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on February 11, 2012
I just received it and tried it on my Dell XPS laptop with an extended battery (90Wh capacity). It charged the battery from 7% to 100% in about 140 minutes, while I continued to work on the laptop using a "High Performance" power plan. It was also able to charge an I-Phone simultaneously. The computer did not display any adapter mismatch warnings.

And yes, it does get hot.

You get 10 additional tips for free + S/H of $5. If you buy several tips in the same order, it is still only 5$ for the whole order, not per item. Additional tips you may want to get:
U301, microusb to charge most phones not made by Apple;
U302, which allows you to plug any USB device;
APC02USZ, which allows you to use the adapter on an airplane which have empower sockets and not the auto/cigarette sockets
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I'm going to start with that I purchased this charger from a brick and mortar store a year ago while on a business trip and love it.
When my fiance started traveling a lot for work, I decided to get her one too, so I ordered it from Amazon.

Actually, I ordered it from eComElectronics, but it was "fulfilled by Amazon" and therein lies the problem.
The product arrived in a really small box- the kind that folds together and opens with the "pull here" tab.
I didn't think it was the charger because, as I stated earlier, I have purchased this product new before, and know what the packaging is supposed to look like.
It came in a white plastic bag that says NEW on it, but when I opened it, I could tell it was not.
The product was scratched from use, the cord was plugged into the unit and wrapped badly.
additionally, the cord maintenance wrap is missing along with the spare tip holder.
When I called Amazon to complain, the "customer service" representative told me that they could send me the one Amazon sells for an extra $50, or offer me a refund.
I took the refund.

Other reviewers had the same problem I did with other resellers, but I thought that the "Fulfilled by Amazon" stamp meant that Amazon stood buy the product.
I was wrong.

If you've read this far, thanks for listening to my rant; I hope I've saved you from the same frustration.
Lastly, it really is a good product, it's a shame Amazon and their partners are pulling a bait and switch with it.
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VINE VOICEon August 26, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was interested to see how well this power supply would work with my Asus laptop, replacing the normal heavy brick power adapter. Nine connections available for many different types of units, including one for an ipod. It charged my laptop, no problem, but I was stunned how hot the charger was during the charge. I decided to bring home a surface temperature measurement gun (a Raytec MiniTemp MT). The Raytec is a handheld non-contact infrared thermometer that you aim at a surface with a laser pointer and it displays a temperature at that point. Starting temp 75F. Temp during charging? On the piano black side, 142F. On the opposite side, 158-162F. That is more than warm. That is very hot. Hot enough to damage a plastic surface that it might rest upon while plugged in. While hot, the rear 158F surface is ribbed so some of that heat is dissipated, and not as hot to your skin as you might expect. The manual says it will get warm, I guess it is a matter of perspective. It is obviously current draw for my laptop requiring a printed output of 19.2V - 6.32 amps. Once the laptop charged, the temperature dropped to 115F and over 10 minutes another 10F to 105F. Charging an ipod the unit did not quite as hot ranging from 106-115F.

Temperature aside, the compact unit can charge two things at once (did not try), and has an car DC adapter with an automatic cut-off if it gets too hot. I have not had a chance to check that particular temperature for charging a laptop in the car, but will update this review if I do. There is no adapter for a mini usb cell phone connection, an increasingly common charger connection for smart phones like Blackberry and Droids. Adapters are cheap, but you may need one to charge your phone. It is a nice looking, light, and sturdy charger that could replace bulkier chargers, especially when traveling. Just be careful where you plug it in and what it might be resting on during charging.

Update: I guess that this charger just does not like my laptop's current draw. It started going on and off in its last charge attempt. It was making an audible buzzing noise each time it would cycle, about once every 5 seconds. The unit was as hot as it was before, 160F. I suspect that the automatic cut-off preventing overheating is kicking on and off. At this point, I would not recommend this charger if you have similar power requirements (19.2V-6.32A). Back to the old brick for my laptop!
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on March 14, 2010
This is an excellent charger which is very compact and fits well into a laptop bag. It stores flat and the plug is embedded within the body of the device. Many tips are provided, and you can get the tip for free by contacting the company. My Blackberry Storm needed a different type of mini-USB connector which I had to order from Targus. The packaging of this charger states lifetime free tips. If you go to the Targus website, it lists a price for each tip, but you don't need to pay the extra money for them.

The only downside is that the tips easily separate from the connector - I used some simple scotch tape to keep them together. This seems to work fine.

I also like how it charges my Blackberry at the same time, eliminating the need to carry my Blackberry charger on my frequent business trips.
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on April 30, 2011
I received my new Targus Premium AC/DC APM69US about 10 days ago. I bought this as a second power supply for my HP 8740w laptop, a more portable one. The ridiculously huge brick that came with my HP is a 200W supply (brick is a realistic term, both in size and weight). I did some research and found that the 200W power supply is standard for the 8740w. Since I have the ATI video adapter which uses 50W less than the Nvidia option, that's 50W of the 200W I don't need. Unfortunately I could not find a universal laptop charger with 150W, infact they all seem to be limited to 90W. I took a chance and purchased this unit.

Seems like a great little unit. I love the small size. The cord length (about 6.5', not including the mini-brick) isn't quite enough for my purposes, so I'm carrying a small extension cord as well. It'd be nice if the supplied cord was longer.

I'm happy to report the unit does work with my 8740w. It gets pretty warm, especially if the laptop battery requires charging. My 8740w must use close to 90W when running as it took ~10 hours to charge the battery from 25%-100%. The 200W my laptop came with will do the same charge in less than an hour. The APM69US performed the charge pretty quick with the laptop powered off, although I don't have an actual number (harder to time that when the laptop if off).

The supplied tips seem like a good selection, although there is no micro-USB. It may be that at the time of the original production of this power supply the micro-USB was not that common, but certainly it is now. You'd think they'd update the package. You can, however, get a "free" tip (or two, I forget) with this power supply through the Targus website, but you have to pay for shipping. So while that's nice, it's not really free.

I guess we'll see how this unit wears as time goes on. High temperature operation is not often a friend of electronic devices. I'm sure I'll be running this unit near it's rated capacity of 90W, so I'll update my review if/when I have more to report.
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on May 17, 2011
I bought this charger after my old charger finally died after wear and tear. It is a decent price for a laptop charger and it is very versatile.

-- Small and compact: Compared to most laptop chargers which are huge and bulky, it is very lightweight and the cord can easily be organized.

-- Plenty of tips: It comes with many tips including an iPod charger. If there are any missing tips, then you can order it free on the Targus website plus $5 for shipping.

-- Dual charging capabilities: This charger can charge two things at a time. Very useful when you want to charge your laptop as well as another item such as your phone or iPod. That means you can carry less chargers when traveling.

-- Overheating Problem: This charger gets really hot. If you're not careful, you could burn yourself while its charging. When it is finished charging your laptop, it gets more cool. I think this charger is great for smaller/less powerful laptops. If you are using your laptop for gaming or high-intensity situations, the charger starts to overheat. It makes a buzzing noise and shuts off and on. You'll notice it if your power settings on your laptop changes your screen lighting.

-- Missing some essential tips: Though it comes with a lot of tips, it did not come with a microUSB tip, which charges most phones now-a-days. You have to order it from the website, which is a little inconvenient. It also doesn't have tips that you can order on their website for some gaming devices, such as PSP or Nintendo DS.

-- Short Cord: If you are used to long power cords, this may be inconvenient for you. Sometimes, if working in a library or a coffee shop, the outlet is not right next to where you are sitting. This means you will not be able to charge your laptop if you are sitting too far. The cord is probably around 5.5 feet which is pretty short compared to the cords you get with your laptop.

-- Won't charge some Dell's: The tip that is supposed to charge the Dell Inspiron 1500 doesn't really charge. It gives it power but is unable to charge the laptop battery. This could be at fault that some Dell laptops require more power to charge their batteries. It is kind of disappointing as it defeats the purpose if it cannot charge the laptop. I've only tested this charger on Sagers and Dells and do not know about other laptops.

Overall, I think it is a decent laptop charger. For the price, it is a very good value. It charges my laptop fine and is very convenient as I charge my phone when necessary too. I think the biggest thing for me is the overheating problem and the short cord. It is frustrating to have to pause on what you're doing to wait until the charger cools down or find an outlet right next to you. It does save you money but if you can deal with these problems, it is the best charger for you.
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on November 24, 2014
This is a great laptop charger. It is small. It has a DC adapter so you can use it in a car. They will send you one free tip if the ones included do not fit your notebook. Additional tips are $10.

Mine stopped working right at two years and I bought another one. When I got the new unit I discovered when I tried the new cord with the old unit, the old unit worked therefore it was the cord that blew out not the transformer portion. The cord is a Y cord that has a small electronic box that splits the cord into two outputs. Evidently that electronic box on the cord failed.

I take the charger with me in my notebook bag and I take it out and use it constantly so the two years of use is rugged use. I called Targa to buy another cord and they sent me one at no charge. The unit has a two-year warranty. They took my word that I bought it around two years ago because I didn't even remember where I bought it much less know where the receipt was.

The fact that I would recommend it to others is evidenced by the fact that I ordered another one when mine stopped working. I was super pleased with the charger. I haven't found any laptop charger that is as compact and as universal as this one. It even has micro and miniUSB charging tips (optionally purchased tips) that will charge most cell phones. Since the output cable is a Y cable with two tips, you can charge your laptop and cell phone simultaneously. There is a clip on the cord that stores two extra tips.

It has a 90watt output. Some large 17" notebooks require a higher powered adapter so this won't work if you need a 120 watt or stronger adapter.

The current price is less than half of what I originally paid making this now a great economic bargain. Super highly rated!!!
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on February 15, 2011
This adapter seemed to work fine at first as it powers everything, but it doesn't actually charge the battery on my Dell Latitude E6400. The battery stays at the same "% charged" level, even with only the laptop plugged in.

Also, Targus does not make a tip for the Asus eeePC netbooks.
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on November 20, 2014
I love having one charger for both my laptop and phone. However, when I upgraded to a new phone and wanted to get a new tip from the company, it was a pain. This product is not listed on the Targus website anymore, and after I sent the company an email providing full information about my request, a representative replied saying that he needs more information (the same information I had provided in the first email) and that they discontinued this product two years ago. Long story short, they were not enthusiastic about holding up the promise listed in the product description which states "Tips From Targus Program gives free additional tips to make sure your devices are covered." They said they will send me some tips that MAY work for my iphone. I replied by saying they should stop false advertising, and clearly they haven't.
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on December 1, 2014
Very quick shipper. Low stars because of poor attention to detail. Although I expected it to be used I did not expect it to reek of cigarettes. The smell was so strong, I could smell it before I fully unpacked it. I have not used it as I immediately put it in a plastic bag. I will have to thoroughly clean it before I can test it.
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