Customer Reviews: Targus Compact Laptop Charger (AC) with Limited Two Year Warranty APA69US (Black)
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on December 25, 2012
Definitely a travel charger in that it is very compact and light-weight. I can fit the charger (brick, cable, tips) in a small point-and shoot camera case, and the whole package (brick, cable, laptop tip, USB device tip) is 10.1 oz on my kitchen scale.

There are multiple versions of this charger sold under the same/ similar Targus model numbers. The APA69us (this version) does NOT include a DC adapter (12V/ car use) - it's only for AC wall current, and the number and type of tips out of the box varies depending on when/ where it was bought. My particular APA69us included a mini-USB tip and 8 laptop tips. (Range appears to be as few as 7 tips or as many as 10 depending on the exact version you get.) The APM69us is the APA69us AC charger plus a 12V DC adapter.

The brick gets warm but not hot when I use it with two different brands of 90W laptops (no hotter than the OEM charger bricks), and I don't notice any temp change with my netbook or when I use it for just a USB device. However the splitter gets fairly warm no matter what is being charged, even just a single USB device. Note that the reviewer of the APM69us (which is the same AC charger as the APA69us) who noted the brick temperature going up to 140-160 degrees should not have been using this charger with his laptop - this is a 90W charger, and his laptop needed over 121W by the numbers in his review. (19.2V x 6.32A = 121.3W)

I've had mine for just over a year and use it several times a month for travel. I love how lightweight and compact it is and that it can charge all of my laptops and netbooks, but I dislike the short cable and the awkward AC plug design (but then I know if the cables were longer it would be bulkier and weigh more!)

* As above - the lightest and most compact 90W universal laptop charger I've found so far
* Wider voltage range than other 90W universal chargers. This is the only 90W charger I've found that can lower the voltage enough to charge an older 36W Asus netbook (charger output voltage ranges from 10-24V per specs)
* Good tip selection - if you can't find a tip through the online compatibility tool for your particular laptop or USB device, talk to Targus and their engineers will check your exact model and let you know within a week or so
* Free tip program - Targus has not charged me a penny for any of the tips I've requested - no charge for the tips, no charge for shipping.
* Can charge a USB device in addition to a laptop. Big hint - if you can't find a tip for your particular USB device, get the U302 tip, which is a standard USB port, and use the USB cable that came with your device
* If you don't charge a laptop, you can charge 2 USB devices simultaneously (but you can't charge 2 laptops - nothing happens and neither charges.)
* Even though Targus is no longer selling the charger, they are still supplying tips for it (Kensington, learn from this!)

* As per other reviewers, the design is awkward and there are definitely sacrifices made to save weight. The brick has a flip-out plug and plugs directly into the outlet. If it's a wall outlet, it's hanging in the air. If it's a power strip, it may or may not fit depending on the orientation of the outlets - if the outlets are one above the other on the power strip it will be fine (as per the power strip picture for the APM69us), but if the outlets are next to each other, you will need several free outlets.
* Short cord from the brick to the laptop - you either need an extension cord or an outlet right next to you
* Tips stick straight out from the laptop, which means I'm much more likely to knock them about or torque them. (All of my computers have right-angle OEM chargers, and I much prefer that design.)
* Connection from tips to cables is looser than I would like - I haven't had to scotch-tape them together as another reviewer did, but I've thought about it. And the fit varies from tip to tip - some fit the cable much more tightly than others
* Proprietary connection between tips and cables. Very frustrating since I have several Targus chargers and the tip connection changes from charger to charger. However, this is not just a Targus issue - it's the same with Kensington and iGo. I know selling tips is a big money-maker for the companies, but c'mon guys - at least keep the tip connections the same within a company!
* Charger is just over a year old and Targus is no longer making it
* Almost impossible to get tips off the supplied "tip clip"
* Online tip compatibility tool is a bit frustrating since Targus doesn't necessarily name things the way you would, particularly for things like Sony Vaios that have ridiculous model numbers, and most of the time the result will be "We are currently determining the compatibility for the XYZ" (Even so, it's still a better tool than the ones from iGo and Kensington.)

As per one of the other reviewers, universal chargers are flexible, but won't work for every laptop's power requirements. You need to know your laptop's voltage and current (amperage), so look on your OEM charger for volts & amps, and determine the power, where watts = volts x amps. Know the charger's limits, and don't blame the charger if you buy one with the wrong specs. This charger is a 90W charger (10-24V, 4.75A, 90W max per the numbers on my brick) so if your laptop needs more current, lower or higher voltage, or more power than what this charger can provide, get a different charger.
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on January 17, 2011
My dog chewed up the power cord and brick that came with my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 15" laptop. I bought a universal charger at Walmart, but it was too expensive and bulky, so I returned that one.

This charger is great, but I have a few nit-picky reservations...

First, the Pros:
1) Very small, lightweight unit. The whole thing fits nicely in the side pocket of my case. It's not a giant, heavy, bulky brick! Very nice!
2) Targus' included tips and "tips for free" program are great! The Lenovo tip I needed was included. I called and got another tip for free for my iPhone 3gs, too!
3) I love that I can travel with only ONE charger for my laptop and phone!

1) The cord is very SHORT. With the cord stretched, it's exactly 7' from the wall to the charging tip. I know that might *sound* long, but from where I sit on the couch, there is no outlet even close.
2) The "brick" is the part that plugs into the wall. It's a little large if you're going to plug into a power strip - you will have to move some of the other plugs around to fit it in. If you're going to plug it into a wall outlet, it's fine.

Hope that helps!
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on August 27, 2011
First off the item I got was in what looked like new packaging but not sealed. The brick itself looked new, untouched. The cable was scuffed up and scratched, had some white paint on it, and one of the connectors had a bent pin (totally wouldn't work). The other connector wouldn't charge my ThinkPad X220 half the time. Had to unplug/plug back in, etc.

With some of the item being obviously used, I'm still rating this at 2 stars because it's heavier than the Lenovo ThinkPad 90W AC Adapter - power adapter - 90 Watt ( 40Y7659 ) (by 3 oz), but ever so slightly lighter than the 90W Ultraslim Ac/dc Combo Adapter (by 0.5 oz). The special tips also don't attach snug at all (some shrink tubing would fix this if you never want to swam them out ever) I like the form factor and how the wall plug swivels and hides, but this is by no means better than the standard charger for traveling.

UPDATE: Ordered a "new" product from Compu-R-Us. Sadly this item too looks to be refurbished. Didn't come in any sort of retail packaging, just a plastic bag. Everything looks new except for where the cable plugs into the charging brick. Still haven't had a chance to test it out yet.
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on October 6, 2011
I have four complaints.

1) The tips aren't at an angle just like another reviewer mentioned. It really irks me because I feel my laptop port will break.

2) The tips don't come with a decent case to hold them, granted it comes with a plastic shell. It's junk. Barely keeps closed. And I don't mean reinforced plastic like your eyeglass case. I mean plastic for the eggs at the super market or plastic casing of retail cables. idk. I hope you get the idea.

3) Cable not long enough. It's about 6 feet long. I guess if it were any longer it'd be pretty bulky. So maybe this is a pro/com.

4) The portion that actually plugs in is the entire surge box. Not really convenient for tight spaces. The folding prongs help to navigate around that...sometimes.

1) My praises for this item are that the prongs fold into the unit. I appreciate that.

2) Charges two units at the same time. I've had it for a while and never once did I have a problem with its performance and reliability.
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on June 5, 2013
I was truly impressed with this unit. I've had a lot of trouble with "third party" chargers, usually associated with poor-fitting tips and weak power output. This Targus unit is everything I expected, and more.

First, it just plain works. It plugs together, plugs in, and charges my laptops even while they are running. It even handles my wife's gigantic 17" Dell Inspiron power-hog, with nary a complaint.

Second, it's SLIM!!! It's only about 3/4" thick with the AC prongs folded in. And speaking of those prongs, they will work with the unit either at right-angles, or straight-out, from the socket. I don't know what the other reviewer was experiencing with it falling out - - maybe he had a worn-out socket. I had the unit, with cord, hanging vertically from an upside-down AC socket and it did not have any tendency to wiggle out.

The tips fit great, no fussing or adjustment or intermittent - just a solid, plug-and-forget connection.

This is going to be a welcome addition to my travel suitcase - it will charge any of my computers, and even with all the plugs takes up less space than just one of my dedicated chargers.

A great find, highly recommended.
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on August 28, 2011
I bought this to replace an AC adapter for my old reliable Dell XPS M1210. The Targus adapter works very well and the split connector for charging phones is a great idea, but the innovation and convenience ends there. Firstly, I would like to agree with other reviewers about the "free" tip, that is, the removable connectors that the adapter comes with. $4.99 S&H is a rip-off, and furthermore, it is clearly a scheme not to include a micro USB tip, which a huge number of phones use.

The design of the device is extremely poor. The electrical prongs protrude directly from the AC adapter itself, making it take up three slots on a surge protector. Furthermore, the plug-AC-adapter combo is so heavy that it falls out of wall sockets, and the rotating prongs are so loose in their movement that it makes all the more a hassle. A proper AC adapter should have a cord terminating in a standard wall plug. Think about it - have you ever had a laptop with a plug like this Targus?

The "tips" are also poorly designed. Besides the aforementioned lack of an industry standard micro USB tip, the tips themselves have a very poor hold on the plugs. The slightest tug will pull the plug right out, leaving the tip sticking out of your laptop.

This is a God-awful design and Targus is reaping the rewards charging exorbitant amounts for the "free tips." Here's a tip Targus: reconsider your design and marketing for this product.
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on May 8, 2011
The reason why I bought this charger is because I tend to travel away on weekends to different places and I kept forgetting my charger. Also, I liked the fact that I may (have no yet) charge my phone through if I get an additional tip. (I plan to purchase the U301 microUSB tip.)

The Good:
- works well with my Acer Aspire 5740 laptop. No problems with charging. Even makes the same "beep" sound when it is dis/connected.
- doesn't have that huge block in the middle of common AC adapters, so it's much more convenient to wrap up just one cord and stow away
- relatively light, although my own laptop charger was pretty light too.

The Bad:
- did not work with my friend's lenovo laptop
- large block that you plug into the wall. Usually okay because it rotates, but I cannot plug the block into recessed outlets. Also, I noticed that the block freely rotates 90 degrees, so if my cord is slightly stretched, the block will move with it. However, the plug seems to stay tight inside the outlet; if I were to pull on the cord way too hard, the connection to the laptop will be the one that breaks, not the plug-outlet connection.
- the cord isn't very long. Also, I can't stretch it too far, as mentioned in previous bullet.

Overall, this compact charger works very well for me. I like it; I bring it to school, different houses, different buildings.
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on April 4, 2011
The old style targus chargers had had high quality plastic tips that were durable and stayed attached to the cord. The new tips are made of VERY flimsy cheap brittle plastic. They don't attached to the cord, so they are easy to lose. The tips fall out easily if you move your laptop. If you step on one it will shatter. Not recommended.
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on March 21, 2011
Nice replacement for my "dead" Toshiba charger. Toshiba wanted to charge me $100 for their replacement and it would have been the second time I paid that much if someone had not suggested a universal laptop charger. Before then I had never heard of one. After doing a little searching, I came across this one. I was familiar with the Targus brand and I loved the price.

I do wish the power cord was longer. But, I did see others mention that beforehand so I sort of knew what to expect. Also the tip that fit my laptop does not fit all the way in so it can be easily knocked out. As long as you are careful, it works just fine. Beats a $100 laptop charger that will likely stop working within two years, forcing you to buy yet another one. I have heard this is a common issue with owners of Toshiba laptops as I am not the only one who has spoken of this issue. I am glad I found this Targus Universal charger to remedy that.
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on September 19, 2011
This is a very sleek & stylish charger with great built-in accessories such as usb tip for charging mobile devices in parallel with your laptop, cable management, and no need to mention dongles for varios laptop brands.

It's lightweight and compact and is great for travelers. I like it.

Update after 6 months of use:
I dropped the rating of this adapter to 4 starts as the tip broke after 6 months and the spare tips are very expensive at Targus online store. I realized after I bought the tips that Targus provides a coupon for free tips for your future laptops.

I still love this charger and it is my first preference over charger for new dell laptop if you complete product registration for your charger on Targus website.
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