you might leave on for regular ambient lighting or doing things where you don't need a strong light. The next is called "Sleep" which is more like mood lighting, very soft and warm. This one is nice to use with the 60 minute timer that will turn the light off after an hour. (Great for reading in bed.) In addition to these four different types of light that you can choose, there is also a - and + control where you can adjust any of the 4 levels, making them dimmer or brighter by degrees, just by tapping it, to suit your taste. So it really has more than four lighting levels. These are all touch controls that you just tap to operate and the active one lights up with a tiny red light.

I like the LED lights because they are low energy and friendlier to the environment. They use about 80 to 90% less energy than an incandescent light. The ones in this lamp are rated to last 45,000 hours. That means that even if you used it for 8 hours every single day, it would last over 15 years! It says it takes 14 watts but when using the softer lights it probably uses even less. Another really nice feature is that it has a USB port near the base where you can plug in your iPhone, iPod or other mp3 player or tablet and charge it while you're working. (Or even after you've turned it off.) This is really handy when you're short on outlets.

Taotronics, the manufacturer, really put a lot of thought into the function and design features in this lamp. The quality really shows and it has become a big favorite in our home.
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This is by far the best LED desk lamp I have ever used. The TaoTronics® Elune TT-DL01 (Piano Black) LED Desk Lamp is very sleek and has a glossy black finish all over. This lamp has 4 different modes of light (reading, study, relax and sleep modes). You can choose how bright or dim the light is on each setting. This lamp also has a sleep timer button that turns off automatically after 1 hour and a 1 amp/ 5 volts USB charging port. It has 2 moveable "arms" for adjusting the lamp angle to your personal preference. I really like that I can put this on my desk and study using the lamp while having my iPhone charging next to me using the USB port on the lamp. This is a very modern designed desk lamp.
Light mode descriptions (color temperatures):
-Reading mode (4,500-5,500k): This is the brightest the lamp can go and is great for reading. It uses all the white LED's and the incandescent light tone with it.
-Study mode (5,500-6,500k): Not quite as bright as the reading mode but only uses the white LED's to give a more white bright light.
-Relax mode (3,500-4,500k): This mode uses the incandescent light tone and the white LED's but are very dim and is good for relaxing in bed and looking through a magazine without the need for a bright light. I like this mode for reading in bed.
-Sleep mode (2,000-3,000k): This mode only uses the incandescent light tone and is great for providing light while relaxing. This mode does not stain your eyes if you turn it on when you wake up from sleep. This is my personal favorite mode.
This lamp is great for the environment because they barely use any electricity and they are rated to last more than 40,000 hours of being on. It uses 75% less power than typical fluorescent light.

-This lamp uses 14 watts and operates on DC 12 volts/ 1.5 amps.
-This light can produce a max of 530 lumens which is high and great for this desk lamp.
-The USB port on the lamp next to the control touch panel is 1 amp/ 5 volts.
-The lamp fully assembled without the power adapter weighs 2 lb. and 4.3 oz.
Few things/ features I would add to the lamp:
I would like the control panel to be able to spin without having the lamp spinning with it. I want the control panel facing my bed so I can see it and want the lamp facing a different direction.
I would also like the actual light to be able to spin 360 degrees so I face it to the roof if I wanted too.

Overall this desk lamp is outstanding and will be using it a lot for studying, reading and the USB port for charging my iPhone while doing those activities. This is the best designed lamp I have ever seen.

Watch my video review.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest.
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on August 4, 2014
This is a very decent quality lamp at a reasonable price. But it is not the same as the Diasonic Lamp that is referenced in other reviews. They are almost identical, definitely made from the same blueprints or whatever. But this lamp is made in China. The Diasonic is made in Korea. The Diasonic, which I also own, feels a little brighter, particularly in the soft, yellow light strip. Which brings me to my other caveat. I had a Halogen lamp previously. This is nowhere near as bright as a Halogen lamp. However the bulb in my Halogen lamp burned out once every 18 months, and at $9 dollars a pop, was no longer worth the inconvenience or money it cost.

UPDATE: After I posted the above review, I was contacted by the company. They offered to pay for me to return the product and give me a full refund if I was not happy with it. I declined, because while the lamp is not ideal, it's fine for my purposes at the moment. They then asked me to change my review from 3 to 4 stars, which I also declined to do, since that sort of kills the whole legitimacy of the review process, though I would probably have given it 3.5 stars originally if that had been an option. But I should make clear that part of my criticism above is not of this specific product, but of LED lights in general, which based on what I've seen thus far, are simply not as bright as Halogens. But as far as LED lamps go, for the price especially, this is a very good lamp. And the company takes its customer service VERY seriously. Which means that if you're dissatisfied with it for any reason, they will do whatever it takes to make you happy. So it's really a risk free purchase.

UPDATE #2: January, 2015. Six months after purchasing this lamp, customer service contacted me again. They again thought I was so unhappy with this lamp based on my review that they offered me a full refund. BUT I AM NOT UNHAPPY WITH THIS LAMP JUST BECAUSE I DIDN'T GIVE IT A 5 STAR REVIEW. It's what I originally said - "a very decent quality lamp at a reasonable price." I like it. I plan to keep it. I may buy another one when the time comes. But in my opinion, it is not a 5 Star product. Unless the product somehow improves, I will not change my review, even if, in an attempt to bribe me, the seller offers to pay me to do so with a full refund (which they did), or offers me a $15 Amazon credit (which they did) in the explicit hope that I will increase the number of stars I gave the product. My review is simply designed to honestly share with other potential buyers what my thoughts on the product are so they can make an informed decision on whether to purchase it. I think that's the purpose of these reviews and I find the attempt by lots of manufacturers and sellers to subvert that intention to be EXTREMELY TROUBLESOME! If successful it will render ALL these reviews, which have been such a boon to consumers, completely meaningless and worthless. Now I totally appreciate how important these reviews and star ratings are when it comes to influencing what somebody buys and so there is clearly an incentive for sellers to do everything they can to get the best star ratings possible, sometimes through bribing, or begging, or pressuring, or manipulating the buyer. But I think a more effective, appropriate, and honest response would be to OFFER A BETTER PRODUCT.
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on November 16, 2015
As a doctoral student who need to read average 3-4 hours of book and additionally 3-4 hours of work on the laptop, this fancy modernized touch-sensitive desk lamp provided with me anything. The adjustable four different modes are very helpful to serve different purposes. I use the ready and study mode most often. And then relax mode for coffee/tea and meditation with classic rock. Additionally, the sleep mode for movie. Overall, I like this product very much!
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on December 30, 2014
I originally ordered two lamps but had to returned one because one didn't work. I then reordered another. I like its sleek and modern look to go with my room design and function. However, within 6 months with rarely used time, one light is not working properly especially on high bright (reading mode), it's now dimmer than it used to be. The second had a burned out and went up in smoke. It burned through the plastic case and emitted a very foul odor that lasted for days. Luckily, I happened to be next to it and immediately unplugged it from the power socket. I wondered what fire damaged it would caused if I didn't act in time. These two are definitely going back for refund.
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on February 24, 2014
UPDATE - March 4, 2014
Please see below for my first review. An udpate: I plugged in my phone and the lamp went out again. It came back on, but I decided to order another one due to an apparent short in the lamp's electronics. I received my replacement lamp yesterday. I turned the replacement lamp on, plugged in my phone, and the lamps' electronics fried...literally could smell and hear it burning. Now the lamp will not come on at all (phone seems fine however, thankfully!). I am sending both lamps back because they are defective. Too bad because I liked this lamp and its features.

I changed my review from a four to a one. The lamp itself is great (when working), but I received two defective lamps...enough said.

February 24, 2014
I use this lamp at work so it is on about 8 hours a day for me. The lighting options are superior to any other desk lamp I have owned. I consider this lamp an asset to my productivity. Here are a couple of observations:

1) The way that the light stand and base attach seems like it can come loose after it has been assembled if one rotates the light stand and not the base. Because the attachment nut is somewhat shallow, my concern is that multiple rotations of the light stand (leaving the base stationary) will cause the stand to come loose and possibly separated from the base.

2) After I plugged in the USB cable to connect my phone, I received a shock from the "phone" end of the cable. Then the light went out. The light came back on when I turned it on. I hesitantly plugged in my (new) phone and everything was normal. I don't know if there was static electricity that caused the shock/short or if this has ever happened with this product, but I wanted to mention it.

3) The lamp has a range of white light tones from a fluorescent type of "blue" to an incandescent "yellow" with the dimming feature providing variation on the brightness to meet your needs. The lamp is not hot to the touch after being on all day.

4) I wrote Tao Tronics about the first two items above and I found that their customer service was very responsive and focused on meeting my needs. They offered to replace my lamp now or if the shock happens again, my preference.
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on February 21, 2014
The whole arm rotates around the base, so you can swing it side to side like a crane. No problem there, that works great. It can't fall over when you rotate it backwards, because it hits hard stops so it really only rotates 180 degrees around the base.

The arm has 2 hinges, one above the controls and one at the lamp-to-arm joint. Both of these look like they should bend more than they actually can, and the lower one does not have a "stop" you can easily feel and I believe that is the source of many other reviewer's stating that the hinges break. The stops on the top hinge feels like a stop, it is crisp and you can tell you have hit it and shouldn't bend any more. But the stops on the lower hinge are not solid, you keep pushing and they flex beyond their limit and when you let go they bend back to the limit of 45 or 90. Because you don't "feel" it hit a solid stop, you could easily keep trying to angle this further than it can go until something breaks. I don't think it will ever fail with gentle use and an awareness of the limits.

The arm going up from the base to the lamp can only move from a straight up 90 degree to base, down to a 45 degree to base angle. Most lamps like this can bend beyond 90 straight up and angle away from the base, but this one can't. That limits where this can actually be positioned.

The lamp hinge can fold clear "closed" so the LED's are facing the lower arm, but "opened" it can only go to a 45 degree stop. With both of the hinges angled "down" as far as they will go, the lamp tilts just a few degrees lower than horizontal, and then all you can do is rotate it around with the base, as I said before, like a crane. The lamp can go no closer to the surface the base is sitting level on than 12 inches (30cm) at the tip and 13 inches (33cm) at the rear.

If this lamp had one more rotation point so that the LED's themselves could be angled rotationally, like your wrist turning a screwdriver, then this lamp would be just about perfect. Lacking that rotational adjustment, the lamp can only be adjusted by raising it higher (by lifting the lower arm), which moves the LED's back over the base instead of leaving them over the surface or project you are trying to illuminate, and then to keep the LED's from glaring into your eyes you have to fold the lamp "closed" more, which again directs the light away towards the base. A rotational adjustment would let you angle the LED's so they do not glare the wrong way, such as when you bend over for close detailed work, yet remain positioned over the work area.

The lamp has 18 White LEDs and 9 Warm (Yellow) LEDs. Because they are lots of separate lights, they do cast multiple shadows depending on the alignment of the lamp to your work, so this may be something to consider if you do a lot of work involving holding implements above the surface, like drawing or painting. The touch controls work great. I like the option to have warm Reading or bluer-tinted Study color options. The Reading seems to be the brightest because the 9 yellow-tinted LEDs are on fully in Reading mode, where in Study mode the yellow LEDs drop to at least half brightness and yielding a bluer light. Relax mode is very warm with the 18 white LEDs greatly reduced in brightness and closely matching an old-school incandescent bulb's yellow tint. Sleep mode leaves the 18 white LEDs off completely, and so is a very-very warm light. It can dim fairly low, but not as low as a small "night-light".

There are 5 brightness levels in each mode, call them 1-5. Each mode remembers its brightness level separately, even after turning the lamp off and on, but not after it gets unplugged, which resets each mode to level 3. So, you can leave Reading at 5 and Sleep at 1 and it remembers them when you switch back and forth. Pressing the 60min button causes the On/Off button to blink and after 60 minutes the light turns off. When the light is off, the On/Off button glows red, so if that really bothered you then you would have to put some black tape over it. The touch controls may be a problem if you have to wear gloves, such as a coin collector, but I was able to operate them through my shirt folded into 2 layers, and through a Kleenex ultra-soft folded in half and in four layers, but the Kleenex folded in 8 layers started to require firm pressure and repeated attempts.

The USB port is a little tight so you have to use 2 hands. The USB port is always on and does not interrupt at all when the lamp powers on or off. I charged an iPad Mini with Retina display from 82% to 92% as I typed this review, with the lamp on Reading level 5. Android with Battery Monitor Widget says +1052mA at 90% battery, so it seems to be in line with the 1.5A output listed on the AC adapter. It does not give a Mophie case the dreaded "May not be supported" message on iPhone.

The AC adapter feels warm but not hot, and the surface of the touch controls feels slightly warm. I have to put my finger right on an LED to feel any "Warm". My temp probe says the white LED are 103 degrees F, the yellow are 108, the touch controls are 100, and the AC adapter is 104. I don't have a way to measure Lumens. A halogen would be brighter for sure, but they also get very hot and use a lot of watts and don't have the color choices.
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on February 3, 2015
So close to 5 stars . . .

It came on time, it's packaged securely, it's a little bit bigger than you think it is but it's sleek (got the white one) and clean, simple to assemble, works exactly as advertised with NO BEEPS, and the adjustable color of the light is a nice feature. So, why not 5 stars . . . two ridiculous pet peeves. First, the button to turn it on, on the front panel, stays lit 100% of the time. Since I'm planning on having this next to my bed, that's a big deal. I know I can probably black it out somehow -- will try black tape but the changes the look and it has to remain touch sensitive -- but that's not the point . . you should be able to dim it or turn it off. (That can't be hard to program; just look at all the different setting this lamp already has!) The second pet peeve? I bought the white model so why is the power adaptor black? Since there are no holes or ways to channel the cord, it's just a black wire sticking out of the back of a white lamp. I know that sounds petty but they obviously put some time into designing this thing; it's a shame they couldn't go that final step.
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