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on September 12, 2010
This thermometer does everything it's supposed to. Some folks have complained about it reading inaccurately, and I've found the trick to avoiding those reading problems is ensuring the metal shaft of the temperature probe is only touching the meat, and not the pan or oven grid. Metal to metal contact can supreheat the probe and it can show the meat is done after 60 seconds of cooking. Avoid that contact and this thing is a gem. It's spot on accurate, and made my pork loin come out perfectly. The wireless pager works everywhere in my three level house, including the basement, so you can feel free to roam about doing other things while your dinner cooks. I've used it about five times now, and the probe wire shows no signs of wear, despite having been exposed to 425 degree heat for over 1/2 hour on at least one occasion.
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on January 7, 2011
I have read the "help" offered by the Taylor engineer. I think he is just explaining away the fact that Taylor did not design this appropriately for the environment it is going to be regularly used in. I am an engineer by training and have used these types of temp measurement devices before many times - they are popular because they are accurate and reliable. If packaging is not designed correctly, anything will fail. (perfect example - computer manufacturers design keyboards to have a drink spilled on them; is this logical: no; does it keep the keyboard safe in its likely use environment: yes)
My problem is that the crimp that holds the wires into the probe did not hold well so the plastic protective sheath pulled out and, no, I did not pull the probe out by the cord. Now the little wires that actually combine to determine the temperature rub on the probe opening and cause an error (especially if even slightly moist). Bottom line: the cord should have been sheathed in braided metal like every other probe out there.
There may be good news: as I was writing the review sitting on hold with customer servcie, someone finally answered my call. They will send another probe out for a month and a half because they are backorded. I'm sure the Taylor engineer will chalk the demand for replacement probes up to user error. Good luck to those who purchased.
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on December 25, 2010
The title might seem harsh, but it is too true. Upon delivery of the Taylor 1479 from Amazon, the unit was inoperable out of the box.

Upon power-up, the display registered what seemed to be the ambient room temperature. I then placed the probe under my hot water tap and the display immediately registered 'LL'. I did not submerse the entire probe, but rather just ran the water over the last few inches of the probe to avoid getting water inside of the tube. After a minute or two, the display came back to ambient temperature, then back to 'LL' and repeated randomly.

I decided to test the Taylor 1479 against known boiling water. The Taylor 1479 displayed 139 degrees in a pot of 212 degree boiling water.

Allow me to state the obvious... An inaccurate meat thermometer is worse than no thermometer at all. Most people use a meat thermometer to aid in judging the 'doneness' of expensive meat, e.g. prime rib. Trusting the Taylor 1479 will guarantee ruined meat as well as ruined occasions.

To answer the Taylor engineer/apologist who provided the last 5 star rating... I am an Electrical Engineer with over 40 years experience in measurement devices. I grew up with a Simpson 260 VOM, and have used everything from an oscilloscope to a real-time Fourier analyzer to a bus monitor. I know how to use a probe thermistor, and the Taylor 1479 was faulty out of the box. Let me make this clear... THE TAYLOR 1479 WAS FAULTY. Maybe you should do something about it?

I know I'm living in a dreamworld, but how cool would it be if Taylor hired a group of people in the US to perform quality checks on their Chinese-made products? Maybe some kids trying to earn their way through engineering school, or some retired Navy metrology specialists trying to supplant Social Security? (Metrology being the science of measurement, not the science of weather.)

Oh, yeah... I had to go to Kohls on Christmas Eve to buy a mechanical bi-metal thermometer. Kinda sucks since any high school kid could build a science fair digital thermometer that interfaces with their iPhone for about 45 cents in parts. But I bought my mechanical bi-metal thermometer and went on my merry way. Upon getting home, the thermometer read 32 in an ice slurry and 212 in boiling water. Something the Taylor 1479 could never do.
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on October 11, 2010
Just finished reading my copy of Cooks' Illustrated and I see they've listed this wireless as their new #1 thermometer, knocking off the previous title holder. I love this piece and am glad to see the experts think so too. It's compact and works well. I love the backlight and that the remote beeps, vibrates and flashes a light for the various pre-alerts I've set for cooking. I use it more indoors than for BBQ's, but it's clearly a great piece and by a company who knows thermometers. I have other Taylor items too.
review image
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on November 2, 2009
I purchased this item at another retailer (wish I would have gotten it here!) and have used it twice already. The price was great! I had a corded one before that didn't have the remote, but wanted to try this. I used it on the grill to cook some chicken and had no problem with the cord at all. It was great because I didn't have to constantly run to the grill to check the temp -- I did once but then realized I didn't have to and waited for the beeps (and it was cold out). The chicken breast turned out well. I used it in the oven this weekend for a roast, and again, it was great. The meat was done really well and cooked just the way we like it. I like that I don't have to spend all my time in the kitchen checking and checking the temperature. I truly didn't worry about the roast until I got the beeps. Can't wait to try it again for the holidays
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on November 24, 2011
OK, seriously this is a food safety issue. I cooked my turkey to the USDA recommended 165 degrees according the this thermometer... NOT! It's still bloody. I take out the old standby mechanical thermometer and stick it in the right next to the Taylor probe... 145. That's 20 degrees off. That's is very dangerous. I feel like suing these idiots for marketing such a woefully inaccurate thermometer. AND NO it's never had it's cord yanked.... AND NO it's never been submerged.... AND NO it wasn't left hanging out of the meat.

I fill a measuring cup with hot water. The 20 year old gauge reads 140, exactly what the hot water heater is set to. The Taylor attempt fails epically by reading 200 degrees. I'll never trust anything made by this company again!

Thanks for trying to kill us all for Thanksgiving. Sorry but you missed.

AAAAAAND it seems that Taylor has tried to dodge the thirty plus 1 star reviews and is selling this under another part number on Amazon. Very very sneaky. Read the glowing 1 star reviews for the same product here: [...]
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on February 28, 2011
Bought this item in Crate and Barrel. Very happy with the features. But, I used it 6 times and it's already broken! Figured it just needed batteries when it stopped working, but no, the display panel is defective. What a let down.
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on February 15, 2011
I purchased this Taylor wireless remote digital food thermometer for my husband. The first time we used it - the sheath around the wiring appeared to be defective, so I returned it. We thought it was just defective because the instruction do state it can be used on the grill. Amazon sent another one right out. We did not get around to using the second one until this past weekend...well the same thing happened to it. I would not recommend it for the grill. I will again return it, but because the return period has expired - looks like we have just lost our $$.
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on January 31, 2011
Even with "proper usage" as described by the Taylor engineer's review, and treating this unit with kid gloves, this unit is wildly inaccurate as described by previous reviewers. The UI is cumbersome and NOT user friendly. I can safely say that I got pretty frustrated when trying to set the unit for a "custom" temp when cooking the Thanksgiving Turkey. I am very tech savvy and having to go through more than 3 *different* key presses to even approach the setting needed is unacceptable. Not to brag, but if I have to get the manual out, it's too tricky.

Also, the glue holding the magnets in failed within a week of occasional usage. The wireless feature is hit or miss (mostly miss). I wasted $21 and wish I had replaced my Polder with another Polder. I bought this unit on the recommendation of Cook's Illustrated, and while their reviews are pretty good, I think they missed the train on this one.
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on January 30, 2011
(AS MANY OTHER REVIEWERS SAY DO NOT BUY A SILICONE COATED THERMOMETER CORD) As much as I want to like this product I've had 2 faulty ones. The first one had an error on the digital screen that basically made it useless. With the second one the cord (which is covered in a silicone coating) melted on my grill and exposed the wires. The second one also had an error on the digital screen too, but I'm assuming it's because the cord melted. Both of these were used for less than 3 times on the grill.

I read the Engineers review (in Amazon) and I'm guessing the first question would be "was the grill over 500 degrees?" From my grills internal thermometer no, but I'm not an expert. Also the grill was on low so I don't know what else I could do.

The digital reading is convenient (if it works) because you can select different meat settings (rare/med rare/etc...) but to me it's a poorly made product. I WOULD NOT recommend this product.

Also, Taylor has extremely poor customer support and no information in their book or online.
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