Customer Reviews: Taylor Precision Products Bowflex Body Water and Body Fat Scale with Regular and Athlete Mode
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VINE VOICEon May 26, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have an older scale that also measures body fat and water, no muscle mass%. It was a major hassle to set up and accessing memory was a pain. That is all that I can compare this model with, however, the previous scale was more expensive than this and not a cheapo. The bowflex has on screen self guided set up for age, height, gender and, if you are an athlete or not. It was super fast and easy to set up----the one concern I had. I just did not want to go through the hoops of the old scale. Being able to monitor body fat (which non of us want too much) and see an increase in skeletal muscle mass while doing a balanced diet and exercise is a feature that I feel could encourage most of us to continue toward a more healthy body.

This will measure both in Kg and Lbs.
Looks good!
Easy to read
Simple to use
Memory (monitor your improvement)
Large platform (about 12"x12")
Stores memory for four people---great for family competition!
Five year warranty
Quick set up guide----and it is quick!
Tables for body fat,water etc. included in booklet.
.....oh, and it also a scale!

I hope my observations and experience with this product will be of some help in your decision to purchase.
A quality product that works better than expected (past product comparison) and just looks great! It earns my five star rating.
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VINE VOICEon June 8, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Recently, a fellow coworker told me I looked three months pregnant; this really hurt me since I am a man. I decided that I would spend more time walking during lunch and in the evenings in order to loose weight and tighten my stomach. In approximately two weeks, I actually lost five pounds. The BOWFLEX Body Fat Scale with Body Water and Muscle Mass Estimation (Taylor Model #5728FBOW) was a fun, convenient tool for helping me to accomplish this. Watching my weight decrease and my muscle mass increase provided me with encouragement to continue losing weight.

The scale arrived in a box with actual handles. (See the photograph that I have posted on this website.) Inside were two pamphlets: The "Quick Use Guide" and the "Instruction Manual and Warranty Information." I am very technologically ignorant; however, I was able to program this scale and weigh myself for the first time in less than fifteen minutes. Thankfully, the batteries were already installed.

There are a few warnings of which the consumer must be made aware. Pregnant women shouldn't use the scale; the effects of the low intensity electrical signals on the developing fetus are unknown. Consumers with pace makers and artificial limbs shouldn't use it. Also, the scale should always be kept on a flat, hard surface (no carpet) and not be moved. Also, when using the scale, one's feet must be bare and damp.

The scale always measures one's weight regardless of whether it has been programmed. In order to provide the percentage of body fat (FAT %), the percentage of total body water (% TBW) and the percentage of muscle mass (% MM), the scale must be programmed with one's gender, age, height and whether they have an athletic physique or a normal (average) one. This is easily accomplished using the white "ON," "SET," "Up Arrow" and "Down Arrow" buttons on the rear of the scale.

My preprogrammed data is represented by PO, which is automatically obtained when I touch the "Down Arrow." The only error I've ever obtained when using the scale is the "Err 4," which is the result of my feet not being wet enough. I keep a sponge nearby solely for wetting my feet. My scale sits in a corner of my kitchen floor since I don't have enough space for it in my bathroom. With its sleek, thin, modern design, it looks great anywhere! Also, it is lightweight enough to easily move when necessary.

I've learned that in order to get the most accurate measurements, one must weigh themselves naked, which I did for the first two weeks. Then I began weighing myself fully clothed; the readings were always a few pounds higher. I thought the electrical signals would distinguish between flesh and clothing/jewelry but they don't. However, I was delighted to see that I was steadily losing weight due to my walking and elimination of junk food. There are some helpful tables in the "Instruction Manual and Warranty Information" which provided guidance in determining what should be one's optimum, healthy FAT %, % TBW and % MM.

My only complaint is that the readings for the FAT %, % TBW and % MM are so tiny that one must have 20/20 vision (which I have) or up-to-date prescription glasses. Also, numbers race across the LCD so quickly that they are difficult to write down. Fortunately, they race across the LCD three times before vanishing. The LCD, along with the numbers displayed on it, should be made larger for easier visibility. The numbers should be displayed slower in order to make it easier for consumers to comprehend and write down in their journals.

I highly recommend the BOWFLEX Body Fat Scale with Body Water and Muscle Mass Estimation (Taylor Model #5728FBOW) for anyone wanting to lose weight and/or maintain their degree of physical fitness. It is a beautiful, affordable, easy-to-learn means of calculating and keeping track of one's progress. In fact, the scale can be programmed for four different people at home or in the office. The Athlete Mode can be used for ages fifteen to eighty-five. The consumer can not weigh more than 400 pounds. Furthermore, the scale has a five year limited warranty.

Joseph B. Hoyos
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you are serious about monitoring and estimating your body, muscle, fat and water mass this Taylor made for Bowflex is just what the doctor orders. The simple weight sensitivity is impressive, 100 grams on 180 kilograms. The simple scale mode measures up to 400 pounds, great for weighing my wife's luggage before flights without worrying about that extra $150. My old bathroom scale was not accurate enough.

One of the most important things to understand if you would be a serious user of this scale is that Taylor Precision Products (the professional and kitchen thermometer people) went though the rigorous headache of getting ISO9001 certification and the critical medical ISO 13485 certification for this home use body weight scale. You can hang your hat on those knowing the manufacturer passed the most rigorous international standards for quality, accuracy, precision and reliability. A manufacturer only goes through that process if they are seriously committed.

Three groups of people should not use this product: people who have body implants including pacemakers, artificial limbs, contraceptive devices or metal plates or screws and those for whom the scale was not tested for safety--pregnant women or fetuses (that testing probably costs much more and what silly would want to expose a developing child unnecessarily anyway). Intended users are healthy adults and children (ages 10-85) for in-home use. (I imagine that if I were parent to one of my daughter's young friends who was anorexic, this scale could have been helpful to help the girl understand her body's true proportions rather than imagine them.)

Take the instructions seriously. This is not a good-looking bathroom scale. It is an instrument that only works when you treat it as such. No carpet means just that. Step on the scale with bare dry feet, no socks, not as you are stepping out of the bath or shower with wet feet (the surface is slick glass and you can slip!). This instrument relies heavily on the proper conditions to operate the electrical impulses and currents. You will get wacky readings if you are not using the instrument properly.

The first thing to do when you remove the scale from packaging is to read the instructions fully. Then, simply pull the tape off the battery (smart design keeps battery fully charged until first use and no need to disassemble the battery cover) and carefully program personal data as prompted. I did this with the 7 step instructions opened in front of me with no problem. Athletes have a special mode of operation for selection during set up. Quick, easy setup following the instructions allows memory for 4 distinct persons. It is made in China with a 5 year limited warranty. Contact information includes a clear website, physical address and phone number. Kudos!

The scale loses 1 star for what I don't like about the unit:

The "Bowflex Body Fat Scale with Body Water and Muscle Mass Estimation" has poor LCD readout. I can see the weight fine and yes, it flashes the display 3 times for the other measures, but too fast for these tired, slow eyes to clearly see the numbers. So for the first number of days, I needed multiple tries. I since have figured out my best method is to have a notepad handy on a level surface and write down the numbers without looking at the pad and afterwards to transfer the information onto my monitor sheet.

I happily received this scale as a Vine tester. However, nowhere on the outside box are the 3 groups of people who should not use this product listed. I would be very upset to buy and have to return because my spouse has metal plate and screws from a prior broken limb. The instructions are unclear on whether the electrical impulse remains present when one just steps on the scale without selecting the user profile. For now, I imagine that the impulse is present since the instructions go to the bother of listing for whom the scale is not appropriate. It should have a simple toggle switch to turn "OFF" the "low intensity electrical signal" which flows through the body. An accompanying light or screen indicator could easily signal whether that feature were on or off. I personally do not see the impulse as a health issue because of the low intensity, short duration and infrequency. But for any concerned, do your research and speak with your doctor before purchase. The benefits of knowing and being able to monitor my family's weight statistics without a doctor's or professional gym's frequent visit is a genuine convenience for me. For example, I imagine that if I were parent to one of my daughter's young friends who suffered from anorexia, this scale could have been helpful to help the girl understand her body's true proportions rather than imagine them.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As part of the Amazon Vine program, I received the Taylor 5728f Bowflex Scale for review a couple months back. I'm forever in a battle (usually on the losing side) with my weight, so having an accurate scale to assess the damage is important to me. In term of looks and accuracy, the Bowflex scale has been one of the best I've used. That's not to say it's perfect, however...

The Bowflex scale is one of those units that does more than just give you your current poundage number. Using impedance measurements, it can estimate your body fat, water weight, and muscle mass numbers. There's a big difference between 175 pounds at 10% body fat and being 175 pounds at 20% body fat. While the numbers are the same, the first person is in much better shape (and probably looks much more fit) than the second individual. Likewise, if you seem to be stuck at a particular weight, it could be that you're losing fat and gaining muscle. A straight weight number might be depressing in that situation, but knowing your percentages means that you can see that your efforts are actually paying off.

To get these numbers from the Bowflex scale, you need to program it with some basic information. That's relatively easy to do by following the instructions. But for some reason, I still struggle with getting the scale turned on in the right fashion to get it to measure properly. Given the phase of my weight loss program right now, I'm content to just step on the scale and get the straight overall weight . That number comes up quickly, and I'm good for another day. Another aspect of the scale that I like is the repeatability of the weight. I've had scales where three weigh-ins within a minute can give three different results. Not so with the Bowflex. The weight you get the first time will be the same weight you get the second time if you climb right back on. I like that.

What I don't like as much is the visibility of the readout. My scale is in an area that isn't overly bright, so it's a strain to see the numbers unless I bend over and get closer to the readout. If I were trying to read the extra information like percentages, it would be even worse. You also have to read quickly, as the number doesn't hang around very long on the display. That's probably the most significant issue in my experience. If I could fix anything, it would be a brighter readout and a longer display of the results.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the Bowflex scale. It may not be the last scale I ever own (I'm easily distracted by new whistles and bells), but I expect it'll be tracking my weight for quite some time.

Obtained From: Amazon Vine Review Program
Payment: Free
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on August 23, 2014
I wanted something that tracked my body fat percentage. I cant speak to it's validity, but I can say that it's very accurate. And that's great. I work out about 10-13 hours a week of cardio (running or road biking). I am 31, 5'7, 140-145 lbs. My weight can fluctuate so much that I can get down to 135 lbs, all the way up to 150lbs if I "work" for it. I get really sensitive to losing or gaining a pound. That is to say, I don't like it when I seem to be gaining weight. But if I see that my body fat % has gone down, I feel like I have taken a more detailed measurement of my body composition. This scale also estimates muscle mass and total body water, so I know how much water weight I am carrying.

These are big details to me! I don't mind gaining a pound of muscle and losing body fat, but I want to have a measurement of that. This product gives me those statistics and I am really glad I got it.

Oh and using this scale is shocking. No, literally I can feel it shocking me. I haven't seen that in too many other reviews. It shocks you. Gently, but I feel a little woozy after using it. It doesn't hurt but its definitely a sensation.

Its a good buy, and I am not a vine reviewer.
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VINE VOICEon May 26, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Okay, as far as body water and body fat go... all I can say is that the numbers this scale gives seem reasonable enough to me. I'm not sure how to verify their accuracy for this review.

Beyond that... this is certainly the most beautiful scale I've ever seen. It was quick and easy to set up (and if you don't want to deal with that, you can just use it like a regular ol' scale). And it seems to be quite sensitive... it takes a few seconds for the number to settle into place.

All in all, it's probably a more elaborate device than I really need... but I think it'll be beneficial to have more than just weight to consider when I step on the scale. Especially as time goes by and I have more data for comparison.
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VINE VOICEon July 29, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are a lot of nice features here that you won't find with your standard scale, and they are truly very useful for those either trying to lose weight or build muscle. The ability to track water and body fat is invaluable for weight loss so you know when you're actually losing fat. Inevitably you lose some muscle mass during weight loss as the body reaches plateaus and refuses to give up body fat, and this scale is great for being able to identify when you are in that phase. On the opposite side of the spectrum, for those trying to build mass while wanting to minimize fat gain and maximize muscle gain, this scale will also be a very helpful tool. In the beginning, we were cross checking weights with our standard scale, and it proved to be very accurate. I don't know that there is any way to verify the validity of the readings on body fat, water and muscle but the readings have always been consistent.

On the outside, the scale looks great. It looks more like a high tech device than a scale. It's obviously made with high quality materials and even though I asked him not to, my 6-year-old had a great time jumping on it and it's no worse for wear. It's very sturdy and given that the top is made of glass, it doesn't give or flex at all when standing on it. It's pretty straight forward and easy to understand, even without reading the manual. I do recommend reading the manual if you want to set up profiles though, as it can be a bit confusing to set up initially. The readout is clear and most of the readings are easy to see, but I always have to get on my knees and fiddle with the buttons before each reading. You can save presets for different users, and you have to manually select your user if there is more than one person stored in the memory. This is kind of a pain, but without the annoyance you wouldn't have the ability to store multiple profiles and so it's a necessary evil. That said, however, I don't see why the readings have to disappear so quickly. They display for 3 seconds at most and then they're gone. This doesn't make sense to me and if it's early morning and I'm still waking up, that 3 seconds isn't usually enough for me to get the readout and record it. I wish it would remain on screen until I step off like most scales. Other than that, the variety of features are really nice for those interested in their health on this level.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Frankly I would have been happy to just have an accurate scale to keep me honest. I've been shedding weight and am mostly concerned with overall weight loss that is reliable and accurate. However, my husband and kid are into shedding body fat and are really enthused with the athlete mode because they want to track their body fat ratio, body water, and muscle mass and want to know how their individual workout routines are helping them achieve their goals. By tracking these stats they can make adjustments to their workouts to optimize their workouts.
This is a relatively compact unit with a black glass platform, an lcd readout, and stainless steel accents. The manufacturer claims that the body fat scale estimates body fat,body water,and muscle mass percentages to .01%. The lcd readout shows all the information at a glance. The scale has a 400 lb/180 kg weight capacity and can hold information in its memory for 12 separate users.
This scale appears to be correctly calibrated and matches the info. I get from the high tech scale at my health club. It is sleek and compact and is very easy to store when not in use. My workout fanatic family members love the level of information provided and I am happy with having a good scale that I don't have to constantly adjust. The scale is easy to keep clean with a wetwipe. From my pov, this is a nifty scale for someone who is really concerned with improving their bodies and want to use the optional athlete mode. It really seems to be a good motivational tool.
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VINE VOICEon June 16, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Well I need to preface this review by saying I had my hubby set up the scale and do our personal profiles. I saw where some customers had issues with that, but I guess I was lucky.

I am on a weight loss journey and wanted a more detailed scale so I can have an accurate depiction of my results. The Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex Body Water, Body Fat with Regular and Athlete Mode, 400-Pounds is pretty much what I need and is stylish to boot !

It gives you the option to see your water weight as well as body fat- yes you do have to write the information down and track it yourself, however when you consider the price for it (about $37) it's something that can be worked with.

There are warnings with regard to not using it if you have a Pacemaker, or if you are pregnant. I'm in neither situation so it doesn't bother me.

With my old scale I would measure myself and get varying results- I don't have that issue with this scale which is a definite plus.

Finally it's nice and stylish. I know this is purely cosmetic, but I think it's a key factor too! If you're OCD about finger prints just know that the glass service smudges easily.

All in all, I recommend this product.
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VINE VOICEon May 26, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This scale is good for two simple reasons,
1) It can be used as just a regular scale for simple, accurate weight measurements.

2) It can also be used for more detailed functions such as Body Water, Muscle Mass, and Body Fat measurements.

The scale is well designed, comes with a lithium battery, and gets set up with a few simple steps.
The scale can be set for 4 different users which is very good for a family. Also the settings on the scale take into acct if you are Normal or Athlete, Gender, Age, and Height. And where you might think that setting up all these different profiles and information for each person would be difficult or confusing it is actually quite simple.
The user guide has clear info on how to use the scale as well as guides to what is considered the average Body Fat standards for sex and age groups based on studies from University of Illinois Medical Center.
I tested the accuracy of the scale, as I had a Doctor appt a day after it arrived and this scale provided the same weight as the professional one that is used to weigh in at annual physicals in the physicians office.
This is a great item, for simple weight measurements or for use of the Body Index functions.
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