Tastes and smells like plastic? I bought the B40 from Target thinking it would be like the one my work has. My work must have a more expensive version cause the coffee tastes/smells like plastic. I traded it out with a new one thinking it was faulty and the second one is the same way. Is any one else having this problem?
asked by S. Parker on September 7, 2008
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Here is my follow-up to previous post. I can hardly believe it, but I was able to get rid of the plastic smell and the plastic taste by using the suggestions I found here. What I did was fill my sink with hot water, add 1/4 cup white vinegar, and soak the water reservoir, water reservoir lid, water reservoir filter parts (NOTE: Only the Keurig Platinum model includes a filter in the water reservoir), and the K-cup holder (separated into its two parts). I allowed these to soak overnight. The next morning, I refilled my sink with the hottest water, added blue Dawn dishwashing liquid, and soaked all the parts for half a day. I then removed the parts, rinsed them all thoroughly, filled the reservoir with tap water, set it back onto my Keurig pot, turned it on, and allowed it to heat up for several hours......I did this so I could see if heating the reservoir up would bring back the plastic odor. I checked it several times.....no odor. But that didn't mean the plastic taste was gone, so I brewed a cup of coffee using a K-cup. No noxious plastic taste! I have since brewed several cups of coffee, and am currently drinking one now, and I can't detect a bit of a plastic taste.......and before, the plastic taste was so terrible that I couldn't drink the coffee. So, this technique worked beautifully for me. Had I not come here to read these posts, I honestly would have sent the coffee pot back to Keurig because the smell and taste were so bad. Hope this helps someone else......I know how frustrating it is to spend good money on a product which turns out not to work as expected.
TrixieLou answered on August 15, 2011
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I have had this same problem with my B70 "Platinum" brewer. It's the most expensive of the lot (but also the newest, I think) which is really frustrating. I called the Keurig customer service department, and they told me to use a vinegar solution and run it through the machine. Now my coffee tastes like vinegar. I called Keurig back and they are sending me a new water reservoir and K-Cup assembly. Since they're sending me new parts, I am now soaking my K-Cup assemby (which I suspect is the culprit of the plastic taste) in a baking soda and water solution for 15 minutes, and then running a mild baking soda solution through the machine (2 tbsp dissolved in 2 c hot water, pour in reservoir and top off with water until full). I have run one baking soda cycle through and am letting it soak while the assembly soaks. I'll let you all know how that turns out; something tells me I am not the only one having this problem.
M. Wegner answered on June 27, 2009
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I am happy to come across this discussion, since at least I know we are not alone in our house with this issue and our new Keurig Model B77. My husband and I can both detect a bogus plastic-like smell and taste from the brew made with our machine. We have had other coffee makers in the past and have never had this issue. With that being said, I called Keurig and spoke a very nice gent, who informed me that the plastic smell/taste was a "new machine taste" that can be eliminated by adding 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to the water tank, fill the tank with water, and run it through the system. I did this, AND then ran 3 more tanks of plain water through just in case there would now be a vinegar taste with the coffee. Sadly, after all that, we can still detect a plastic taste/smell with our Keurig coffee. I'll call them again for more advice and post when and if anything works. I hope so since if not, they will be getting it back.
TheXRAYest answered on October 26, 2009
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@ Michael Hightower,
So your saying that all the machines are the same and its the people using them? I beg to differ. I get to use a lot of these units at my customers sites and they taste good, hence I bought 1 (actually 2 they both had the plastic taste). I had several other people, who owe or have used one of these units and they agreed that mine tasted like plastic. It's more likely that Keurig has several manufacturers for their parts and they use different plastic.
G. Stedman answered on October 27, 2009
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After reading these, I'm starting to suspect there is a chemical (volatile organic compound or VOC) that people can either detect or cannot. More than a few comments have indicated other machines have a similar odor, whereas a other folks have said they've never experienced it or that it went away after the first few uses.

The first few uses probably free the largest amount of these VOCs and it's within the perception range of most people. But after that the VOCs being released drop below the threshold for most folks. However a certain percentage of the population remains sensitive to it.

Unfortunately, if you have are able to perceive these compounds after a few uses, then replacing the machine will do you no good. The volatile organic compounds that are used in the manufacture of this will be consistent.

I should add that this is not an uncommon phenomena: As far as taste and sensitivity to compounds go, there is quite a wide variety out there. I'm sure you've met people (or are one) who cannot stand the taste of raw tomatoes, but have no problem when they're cooked. There's a compound in tomatoes that some people are sensitive to but it cooks out. Similarly, there are people who can't drink wine because it always tastes strongly of sulfur even though others can't taste it.

So, if my theory is right, then those of you who have this sensitivity can both be sad that you can't enjoy the coffee machine but be pleased that you can perceive something that many people cannot.
Michael Hightower answered on October 26, 2009
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Update 11/17/2009

G.Stedman~ I had already tested your hypothesis in many an experiment with the initial reservoir as you mentioned in your post, and sure enough, the water from the plastic reservoir tasted like plastic.I found this to be true especially after leaving plain tap water in the reservoir for a while and tasting it. It tasted off at room temp and after microwaving it. I also tried it with filtered water - still gross.

Neckbone~ I have no doubts that you feel as though your machine is "crap". Too bad you went through such drama to finally give up and throw in the towel. I don't blame you, though. I was pretty disgusted also when our $150 machine was producing toxic tasting beverages.

With that being said~ I received a new plastic reservoir from Keurig. Soaked the entire thing in hot water with Dawn brand "dish detergent plus odor eraser" until the water cooled, rinsed it, and tried it out. I can happily report that there is no more plastic odor or taste in our Keurig-brewed beverages! I am drinking a cup of Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream coffee right now that tastes as good as the cup that I buy at the coffee kiosk in the lobby at work! At a fraction of the cost! Believe me, I was very disturbed to think that I was wasting my time and energy on what I thought was a dud. However, despite the rocky start with the Keurig, all is now how it should have been and the coffee is excellent!

Also, the customer service reps at Keurig were super in their quest with making me a happy customer. I'd say if anyone still has issues with their machine, give them a call.

TheXRAYest answered on November 17, 2009
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I received a B60 for Christmas and the water coming out tastes and smells like plastic. I went through the entire sampler box they supplied. I even ran a couple cups without a K-cup and they tasted bad also. Then I heated a cup of water in the microwave like I use to and it tasted fine. So it was not the water. My sister-in-law bought this for me because I used her Keurig (older model) when I visit. That one worked fine. My B60 also vibrates like a back massager and the metal plate plays a tune. Can't quite name it though.
raboyd answered on December 28, 2008
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i noticed this for the first few cups - I made several cups without a k-cup (plain water) and it was fine. I think it just takes a few times to get rid of the new plastic smell.
Hilde Royal answered on January 5, 2009
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yes it is happenign to me too. i ahve washed the unit several times and ran gallons of water through it and it still tastes like a toxic blend of coffee and melted legos. i had an older model coffee maker by Keurig that was awesome. very disappointed at the moment.
A. Telecom answered on October 11, 2009
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I remember it taking a FEW cups to get rid of the plastic taste, but once it's gone, it's GONE!
Similarly, we descaled with vinegar one time so far (have had coffee maker since last December). I LOVE my B40, but after descaling with vinegar, had to run clean water through for SEVERAL cups of plain water before getting rid of the vinegar taste.
Both are SMALL INCONVENIENCES compared to the AWESOME coffee you will get cup after cup after "breaking in" is complete!
Big Al answered on September 14, 2008
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