Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System
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Tastes and smells like plastic? I bought the B40 from Target thinking it would be like the one my work has. My work must have a more expensive version cause the coffee tastes/smells like plastic. I traded it out with a new one thinking it was faulty and the second one is the same way. Is any one else having this problem?
asked by S. Parker on September 7, 2008
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Don't own a Keurig but can tell you ~ this plastic taste is in OTHER machines too. We've owned Mr. Coffees over the last year (3 pots), one other brand (?) from a Wegman's here, and now a Cooks from Penney's (it's the best so far but still has the smell). We kept repurchasing rinsing, washing, and you name it. It fills the air with its awful odor.

We've tried rinsing but it never works. The smell is IN the plastic the water runs through and the filter.

There is something seriously wrong here but we don't know who we should alert.
C. Smith answered on August 19, 2009
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Update: 10/29/09:

Spoke to a "technician" at Keurig. She seems to think that the plastic smell and taste in the water brewed from the machine is the result of plastic that the reservoir is made of. She tells me that the internal mechanisms of the machine are stainless steel and silicone-type rubber made for high heat. She thinks that when the water if extracted from the reservoir it picked up the plastic chemicals from it, then as the water is heated in the machine, the plastic smell/taste is intensified. So how to solve the issue ? She is sending me out a new reservoir. Well, okay I say, however if the "new" one is manufactured with the same plastic that mine is manufactured with, then wouldn't I have the same issue? She assures me that the "new" reservoir should solve the problem, and if not, give them a ring. She was very nice, and I know they keep track of all calls/complaints when you call them as she had a record of my calls and what was suggested thus far. I am hoping for the best result once the new reservoir arrives and will post with yet another update. At least Keurig seems to be standing behind their product. We'll see.
TheXRAYest answered on October 29, 2009
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Has anyone experienced the plastic taste go away after switching resevoirs?
Boozoo answered on November 11, 2009
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Hey Neckbone...we get it! (times 5, LOL) I am calling Keurig asap and letting them know that we are still, after 2 vinegar washes and countless hot water run-thrus, tasting and smelling plastic around here. G.Steadman ~ I also beg to differ on Hightowers theory, since we have a Keurig in the break room at work and no one complains of a plastic smell, and also a buddy of my husbands owns one and hubby drinks coffee from it with no plastic complaints. Both of those machines were bought around this time last year, so perhaps newer models are being made with inferior plastics ??? I am so bummed with this Keurig B77 that I am ready to toss it. What is holding me back? Basically I am not fond of throwing $150 out the window. We bought this to save $ on donut shop coffee, and so far it is no good. Try and try again.
TheXRAYest answered on October 28, 2009
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I am having the same problem as everyone else with my Platinum Keurig brewing system. I gave up on it after running it through multiple water cycles, and then water and vinegar cycles. When that failed I used a jug of vinegar and let the resevoir soak overnight with pure vinegar, then let it run through the brewer, then purged it with filtered water through 3 cycles. It still emits a strong chemical smell, and the coffee has a chemical taste to it. I even tried washing it with liquid dish soap. I packed it up and was ready to ship it back when I found this site. Tonight I phoned Keurig and they will send me a new reservoir. I'm not holding my breath, since it's probably going to have the same problem if it's made of the same materials. Anyway, when I had to get the serial number off the machine for the Keurig rep, I had to put the guy on hold while I unpacked the machine again. I got a big whiff of the chemical smell just by taking it out of the box! Strange! Makes you wonder how healthy it is to drink coffee from this machine!
Daisy answered on December 12, 2009
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It appears that even over 1+ years since this original post, this is still a problem for Keurig. Yes indeed, I had the same noxious plastic smell and taste problem. I have the Keurig Elite. I was able to rid my brewer of the problem with about 30 water cycles using a 1/4 cup of vinegar in the water. About 8 weeks later my new brewer started having water pumping issues and would spit out random quantities of coffee. Keurig cheerfully replaced the unit, shipping me a new one....and now I am reminded of the need to once again, begin the painful task of 30 water/vigegar brews to rid it of the nasty plastic smell. (With the full tilt media marketing for the upcoming Christmas season, I assume this issue will be searched quite a bit as people set up their new petroleum, I mean, coffee brewers.)
MSCCCSLP answered on December 6, 2009
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@Lam Here's a test to see if Keurig is correct. Keep some water in your reservoir overnight. In the morning pour some of that water into a mug and heat it up in the microwave. Tated it. If she is correct it should taste like plastic. Maybe taste it before and after you heat it up in the micro.
keep us posted
G. Stedman answered on November 1, 2009
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OK...just got me Keurig (Platinum-sp?) one Tuesday. Since then (ran the first run with clear water, like book said), have made 4 cups of coffee for me, and used the one Hot Chocolate from the sample box included.

ALL of them had the nasty Plastic/Rubber taste! This morning, I made a pot of coffe (the old 25+y.o. stainless perc pot) and took the opportunity to use the part included, so I could use the same coffee in the Kueirg for 1 cup. Perc pot tasted GREAT. Keurig cup tasted like CRP...

So before deciding to pack it up again, I decided to check on internet for this problem...that's how I found this thread. So what I want to know, is: I've seen the following "solutions" for this problem:

Replace water reservoir/filter
run with CLEAR water
run with VINEGAR and water
run with BAKING SODA and water
send back to Keurig for ENTIRE replacement

Which of these "solutions" has worked for anybody?
perry answered on December 10, 2009
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Hello Everyone - I have the B70 Platinum brewer and yes, I too have the taste and smell of plastic! I have called Keurig and they are shipping me out a new reservoir and K-cup. They know about the issue and think the smell and taste is confined to the reservoir. I should have the reservoir tomorrow and will post again if this solves the issue. If not I am sad to say I will be returning the machine. Who knows if China plastic is great to drink!
Neckbone answered on October 27, 2009
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We just got an Elite model and it smells terribly like plastic.

I ran water, vinegar+water, vinegar only, then water again probably 50 times and it is still there. Probably going to have to return it and use our old coffee maker as this can't be healthy. Our Keurig smells like a hardware store and so does my coffee. :(

We have friends that have theirs and have not had a problem, so I'm guessing it could be specific to where it was manufactured - which could change over the years. I think someone should look into it as it could be toxic.
The Nigh Shift answered on June 21, 2011
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