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This device is a Bluetooth receiver and receives music or audio from your Bluetooth transmitter device like a smartphone or tablet.

Inside of the box you will find an male RCA jack to 3.5 mm stereo plug connection cable that is 48 inches long, a RCA female plug to 3.5 mm stereo plug connection cable that is 10 ½ inches long. Also included is a charging cable that is a USB to Mini USB conversion and it is 41 ½ inches long, the Bluetooth receiver and a brief instruction manual.

Before you use the receiver you should charge the device for 2 ½ hours. You can use any USB port on your computer or an AC USB wall charger. When you plug in the charging cable the LED on the face of the unit flashes red and then turns solid red to indicate that the unit is charging. When the battery is fully charged the red LED goes off. If you are using the receiver and the LED on the unit begins flashing it means that the battery is low. A fully charged unit will operate for 3 to 4 hours or be on standby for up to 140 hours. It is noted on Amazon that you cannot pair the receiver to any device when the receiver is charging.

The receiver will not work with a monaural output or with one that needs to take and receive phone calls. In my video I paired a set of ear buds to the receiver and made them into a set of Bluetooth compatible earplugs quickly and easily. I also used the unit is my wife's car and made her car stereo system Bluetooth compatible with her iPhone. Set up and pairing was fast and easy and I show that process in my video. This means for about $18 you can convert your favorite set of earbuds or car into a Bluetooth stereo receiver.

To start the pairing process you have to press the button for about 6 to 7 seconds until the LED on the face flashes red and blue. To turn the unit off or on you press the same button for 4 seconds. This is a good unit and it works well. I rated it at 5 stars. I do wish the unit came with a cable that had a 3.5 mm auxiliary plug on both ends for those people that wanted to add Bluetooth capability to their car and their radio had an auxiliary input port.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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on December 14, 2012
I bought 2 of these several months ago, one for my wife to use as a bluetooth wireless headset while working out and one to use in the car as a bluetooth music receiver.

Both work acceptably with caveats downplayed by the pretty low price:

As a mini workout player:
We have grown to enjoy the music offered by the likes of Pandora and Slacker recently, this is intended to replace the iPod Shuffle that my wife wears at the gym, running at home on the treadmill, etc. I glued a little spring clip (from off the fridge...fancy) to the back and it does a reasonable job. Sound is fine. The battery is a bit disappointing. So far she's only getting 2-2.5 hours out of it.

As the car music output:
I have placed this in the armrest of my car where there is also a charging port and the aux input for the car's stock stereo. I have a usb charger cable in there always plugged into this device and the audio cable. The car shuts off power to that charger when the key is off.

To listen to internet radio I have to open the armrest, hold the little button and close the lid. From there I have my phone automatically set to recognize this BT connection and start Slacker Radio. Also I should note I've gone to my phone's settings and told it NOT to use this as the phone call connection but media only. I am able to have the car's BT connection and this run simultaneously and it seems to have worked properly the handful of times I've gotten a call while driving.

Here's the [small] problem. If I make a few minute trip (say to the gas station) and go to restart the car the action of resending power to it's charger resets it and kills the connection, I've got to manually restart it and then my phone sometimes gets a little confused as to what's gone on too. If I remember to reach in and shut it off then turn it back on it's ok but it is a bit of a hassle. I've ended up not bothering turning it on if I'm headed somewhere 5 minutes away using terrestrial radio instead until I embark on a slightly longer journey. YMMV

So, definitely works, certainly worth the low cost of admission, I'd be a little more thrilled if it had a better battery and it had a BT on signal if ever there is power coming to it from the charger.
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on May 24, 2012
I purchased one of these from eBay and have had good results with it. At first, I thought it was a waste of money because I would have to reset the bluetooth connection after every song when playing Pandora radio on my Blackberry Bold. The audio would go from the bluetooth and revert back to the built in speaker. I found out that I had to enable bluetooth within the Pandora app itself to fix this. It worked flawlessly with my Lenovo A1 IdeaPad Android tablet with Pandora and other media player apps. When a call comes in on the Blackberry, you get a tone alert through the bluetooth, and when you answer the call a dialog box pops up and you click to direct the call to the handset. (because this device does not have a microphone) After you hang up, your music resumes.

Range is 10+ meters, with a little interference from microwaves and other 2.4G devices like cordless phones. This is typical and not an issue with this particular device. Batteries last about 4-5 hours and take about an hour and a half to charge with the included adapter.

Sound quality is good. I have used this on everything from Sennheiser over the ear headphones, Altec Lansing PC speakers with subwoofer, and even a vintage Fisher 500-B stereo receiver. Worst sound quality was through an old laptop with a bluetooth adapter, where for some reason it was sounding very compressed. I think there may be a bitrate setting somewhere in the software but this is a problem with my audio source, as this device is capable of high quality sound.

I knocked it down one star because I think the 3.5mm jack should be built into the unit rather than hanging from a cable. I'm afraid that this will eventually be the demise of this device when it gets ripped out by accident.

My "eBay special" did not have any branding on it whatsoever, but the instructions identify it as a "Bluetooth audio receiver BTI-005" and "BTI-005" comes up when you pair it. The one I have is identical to this one on Amazon.
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on October 24, 2012
I purchased this item to be used in my car (which has phone bluetooth and an AUX jack) so that I don't have to actually attach the phone to the AUX jack to listen to music. Pairing went flawlessly (although I had to go into settings to tell my Android phone to only connect to media audio so the phone audio would go through the car). I can't speak about battery life yet as I have only used it a little, but it connects and reconnects very easily and no drop-outs. You can charge the battery while you use it, although if you plug in the power while your using it then it turns off and you have to turn it on again. All in all, for the price i'm very pleased.
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on January 31, 2013
I compared this to several other Bluetooth receivers in the same price range, most noteably the Belkin brand. The first thing that stood out to me is the fact that this uses BT v2.1 with EDR, and the Belkin uses only v2.0 with EDR. That may not make a huge difference in audio quality, since 2.1 only changed the filtering and security in pairing mode, but that was the swing factor for me.

I am very happy with the audio quality. I stream music from my iPhone (through SiriusXM or Pandora) all day while working, so the music volume stays low, but clearly audible. In this fashion, there is now discernable difference between plugging the speakers into my headphone jack or going through this BT audio receiver.

I read a review (either for this product, or the Belkin) in which someone complained that they couldn't use the receiver at about 30ft away. I honestly don't expect any BT device to work *well* at the full 10m (30ft) range. Even high-end devices, like the Jawbone headsets have significant loss of quality at that distance. I did test from across a room, and the quality was excellent - I was hooked into a Vizio soundbar via the supplied RCA cable. To me, that is a reasonable distance for use. If I'm more than 30ft away from my speakers, I'm not going to be listening to music from them (" a reasonable volume from nine to eleven" - thank you Milton Waddams).

All in all - I am very satisfied with this product. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality, low-cost Bluetooth audio receiver.
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on February 19, 2013
It pairs easily (hold button), it sounds crystal clear, and the range is at least 30 feet with my phone.

There are a few minor gripes I have but I can't fault the product because it isn't designed exactly for my needs:

1) It shuts off after 10 minutes when there is no active bluetooth connection, even if it is plugged in to a power source. This means that it stays on while I'm home with my phone, but I have to turn it back on manually once I return. The device was clearly designed for temporary/portable operation.

2) The audio audibly clicks on and off (amplifier toggling) as my phone changes apps (Galaxy S3) but that could be the phone. Adjusting the phone volume also causes momentary loss of audio, which is kind of weird.

3) The button is rather easy to push when in transport. If the device is in your pocket or bag and something is pushing on it, it will go into a rather confused, fast blinking state. You can't get out of this state unless you plug it in to a USB power source. Not a big deal if you have a mini adapter handy...
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on October 18, 2013
I purchased 2 of these. One to make my Bose QC15 wireless and other one to use in my car. No drop in connection.
Amazingly clear sound. In my opinion the DA converter built into this tiny piece is better than the one in iPhone itself.
In the car, if I get a phone call, the music stops automatically and I am switched over to car's Bluetooth(which does not support Bluetooth audio) and once I hang up the music starts flawlessly. I am a happy customer!
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on January 31, 2014
I bought the TT-BR01 to watch Netflix on my iPad while I cook or do the dishes. Having a wireless audio receiver gives me the freedom to walk around without being tethered to the iPad by my earphone cable.

Overall, I'm very happy with the TT-BR01 and would have given it 5 stars, but for a few issues.

* Runs for hours on a single charge, and holds its charge well while not in use.
* Good sound.
* Good range (around 30ft).
* Light.
* Simple controls and easy to set up.
* Inexpensive.

* Only works properly with 3-pole headphone jacks ("regular" headphone jacks with 3 sections). 4-pole headphones (4 section jacks which have in-line microphones) don't plug in properly and you'll have to pull the jack out slightly to get audio in both earphones.
* The single control button is a bit small and easy to cover with your finger, hiding the LED ring around the button, which indicates what mode the TT-BR01 is in. Hold the button too long, and you'll bypass "transmitting" mode and go into "pairing" mode unintentionally. Press the button for too little and nothing happens.
* Audio fades up when you press play on the transmitting device. While that might be nice for music, it's not as useful for movies, which when paused and resumed will cause you to miss parts of dialogue as the TT-BR01 comes up to full volume.
* When the battery is low, the TT-BR01 emits a very annoying and loud beeping sound every minute or so right through the headphones. The first time it happened it scared the s*** of out me. :-). I would have preferred a less grating and startling low-battery signal.
* Battery is not replaceable and sealed inside.
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on June 13, 2013
This device was to be paired with the TaoTronicsTT-BA01 transmitter. The Audio source was an LG TV. This device was charged and paired with the transmitter. It stayed paired for 10 minutes or so, then it disconnected. During that 10 minutes the sound quality was so bad I couldn't make out what was being said. The devices were less than 8 ft apart with clear line of site. Like I said.... Bad ! Period! Products returned to Amazon.
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on April 17, 2014
I bought both the transmitter and receiver to be used with my new Samsung TV so that I could watch TV at night without disturbing my wife. The two devices paired easily but the sound quality was absolutely terrible when connected to my $200+ dollar Shure headphones. In addition to this the device itself has no volume control on it. This was a big problem for me since my TV's analog output is not variable which means it emits the sound at a constant volume that can't be adjusted from the TV itself. This means the only way to control the TV volume would be to add an volume control cable between the receiver and headphones or connect both the TV and transmitter to a separate stereo receiver and then control the volume from it instead.
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